Sunday, June 12, 2016

Those Amish:

SO apparently an Amish youth shot a bunch of people in an Orlando gay club to mark the Start of Ramadan. (No names given, even though they have the shooter...or at least his remains, so I assume that true to form, when they don't give a name at first, it must be an Amish guy...)

Police say it may be Terrorism. Nationality of the shooter(s) unknown. (Although if it had been a white guy, a black guy, an Hispanic guy, or a chinese guy we'd have been told immediately (especially had it been a white guy and a christian))...the fact that his ethnicity and such hasn't been stated tells us what they are....)

20 dead, 40+ injured.

Prayers for all involved.

ETA: Definitely Amish. Named Omar Saddiqui Mateen, (surprisingly, they actually named the dude) A us Citizen of Afghani ancestry. "This is not about religion".

May be more than 50 dead. State of emergency called.

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