Saturday, February 28, 2015

22 years ago today

This is pretty much the way it happened. And we all know how it ended up. And it didn't have to be that way, but that is the way the ATF made it go down. Coulda been peaceful, but the ATF chose not have it be.  They could have stopped him on his morning run. But they didn't. 

And remember, after things went south, then the ATF and other federal agents made up all sorts of lies  .....For the children. and all that.

In the aftermath, the courts pretty much whitewashed the governments actions. No agents were ever charged with, much less convicted of, any malfeasance. Read the Wikipedia article linked is pretty balanced.

I wonder how many of those "F" Troop boys can look at themselves in the mirror today, realizing that their actions led to so many deaths?

The initial raid happened something like this:
From Unintended Consequences:

February 28,1993
"It's show time," ATF agent Steve Willis said to the driver sitting to his left as the truck pulled up in front
of the door to the large complex. Willis was riding in the passenger seat of one of two longbed pickup
trucks, each of which was towing a gooseneck cattle trailer. He flipped the selector lever on his suppressed
Heckler & Koch MP5SD submachine gun from the semiauto position to full automatic.
The German H&K 9mm SD was one of the best submachine guns in existence. The integral suppressor
added weight to the weapon and eliminated the gun's muzzle blast. Both the additional weight and the blast
suppression reduced the subgun's recoil and made it one of the easiest-to-shoot full-auto weapons in the
Henry Bowman, like most serious NFA weapons dealers, owned several 9mm H&K submachine guns. He
used these as 'demonstrators' for police departments, many of whom elected to order additional examples
after they had seen how well the guns performed. Henry referred to his suppressed H&K as his 'girlfriend
gun', because his girlfriends had always been able to roll cans with it or put an entire 30-round magazine on
a man target after only a few minutes of instruction and practice. The German-made weapon was very
popular with law enforcement on both federal and state levels, and was a much better choice for officers
with low gun skills than larger machine guns such as the Colt M16.
Above the four-structure compound, three Texas Army National Guard helicopters circled. One of them,
the command chopper, held Ted Royster, the head of the regional ATF office and the man who had
overseen the Lawmaster raid. Royster smiled as he saw that the news crews were in position. He noted with
satisfaction that the cattle trailers blocked the news cameras' view of the front door. He did not want what
was about to happen next to be recorded on film. This'll make up for that fiasco in Tulsa he thought
Up on the second floor of the building, Jaydean Wendel was taking a nap. She had just finished nursing her
11-month-old baby. The baby was now in its crib, and Wendel had dozed off in an overstuffed armchair.
Nursing always made her sleepy.
As the two trucks with cattle trailers attached pulled to a stop in front of the main building, David Koresh
opened the front door. He held his two -year-old daughter in one arm as he opened the door with the other.
Koresh was a slender, bespectacled man, cleanshaven and with a full head of curly hair which reached
almost to his shoulders. Koresh was thirty-two years old, which made him the same age as ATF agent
Willis. Unlike Willis, Koresh carried no weapons. He glanced up in the sky at the circling helicopters,
looked over at the two huge trailers attached to the pickup trucks, and grinned.
"Think you fellows brought enough pe-"
Koresh's comment was cut short as Willis poked the 1 5/8" diameter muzzle of the suppressed machine gun
out the passenger side window of the pickup truck and squeezed the trigger.
Like virtually all members of tax collection departments, and the vast majority of law enforcement
personnel (other than the FBI and Secret Service), Willis had minimal skill and experience with firearms.
He was further hampered by the somewhat awkward left-to-right shooting position inside the cab of the
pickup truck. Finally, Willis made the mistake common to people whose real-life experience with machine
guns was largely limited to movies and comic books: he assumed that since he had a gun that fired twelve
bullets per second, he could not fail to miss a man's chest at a distance of ten feet.
ATF agent Willis was excited. He hurried the shot, and he did not push against the weapon as he fired to
counteract the muzzle's slight tendency to rise and move away from the shooter's body as the gun chattered
away on full-automatic.
The first shot of Willis' eight-round full-auto burst hit David Koresh in the left side near his waist, also
clipping his wrist. The second slug was twenty inches left of the first and a foot higher. It hit David
Koresh's two -year-old daughter in the center of her chest, killing her instantly before exiting out her back
and slamming into the far wall inside the building. The third bullet smashed through the doorframe just to
the right of Koresh, splintering it. Shots four through eight stitched a rising, angled pattern of holes into the
outside wall of the building.

Buy the book to read the rest.  

And remember those people for the next 7 weeks. 

Yeah, we knew they were lying.

Seems that, somehow, the emails that were supposed to have been lost were located......Because someone asked the folks who keep the backup tapes where they were....

(I do find it odd that they never came forward and said "we have the tapes")...

Of course, I am sure that the emails and the backup tapes have been scrubbed of all incriminating evidence...I mean, there has been enough time for that to happen and all...

The fucking house caved


Why are the Republican such cowards? 

Here is a list of who voted and how they voted.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cartridges, not bullets

The bullet is the part that comes out of the gun at a high velocity....You know, the projectile..... The entire thing, case, powder, bullet, primer is a cartridge.

Even when found in a school.

(Plus, placing the schools on LOCKDOWN? Really?)

The educational administrators must be total idiots.

Add in the fact that the police chose to bother to do a search. Unless it was just a chance for overtime or to use their Autoriteh!

Americans-in Waiting?

At least the administration is admitting the plan.....

So is this the people already here illegally or does it include the entire fucking planet outside of the US borders?


The Law and Order folks in New Jersey aren't as stupid as we make them out to be:

Cumberland prosecutor drops charges in Antique gun case.

Never should have been brought in the first place....a 300 year old Flintlock?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hoping and praying that the House stands their ground

On the DHS funding/Immigration defunding bill.

Please, house members and leadership. Show a little backbone. Stand fast. Don't follow protocol and waffle at the last minute.

Do what we elected you to do.


It were found HERE

If this were really true

Then the men and women on Law Enforcement and other government types should be shitting their pants.

     Some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from 
 sovereign citizen groups as equal to -- and in some cases greater than -- the threat from 
foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention.

Seems to me to be a whole bunch of nothing.....right now. These folks aren't a danger....yet. Not unless you try to take their country from them. Steal too many of their freedoms? Yeah, then you can worry.  They won't be a danger to their fellow citizens, but to the government that tries to steal their freedoms?Your fear of right wing people is, at best, overblown..... For now. You really have nothing to worry about.

Here's the ​thing, Boys and Girls: If this were true, and the "Right Wing Extremists" were really a danger, then you folks had better get your worldly affairs in order....'Cause when they decide it is time (and I know and interact with a fair number of those folks you label "Right Wing Extremists") then they are gonna come, and for you, they are gonna bring screaming bloody hell with 'em.....

See, right now, they are mad, but they aren't doing anything. They are, for the most part, law abiding citizens who wish to hurt no one. But, like a hornet's nest, don't poke 'em either......Yes, you think the cops and DHS folks have all the good toys to keep them in line. But Here Is The Thing:  Thanks to the (so far, functioning) Second Amendment, they have just as good tools as your boys. And they USE 'em...and practice with 'em. And know HOW to use them.  They do it for FUN. They practice and train a LOT. Not like your boys, who practice once or twice a year. The difference between a Deer rifle and a Sniper rifle is mostly a can of black spray paint and the choice of target. Men are a bit larger targets than Deer.....but they tend to be no harder to kill or injure. There are more "Assault Weapons" in the hands of those "Right Wing Extremists" and their acquaintances than there are DHS and other available "trained" armed forces....combined.  I believe that there are more deer rifles in the hands of hunters in Minnesota and Wisconsin and Virginia than there are M-4's in the *ENTIRE* US armed forces. Now, many citizens won't fight. Many will....More will, once the balloon goes up. Lots will support them with food and logistics.  And if you try and stop their flow of ammo, they'll get it from your boys once things start.....They'll have (or improvise) better armor, better explosives, and better weapons. They already have better tactics and they know their Areas of Operations better. They will scour the battlefields and take the equipment you leave behind and use it against you. And they'll have the sympathies of the rest of the citizens.  The harder you try to stop them, the more converts you'll make. These people are smarter and know more than your officers...They work at other jobs and "Play" with weapons and such in their spare time...They can up-armor a truck in a few hours, create explosive devices and the means of delivery from things you wouldn't believe..... and above all, they can SHOOT..... If they choose to go after you, they will succeed. Think Afghanistan or Iraq was bad? Yeah, like that only with more materiel and wealth.....And people just as motivated and just as resilient and better educated....and no less motivated. I'm not one of them, but I am on their side......

24 attacks in the past 5 years? Yeah, maybe that is true. Yet how many religiously motivated attacks came from Muslims? How many have you hidden? How many have you mischaracterized to keep the number low? 24 attacks (that you claim are attacks) that you blame on "Right Wingers".....

Hint: You only govern because you have the consent of the governed. You are rapidly reducing that consent.

If/when things change, it won't be pretty and it won't be fast and it won't be bloodless. I'd hate to see that happen. I love my country too much.

Monday, February 23, 2015

I must be getting old....

This year, the cold seems to get to me a LOT more than before. Never used to bother me until I was out for hours, or when I didn't have a coat or gloves...Now it just seems to get to me the instant I step outside, no matter how warmly I dress.

I used to be able to deal with it much better. I HAD hoped to be able to sell out and move to a warmer location, but events have precluded that for the past 5 years.

I'm just having a harder time with the cold this year. A LOT harder time.

Yeah, all you folks who crap on Indiana.

It is, for the most part, a fairly flat, boring state to drive through.....and not much happens here.


Thing is, we are #3 in the Freedom Index:

 Now we are far from perfect. But overall, we are better than nearly all the states.

There is always room for improvement, and we have to be ever vigilant to keep it that way..... And you might disagree with the ranking methods used. But you know, deep in your heart, that the rankings are close to correct no matter how you do them.

And, chances are, my state ranks higher than yours. So eat me.  Where does your state rank?

But they are the lesser of the two

Weasels Evils.

Why, again, should we vote Republican?

I mean, their rape will consist of only 6 guys, rather than 10.....

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Minus 9 tonight. Yeah, that is cold. I've been in colder, and I've worked in colder, but I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning .

But I'll be out of the house at 7:10 and working by 7:30.....



So yesterday marked

500 people I have taught for NRA pistol classes (504 actually).

500 people who are, I hope, safer and better shooters.

At least 5 (that I know of) were liberal, anti gun people who had the guts to learn about something they had been taught to hate, and who learned that all was not as they had been told. One of them is a gun owner and a shooter.

I haven't made any money doing this(not why I do it), but I have paid it forward. And I have paid the folks (some of whom have passed) back in part for the time that they invested in me.

I hope they'd be proud that I am passing their legacy on.

No charges, but punishment...

So Kurt Busch's girlfriend has made some accusations against him....Supposedly (allegedly) the action happened in late September.....26th .

She waited until November to report it. I find that odd.  And was seen in public being very affectionate with him after the supposed abuse....several times. Again, strange. And she waited until now to make a big deal about it. Timing?

And now, he is suspended. Effectively ending his driving career.  Yet no charges have been filed...none. He has not been arrested, nor has he been charged with any crime. The most the judge has done is issue a no contact protective order (which was prudent).  Yet NASCAR has chosen to crush Mr. Bush. Not to wait for due process of law, with no presumption of innocence. Is this the post-Ray Rice world of sports?Really?

Now. I am not discounting Domestic Violence. Not one bit. And I don't know what happened that night. Nor do you. We have 2 stories told by two different people. And Ms Driscoll isn't some uneducated floozy who couldn't know what to do had she been beaten and strangled. Yet somehow she took a month to decide to press charges. I find that odd. And, because she waited, made the whole incident a he-said-she-said thing, as there was no physical evidence that her story was true. All the bruises (that apparently cannot be seen on the photos presented as evidence) had had time to fade. Now, maybe she is telling the truth and he isn't. We don't know. Maybe she is lying and he is telling the truth....Again, we don't know. Maybe she is just angry with him and has concocted the whole story to screw him over. She has, in the past week, made herself a HUGE media presence in the attempt to make him look bad....No press conferences or any other media presence until the week before the start of the NASCAR season.  I find that odd. Most women just want things to fade away when things like this happen. Yet she is doing her best to drive a stake through his heart. She didn't push for a resolution until last week. Just before Daytona. Seems more like a vindictive woman that a battered one..........Women wouldn't lie about such things....right? (stop laughing, this is no laughing matter)  This essentially came down to a judge buying her story over his. And we all know that judges aren't ever going to take the side of women over a man, right? That they haven't been doing that for the last....what? 50 years?

I do know that, unless there is overwhelming evidence that he did beat and strangle her, that the presumption of innocence should apply to him as well. And yet it didn't. There wasn't, apparently, enough evidence to charge him, yet NASCAR has found him guilty....Had he been charged, then I would ahve supported his suspension.....but he wasn't. NASCAR's actions were cowardly and their decision precipitous...As  was Chevrolet's. Perhaps they know something I don't, but I do think that if he isn't found guilty, or at least CHARGED WITH A CRIME then he ought to be able to sue Ms Driscoll for his monetary losses, at the very least. 

I am ashamed by the actions of NASCAR. And his sponsors. I fully intend to contact them all and let 'em know that I think they are wrong. And buy accordingly.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Minus really friggin cold tonight

So a question:

If yer furnace went out tonight, would you be able to keep your pipes from freezing? Do you have a backup method of heating your home, or at least keeping it from freezing?

We use 2 forms of heat here at our home. Wood (tied into the forced air system)is the primary (sorta), with natural gas as a close second. (the issue with wood heat is that when the outside temp is at or near freezing, it is hard not to overheat the house using wood. (you can build a fire only so small!). If we aren't home to tend the fire, then the natural gas comes on to keep the temp in the house at 50 F.

We also have electric heat in a'll keep the pipes from freezing.

If the electricity goes out, we can still use the woodstove. It will keep the house at about 40 degrees F even with no electricity, just natural convection.

Do you have a backup heat source?

So on Tuesday, I gave blood.

It was a directed donation, at a hospital. For a friend and classmate of my niece.

Now, I used to give blood every few months. In 30+ years, I have donated over 15 gallons to the Red Cross. But about 4 years ago, I stopped. Used to be, one could show up at a blood drive, and, if they weren't too busy, be in and out in about an hour.

This was the case Tuesday at the hospital where I donated. Even though the first phelbotomist had issues (the second one stuck me fine and I filled the bag in just a few minutes) 3 guys went in and left in an hour, each donating a pint of blood.

Sadly, this isn't the case anymore at the Red Cross. Their procedures have changed to the point where it takes nearly 3 hours to give blood. They don't seem concerned that the volunteers have jobs and a life.....

So I don't give anymore.

Plus, if you DO give, they will hound you incessantly for years trying to get you to the next blood drive, calling you daily and in the evening....and they won't stop for a long time.

If I can give blood in a hospital and be out the door in 45 minutes, why does it take 3 hours at the Red Cross blood drive? 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You should see this

Yes, it is hard to read and poorly formatted.

Nonetheless, read it.

Worth yer time

"Obama was right!!! I got insurance for $16!"

Yeah, one of my part time employees actually said that.

"He did keep the price of insurance down, just like he promised!" 

She believes that. Really. That her insurance cost is low, and NO ONE ELSE is paying more. Cheap insurance. Because Obama.

Gah. And she votes.

Just wait until she has to actually use it. She didn't read the fine print, I did. Gonna be some surprises coming.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Yeah, No.

A crime is a crime.

Unless, of course, you are an illegal.

Then they let you go.

WTF? This is getting irksome. Laws are laws, right? For a reason, right? Supposed to be the same laws for everyone, right?

Unless, of course, you are a seriously protected class. Then, apparently, you can rob, rape and drive drunk.

I'm starting to get pissed off here.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Moveable holidays

Holidays like today shouldn't be moveable just so that civil servants can get a 3 day weekend, but should be celebrated on a day, whenever it falls.

Ain't it though?



Sunday, February 15, 2015

What you should plan on doing next weekend

If you are close enough (Say within a 2 hour drive).

This is a good gunshow. Not as big as the INDY 1500, but better quality collectibles and usually a whole backroom full of private sellers with something for everyone.

Plus it is put on as a fundraiser by the Dunes Rifle and Pistol club as a method of acquring land for their new range.

"That's like confusing whether or not you were mauled by a tiger!...."

Put the drink DOWN.

In fact, put it in another room or finish it so you won't spill it.

The sad part is that someone, somewhere in the DNC headquarters is actually having that sort of meltdown.

So I was talking with a friend

about cheap inexpensive body armor....Not that we need any, but just what is out there that is affordable. And carriable. I mean, you can spend a shitload of money and/or you can carry a shitload of weight.

Ceramic plates are lighter, but costly, steel is heavier but cheaper.Pretty much a binary solution set....

So another dude listens in and then says "You will never have any need for body armor."...."this is the United States" 

I said: "That's what the folks in Ukraine thought too...."

Something to think about, eh? 


So yer hauling 23 lbs of pot.

And you pull something stupid, like failure to signal, and failure to stop before turning.....

And ya get pulled over. 

And in your backseat, in (more or less) plain sight is the pot.

Just how stupid do you have to be?

I'm no expert, and I haven't carried any pot in my car....

But reading these same stories over and over, I can tell you a few rules:

1. DO Keep it covered. Big box, duffle bag, whatever. Trunk if possible. If not, SOMETHING INCONSPICUOUS.

2. DON'T speed, fail to stop, fail to signal, roll stop signs, etc. Don't fail to make sure all of your lights are working...turn signals, headlights, brake lights, etc. 

Dude has probably done this for a long time, but just one mistake like any of the above listed and a cop decides to pull you over and your day has gone all to shit.

 23 lbs should fit in a big box in the backseat or the trunk (or, at least both,  if need be).

'Tis troo

I mean, I  kinda like the idea.

(Question is, would they stay bought for the whole term????)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

"International outcry"

Muslim lives matter.

And they should. Even when the apparent motivation isn't racial or religious, but rather a dispute over parking. (autoplay warning)

But do you hear the Muslim press decrying the murder and dhimmitude  of Christians in the Middle East? I don't. While Muslim lives should matter, so should Christians. And we don't even have to discuss the fact that to Muslims in the Middle East, Jewish lives don't matter at all......

Why is that? All I hear is Muslims crying how hard it is to be a Muslim in America. How they are oppressed and persecuted. Yet they have the ability to stand up and complain without fear of retribution......

ATF, going after you AGAIN

ATF says you don't need ammo for Non "Sporting Purposes". And they define 'Sporting"

Seems that they feel that M855 is now (suddenly) "Armor Piercing" and therefore we serfs must not be allowed to purchase it anymore. Because gun or something.

Is there a decent alternative for this bullet? I can reload cases to make any type of load I care to, but the 62 grain bullet works well for me. I assume that it will soon be unavailable for purchase.

I'm gonna search the couch cushions and see if I can't come up with a way to purchase some M855 just for fun.

Sporting Purposes, you know.

ETA: Tam has some good advice should you care to comment. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Cool!!! Broadcast power....

Of course, the distance is only a millimeter or so but still...Shades of Nikola Tesla .

Got the new Qi compatible charger and adapter for my cell phone a few days ago.


No plugging and unplugging. My phone has a small cover over the USB/charging port that makes it "waterproof"....(for some standard of waterproof I suppose?).  But it is a pain in the ass to open and close when I want to charge my phone. 

I bought a wireless charging pad like these, and an insert for my phone like one of these or these

No more cables. So far, I like it.Toss your phone on the charging mat and walk away. Pick it up when it is done.

If ya got a cell phone and they make an adapter for it, (even I-Phones!!) spend the 30 bucks or so and make it truly wireless....

I guarantee my next new cell phone will have this built in.

Don Channing and the boys at Venus Equilateral would be impressed.... 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Because GUN! THat's why

Or maybe the surviving family are just assholes.

I hope she can counter sue for attorney's fees and such.


Makes me glad I don't live in Kalifornia.

It is, of course,

All about race.

Not the fact that the team had members from as far as 25 miles outside of the borders of the area.

No, that couldn't be the issue. It wasn't "cheating, cheating" that part of the team was composed of ringers from a very wide area, rather than just the inner city kids. It was just that the rules were racist.

Nope, It must be because those boys were black. Negroes, as it were. Gotta keep the darkies down.....

Jesus, just what are they teaching these kids. Cheating is ok? Lying to gain the end you want is good? Do whatever it takes to win, rules and morals don't matter?

Now, I am not blaming these 13 year old boys. They, as a team, worked hard and and accomplished their goal and won. The fact that some of their team members were ineligible to play on that team, that they were "ringers" as it were, is not the fault of those boys, but rather the fault of the adults.

The fact that so many people knew and were willing to look the other way is terrible. The fact that so many others are willing to complain that the team was stripped of their title and make excuses for this behavior is even worse. The fact that so many people are willing to use this (and the team) as a way to get their faces in front of the cameras one more time is yet worse again.

The sad part was the media attention that was given to the fact that these boys who won were black, back when they won their games. Like it was something surprising that some inner city black kids could compete against white suburban kids at all. That is the racist part, really.

Hey, asshole!

If yer driving a *White* SUV in blowing snow where the visibility is approaching ZERO (less than tens of feet) and you are no in the lane, but rather in the center of the road, doncha think that it *MIGHT* be a good idea to turn on your lights so the rest of us can see you and act appropriately?

I mean, I could care less if you get killed in a head-on, but you might kill someone else that matters.....

(Yeah, I know, waste of electrons, but it makes me feel better)

Yeah, I didn't win the Powerball

So I gotta go to work again like everybody else.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Y'know, if he ran, I might vote for him

Bobby Jindal.

He has words that I agree with.

I mean, unlike nearly every other politician, each time he opens his mouth, I don't immediately decide not to vote for him.

I once knew

A girl who was into Yoga.

She was fun....And flexible. I dug that.

But Damn!

In other news

Brian Williams will be hosting a special  on NBC where he reminisces about leading the Donner Party across Boston during the last blizzard.

Film at 11.

ETA: Sadly, we have no video. It was accidentally stored on the same server which housed Lois Lerner's Emails and can no longer be found.

ETA: He is actually suspended for 6 months

You should call your Congressmen and Senators:

Ask 'em to look into the case of Maj. Matt Golsteyn...Silver Star recipient. 

The Army, apparently in retaliation for some disparaging remarks, is revoking the Silver Star awarded for Heroism under fire. They claim unspecified criminal acts and violations of Rules of Engagement, but haven't charged him with any crimes nor violations. Why, if he has done something so heinous, haven't they charged him?

This is, in my opinion, bullshit, and any officer involved should be stripped of his or her rank and discharged under less than honorable circumstances. 

If the man has done wrong, then charge him. Let a courts martial tribunal decide. 

Anything else is an insult to our troops and them men who lead them. If we allow the upper echelons of the armed services to shaft our military heroes, then how can we expect loyalty from them or the men who follow them? 

I was waiting for more info, but Borepatch pushed me into posting this as well....

I've called my Senators (positive response) and Congressmen(waste of time, actually) and asked for them to investigate.. So should you. Ask 'em to look into this a bit. If ever there was a good reason for a Senatorial Investigation (they do so many that are a waste of time) then this is one....I believe that this requires more investigation. If Major Golsteyn has done something wrong worthy of having his Silver Star stripped, then he should be charged and tried. If not then he should retain it. 

Take a minute and call. If you don't know your Senators numbers, (You should, mine are in my cell phone's contact list) then you can find them over at the top left column under "How to find your Congresscritters." or just click the link. 
I thank you for your time on this. 

Evil is still evil

I have to agree with Peter.

On the other hand, not voting for the lesser of the two evils gives us the greater evil, by default. WHich is what has happened in our countries current political system.

Either way, we are screwed.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The beginning:

Even the Press is starting to admit that Global Warming is a hoax:

The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever


Now, it's not like this is a surprise for anyone with a brain. But at least now it is out in the open and we can stop having to listen to lies peddled by people in our government and having those same liars spend our tax money in schemes to enrich themselves and their friends to reduce the effects of "Global Warming" and take ever more control of our lives in the name of "Climate Change".

I still think that those who lied should be imprisoned (or shot). But then again, people say I am soft.....

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I hope this is wrong

Para to stop making pistols?

I own 3 of 'em, and while 2 had no issues and one had to go back to the factory 3 times, they are a decent machine, and I use 2 of them for EDC.  The LDA trigger is awesome. Better than S+W, better than Glock, and in a 1911 pattern pistol.

I hope the report is wrong. I was planning on buying another later this year.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

We got civilized

They didn't.

Barry, you are an ass. A total disingenuous ass. With bells. and cherries.

Yes, centuries ago, when the standards for behavior were different, when life was cheaper, the Christians were barbarians according to today's standards....So were the Jews. And especially, so were the Muslims.So were the Vikings.

That was then, this is today.

Today, however, the Jews and the Christians have a much more civilized standard of behavior.

To justify actions taken TODAY, in this century, by comparing those actions to those of peoples and civilizations of 200, 500 , 700 and even a thousand years ago is to justify the fact that the Muslims (at least a significant subset of them) are stuck in third century standards of behavior.

We got civilized. They didn't. If they can't, then we need to eradicate them.

Making excuses for barbaric behavior by bringing up acts from hundreds of years ago is, at the basics, a lie.

You make the case for "Us or Them" .

It won't end well for them. They may have the numbers, but we in the west have better toys. Once we decide they are barbarians, they will cease to exist.

Good question:




Found at 

I told 'em that unless they were gonna change it into nickles

and put 'em in a sock...

So the RNC called my Cell Phone yesterday....asking for money to continue to "Fight the Democrats and President Obama" .

I asked when they had begun opposing either the Democrats or Barry? Was capitulating at every turn "fighting"?

The fundraising dude said that they had to "stop the Democrats" .....I suggested taking the money they had received and changing it into nickles , putting them in a sock and beating the DNC boys with it. It would work better than the approach they had used for the past 6 years. And until they promised to do that (in writing) they wouldn't get any money from me....

Not even a nickle.

All in the name of reciprocity

More instruction. 

'Cause it'll make my license more reciprocitized, 


Indiana currently has not training requirement. All they want before issuing you a pistol permit is that you are not a Felon, or a wife batterer, or a few other minor requirements.

No training. Yet we are no more dangerous than other states which require training. Odd that.

I have out of state permits from FL and UT, and the training classes I took were a real waste of time. They did not make me any safer, nor did the shooting requirement actually make me, you know, demonstrate proficiency in handling of a firearm.But I took 'em and I got my permits.

Notice;  if you look up Senate Bill 48, that the requirement is for 8 hours of (unspecified) training. Nor regualtions as to what that training might entail....nor what it might cost.

All in the name of reciprocity.

One state that they mention  that they want to pacify regarding "training" is Illinois, which has reciprocity with exactly zero other states right now....

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"This note is legal tender"

"For all debts, public and private".

Unless, of course you fold 'em really tightly and use 'em to piss off the tax office pay your property taxes.

I would think that if I attempted to use legal tender to pay a debt and it was refused, that I could be considered as having paid said debt...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

Just got home.

Spent the night working, as others were unable to make it in due to the blowing schnew.

Wasn't the worst storm I've ever seen but it was a LOT of heavy snow at first (which packed on the roads), and then a fair amount of light fluffy blowing snow (total of about 17" in all) leaving visibility to near zero early Sunday evening. Plus an intermixure at times of sleet.freezing rain, and ice pellets for fun.

And yet, oddly enough, the end of the world didn't happen. Civilization didn't come to a stop. AFAIK, no blanket order to not drive. No highways were closed, although the State Police did discourage people from driving if possible.

There were the requisite number of accidents due to people driving too fast or following too closely (mostly travelers trying to pass through, and failing because they didn't know how to drive in the conditions), and the tow trucks were busy.

But the cities didn't shut down. People went and came and traveled as they chose And life went on.

WTF? Why can't the Blue staters East Coasters figure out how to live with winter?  The entire Flyover country midwest, from Ohio to Nebraska, from Minnesota and Michigan to southern Illinois and Indiana, clean to Oklahoma can figure it out....Denver/Colorado, Idaho and Montana can figure it out. Yet 4 flakes and the East Coast panics.


Sunday, February 1, 2015


We are expecting a foot or more of snow with very windy conditions and whiteouts expected.

While it will likely suck for a while, neither Chicago nor any of the smaller cities in Illinois nor NW Indiana are expecting to shut down the roads or public transportation. Every service will work as normal. No Martial Law, no roads shut down (at least not until the conditions warrant it) no panic in the Supermarkets.....No one is planning for a SnowMageddon, (and even if we got one it'd just be a 24 hour inconvenience at worst)

Strange..... Shouldn't we be panicking and closing roads and shutting down our way of life and all that? I mean, SNOW!

I guess the Midwest population is different than the East Coasters.