Monday, June 20, 2016

Hiding the truth

So the DOJ censored/edited the 911 call from Omar Matteen to hide any reference to islam?

Wonder who ordered that?

I am not certain that the attack in Orlando was motivated solely by ideology, but still....Trying to hide what we already were aware of?

This action shows how arrogant the Obama minions are, and how stupid they think the public is (I guess, since he got re-elected he may not be entirely wrong there, but still)

One wonders why he tries to hide the identities of these people? Is he Muslim and is simply practicing taqiyya...? Trying to keep the rest of the citizens from rising in outrage?

ETA: seems that they have reversed the stance, and have released the unedited/uncensored tapes.

Pretty stupid to even try, really. Might have gotten away with that 30 years ago, but today? Not a chance. I guess he thought that the News Media would follow along.


og said...

Monkeys. The insane have taken charge of the asylum.

Old NFO said...

Taqiyya... Being run by Valerie Jarrett...