Saturday, March 31, 2012

If any of you win

The $640K (yeah, $0.640 BILLION) Mega Millions lottery:

Please consider buying me one of these.

I need one to get to work on time....

I, unfortunately, didn't win.

Will he?

Will The Won call the folks whose address Spike Lee gave out in a fit of rage against George Zimmerman, only to find out that he was mistaken, and then double down on his stupidity by refusing to apologize?

Nah, I don't expect it either.

Will he do anything besides play up to the sorely needed middle and lower class blacks so that he can be one of them in their minds and gain their vote (even though he hasn't materially helped them?)

Will he be anything but race conscious in who he favors?

Nah, likely not.

Funny how racist this "post-racial president" is, isn't it?

I am disgusted even more than I expected to be.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Told ya


Bet that the Euro ends up being France, Germany, and the other northern European countries. The south ones will bail. Or collapse.


101 years ago, the Army adopted the Pistol, model of 1911.

I own 5. carry one (or it's twin) daily.

Dammned good piece of engineering there, Mr. Browning.


Want bad.

Need for truck.

(got papoose for car already)

I wonder

What  MLK would think of this brouhaha over Trayvan Martin and George Zimmerman?

Would HE choose to support a young black man over a white man?

Would he be all for summary other words, a lynching?

Would HE support the (New) Black Panthers and their reward for blood? 

Would he be calling for blood as justice?

I really doubt it.

I think he'd be wanting facts, and would let the system work first.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yep Just like that

This is more about how I see people. I could really care less what the color of your skin is. Or the shade.

But if yer a lowlife, then it matters.

Ya know, ....the content of your character.

If you act like a lowlife, I'm gonna assume you are one, and treat you accordingly.

If it matters, I know a lot more white lowlifes than black or asian or hispanic ones.

I don't hang around with lowlifes, period. 

Nor do I defend them, no matter what their particular shade is.

"Just 'cause I am black doesn't mean I am a criminal"

"And you shouldn't treat me like one!"

Then this.

Kinda screws up the message...doesn't it?

'cause I can't remember the last time a bunch of white protested over a black person shooting a white person....or trashing a store  during the protest.

Come to think about it, I can't remember any Asians or Hispanics doing it either....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


What he said


Divide and conquer

One wonders how long the plans for the division of this country by race have been in the can...just waiting for something to use as the starting point to rally the population behind.

If one were a suspicious sort who sees conspiracies behind every blade of grass.

I have been accused of being like that.

And, while I may be delusional, events do seem to be confirming my suspicions.

I wonder how many "advisors" the administration have sent to Sanford Florida?

And I wonder if the leaders of the protests elsewhere realize they are tools being manipulated for someone else's end?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Today marks the beginning

Of the decision as to whether the United States remains the free country that it's founders envisioned when they wrote the wonderful document we call "the Constitution".

Today, the Supreme Court of this land begins the process to determine whether you,and I and our children, and their children who live beyond that shall be free, protected by the Constitution, or shall be slaves to the State. Today the courts begin to hear arguments regarding the abomination we call "ObamaCare"

Today begins the determination as to whether this country does more than just pay lip service to the document which made this country the shining beacon to all those people in the world who wanted a chance to be free....To have self have a chance to make something for themselves, without the crushing load put upon their shoulders by the ever oppressive those who struggled to make it to our shores, just to have a chance to touch the dream of freedom. Today, marks the beginning of the decision as to what this country shall be.

I do not envy those justices on the Supreme Court Bench. They must, with deliberation, in a few words, write a decision which can fundamentally change the character of this country...and decide whether our country shall continue to exist. To decide whether we will be free men, or slaves of the State. Decide whether this country shall continue to provide hope for the rest of the world, or become a failed State, tossed onto  the trashheap of those of Europe, or the USSR,  like Argentina and others. Failures in their economic policy, and failures to their citizens

Today marks the beginning....either the beginning of the end of our country....or the beginning of a new hope, that this country can recover from the depredations of the Statists, or that we shall follow the other failed states into decline. The decision made in these next few day, or weeks, moths even, will determine the fate of our country and its citizens...and decide the future for millions who live here and the millions more who dare to dream to do so some day.

I fear for today, yet I have hope. We can only hope. Hope for our country, and hope for our fellow citizens....and the future citizens of our country.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The closer you get

to the Treyvon/Zimmerman thing...

The more you can smell the stink.

I am beginning to think that, while the original tragedy was just that, a tragedy....that the rest of the outrage was designed to rally the black segment of our citizens around any black leader....and especially Mr. Obama.

He really needs their vote to get re-elected, what with all the steps being taken to limit or eliminate voter fraud....and the fact that even a third of the African-American voters (who rallied so strongly to him in 2008) are likely to vote for someone else, or at least not vote....

Stranger thingz have happened in politics.

HT Pissed

"if I had a son, he'd look like Treyvon"

And if he dressed and looked like this, I'd think he was a hood too. And until I knew differently, I'd treat him like a lowlife hood as well.(and the above picture is what he looks like TODAY, not the 4 year old picture that is floating around in the news media)

While again, we don't know what happened, and while I refuse to assume that either party is innocent or guilty until we know more, I'd have looked at Treyvon as a threat to the peace, safety and wellbeing of my neighborhood too, especially, since he was a visitor to the neighborhood.

No doubt, his appearance was a factor in this incident

Ya just really don't know

Thing is, we really don't know what happened in Sanford FLA.You weren't there, neither was I....Neither were any of those people in the mobs chanting for "justice"

We do know a guy named Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch volunteer.

We know he saw a kid he perceived was out of place, and who (apparently) dressed and acted like a "hood". We know that he called 911 to report a suspicious person. We know that he was following the kid.

We know that the press picked this up because they thought Zimmerman was white (he is more Hispanic), and we know that Treyvon Martin is black. We know that race is a factor in people's perception of this incident.

We know that there was a scuffle, and Treyvon ended up dead of a gunshot wound.

We know that there had been a lot of break-ins, and that some residents, even black residents, of the community, had blamed the break-ins on black youths.This is conveniently left out of the narrative. As are nearly all the crime statistics when race is involved.

We know that the family of Treyvon Marin is devastated. We know that even though he was apparently dressed like a hood, his family (as is usual) thinks he was a great kid, just this side of sainthood.... We know that the press shows him as a baby faced kid.....and neglects to tell us that he was 6'2" tall and was bigger than Mr. Zimmerman.

I know that if I were a kid doing nothing wrong, and some guy started following me, I'd likely have run if that were possible. I know that Zimmerman likely could have prevented this by not following the kid, and that the pursuit likely led to the encounter which led to the death of Treyvon Martin. I also know that things are generally not as they first appear.

The thing is, none of us know any useful facts. We know that the police investigated, and decided that there was enough evidence AT THAT TIME to accept Mr. Zimmerman's account of self defense.

What we don't know is anything else, really, of any use in making any determination of guilt or innocence....or somewhere in between.

But I do know this.....The calls for mob action and summary judgement are much more prevalent when it is a black teen killed by a white man or a white cop. And it is generally a mob composed largely of black people. And that they have decided without any facts that they know what is going on. They have decided that Treyvon is innocent, and was murdered, and that Mr. Zimmerman is guilty of that murder. Maybe they are right. WE DON"T KNOW.

There is seldom a call by mobs of white people when a white man or kid is killed by a black man or a black cop. Were that the case, we'd have them daily. Is there something special that makes their wants and feelings ok to have mobs? Perhaps that makes me a racist in some eyes. But I don't think it is....I just want the same metric for all of us.

What if the Klan had held a rally in support of the killing (for whatever reason) of the late Treyvon Marin? Would that be any better than the black mob  calls for "justice"?  What if the Klan had put up "Wanted dead or alive" posters the last time some black guy shot a white person? Would that, somehow, have been MORE wrong than what is happening right now?

And I cannot recall a mob composed of black people crying for blood when a black man or kid is killed by another black man. Nor do I remember seeing a mob call for summary justice when a white man is killed by a black man or black teen.

But the fact remains....We really don't know what happened.  And this rush to summary justice, this race baited insistent demand for immediate "justice"is wrong.

But the thing is...WE JUST DON'T know. And we should let the system, and the investigators work, and do their job, and wait for the facts come out before we lynch a possibly innocent man. And I really wish our "Post Racial" president would just shut the hell up until he knew what was going on.

Were this a black man and a white kid, would the mobs of black folks support a lynching? Because that is what they want for this hispanic guy (with a White sounding name) who killed the black "kid".

What if the positions were reversed...Would they (the black mobs and their leaders) still demand summary judgement?

Via Pissed we have this...which shows that generally there are are no white mobs who do so when the positions are reversed. Strange, that.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

You should read

What Stormbringer shows about charites...and salaries.

I knew it was like this, but I did not realize it was that bad.

Think before you donate next time.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Security theater, State level

So I had to go in and get my new drivers license the other day.

Now, if you haven't had to get a new "Secure I.D." then when you renew your license, you are in for a bit of a shock....You have to provide much more documentation than you did before. Apparently, the State wants to make sure you are who you say you are, in order to make the whole drivers license as ID scheme better....

I had not traveled outside of the US for several years, so I had, foolishly let my US passport expire. As this is one of the documents that will satisfy the State that you are who you say you are, it was one stumbling block. for me...As I did not have (or at least could not find) a certified copy of my birth certificate either...

Thing is, there is no proof required to obtain a copy of a birth certificate...I did the whole thing online, and a few days later, at a cost of $34, I had a certified copy of a birth certificate in my name....

Same thing with the other documents. While they did not require that I prove my citizenship (why, I don't know, as it would seem to be a part of the ID security.....mapbe because I don't look hispanic?), I did have to provide "proof of residency"....which was a couple of bills in my name and with my address (They kept asking for a water bill, and I kept explaining that I had a well and didn't have a municipal water hook up, but they didn't seem to understand). I ended up using a gas company bill and an electric company bill. It did take a supervisor to approve these, since I couldn't produce a "water bill". Strangely, they refused to allow an Indiana CHL, even though it is on the list. (and at least that document means that someone has checked out my fingerprints!)

The third thing you need is a social security card. (again, I couldn't find mine, so I had to go to the local Social Security Adminostration office to get one...What do you need to get a copy of your Social Security card? Nothing. Just fill out a form...DOB, Name, and SSN. I did have to also show my W-2.

The point of all this is that despite the big hoopla there is no more proof that I am who I say I am than there was with the old drivers license. I could literally be anyone. All it would take is about a months work to get documents in anyones name who has a birth certificate and a Social Security number.

But they get to charge mnore, and they get to make you jump through a whole lot more hoops, for no apparent gain.

I am tempted to collect a series of documents and change some bills around in order to get a "secure I.D" in someone else's name, just to prove it can be done....If I have the time.

Oh, and I hope that the employees of the Indiana BMV are better quality than the TSA, as they have enough information (and copies of all relevant documents) to do some serious Identity theft should they want to.

If you need to renew, and your state does "Secure I.D." then start early.

Especially if you want to have several ID's to vote early and often.  Not like it would be hard or anything.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ya gotta love it

 Bypassing Congress....Sending money we don't have (and yeah, it is our money) to folks who hate us, and would do their best to remove us from this plane of existence. Its not like he's buying their friendship or cooperation either.

I never really believed the claims that he was a muslim, but things like this make me wonder.....

I wonder how much of that $1.5 B will be used to buy weapons....or used to persecute the Copts and other christians in Egypt?

The thing is, our legislators apparently don't have the balls to stop him.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just in case you missed it

You should read this.

'cause it shows the hypocrisy. And the agenda.

Ans you'll not see this in the Mainstream Media either.

Big Brother lives! And he's getting more powerful

And he's gonna be listening to every word you say on a telephone, and looking at every email...and every text...and listening in on every Skype call, and it is all gonna be recorded for further review if you come to the attention of the authorities.

Eric Arthur Blair was a prophet. He was just 29 years ahead of his time.

So, if you are doing anything bad, or that the state might disapprove of, better do it with face to face meeting......or in a prearranged one time pad code *.

'Cause soon, he'll be watching even more closely....and he'll have more ears.

Me? I figure I'm already on the "watch" list. I act accordingly.

But I'd be careful what pictures you send via email and text messages. Who knows what kind of people will be viewing them?

I'm not so sure that this is constitutional, but it is happening. And the press, and Congress is letting them get away with it. 

Act accordingly. And think about what your country is becoming. 

*Note: I am not suggesting that you do (or are doing) anything illegal.....But if you don't want the State knowing....

Thursday, March 15, 2012

more oil in the market

Means lower prices....

Despite the opposition of the current Administration to more drilling in the US, he's going to release oil to the market from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

I don't get it.

More oil equals lower prices for fuels like gas and diesel. But he won't let new supplies to be created, instead pushing ale, biofuels and ethanol.

While I am all for development of alternative fuels(albeit not pissing development money away by giving it to campaign donors wasting money in foolish boondoggles) until those sources actually work, we are going to be dependent on oil.

The logic of his move with the Strategic Reserve escapes me....unless it is just a campaign stunt. And if more oil in the market is a good thing, then lets get serious about it and develop new sources in our own turf.

Price stabilization is not the intended use of the Strategic Reserve.

Tell me:

If I stole money, (say hundreds of dollars) (or took it without permission) from you, and gave it to all my friends, and was caught, would I likely be charged with a crime?

If I took MILLIONS of dollars and did so, would I likely be jailed?

How about if I did so with BILLIONS? And say I worked for a guy who likely ordered me do the above actions? Should he be jailed as well?

Then think about what Steven Chu has done. And who his boss is.

At best, it is incompetence. At worst, actionable criminal conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers. (I highly lean towards the latter)

Proving how high things go will be difficult, but should be done.

As our esteemed governor of Illinois is currently on his way to prison for the same sort of actions, one wonders how they got the idea.....

If you are in Indiana, you need to read this.

And if you haven't called/written/emailed/Western Unioned the Governors office regarding SB 1, then I urge you to get off the dime. He still, as of this morning, hasn't signed it. He has until close of business Friday, March 16, 2021.  He has until March 20th to sign it. His telephone number is 317-232-4567. If you've already called him once, call again and ask why he hasn't signed it yet?

Unless, of course, you think that police officers can/should come into your home/property/search your car, etc with no limits....and that you think that you should have no ability to resist said illegal invasion of your home or property.

As for my home and property, the Fourth Amendment still applies. My home is my castle, and I will resist all unlawful entry, no matter who it might be. I sincerely hope that I don't ever need to find out how the Supreme court of the US will rule if/when I am forced to resist an illegal entry by a police officer.

If you think that the Indiana Supreme court ruled incorrectly, then fix this by urging the governor to fix a judicial fuck-up with legislation. While we shouldn't need legislation to codify common sense and/or Constitutional rights, but apparently, because of incompetent judges, we do.

Oh, and Gov Daniels: We remember how you legislate. And, while I think you've done an adequate job so far, if you oppose this by not signing then I will work hard to prevent your re-election, no matter who your opponent is. IF the rights of your citizens to be secure in their homes isn't important to you, and if the police wants and needs trumps the rights of the citizens, then you are not fit to be Governor.



I haven't eaten anything solid (not permanently) for 3 days now...

An anorexic, anemic kitten could tie me up in knots with one paw.

I haven't done much at work but go in and wind the clock and let my staff run things like I taught 'em (and they are doing fine, they really don't need me...)

My ass hurts like I am the New Meat in the cellblock.

I feel as if I may never be able to make noise when I fart again. I could pass a housebrick without straining.

My brother says "norovirus".... might be right. Or something like it.

Hopefully this will pass soon.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So if Conservative =Racist

Then I guess Liberal equals scumsucking cheezball whining thieving cheaters who expect others to do the work so that they can sit on their asses and do nothing but whine?

I mean, really, how far can you stretch the truth before your nose grows so long that you can't hold your head up?

More here

Oh, and By the way..

In addition to Pi day, I have been reminded that this is another special day as well.

Ladies, be sure and celebrate it with you man, significant other, or boyfriend (or any combination of the three).

Men, be sure and let your significant other, girlfriend, or main squeeze (or, if you have the balls, two or more of them) know about this special day.

Celebrate diversity!

(Link fixed)

Happy Pi Day

Have a round or 2.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Via Jennifer:



Obama hates white people.

He won't help them when their homes have been destroyed....

Since Bush was reviled as hating blacks (and being racist and/or "hating black people")when he couldn't get millions of dollars of Federal aid to them in Louisiana and Mississippi fast enough post Katrina, then it must follow that Mr. "we won" Obama must hate white people in downstate Illinois because he has DENIED any federal disaster aid to all those counties which were destroyed by that line of tornadoes last week...

Racist bastard.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Sorry, illness has temporarily disabled the Free Ice Cream machine.

mayhaps tomorrow there will be content.

If my head doesn't explode.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tole ya

Hope you did move your money out of the EURO....

Greece has done the deal, and now come the Defaults, and the big economic Tsunami.

Will this bring down the $15+ TRILLION house of cards/

Let us hope not.

But I'd hedge my bets if I were you.


This is the way it should work.

Friday, March 9, 2012

How is today different?

Read this. It is long, and a history lesson....but I promise it is relevant.

Think about it.

How is todays economics any different than what happened then?

Think Greece and the bailouts. Think "Quantative Easing" I and II. Think what the EU wants to do to all those folks who currently hold Greek bonds. Think about what happens if Greece (and all the other PIIGS default, and what happens to the insurance market and to the bond market and to the worlds economies.  I, for the life of me, cannot see any difference, except that instead of a King, the decisions are made by a bunch of economists in a meeting in Brussels and Washington DC.

How are we not getting the "short end of the stick"?

BTW, if you have investments (retirement or otherwise) in Europe, or based on the EURO, I highly suggest that you divest yourself of them immediately. The crash will not be good for any of us, no matter where we have our money. But there will be people who are hurt, and people who are devastated. Those with Euro holdings will be in the latter category. 

(Disclaimer: I am not an investment advisor, nor do I play one on TV. Make your own decisions....)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I really don't have much fear of spiders, but I think that this would kinda creep me out just a bit....

Yeah, I know they are harmless, and that they are eating all the mosquitoes and all that...


I might well have to move if this happened to my home.


What Borepatch said.

Amen brother.

We gotta have a beer sometime.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Now if our folks will only learn

Seems Britain (and apparently the rest of the EU) are finally figuring out what a boondoggle wind power really is. 

And how much money we are wasting on it, for little or even negative gain.

Now if only the folks in the US would learn the lesson.

The haters will no doubt call him racist....

But Peter (whom I have met, and if he is racist, he hides it well) just speaks the truth.

Until we, as a society admit that a significant subset of our population (and culture) has issues, and take steps to remedy that, we will continue to have a criminal minority.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And just to keep the feds happy.....



Twin towers.


There, that oughta keep the FeeBls happy for a while.


So a few weeks ago, a young man came to my business and asked for an application. While state law says I have to give him an application, I told him he was wasting his time, as I had no positions available and, in fact, didn't have enough work for the employees I already had.

He sighed and said "I'm finding that all over" ...."Even the places that are hiring don't give me a second look....I'm fairly smart, hard working and I just want to work....I need a job". He was looking fairly discouraged.

Now this kid was indeed fairly well spoken, somewhat handsome, tall, clear of eye. He seemed earnest. But he was dressed like a ghetto hood. Pants too big, belt pulled tight. Hoodie with a baseball cap. Unshaven, but not yet a beard. Some weird sneaker type shoes. Bling on a necklace around his neck. Not the image I would want my employees to give.

"Want some advice?" I asked.

"Sure" he replied. "I'll take anything that will help"

I told him to follow me to the men's room. Once there, I said "look in the mirror".

He did so.

"If you were me, would you hire that guy?" I said. " 'cause to me, and to my customers, he looks like a hood".


"Wanna increase your chances for a job?" I asked.


"Then dress like you want a job. Dress for the position you are applying for. Don't show up looking like a Gangsta lowlife wannabe. Trust me, It'll help".

Thoughtfully, he nodded, said 'thank you" and left.

Truthfully, I had forgotten him until he returned yesterday.

I nearly didn't recognize him.

Shaved. Hair long, but neat. Polo shirt. Black jeans. Casual but decent shoes.

"just wanted to say thanks" He said...

"For what?" I asked.

"For telling me the truth. No one else did."

"Truth about what?"

"How to get a job.....It worked" He smiled."people looked at me differently... I got a job."

"Good for you"

"You were right. It did make a difference. So thanks."

I was actually somewhat moved. He took the time to come in and say thank you for the advice. Had the class to say thank you, even though he had been insulted. Apparently, no one else bothered. And I felt good.

And thus I pay it forward....

Then I realized that I have become my parents.

I think I'll try this:

Mebbe we should all do so.

It could be fun. and maybe we can start a movement.

Methinks I'll go and see if I can find some printable labels at Staples tomorrow.

I bet I can make a word document that uses Avery labels and templates.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Still more stories

about events at the Alamo.

You should read

If you are a blogger

Or if you have email (who doesn't?) and if you text (ditto) and even in your phone calls:

You should use words that make the DHS sit up and take notice....since they are spying on us anyway, and since they consider all of us to be Extremists, and Dangerous, and likely Enemies of the State.

If nothing else, and if enough of us do it, then we can give them an enormous workload trying to decide who is really a dangerous terrorist and who is merely an irritant.

Just to keep 'em happy:

Weapons Grade

The DHS checks in with me at least once a week (according to Sitemeter) anyway, but this should make them sit up and take notice.

Be sure to include a sample of the trigger words in your future postings, emails, texts and phone calls just so that they will know you care...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

In response to comments on the below post: .

Never said that I wouldn't vote for the other races, congressional, senatorial, and state and local level.

But not for Romney. Might vote third party, might write in someone else, Not for Obama either.

Mittens is only slightly the lesser of the two evils. Less socialist doesn't mean that I can vote for him. Less statist doesn't mean that I can support him. He's as bad as Obama. Seriously. Look at his voting record while in Massachusetts. Same Big Government statist as we have now. The only difference is that he has an "R" after his name.

You think Romney is gonna appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court? Look at his record. He's conservative only when compared to Ted Kennedy and Obama and Olympia Snowe. He's an east coast liberal, big government statist. The fact that the leadership of the Republican Party thinks that it is "his turn" does not make him a Republican, nor a conservative.

Why should the Republicans get the blame? They'll brand him a "conservative" and then we conservatives get the blame when things crash. And then we'll get another big government statist liberal with "D" after his name to take credit when (if?) things finally recover.

You'll get no better leader out of Romney than Obama. Except that he will likely have both a compliant House as well as a Senate. Easier for them to bend you over. Easier to pass laws that he supports. Nobody to say "no!" (not that that is happening much right now, I admit). Party politics will likely help him to make things worse. He'll fuck us in the ass, just with a bigger smile on his face and with the approval of the Republican party. He'll grow government, and enact liberal laws. He's no friend of the 2nd amendment either.

So no, I'll not vote O or R. If by doing so, I allow Obama to get another 4 years, so be it.

I'm not so sure that he can be worse than Romney will be.

ETA: Strangely, Borepatch (and George Will) agree. I can't be entirely wrong then.

ETA II: The issue of voting for Romney against Obama (or any republican for that matter against Obama)  is valid....Except that we all did that last time for McCain, and the Republican Party leadership DIDN'T LEARN. They got their guy nominated and we all voted for him like good little sheep. And it got us nowhere. We got (or are getting) another RINO liberal. Not a conservative, no even close to the "old" definition of what Republicans stand for. Again, I cannot see where Obama will be materially worse than Romney (except that Romney will want to get re-elected, and so may well tread lightly, whereas Obama will not). Romney is just Obama Lite. Niot voting might well send a message that holding our nose and voting did not.

You are, of course, welcome to disagree and do what you wish. But my opinion stands.

The Nuge

Has made his choice. He has given the nod to Mittens.


I doubt if I will make the same choice. I'll likely not vote (and therefore, by omission, vote for Obama) than vote for Mitt Romney.

I am not so sure that Obama will be worse than Mittens. They are, essentially, two sides of the same coin. At least with Obama we will not have a compliant senate and house.

You think Romney is a conservative? Not a bit. Think he cares about midwestern values? nope. He's conservative only in the east coast.

Sadly, Ted Nugent felt he had to make a choice. And he chose what he felt was the lesser of two weasels.

Friday, March 2, 2012

1 in 8

That is the chance in the next 10 years of another Carrington Event-like  solar storm which could cause a massive communication and poser infrastructure outage.......Like for months or years.

The chances  are one in eight. that is, 12%, that we will encounter a CME that will disrupt out current infrastructure, power, and internet and telephone communications, as well as likely damage out satellites used for GPS. (Imagine all the yuppies driving around aimlessly in their BMWs and Lexii...)

How will this affect you? Maybe not at all. But I'd plan for a loss of AC power.....similar to what happens during an ice storm, only lasting (maybe) months instead of days. Have a plan to deal with and continue living with the fun that that will bring.

I'd plan for a loss of cell phone, regular telephone, and internet and other communications...A loss of TV, cable, and satellite entertainment.

The loss of TV may not be a big deal, (unless you are addicted to"Survivor") but the loss of other communications will have a significant impact on your life.:

The food you buy at the grocery or supermarket? Yeah, it has to be ordered from the warehouse...and that order goes out over? The internet.So does the check to pay for the purchase.

The credit/debit card you use to pay for the stuff you get at the grocery? Yeah, it is validated via...the internet or telephone lines.... So no credit/debit card to buy that food. Got enough cash to cover things for a few months?

'Cause that ATM needs both power and the internet (or at least a phone line) to operate. And likely, if and when, neither will be available. So no ATM. The bank uses both AC power and a computer (connected via telephone data line and/or the internet) to keep your account (and thousands  of others) current. How are they going to keep track? News Flash...they aren't. And cash? Over 70% of the "money" that passes through those banks doesn't exist except as a stream of electronic information....There isn't enough cash to cover all of the need. 

Gas? Yeah, more of the same. No way for the station to order it, pay for it, or for them to take your debit card to sell it to no power to pump the gas into your vehicle....

Fuel for the truck to deliver that food and fuel that can't easily be ordered or sold? Yep, more of the same issue.

Water? Guess what pumps the water for your municipal water supply...or from your well if you live in a rural area. What are ya gonna drink? Flush yer toilets with? Thirsty and smelly is no way to enjoy life, folks. 

Hungry, thirsty, and unable to drive, or watch internet either.  Bummer.

Will people adapt? Yes. We will adapt, and fairly quickly. But the intervening weeks/months will be......difficult...and interesting. There will be, essentially, two kinds of people. Those who planned for a time of difficulty, and those who have a very hard time.

Which one will you be if that one in 8 turns up?

Because if you think FEMA is going to be worth a damn, then you will be a very hungry and cold sheep.....Say "Baaaah"

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Climate lies

Just in case you haven't seen it, (and in which case you likely don't read "Real" there on the left side of this page in my blogroll...which you should, BTW) here is more real science on Glowbal Warmening.

The data observed doesn't match the predictions. Not even closely.

Now, while I know that climate science is a complicated subject, the fact is that the climate scientists Global Warming Climate Change advocates will not admit that their models are a failure. But then again, if they did so, they'd be out a job, as their funding would dry up.

Via (who you should also read often)


Story of.

You should follow the story that Robert tells.

His main page is here .

Worth the time

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