Monday, May 31, 2010

Something to ponder on this Memorial Day:

Is this the country that those who died defending the USA would have wanted to die for?

Has this republic become something for which they would have made the ultimate sacrifice?

Or would they shake their heads in disgust and sorrow at what it has become?
I was writing a post about the sacrifices which are made every day by our soldiers, sailors, marines and AF personnel, but I couldn't get it right. Then I came across THIS  post, which comes closer than I could to what I wanted to say.

So go there, read it, and think about it.

All I have to say is "yeah, me too".

Sunday, May 30, 2010

let us not forget....

That Mr. Obama, he of unicorn farts and rainbows, could not take the time to honor those who fell for the country, but instead spent the day hanging out with those who hate their country and especially those who defend it.

One might have thought that he could have taken the time to spend even a few minutes this morning honoring the military dead...If not at Arlington, then at least somewhere.

But no.

He was HERE

Think about this:



AD has a point to ponder.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

As you go about your three day weekend......

Take a moment to remember what the weekend is for. Please remember the purpose of this long weekend. This is more than just a day for those of you who have Monday off, It is more than just a day when they race at Indianapolis, and some communities have a parade.

Think about it. This is the day set aside in MEMORIAL for those who have fallen in their countries service. Fallen in order that you and I can enjoy a day to drink beer, cook out on the grill, and whatever else is a part of your Memorial Day routine.

Take some time this weekend. Thank those who serve. Thank a soldier, a sailor, a Marine, or an airman. Take a moment to thank those who fell for your freedom to forget them. Thank whatever being you talk to late at night or whom you ask for help when things go sour that they were there when their time came. Thank them for their sacrifice.

I sometimes am disgusted that we as American Citizens, who have so much, because so many men (and now women) have sacrificed so much even to their lives, to defend the principles of this country and those people who live within its border and protectorates.

Remember the reason we have this day. Say thank you. Take a moment to appreciate what you have, because of those this day honors.

Friday, May 28, 2010

In your face!

Or, how to tell your neighbors to take a flying leap.


Instead of taking the time to speak somewhere in tribute to the many folks who fell in the defense of freedom, The O has decided to disrupt traffic and the residents of Chicago and return "home" to spens his Memorial Day weekend in his Chicago house.

Leaving Biden to mumble some appropriate sounding words at a memorial celebration or two.

The disrespect is what gets me. When you take the mantle of president, you assume certain responsibilities. Some you can ignore, some you just, for the sake of honor and as a part of the tradition of being President, you cannot. Speaking on Memorial Day to honor and respect our military is one of those things you cannot ignore.

Mr. Obama: You may not realize this, but you are not a King.....Act like  president.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Standing?

To argue that the states have no "standing" to sue the Feds is foolish and specious. States ALWAYS have standing to sue the feds in any way, at any time to protect their citizens.

And this suit is significant in that it brings the constitutionality of the Health Care Debacle Reform into question. And the O can't have that. If it happens, then it goes to show that he and the Democrats have wasted more than a year, when they could have been fixing things that the citizens actually wanted them to fix.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And AZ does it again!

I may have to move there.

Arizona decides that it's teachers MUST SPEAK ENGLISH!

Gee, you'd have thought that that would be a prerequisite for teaching, at least for grade and middle and high school.

But apparently it is a prerequisite now!

'Bout friggin time.

Obama to ask Arizona Governor to deploy Nat. Guard troops on border

At last! Troops on the border !

Of course, it is only 1200 troops. Not much for all those miles and miles of open border from Kalifornia to the east edge of Texas. at a cost, of course, of $500,000,000.

Think about it. $416,666.00 per National guardsman. For that much money, we could hire a whole shitload of people to patrol, say 10 miles of border each and still have mony for a rapid response team to back them up.

If he'd just spend that money for Border Patrol officers, and equip them properly AND BACK THEM UP when there are issues with the poor immigrants not obeying the orders of the officers, why, we'd have plenty of border defense from "Illegal alien invaders undocumented workers".

Hell, if they paid Joe Sixpack  $40k per year, with benefits, to drive a vehicle up and down the border roads all night long and report what they saw to the relevant authorities (and, of course, let said authorities do their job without hindrance) then we could most likely secure our border for less than what we are currently spending.....and employ a bunch of people as well.

But he won't. "cause that might work. And he doesn't want that.  

All light and no heat. Or, as this is Arizona: "all hat and no cattle"?



What he said:

Monday, May 24, 2010


Can you see the parallels between the SEIU protesters and Hitlers Brownshirts?

They are, of course, the favored of Der Leader. And apparently they have the favor of the municipal authorities, as police cars were able to escort their buses through several jurisdictions. No one will claim responsibility for the actions of the police escort, but the SEIU folks seem proud to have invaded the home of a private individual and for terrorizing a neighborhood.

One wonders. Where will Der Leaders troopers strike next on their intimidation tour?

ETA: Perhaps this is why they are gett ing so much help from the Administration of the O.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

More BOB

Main pack (BOB continued) (first post HERE)

My primary BOB as discussed in the prior post, contains nearly everything I might need for 3 days. Food, water, shelter, defense, etc. I prepare assuming that the “authorities” will be less than competent in their preparations (see also: Katrina) for their immediate response to any issues which might require that they feed and shelter people for any length of time. How you package your BOB is up to you. What you put in that BOB is a personal decision, but hopefully, this will give you some hints. My BOB assumes that shelters are not available. If there are shelters, I may use them. I also have other supplies in totes so that I can pile them into a vehicle and bug out with more than 3 days worth of food and water.  But the main BOB assumes that I am walking with no outside help.

The list of what is in my BOB is long, and large, and takes many pages if listed in its entirety for each compartment of the pack, so I will just hit the highlights.

As I said in the earlier post, I have boots, jacket, and web gear to carry much of my supplies, and so that if I take the pack off, I still have the essentials on my person at all times. Firearm, knife and canteens are on my web gear, as well as a flashlight and a compass. Also on the gear is a folding shovel.

 The pack itself is a multi compartment internal frame pack sized to fit me. If you are large statured, you will most likely have more room. If slighter in stature, then you will have to deal with less room in a smaller pack. My pack has 2 main compartments and several smaller ones, as well as tie points for a bunch of stuff. I wish that I could carry more, but as it is I have 54 lbs. plus water, and that is a lot of weight for someone who doesn’t hike with a full pack several times a week.

(click to embiggen)

As shown here, this is my complete 3 day setup. I plan on just tossing the whole thing into the car/truck and leaving, but the pack allows me the option of hoofing it if I need to. You may choose another package for toting your BOB, but find what works for you. Having all the stuff in one place is the first step, figuring out how to transport it is another decision. Don’t let this example keep you from deciding what works for you.

On the outside of the pack itself are tools. Rope  (50 ft w/3 carabiners)….(may not need it, but having it allows me the option of using it or tossing it as I see fit …if and when), a mess kit  for heating food and water, either on the cookstove or over a fire, a Cold Steel brand Bushman knife (inexpensive, but durable and can be used for chopping as well as cutting), a boonie hat (might be walking in the summer sun) , a collapsible water bowl for the dog,  and a hatchet. (never know….it can be a hammer as well as a chopping device),  and a 25X monocular for distance viewing . Some of these things may never be needed, but “ ‘tis better to have and not need , than need and not have”.

The compartments of the pack contain, in a distributed fashion, the following:

24 Mountain House meals: These are small, light and store forever, yet are easy to make edible with just  hot water. In a pinch, you can eat them dry and sip water.  In addition there are 16 Power bar type snack bars for energy, and 2 MRE’s  with heater.

3 flashlights:  one primary and 2 spares. Plus spare batteries (change them yearly!)

Sleeping bag, medium weight: this is a small bag, but is good for as low as zero degrees F. Lightweight, but warm and dry come just after water and before food when surviving. If I can be warm and dry in some shelter or motel room, great, if not, I am carrying 4.7 lbs of comfort.

Assorted tools: Leatherman tool, wire saw, pliers with wire cutter, and, as stated above, the hatchet. In addition, a sewing kit. Plus 2 small can openers. And a length of hose to siphon. 6 way screwdriver...

2 water filters by Katadyn. These are light, cleanable, and can filter 2ooo gallons of water each. (but remember the mantra:  2 is one, one is none).  Where I live, water can be found nearly everywhere. Clean water, however, may be an issue, so these can be invaluable.

Several mylar ponchos and emergency sleeping bags. While these are no substitute for the real thing, they can save lives in emergencies or when used to cover injured people. They are light and effective.

1 roll TP with the center removed to make it collapsible, in a Ziploc bag. (I am a guy, this will last me 3 weeks!)

Several means of firestarting/tinder. Hopefully I will not need to have a fire to keep me warm or cook, but they take up very little space and weight less than 2 lbs combined.

Spare pair of glasses: I need glasses to see farther than 30 feet. If you don’t have a spare pair,  but need glasses, you can get them from for less than $20.

A first aid kit w sutures: (and yes, I can suture a wound, but you’ll have a really big scar) contents of first aid kit are a post in itself……

Ibuprofen and aspirin, as well as Anti-diarrheal medication.

Mosquito repellent (100% Deet), Sunscreen.

Gloves, and a winter hat.

Clothing: 1 pr jeans, 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 tee shirts, 4 pr socks, and 3 pr underwear. Remember, I already have the boots too.

Tent: 2 person,

Small single burner cookstove, fully fueled. (4 hour burn time on low)

Soap and washrag. Toothbrush.

$300 in small bills. Copies of ID's and such.  

And finally, a deck of cards:  If things get really, really bad, and you need help, take out the cards, deal a deck of solitare….within 3 minutes SOMEONE will come up and tell you how to play the next card. Knock him over the head and take his car or horse and go towards town…..

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I recommend that every family have a BOB. Bug Out Bag. While it need not be a bag, it should be a container which has everything you need for a 3 + day stay away from home. One you can grab in a hurry, always in the same place, and one in which you have confidence that the things in the BOB are always there, ready to go.
A BOB is a package of things you will need should an emergency happen that will require you to leave your home with little or no planning, and should allow you and your family and/or dependants to be self sufficient for at least 3 days.

LOOK; Think of the police knocking on your door and telling you that there has been a hazmat release of a dangerous chemical on the railroad tracks just a mile or so from your home. The wind is shifting and you have to leave NOW. It is 12:43 AM and you just went to sleep an hour or so ago. Oh…… and just to add to your fun, the power is out. Gah!

Can you find all the stuff you need in a hurry? Where did you leave your sleeping bag last time you came home from that camping trip last year? Water? Where is it? How are you gonna carry all this stuff?The cops are leaving because they can smell the chlorine from the ruptured tank car, and are saying “RUN! GET IN YOUR CAR AND LEAVE NOW!We are out of here!...... bye...” Where do you go? What do you do? If you have no plan then you are dependent on someone else to help you. Feed you. Clothe you. You are under their orders….their rules and their choice to protect you (or not) You have no clothing, no food, and no shelter except your car. Your money? Left it at home, didn't you?. With your wallet. And your ID. And your medicine...... and this was a bad week for your wife/GF to have to leave in a hurry.

Now you know why you need a BOB. And why you need it packed and ready to go. Always.
I suggest at least 3 days worth of no/low prep food... Per person.... Plus sanitary supplies, clothing, medication (should you require it) plus either water for 3 days per person or a method of filtering water (or otherwise rendering it safe to drink). Have special needs? Then you should have at least enough supplies to fill those special needs for a minimum of 3 days (better to try and have 10 days worth). While this may not be practical for everyone, it is a good idea. Rotate items which might spoil, or if your medication needs to be kept cold, then have a cooler & icepacks in your freezer with your medication ready to go.

What should your bugout bag contain? It depends....What are your needs?. Female? Male? Kids? How many? Where do you live? What is the climate? Hot, cold, dry, wet? All these things should factor in your thinking and planning.Pets? Kids? How many? Can they walk with you or do you need to contain or carry them?
Each bug out bag should have clothing for the person carrying it (at least one set) as well as anyone/anything that person is going to be responsible for (children, elderly parents, pets, etc.) one change of clothing or more; shoes, socks, underwear, outer clothing appropriate for the weather which you might encounter in your area of operations. It makes no sense for a person in south Texas to have a parka, nor does it really make sense for the person in Minnesota to have shorts packed.

My bag contains 25 + meals. Seems like a lot, but it isn't when you divide by three meals a day. My go kit contains a few more meals. along with food and water for the dog and cats... "Go Kit"? Yes. I have a tote full of food and water and such. It is stored in the same place, so that the stuff to run with is all easy to find. I literally can corral the cats (cat carriers are in the same place as the go bags) in the time it takes to carry the bags up the stairs. In the same place is the tote with more food….food for animals AND humans. Along with water and clothing for all normal occupants in the house. All can be tossed in the back of the car or truck in less time than it can take to grab the cats. 2 trips and I am ready to go. One trip brings the essentials….the second is just to extend the time that I can be non dependant on someone else for survival. It isn’t hard to keep a weeks worth of food in a 16 gallon tote. Total time to load, (if the cats cooperate) is less than 7 minutes.

Part of my stuff is in a backpack, the rest is in totes. The backpack allows me to be able to run with 3 days worth of supplies, the rest is to make me more comfortable and less dependent, but less mobile. You can’t carry a weeks worth of food and water and supplies in your shoulder bag. You have to be realistic about what you can and cannot carry.

Later, I will have a post up with what my “BOB” contains….it is a backpack, and it weighs 54 lbs. It covers most issues which I can think of. It assumes that I am not in a shelter with other refugees. It covers food, shelter, water, defense, clothing, and fire for cooking and warmth. It is a pack with which I can easily be fairly comfortable for 4 days and nights. 54 lbs is, however, more than most people can carry, so you may have to adjust such a pack to your physique and fitness level. You may always be able to carry all of your stuff in your car, but I like to keep my options open, so I choose to have most of my stuff in a backpack, so I can walk if required.

continued HERE

Perhaps this is the way that the US is going?

Will we have to kick the states like Mass and Kalifornia out of the union due to Greece-like Profligate spending?

They are, after all, devaluing our dollar much like Greece (and others) have done to the Euro....and by the exact same mechanism: spending more than they have, and especially on government handouts and pension programs....

Expect the dissolution of the EU and the Euro soon:
"What was once deemed unthinkable is now, I believe, inevitable: withdrawal from the eurozone of one or more of its member countries. At the bottom end, Greece and Portugal are favourites to be forced out through weakness. At the top end, proposals are already being floated in the Frankfurt press for a new "hard currency" zone, led by Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries. Either way, rich and poor are heading in opposite directions."
When asked on Sky if, in five years' time, the euro will have the same make-up as it does today, Jeremy Stretch, a currency analyst at Rabobank, the Dutch financial services giant, told me: "I think it's pretty unlikely." The euro was a boom-time construct. In the biggest bust for 80 years, it is falling apart."

Will we do the same to those states like Kali and Mass and perhaps cities like Chicago who are Greece like in their monetary policies?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Interesting.....Velly interesting.

and yes, I know that correlation is not necessarily causation.

But the data is interesting.

Draw your own conclusion.

Damned straight

At least one legislator has the balls to say what needs to be said.

The rest are, IMHO, cowards. I think that they should have walked out of his speech.

Like reading this blog?

and all the other blogs?

Then fear this.

The fact that this legislation is even being considered is frightening.

Had the Bush administration even considered this, the MSM would be up in arms. But not today.

This is an attack on free speech in. And it is BLATANT. But no one is talking about it in the "old media".

Slippery slope and all that. What is next? Who or what will be censored next?

"They came for my neighbor, and I did nothing......"

HT: Scotty

ETA: even more evidence that they are leaning in this direction.

And it occurs to me that Mr. Obama seems to lack in his attention to opposing views.


seems that the FEDS won't act on finding this young lady's mom and seeing if she is here legally.

Any federal agent with knowledge of this woman, who was inadvertently outed by her (apparently honest) child is in dereliction of their duty to uphold the laws of the United States if they do not act. They should each be charged with dereliction of duty and released from public service.

Unless this was a setup by the Obama Administration. Which is a likely as not, as we all know that democrats think that a sob story will change the reality of things.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

check this out.....

This is good.

Wonder if it is true?


Vivos! Safety for you and yours Post-SHTF

Apparently ther IS a sucker born every minute.

How would you get there?

How do you know that the spot you paid for will be there when/if you need to use it? Or will you now be working for the guy who is already set up in the his labor force.

Who you gonna call to get yer money back if your spot isn't there when you get there? ?

At the end of 2012 there are gonna be some HUGE bargains when the shit doesn't hit the fan.

Make no mistake, I believe in preparation for disaster, just not paying someone else for a spot in their bunker.

And Calderon shows that he is shilling for Obama

And that there are two standards....One for Mexico dealing with invaders, and one for the US. 
It's like he feels that Mexican citizens have a right to invade our country, a right that other folks do not have in Mexico. And, of course, he gets things entirely wrong when it comes to the illegal guns in Mexico. But we have already seen that Calderon is a liar. (Just like Mr. Obama). It would seem to anyone with two working brain cells to rub together that he was well briefed before coming to the US, and likely by the Obama Administration. I wonder if the citizens of Mexico realize that he is a puppet of Barry?

The fact is that if Illegal Immigrants from Mexico were stopped, the country of Mexico would shortly thereafter go broke. Bankrupt. Tapped out.

And that would be the end of the government that they have now.

Can someone show me where that would be a bad thing?

ETA: even better post regarding MEXICAN laws on foreigners here. Seems that Mexico doesn't want all those damned mexicans either..... Seems that their laws regarding immigration are much more strict than ours, yet they bitch about ours. Read the Whole Thing.

Dr. Frankenstein, I presume?

He would be proud of these men and women.

Artificial life. AND IT REPRODUCES!

Single cell only at this time. But it will lead to more.
Could be scary. True designer babies. Or a true cataclysmically dangerous disease.

Or then again, specifically engineered bacteria.... Stuff that would eat cellulose and excrete oils. Or eat one mineral and excrete another. (gold???) Bugs that eat our worst toxic chemicals and reduce them to benign feedstock for our manufactories.

It's like something out of a 50's science fiction novel.
Ether way, an interesting first step.

Peace be unto him

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Contests and a good blog: BOBs

There will be an upcoming post about BOBs.....Bug Out Bags..... Do you have one? You should.

I do. I can bail out in less than 5 minutes....Plus time to corral the cats.

It takes very little time and effort (and just a few bucks) to put together a BOB. It need not be a backpack or bag. A Rubbermaid copy tote can be had for less than $5, and will contain everything you need in one place (in an easy to find location) should you have to leave in a hurry. 

Chemical spills, terrorist attack, industrial accidents, fires, flash floods, you name it. Can you gather 3 days worth of food, water, clothing, sanitary supplies, medicines, pet supplies, etc. in 5 minutes? I can, 'cause it's already gathered and ready to go....

Look for a detailed post about BOB's the weekend. 


M.D. Creekmore over at the The Survivalist Blog – a survival blog dedicated to helping others prepare for and survive disaster – with articles on bug out bag contents, survival knife choices and a wealth of other survival information is giving away a Go Berkey Water Filter System (a $139.00 value)! 

Visit The Survivalist Blog for the details.

A truism.

When all is said and done, there is often more said than done....

Vince Lombardi

Monday, May 17, 2010

Reward failure

and wonder why NOTHING EVER CHANGES.

Who is served by this action? The re-hired hacks teachers? Yep....At the taxpayers and the student's expense.

But the students lose, "cause they get shit for teachers.
The taxpayers lose 'cause they get less for their money spent on salaries for these teachers.

Buy some Fritos

Seems that the pro-illegal immigrant assholes coalition wants everyone to boycott Frito-Lay "cause they still support a large sporting event in AZ....

Not gonna happen here in this house.

Instead, while I eat few chips, I think I'm gonna buy a bunch and donate them to the local food pantry.

Bet that this works as well as the Whole Foods protest.

Liar Liar...

Pants on fire

Perhaps I should leave this country just so I can come back illegally....

I mean....What's the downside?

Ht: Scott

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nutjob? Whacko? One brick shy of a load?

or is he telling the truth?

You decide.

The backlash begins

Seems that the Europeans are beginning to take ground back from the fundamentalist muslims.

They want their countries back, and who can blame them? While releigious freedom is a good thing, the failure to adapt to the mores of the host country will evenutally result in a backlash.

And it has begun.

Good stuff now online....and therefore free.

If you haven't read "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" then I urge you to take the time. It's "science fiction", but not really, if you know what I mean.....

You can now get a copy ONLINE. Gratis.

The story, written in 1966 is relevant even today. VERY worth your time to read.

HT: Linoge

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lesson: "It seems that they all died"

How to deal with pirates.

The west could learn from this.

Nice doesn't cut it with some people. 

And it goes out of the ballpark!

Old Jarhead REALLY get this one right.

I have nothing to add.

Some things are perfect just as they are, and adding to them is like painting the crown jewels.

Read. Laugh.

HT:McBournes Musings

Bet none of the suspects are "Tea Party" folks either....

Despite the hopes of Mayor Bloomberg and Ms. Brewer...

Raids regarding the NYC Times Square screwup bombing.

Several people are in custody after the raids search warrants were served.

I feel sorry for the folks who aren't Jihadists but look like the folks detained by the authorities.


You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once. 
- Robert A. Heinlein

Why Great Britain isn't

Although there is, apparently, some hope.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And again, they try for control this time with CO2 as the reason

Or is it that they wish to damage this already reeling country's economy even farther? 

How many other businesses must fail...How many other people must lose their jobs?

Y'know, it they would just leave the country and the economy alone for a year, then things would get better fairly quickly. This continuous meddling (first health care, now what is essentially Cap+Trade) does nothing but damage an already fragile economy.
Are they trying to damage the country even more?

I used to think it was incompetence......I am beginning to think that it is instead malice. All under, of course, the aegis of preventing the now debunked Global Warming....

I think that I will go check my rope. At some point we are gonna need to use it. 


HT: Moonbattery

'cause it worked so well in Argentina...and other places too

Seems that the Democrats are (again) eyeing your 401(k) and other retirement accounts as a way out of the fallout from their spending spree budget deficit issues...I toldya. They'll never stop. Anything that the socialists can do to take money from those of us who have stolen earned it and give it to those who are poorer and therefore more deserving of the wealth.

The method has worked so well everywhere else it has been tried, so why not have a chance to let it fail here as well?

We are rapidly heading down the path that has already been Greeced by Greece.

Why can't our supposedly well educated leadership type folks understand that Socialism fails every time it is tried? Sometimes, with enough manipulation, it can hang around for years and years, but it ultimately fails no matter where it is tried and no matter how many times the system is propped up and/or manipulated by the current government?


Yet all the other partially socialized governments and banks and the IMF keep propping them up, just to stave off the day of reckoning.

I was under the impression that Mr. O was smarter than this....Misguided, but smarter. But here we see an example where education does not confer judgement or wisdom. Again.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Stealing a war memorial.

No doubt they think they are making a statement. And that the desecration is justified to get their point across.

Actually, just making enemies.

As other have said; "build one twice as high". If anyone knows where to donate, please email me or let me know in the comments.

Give 100% at your job each week!

12% on Monday
19% on Tuesday
34% on Wednesday
27% on Thursday
8% on Friday


But perhaps good news...

or not, depending....

If group socialism doesn't work

Then go on your own?

Seems that the Euro-Nations have issues with how Greece is running their economy. Too socialist, so much so that they have near zero productivity and are hemorrhaging money. Having all but driven private business away from the country and promised everything but unicorns and a pony to every citizen, they cannot fund their own social and retirement programs....they are bankrupt.

Via Borepatch, we get this...And I bet that it will come true. The economic policies of Greece (and other euro nations) are at odds with many other nations in the Euro-alliance (Germany?). While they are socialist, even they know that there is a limit to what you can do in a socialist society economically.

Now if only the O and his minions would realize what is happening in Greece and the other soon to follow nations and learn from their mistakes. But I doubt that they will.

One thought:

What happens when Kalifornia and Massachusetts and other states which are following Greece's lead have the same economic woes? Will we force them to be (at least somewhat) fiscally responsible, as the EU is trying to do with Greece? Or will we toss them aside, dollar wise? What will be the exchange rate for Kalifornia reserve notes?

Seems that the EU was destined to fail. Will the US fail for the same reasons? At what point does the Midwest rebel against paying the freight for the socialist (and soon to be bankrupt) left and east coast states?

ETA: seems that others think the same way

Tole ya so

update on the pirate story from a few days ago...

Seems that the pirates were let go, as the Russians promised.....But somehow they failed to make it back to base.

So sad, the Russians are.....But the sharks are happy, I am sure.

Bet that they let just one go....with a message.

interesting thoughts


He nakes the oint that we are moving from police who serve the oublic to police who serve the state....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Listen to me....and me only

"For I have the only message you need. Ignore all the others. They are merely distractions from my message."

HT: Breda

ETA: Linoge has a few things to add:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More 5/5 happiness

Y'know, this is the US, not Mexico.

All those of you who think otherwise can damned well just leave.

Seriously. GET> THE> FUCK> OUT>.

It's one thing to be proud of your heritage. I am proud of mine. And that includes Mexico.

But if this is what you have to offer the US, then get the hell out. You aren't a citizen of this country. Your loyalty is to Mexico. Go there. Fix Mexico so others like you won't have to come here and work shitty jobs that are still better than what they can have in Mexico. Go there and protest. See what it gets you.

But this country belongs to AMERICANS. We are a mixed bunch of mongrels from all over the world. Our ancestors assimilated to this country, not expecting the country to adapt to us, and we all have one thing in common. We love our country, our flag, and what it represents. We respect other flags, and understand the heritage that they represent. BUT THE US FLAG REIGNS SUPREME IN OUR HEARTS FOR WHAT IT REPRESENTS.

BUT. This flag, and the nation which it represents is not Mexico. If Mexico is your primary pride, then go there and protest. LEAVE. Let those of us who take pride in this country and hold it's flag higher have this one back. Only in this country will you find the freedom to protest like you are. Remember, you left that country for this one for a reason.

If you do not feel this way, then return to the shithole of a country you fled. It is a shithole because folks like you left and/or refuse to clean it up.

I am tired of you shitting on and in my country.

Call me racist. You can label me any thing you want. But I take pride in the country of which I am a citizen. A proud citizen of this country, I welcome you with open arms until you think that the country which you left is more important EVEN FOR ONE DAY.

Either take pride in your adopted country or move to one in which you CAN take pride.

We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile ... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language ... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people." 

Teddy Roosevelt, 1907

So you can burn a flag...

As long as it's the US flag. THAT would be free speech.

BUT THE MEXICAN that is different.

2 standards and all that.

While I think that burning ANY flag is disrespectful, and I do not condone the burning of the Mexican flag, under the laws of the land in which we live, flag burning is peaceful  protest and freedom of speech/expression. So why the punishment?




Then read this.

I larfed and larfed.

Found via FreeThinker.

He forgot to do the right thing....

and resign.

Update on the flag t-shirt post below:

Principal apologizes for sending kids with American flags home on 5/5.

It was dumb call; he took the easy way out in his attempt to keep order. He is a fool and a tool.

The incident shows that he is, at heart, a bureaucrat, and not  principal material. In lieu of resignation, perhaps the school board should demote him. He is obviously not suited to his current position.

He'll probably get a raise though....

Friday, May 7, 2010


Walls of the City points out that the feds seem to know more about the sales of firearms to private citizens via FFL sales than they are supposed to.

Just another thing to think about when you order a firearm through a dealer, rather than a private sale.

Thank God that in Indiana we can do face to face sales.

Of course they just let them go....

Sure they did.

And unicorns fart rainbows.


Via Hoosierboy, we get this gem from the O regarding the new Arizona law regarding proof of citizenship when stopped by the cops:

"We can’t start singling out people because of who they look like, or how they talk, or how they dress," the president said. "We can’t turn law-abiding American citizens, and law-abiding immigrants, into subjects of suspicion and abuse."

Is there something that he and I see differently? Perhaps the water in the Whitehouse makes things look different to him that what I see here in the midwest. THESE FOLKS ARE ILLEGAL, and no amount of spin changes that. You can call them "undocumented workers" if you wish, but they are still illegal immigrants. They are lawbreakers, and more importantly, they are NOT good for the country. They have no ties to the country, do not assimilate, and take jobs and services from other, legal citizens of this country.

If I call my local corner crack dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist" does that make him any less of a drug dealing criminal? Is his product any less illegal or damaging to others if I call it "recreational unlicensed pharmaceuticals"? Will it kill or damage any fewer lives?

If I rob a bank, (which is illegal, because only the government should be able to steal, and they hate the competition), and instead you call me a wealth redistibutor, has a crime been committed?

I put forth to you, that no use of semantics changes the fact that these folks targeted by the Arizona law are illegal, have committed a crime by entering this country. Nothing changes that. They have invaded nearly every corner of the land.

Illegal is still illegal. Which laws are ok to break?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quote to think about:

In light of the prior post, I offer you this on nationalism, and what it takes to be an immigrant citizen of this country:

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Theodore Roosevelt 1907
Truer words have never been spoken.
So to those who are more proud of the country from which they came than the country in which they live: I say this to immigrants of all races, cultures, and creeds: If the country from which you came is such a wonderful place, so worthy of pride; why did you leave it and come here??
If you love your former country so much, why don't you go back?
Or did you leave for a reason?
And if you wish to change this country into that which you left, will you gain anything by doing so?
Rather, adapt and assimilate to this country. Learn the language, learn the culture....become an American. Many, over the years, have, and most were successful.
Or go home. Soon.
Else become loyal to this country. Do that, and I will welcome you. Don't, and you are not welcome.
To those who would call me racist for the above remark: please justify your label. Perhaps I am: if so, feel free to justify your label. Otherwise it is just name calling.


"We were not going to start a fight. We wanted to show our pride," Dariano said. "In light of all of this, there are people with painted flags in red, green and white and yet the boys can't wear the American flag"

So the rules are for the majority? Or only for those who have pride in another flag.....WTF? Seems that there was at least two standards at the school that day....

Methinks the principal needs an applied to the tune of a hickory stick.

Would it be that the parents got together and expressed their displeasure in a most physical way to the school administration. 

But then again, I am accused often of flying off the handle and using violence where finesse is needed. 

Read the whole thing.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cop or no cop

 Just in case you haven't heard about this:

NOTE: the link (and I haven't embedded it on purpose) is graphic and disturbing. 

If you kicked my door down in the middle of the night and shot my dog(s) the issues would be major. (although I might not react as passively as this so I might not be able to do any post-raid revenge....) :

There would likely be no place you or your Komrads could hide.

My "sister" would just whisper in your ear one day as you left the house or work. While you may be an officer of the law, that is no protection from someone like me. (and yes, I mean that, and it ain't bragging if you can do it)

Notice the overuse of the SWAT team, for a minor search warrant? Notice the lovely Gestapo style helmets and the truly jackbooted tactics? The lack of leadership and of post raid organization?

Having seen other SWAT teams in action I can tell you that this is NOT unusual, or out of character. There may be good teams out there, and I just haven't seen them. But I can say, that in my limited (4 times I have seen SWAT "professionals" in action), this is typical.

And why do they need a SWAT team for a minor search warrant? Just to keep them active and current? Or for the overtime? Or just to justify having a SWAT team?

Seems that they charged the guy with "reckless endangerment" for a small amount of pot and a pipe. 

But discharging firearms and scaring a child isn't, apparently, as the cops weren't charged.

HT: Big Dick

Send good thoughts

Roberta's mom is in the Hospital...maybe a heart attack.

Send good thoughts her way, if you please.

Tea Party win?

Obey is not running for reelection!

Yer gonna get an ass whoopin'

Betcha that the Russkies show the rest of the world how to deal with pirates!

My bet is that the sharks in the area immediately surrounding the tanker will be well fed within 12 hours of the Russian ship arriving on site.

None of the pirates will complain about bad treatment or civil rights violations.

Any takers?


yep. So trooo

What do your friends say about you?

Was it bureaucratic ineptitude?

Or was it something more sinister?

Seems the Times Square (almost) bomber, Faisal Shahzad nearly got beyond the borders of the US. DESPITE BEING ON THE NO FLY LIST. No second look by the TSA, despite the fact that he was paying cash for a last minute ticket with no luggage. This sort of behavior would get me "special attention", and no doubt my tonsils massaged from the wrong end by an unsmiling man with a long rubber glove, if you know what I mean.

So were the TSA folks inept? Or were they supposed to let him pass? Perhaps the FBI and the rest of the alphabet folks were just good enough to catch him, despite the fact that the way was cleared for him....

And one wonders, how could the authorities have dropped the ball regarding this guy? He was a whole bunch or red flags, yet no one bothered to look. I thought the reorganization post 9-11 was supposed to be taking care of this...

I mean, as so many others have pointed out, the fact is that this was a childlike method of making a bomb. Fer chrissake, had most any kid from the midwest decided to make a device such as this, the damned thing would probably have worked, and there would be dead or injured being tended to right now, either in funeral homes or hospitals.

One might wonder if this was a false flag operation designed to create a stir without actually hurting anyone. To perhaps take the focus off the AZ Immigration debacle? To hide something else? It has taken up several days of news cycle already, to the exclusion of nearly all other topics.

If yer tinfoil hat is tight enough, you can begin to wonder...

Or then again; perhaps we should remember this quote, with "incompetence" substituted for "stupidity":

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"

Wish that I could join them

These folks may have the best idea.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I finally figured out

Why soccer moms have SUVs

It helps having 4WD and all that ground clearance when they run off the road because they are distracted by their cell phone while driving.

I saw an example of this today. Stupid bint. The road was straight, and not much wind (except that which was coming out of her pie-hole). You'd think that even while yapping to whomever was on the other end of the cell phone she could keep the damned thing inside a 10 foot lane on a straight road.

But the 4WD came in handy when she stuck the thing into a 3 ft deep ditch.

I thought women were supposed to be better at multitasking?

Yep, he's right




Can you disagree with any of them?

I can't.

Cheap shots

There is a man running for Congress here in NW Indiana, who most likely will not win, but who is, for the first time in a long time, a serious challenger to the incumbent.

I support him in small ways, letting him place signs for his candidacy on some property I own on fairly busy streets. (one is fairly near, but legally far enough away from, a polling place)

I left to go to work today at 6:45 AM, and his sign was intact.

Not so when I returned. Some jagoff had the balls to cut his sign down. The candidate chose not to report it to the police, and I put the sign back up.

Someone is a cowardly vandal.

If yer reading this, come see me. In fact, try to cut the sign down when I am here, next time.

The asswhoopin' you'll get will make any 2 beatings you have ever gotten combined seem trivial, you liberal supporting sackless coward.  The police won't save you, either.

It could happen here

Especially if the left has it's way. After all, they decry the right's protesting their policies, but had no issue with screaming epithets at the minions of the Hitler Bush administration.

Another example of why the left has destroyed Britain. And never forget they are doing their best to do the same here.  Here, they will use "hate speech" laws to the same end.

If we let them.

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Forward thinking....

SO half the residents of the greater Boston area are without safe to drink water.


Of course they could drink it, but then they would have to first be taught how to boil water (I shit you not!).
This is the level of dependence of most liberals folks in the cities. Sad.

How much water do you have on hand? Do you have a method of purifying what you have? What if the electricity/gas had gone out as well? (I don't worry as much....I have beaucoup water stored in the basement, a Berky filter, a well AND a generator....I got the water part covered.) But this is an example of how simple preps can make you essentially not notice minor hiccups in the supply of things normally supplied by our governmentally furnished infrastructure.

Do you have enough low or no prep food in the house for a week or more? Medicines? water? Critter food for our junior citizens (it would be a shame to have been prepped for yourselves only to find that your pet might eat you while you slept at the end of a week without kibble....)

Seriously. It will not take much to disrupt your normal existence, and you can do a lot to make these simple issues seem....trivial. Or not. You have a spare tire in your car, right? Why? Planning on having a flat tomorrow? Fire extinguisher in your home? Again, why? Homeowners (or renters) insurance? Why?

Why not prepare for a minor disruption such as the one those folks are experiencing in Boston today, so you hardly notice the fact that there is no bottled water to be had in stores, and that your friends and neighbors are fighting over it in the store aisles....

Of course, you can prepare for a lot, with a few dollars and a small bit of time. Seems the folks down Nashville/Louisville way are having to deal with too much water....Again, in an instance like this, a few preps can make a HUGE difference. Especially when you can't get to the store (if the store has anything) because of 2 ft of water between you and the chow. Can you deal with a 10 day disruption without rescue? Many in this land cannot.

Tam agrees.

BTW, don't look me up if you spent all your money on toys, and none on preps thinking you can take mine.... The rest of my disposable income is invested in precious metals.

"gated ghettos"

Think that the gated community is gonna keep your family in a safer neighborhood?


Better to live somewhere besides a subdivision.


He's right.

"Today we see many immigrants coming to America to make a better life. But they come not to add to the rich melting pot that is America, but to suckle at the nation's lifeblood like a tick on a hound. They come for the opportunity and stay for the benefits. They want to bring Mexico to the US. There is little attempt to learn the language and the culture. Many of the Southern border towns have become to resemble Mexico, and those immigrants left Mexico for a reason."

No easy solution except close the border.  And enforce the laws we have already on the books.

But that might piss off a large voting block. Politics over patriotism. And the country is the worse for it.


So what happens the next time Mr. Obama goes to AZ.

Will some enterprising police officer suggest that it would be a good time to "prove" that Mr. Obama is a citizen? Perhaps show something like......mmmm.......Idunno......... maybe a Birth Certificate???

After all, if he/she comes in contact with  the prez in an official capacity......

I'm just sayin'

ETA: Great minds and all that.....

If they keep it up, I may have to move there....

Seems that the AZ legislature has gone and done it....  "The new bill would make it illegal for a school district to teach any courses that promote the overthrow of the U.S. government, promote resentment of a particular race or class of people, are designed primarily for students of a particular ethnic group or "advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals."

I may just have to investigate AZ as a possibility....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

'cause this time yer disagreeing with ME!

Interesting how the "highest form of patriotism" has changed into this, isn't it?

Where was he, when the cries of ChimpyMcBushHitler were ringing out in protests 2+years ago?

"But now, now, NOW You peons have the NERVE to protest MY GOVERNMENT?"

Besides, all that name-calling hurts his feelings.  Someone get him a cookie and some hot chocolate.