Wednesday, June 15, 2016

This might not go well, actually

In fact, it might well turn out very poorly.

I am an NRA member, because I have to be to be a member of my range and to gain my instructor credentials so I can teach people and get my liability insurance....

But I really don't trust 'em.

Trump to meet with NRA about banning gun sales for terror watch list.

I'm afraid that the NRA will roll over on this. And I really don't think that Donald is a friend of the Second Amendment except when it is convenient. I'd rather he asked the SAF.....

ETA: To clarify: I oppose this measure because the lists are secret, there is little investigation before a person is placed on the list, it takes little more than suspicion (although DHS wont tell us their criteria), and there is no right of, or procedure for, appeal. Until these are rectified, I cannot endorse, and do, in fact, oppose using these lists for any criteria in buying a gun. 

I don't want terrorists to be able to purchase firearms. But if there is a reason to deny any of our freedoms, then you should either be jailed, or have your day in court. Mere suspicion is not a valid reason. 


Karl said...

That watch list is bullshit and a direct 'infringement' of our rights if applied to gun ownership. This is an opportunity for Trump to shine.... or lose a ton of support.

Guffaw in AZ said...

I think most terrorists (like most armed robbers) STEAL their firearms! And the whole Watch List thing is abysmal to what the U.S. is supposed to be.
NO due process. No way to determine if you are on the list, and no way to appeal and get removed!
Not unlike the secret courts who authorize wiretaps and imprisonment in black sites of American citizens.
Courts of Star Chamber!
Yeah - Trump's a demagogue who will pander to whomever he believes will get him elected.