Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Prop Day

So the prop came in for the 182 yesterday. Fully rebuilt/resealed/repainted... Last thing besides pressurizing the front strut and putting the cowling on.

And the weather is suppozed to be AWESOME! tomorrow.

I should be flying about noon local on Thursday. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

And again, MAGA

"MAGA" is only used by Liberals. MAGA is not used by folks who think it is time to "Make America Great Again"....

Pretty much only journalists and Liberals who ahve never actually known a Conservative (or a Blue Collar tyoe, or anyone else who might wear a 'Make America Great Again" hat.

Jussie Smollet told everyone that 2 people told him "This is "MAGA" country" before they put another leftist symbol around his neck...and we found out later (although anyone with a brain already knew) that he had made the wole thing up.

So, having said all of the above, O gotta wonder....Who paid this guy to write "MAGA" and all the other stuff that Leftists think means some secret hate speech slogan on his hand?

Suspected mob boss killer writes ‘MAGA Forever,’ QAnon symbol on his hand

The only people they are gonna influence are already convinced.

Monday, March 18, 2019

And no father in sight

Not mentioned in the article, either. Wonder who is payin' for all those kids???

Woman gives birth to sextuplets in Houston

ETA: Kenny had the link first, I think.

'Twas very sad

So in trying to get the manifold apart for the '27 Chrysler to fix the exhaust leak, I snapped off 3 bolts.

Not a surprise, they are likely the original '27 bolts in an exhaust manifold been heated and cooled man, many times......but I needed some left handed drill bits to try to pull out the bolt stubs and my lefty bits (at least the small ones) were worn and of dubious utility.

So, off to Menards.
Pretty disappointing. Not much selection and what was there were all brands that I had never heard of. I really don't want to use cheap drill bits that will snap off in the work and compound my problems...

Next stop: Home Depot. Not only NO lefty drill bits, but also the clerk in the hardware section was unbelieving that they even made such things....the look she gave me was one of "Don't fuck with me, dude, I know they don't make 5 lb tubs of "Elbow Grease" either....".
 I had to explain (and show via her internet) that there really are such things as left handed drill bits. She'd never heard of them. So much for qualified folks in the stores.... But Home Depot doesn't stock 'em . So no joy there.

Lowes online only has "Hanson", "Irwin",  and another brand which I haven't ever heard of, so I think I will pass there as well. Hanson/Irwin drill bits are about Harbor Freight quality in my experience...

I guess DeWalt and Bosch don't make left drill bits. I really don't want to use some cheap bits that will break off or some cheaper cast screw extractor that will break inside the work and leave me in worse shape.

I may well track down a Snap-On guy and buy some lefty drill bits...maybe some extractors too Snap-On is pricey, but their tools are good. Not so much with the home improvement stores cheapo ones....The manifold on which I am working is too hard to replace.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Only White Nationalists

do mass murder....And we are told it is terrible to be a Muslim in the US today....
Yet things like what Joe refers to happen often around the world....and the media doesn't make a big deal about it.
And it isn't very newsworthy, for some reason.

Haters of all races/cultures/religions are haters. And these folks should be stopped, no matter who they are killing. No matter who you are, as a group, someone hates you. Someone wants to kill you because your beliefs aren't theirs. Because they think they know the One True Way and younaren't following it.

But the selective media reporting would make you believe that it only happens to Muslims (and the outcry would make you think that as well).
(Ok, maybe the Jews and the homosexuals cry that they are just as persecuted....) But the statistics here in the US don't support that. Other countries? Well. they even eat their own.

 Bottom line: If every time they attempted this they'd get shot (early and often), the attacks would stop pretty quickly There are hateful people who would commit mass murder in nearly every society. Don't be defenseless.  Let them do the dying, not you and your group. Not saying go looking for trouble, but don't let it happen if it comes to you.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

How is this not prostitution?

Now, make no mistake, I believe that men and women should be able to rent themselves out or otherwise choose what they do for pay. It really matter little to me if you work 8 hours on a factory abusing your hands to assemble Widgets or on your back...either way, it is renting your body. The only difference is the work you choose to do.

Having said that, lets look at this:
Johnson said often older men have paid for her school, where she lives and even what she drives.

Now, if she and her (ahem) "Sugar Daddies" are happy with the arrangement, I'm all for it. This sort of thing has, in one form or another, been going on informally since the beginning of time. Young women and older/rich/successful men. In the Keys and Bahamas, they have "Boat Bunnies" the ski areas, they have "Snow Bunnies". And it has been going on elsewhere where some folks have "Mistresses" or "Kept Women".

But this? This is pretty blatant. And while I think it ought to be legal, it is, at best, the authorities turning a blind eye to prostitution.

More jobs than people

Yeah, it is a simplistic headline.

But in the end, there are more job openings than there are unemployed people to fill them.

This does not really mean more jobs than people, just more jobs than people that are looking for jobs.
Nor does it take into account that many of these jobs require some skill, not just a strong back or willing hands. (and many of the jobs require a clean blood test and/or that folks actually show up on time and/or work for a whole 8 hours....)
And this is the FIRST TIME IN 18 YEARS that there are more jobs available than there are people looking for jobs.

Lets hope that the DNC majority in the House doesn't break that.

Friday, March 15, 2019


So some dude shot up a mosque in Christchurch.

Now, I totally hate folks like this. I won't use their name. They don't deserve any fame.

This sort of act is despicable. I hope they hang him. It would seem that he livestreamed the heinous act. There is little doubt of his guilt.

I also, however, despise the folks who use this sort of act as a Gun Control lever....One where they cannot help but dance in the blood of the victims to further their aim.

Also, I despise the folks who use this sort of act to tell us about how terrible it is to be a Muslim in America....Hint: It didn't happen here, and it isn't just white people who kill Muslims. More Muslims kill other Muslims around the world than non-Muslims. You are safer here in the US as a Muslim than anywhere else in the world. (and, the terror attack in New Zealand notwithstanding, in most majority Christian countries). My disgust also goes to the Jewish people who use this sort of act as a soapbox to tell us how THEY are persecuted as much or more than any other group).

The world is an imperfect place. There are folks that hate people of any other religion. Christians are persecuted in many places. Jews in others. Muslims are, for the most part, not persecuted in "Western" countries. Disliked, perhaps. Persecuted systematically, no.

Perhaps, since the genie in out of the bottle, instead of bemoaning the persecution, these folks should choose to protect themselves. With armed security, the asshole of Christchurch would have (maybe) gotten off 3 shots before beginning to assume room temperature. It need not be blatant, but a few vigilant and trained concealed carriers could stop things before they become massacres.

I'm not sure how we stop such attacks. Haters are out there, and one can make bombs, either explosive or incendiary, easily. For that matter, Arson is also easy to perpetrate. Haters gonna hate. Simple vigilance and security precautions can change a massacre of innocent worshipers into a small incident. Choosing not to be a victim is what it takes to stop this.

I hope they try him and his cohorts and find them guilty and kill them in a public and messy way as a deterrent to others who might think such actions are a grand idea. 

Yup: Hint for those who believe in Socialism


Eagle cam

Yust in case you wanna watch a Bale Eagle nesting (and hopefully brooding her chicks).

It lives

Finally, with assistance, found out why the 1927 Chrysler 58 would not stay in time.

Once we found a fix for that, it ran, and ran rather well, at that. I must have gotten the carb setting pretty close after pulling it apart to clean the sludge out of it. Now I gotta get the tank cleaned out and get the (rather odd) vacuum fuel pump working....

Of course, it needs an exhaust manifold gasket, some hoses and belts, and the intake manifold gasket, but aside from that, "She's Cherry".

Gonna take some more work, but this is a BIG milestone.

Updates as they happen.

Reference to the "Cherry" comment: (about 1:29) 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

AAAANd it is definitely Spring

We got our first Tornado today.

Yes, It missed me.... and everyone I know....As far as I can tell from the news, it hurt no one and wasn't much of a tornado.

But still.

I grew up in this area, and these things can pop up quickly and move at over 70MPH.
I've had my experiences with spring tornadoes from the time I was in grade school.  I'm a believer.


Pi day.

Act accordingly.

I'll be at the dentist

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Pretty much inevitable, wasn't it?

So it would seem that Finland is failing.

I mean, their current society is. They are running out of "Other People's Money".

Seems that their Socialist Health Care program that was touted as a great idea....One that we should model our heakthcare system on (The Affordable HealthCare Act, AKA ObamaKare) is gone bust......Broke. Kaput. Bankrupt. 

Broke enough that the entire Government has decided to resign.

Once again, Socialism has failed. They gave up on Universal Basic Income a few months ago because it too didn't work, despite being touted as a wonderful idea that would bring everyone out of poverty....

I am reliably informed that most European "Socialist Democracies" are not far behind.

Let us not forget that, despite our problems, by nearly any standard, even the "Poor" in the US have a  better standard of living that the middle class in Europe.
But we should, according to the Liberals and the "educated" emulate the Europeans.....

Monday, March 11, 2019

Note: Wild animals are not as cuddly as they appear:

Seems some idiot woman moved past a barrier and come too close to the bars separating her from a Jaguar while taking a selfie....and the Jaguar decided to claw her because ....well, Jaguar,....not a Big Kitty.

She got off with just some claw marks.

Lesson here: These are not domesticated felines. Not tamed. Not just big housecats.....

No arrests

Oddly, there was a 7 hour Police Standoff in Lincoln Park, Illinois, a neighborhood of Chicago.

A party at a Lincoln Park Airbnb ended in a seven-hour stand-off with police, but the three people involved are not facing any charges Monday morning.

No wonder there is a crime issue in Chicago...7 hour SWAT standoff. No charges were filed. 7 hour standoff, and everyone walked away...

Further, there were several "assault Rifles" recovered and confiscated by the police, as well as 7 handguns....but, again, no charges. And this is Chicago, where such items are all but banned. If not the property of the folks involved in the standoff, then they must be the property of the owner of the home.
Yet, again, no arrests were made.


Sunday, March 10, 2019

Faithful Discharge

So what with all the talk of impeachment of Donnie Trump, can we impeach (or recall) the senators from Hawaii?  (or can we, at least, get the folks in Hawaii to do so, since they are their senators)

Their oath is (in part) to " support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Hawaii, and that I will faithfully discharge my duties to best of my ability." .

Seems to me that trying to destroy the Second Amendment of that Constitution (as well as the Hawaiian Constitution [Article 1 section 17] )is in violation of that oath. Pretty blatant violation, actually.
We have a process to amend the US Constitution (as does Hawaii for the State Constitution).
I am all for the United States Constitutional Convention to take place......
Lets open that ball. It'll be fun and exciting.....

Here's a list of those that have violated that oath:

Senator Stanley Chang
phone: 808-586-8420
fax: 808-586-8426

Senator Karl Rhoads
phone: 808-586-6130
fax: 808-586-6131

Senator Rosalyn H. Baker
phone: 808-586-6070
fax: 808-586-6071

Senator Dru Mamo Kanuha
phone: 808-586-9385
fax: 808-586-9391

Senator Laura H. Thielen
phone: 808-587-8388
fax: 808-587-7240

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

It has begun

The reassembly of my plane...

All inspections passed.

I got most of the inspection panels replaced this afternoon.

Tomorrow, the rest of the panels and the interior. Plus some minor mods and a bit of repair.

Should be that all that is left is waiting on the prop reseal. 

Mardi Gras

Today is Fat Tuesday.

You can do as you wish with that info.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

How to drive away customers:

So I used to be a customer of "Drs Foster and Smith" online store for Pet medicines and other pet supplies.

They were bought by PETCO. I got the email about that a month ago.

In the past two weeks I have gotten more than 30 emails telling me about the wonderful deals available to me from Petco.

I unsubscribed... three times.

But they "want my business"..."to establish a relationship" as a pet owner . Nice way to start out there, assholes. I got maybe 3 emails a year from Foster and Smith, and I liked it that way. Spamming me at a rate of more than twice a day doesn't do much to make me want to do business with you. In fact, It pretty much makes sure I won't.

Does anyone in the marketing department have any sense at all?

Saturday, March 2, 2019


SO the plane is up for an annual inspection.

I was offered the option of "Owner Assisted Annual".

Which means I am the shop monkey that removes inspection covers and pulls the interior.

10 hours of work (so far).

Jesus there are a lot of access/inspection plates,,,and lots of screws. (And someday, in a dark alley, I'm gonna have a discussion with the ham handed asshole who burnt the centers out of a bunch of the phillips screws last annual...probably with a ball peen hammer to the knees....some people just should not be allowed power tools).

Anyway, this morning I'm feeling pretty out of shape. Too much crawling around and unusual (for me) positions

Breakfast of former champions for me today. (Ibuprofen and coffee).

But I have learned a fair bit about my aircraft, which is the real reason for this evolution, rather than paying someone else to do it.

And today, a work party painting the range. Oughta loosen up my arms, if nothing else. 

Friday, March 1, 2019

I sincerely hope

That when I am judged in the afterlife, I get credit for the tings that I DON'T say.

Somedays I should get a medal and cookie for the fact that let some shit go.

Just sayin'. 

Thursday, February 28, 2019

'Private" testimony

Seems that Mr Cohen has some words that we mere citizens are too fragile to hear, so today's testimony is behind closed doors and private in order that special secrets are not revealed on television. 

Which means that the spectacle yesterday was just for show, and had no real import, but was, rather just a method of making TheDonald look bad as this dildo-holster was able to say really bad things about Mr. Trump with no real recourse by the accused.

And anyone who cannot see that Cohen was coached and instructed to say certain things in a certain way is either blind, stupid, or just plain so partisan that they will believe anything as long as it fits their belief.

I must confess

So there I was, putting my stuff back in my pockets and putting my belt and shoes on after passing through the TSA checkpoint.

And, behind me in the line is some poor middle aged woman getting hand searched after triggering something on the  machine she had passed through.

And another TSA woman was gathering up her bins of stuff from the belt after passing through the scanner.

And I'm thinking"Poor lady, you can tell she's a terrorist looking person" as she is taken away for further inspection, looking terrified.

And I, helplessly,watched it happen.

I am part of the problem with this country.

GWB should be hung for letting this happen.


And, Finally.

I didn't do anything different the second time.