Monday, November 30, 2020 the Chinese claim it was India that started this.

 First, of course, it was a "Wet Market" that served bats from a location 180+ MILES away from Wuhan that was the origin of the Sars-Covid-19 outbreak....Even though the epicenter of the first outbreak was mere tens of feet from the Wuhan center for weaponized diseases. 

THen, of course, they said it might have been Italy....

Now the Chinese are claiming that the outbreak was first found in India.....after the idea that it first originated in Italy failed to gain any traction....(because it was a lie). 

Despite the (multiple) claimed origins for the disease, it first surfaced in Wuhan,  likely not in the "Wet Market" (that didn't serve bat carcases from mearly 200 miles away).....but that is what they first came from a disease warfare lab that is located on the same block as the Wet Market they pointed to.....

I think that the Chinese are afraid of (and rightly so) repercussions from the rest of the they are pointing to anyone but the Chinese as the source....

But I doubt that (all of)  the rest of the world will buy their lies.....It seems to be a cultural issue with eastern asians (not just the Chinese) to lie to Westerners....and for some reason, many Westernaers keep buying the lies over and over and over....

Saturday, November 28, 2020

A legal question:

 So the State governments have (mostly) mandated a mask in all enclosed public spaces. Essentially, one cannot legally do business without a mask in todays society. 

On the horizon: a (relatively) untried set of vaccines for Covid-19...

Now, one is required to possess a drivers license to drive a car on roads,  In many states, one needs a permit to carry a firearm on one's person (despite the protections of the Second Amendment of the Constitution). One cannot do banking nor other fiancial businesswithout proving ones identity with a Government issued Identification Card. Similarly, one must "identify" when asked by a policeman or other law enforcement official (The difinition of "Identify" might mean showing an Id or simply stating your name and varies).  There is precedent for the following:

Would it be legal for the States or the Federal Government to require that the citizens of this country be vaccinated for Covid-19 in order to do business or to leave one's home? To buy food or medicine or to mingle with others in public? 

It is, after all, a short step from mandated "Mask Up" in public to "Vaccinate".....

I fully expect someone to try this...

Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Friday

 I'm not a "Hide behind your Mask" sort of guy. 

I do think that the Covid is real, and serious. 

If you wear a mask,  except under protest, that is your choice. 

But if you go out today, and mingle with everyone else to do your Black Friday shopping, in large crowds, you are an idiot. 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

 Well, this year, compared to most years, has Royally Sucked Ass. Financially, personally and for other reasons, it has been, shall we say, a less than stellar year ( I am sure that I am not alone in this sentiment).

Having said that, I am very thankful for my life. I live in a country where, despite recent developments, I still enjoy a relatively great deal of freedom. I have a country which is, mostly, still under the rule of law, with the protections that our Constitution provides, against both the Government and it's minions, and my fellow citizens. I am thankful for the security and safety that the Military and the Police provide.

I have my home, my possessions, all of which are mine (debt free), and relatively free of the threat of theft or confiscation. 

I am thankful for my friends and family, and their support. 

My life is, actually, pretty good. I'd bet that 75% or more of the people in the world would gladly trade their problems for mine. When one considers the Big Picture, my life is pretty good. 

All in all, while this has been, as I said, a less than stellar year, I am thankful for what I DO have, and that it hasn't been worse. While the next year will entail some changes and some learning in my life, I also have the belief that things will get better. 

I hope that everyone reading this has things for which they can be thankful. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

I still laugh:

The horror:

 I'm seeing lots of video of the surge of travelers at the airports....Those traveling for Thanksgiving. 

Yet, in all the videos, I am NOT seeing much "Social Distancing: in the lines leading up to the folks fondling those travelers screening those passengers. Odd, that. One might think that these lines would be a major place where "Social Distancing" would work best, as tens of thousands of people per hour funnel through this checkpoint, coming from a diverse range of places, interacting with the others, mingling in a line that can last for an hour or close proximity to those strangers....

Perhaps the masking, the Social Distancing is as much Theater as the TSA's "protection"?

I guess it is Covid

 But, at least in my area, you really have to work to get a speeding ticket right now. Unless your speed is egregiously over the limit (like 2X or more what the sign says) then the cops tend to not see you. 

How is it in your area? 

Monday, November 23, 2020

an observation and a question:

 So the Media is showing tens of thousands of people lining up in their cars to get prepackaged food handouts.  Idling in their cars for HOURS, waiting for the handouts. 

Each person appears to pull up to the staging line, where another person loads the prepackaged box of food into the trunk:

I have noticed that the boxes are pre-printed with slogans like "food Bank" or "Helping Hands" or other slogans. I find it interesting that these boxes are not just repurposed or off the shelf boxes, but are printed especially for this food handout....tens of thousands of boxes. One wonders what the lead time is for a purchase of tens of thousands of custom printed boxes?  

These folks are not sitting in junk cars...they are high end automobiles. One might think that if one has the ability to own such a car, that one might have the means to feed their families without handouts. I mean, these cars cost a lot not only to purchase, but for things like insurance and such...

But there they are, sitting in line, each burning gallons of gasoline, (Probably 5 or more while in line) just to get a $50 box of food.....

(Of course, the question comes up also.....Where is the food coming from? Who is paying, not only for the food, but for the labor to package it (in those custom boxes) and for the labor to set up the distribution point and for the labor to move it to the distribution point and put it into the waiting car?)


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Missing the point:

 Watching the weather and news this morning, (channel 2 Chicago/WBBM-TV) and listening to their advice on Covid....Stay home, don't travel unless necessary, don't do thanksgiving, etc.....followed by their human interest segment where they told the rest of us about the neat things these TV announcers (who are based in and work in Chicago) had seen and found in neighboring showed us the neat stuff she found in a market in Wisconsin, the other a neat decoration he and his wife had found in Michigan,,,

And, remember, for anyone else who travels across the state line, Illinois requires a 14 day quarantine period....I guess this doesn't apply to "journalists" Talking Heads. 

Yet the rest of us should stay home. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

It's different

 And yet, at the same time, pretty much the same.

I'm taking Multi-Engine instruction now...

Flying a twin is like driving a Corvette...when I've been driving a station wagon. 

Make no mistake, I love my Cessna 182. But compared to the Baron that I am getting my multi engine instruction is, it is a dog. 

LOTS more power, which makes for MUCH greater performance. And all that power (and the fact that it is a twin) means that it can kill you in ways that a single engine plane won't.. (Which is what I am learning...not How to Fly ..I (supposedly) already know that...but how to fly a twin engine plane when one engine isn't working). 

It has been a challenge.  

Funny, that:

 So the Media and many Liberals are now deriding those who felt that there was fraud in the 2020 elections...laughing at the claims that the obvious irregularities and statistical anomalies are nothing...that they are simply wishful thinking. 

They claim that not only is there no "evidence" but that there is no way that there could be enough changes made, even if it were possible, to influence the outcome of the election.

Yet these are the same people that spent tens of millions of dollars looking into "Russian" interference in the 2016 election. 

So which is it? A foreign entity could have influenced our election enough to change the outcome, but a domestic entity (the DNC) could not have done the same 4 years later?  

When one turns blue, does any logical thought simply disappear? 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

WHY Won't anyone listen to us?

 So driving today, I was listening to WBBM and they had Governor Pritzkers "Covid News Conference"...which is apparently some kind of weekly radio show where he lectures the rest of the citizens of Illinois about what they are doing wrong and how they should just listen to him and do as he says....(As opposed to what he and his family do).

But his main message today was that people Just Don't Believe the severity of this "Covid Crisis".

"The Projections show a massive increase in cases and out Hospitals COULD be overwhelmed"...Gee, where have we heard THAT mantra before? And oddly, it didn't happen 8 or 9 months ago, despite the "Projections" telling us that there were gonna be 7 Million 4 Mill,,,no, 2 wait, lessee here, 1.2, wait, 850 wait, half a Million, no like maybe something less than that...

And we trashed the economy and basically huddled in our homes for nearly 8 months....and yet we gained nothing. 

So WHY don't the citizens of Illinois believe the Great Governor Pritzker? Maybe because he hasn't been right at any point in this crisis? Maybe because the predictions he used as an excuse to destroy the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people in his state were off by several orders of magnitude? Or that the 2 weeks 8 months of "flattening the curve" didn't change anything? Or, it could be because he doesn't make his family follow the rules he thinks everyone else should follow? 

I dunno. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A thought:

 So Menards (and Home Depot) both were early adopters of the "Mask Mandate" where I live in Indiana, months before the state-wide requirements for masks came into effect,,..

But they don't disinfect ANYTHING.

Not carts, not credit card machines, nothing.

The Virus is transmitted via touch and via airborne at a similar rate...

Yet  again, we have the requirement for masks, but nothing else. Much like in a restaurant, or a bar, where one is dangerous when walking to and from the table (or the bathroom) but not when eating or drinking.....

The local grocery stores, all of them, including Wal-Mart, DO at least make the attempt to sanitize the carts and other common touch surfaces. 

Much like the TSA, it is all Theater. 

I gotta say it

 While there is a great deal of evidence that there was voter fraud that took place in Pennsylvania, Michigan, possibly Wisconsin and Georgia, (lots of INDIRECT evidence)  I have not seen any DIRECT evidence. 

I have no doubt that the lots of "found" ballots ( those tranches of ballots that that came in well after the deadline and oddly, in strange ways) that were overwhelmingly for Biden (to the point of statistical impossibility) were manufactured and illegal votes. Similarly the "late" votes and the ones with illegible (or no) postmarks that were allowed contrary to election law that were also, oddly overwhelmingly statistically unlikely for Biden that should not have been counted...Not to mention the mail-in ballots that had either missing  or non matching signatures that also were allowed...and again, were overwhelmingly for Mr. Biden.  

Having said that, despite the words of Donald the Trump and his henchman Giuliani stating otherwise, I have not seen (at least so far) any court cases nor evidence that would force a recount. It is getting a bit late if they truly have the evidence they claim that they can take to the courts. If they got some, it is time to ante up. We have heard a lot of words, but seen no action. 

If they don't do so soon, then I feel that the election is lost. 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

So...a question:

 If (and it is an "IF") masks in public really work effectively to prevent the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus...

And since in nearly every state, there has been rigorous enforcement of mask wearing inside buildings and such....even if that compliance is gained by FORCING the businesses to comply (Except, of course while eating or drinking...because for some reason breathing while eating in a restaurant doesn't spread Corona....nor does breathing while drinking at a bar...? But walking in and out or gto the restroom does.....?)

Then why do we have this sudden spike in cases (but, oddly, not an equivalent surge in hospitalizations nor deaths) if masks really are effective? 

I mean, really, does anyone believe ANYTHING the so-called "authorities" are telling us? 

I certainly don't. 

ETA: Have you been getting the stats on your local news? We get them here for three states (used to be only two until Wisconsin got high enough that they could use those numbers to gin-up fear) Anyway, if you look at the raw data that the TV folks present, it looks like a 0.03% death rate....pretty much what it has been since we started our "2 weeks to "flatten the curve"" ....8 months ago... And they give this data them tell us that they had a record number of tests performed...but then exclaim that the "Number of cases is rising!!!).  And apparently people buy it...

This tells much about the ability of our populace to either look at statistics and interpret the data and/or the state of our education system that supposedly taught them to count....much less critical thinking skills...

Friday, November 13, 2020

Is our health care system run by total idiots?

 Or is the Media hyping a line of bullshit?

I mean, first we had the incredible overreaction by the States healthcare system back in February, March and April....Things like the Javits Center in NY and McCormack place in Chicago...huge mobilizations that ended up caring for tens of patients. Tens.

We heard stories of health care workers being put in danger because there were incredible shortages of PPE and trained personnel (But, Heroes that they were, they soldiered on.....making Tik-Tok videos, of course)

Now, 7 months later, we are hearing the same stories...Hospitals are about to become overwhelmed, and there are, again, Dangerously low levels of PPE for those heroic health care workers....

Look: It isn't like this "surge" in cases is a surprise. At least not to anyone with more than 3 synapses that are firing. 

And the "shortage" of PPE? You'd think that these folks who run the hospitals could foresee and stock for a continued need for PPE...if nothing else they should have learned from the debacle 7 or 8 months earlier and planned ahead

Oddly, there has been no shortage of Hospital type masks available in the retail market...nor gloves. But the hospitals can't find enough to stock accordingly?

So, either someone is incompetent, at many levels, or the Media is lying. 

Sadly, either is possible. 

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Blogger help bleg

 For some reason, I cannot "save" additions to my bloglist......nor can I edit it to remove other blogs from the bloglist. 

Since Blogger has screwed up other things, I am not sure if I am doing something incorrectly or if it is just another thing that Blogger has FUBARRED.

Anyone else having issues editing bloglists? 

Oughta put the brakes on real quick-like:

 Seems that Florida Governor DeSantis has put forth a bill allowing people that own businesses and homes to shoot rioters and looters once they enter the property illegally. 

I figure that this would definitely out a dent into the amount of looting and burning the next time there is a "Mostly Peaceful" protest. 

My Grandfather used to say that if the rabbits or deer were ravaging the garden, if you shot one and left the carcass lay, the others would find another place to go for food. I'm not sure rabbits or deer are smart enough to recognize the danger, but human looters probably are. 


A thought:

 "When Injustice becomes Law

Resistance becomes Duty"

Thomas Jefferson

I gotta ask you all....We KNOW (despite denials from the Left Leaning folks, even those that are as intelligent as we are or anyone with two synapses to rub together, for that matter and know they are lying and that we know they are lying as well) that there was some level of left-leaning Anti Trump voter fraud. How much, I am not sure. Enough to throw the election? Maybe. Again, not knowing the levels of true fraud I simply cannot say. 

But here is the thing:

What are we gonna do about it? Are we gonna arm up and shoot someone? Who might that be? What is your target?  What are we gonna do? How are we gonna fix this? Is it worth a civil war? 

 I, personally, believe that anyone who commits (or allows to be committed) voter fraud should be treated as a traitor to the country, and should be tried in a fair trial and hung by the neck immediately after (assuming a guilty verdict) the trial. But how many people we gonna string up? How much do you have the stomach for? How much blood are YOU, personally, willing to spill to restore our Republic? 

Think about it. What, exactly, are you willing to countenance? 

How many people are you gonna jail, or hang? How much "Revolution" are you willing to do? How far are you willing to tear apart this country? 

How much "Resistance"? 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Thank you Veterans

 Today is Veterans Day.

Say "Thank You" to all the vets you know.

I will.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your service, peace or war.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

'Tis interesting:

 The "News" keeps using words like "Baseless" and "Unfounded" and "Incorrect" when discussing the issues Trump is claiming regarding the election.

This is as blatant as their claim that Biden is the "President-Elect".

They have no evidence one way or another as to whether the elections were fraudulent or not (although there are enough "irregularities" that if they were fair they'd be interested in an investigation) 

The veneer of impartiality is only molecules thick now. 

Odd timing

 I find it odd that Pfizer announce a vaccine ("90% Effective!" ) shortly AFTER the election. 

Interesting timing, that.

Draw your own conclusions. 

Not just a belt

 I have a feeling this is gonna get expensive...

So two weekends ago, my plane tossed it's alternator belt while I was flying...

Not a big deal, I shut off all but one radio, the transponder, and the beacon and, since I was already heading for home, it was a non-event. 

Of course, I didn't know why I had no alternator until I got on the ground, but investigation showed that the belt had left the pulleys.

While the belt wasn't worn, nor did it appear damaged, it was old, and since inspection of the drive pulley and the alternator showed no other issues (the alternator spins easily and the bracket appears to be fine) my mechanic wanted to replace the belt as a fix (I wasn't so sure...Belts don't just fall off the pulley for no reason), so we ordered one and when it came in, installed the new belt. I test flew it for an hour, and it seemed fine. 

Aaannd on Monday, I took the 182 out, fired it up, taxiied to the end of the active runway, (charging system working fine) did the runup....And when I came to the line on the checklist that says "Engine instruments and ammeter"...guess what? 

So back to the barn and upon inspection, sure enough, the belt was off the pulley and inside out. 

I got a feeling this is gonna get expensive.