Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Migration complete

 So you can now find MiddleOfTheRight at MiddleOfTheRight.Com or MiddleOfTheRight.Net from this point forward. 

Please note that the new site will have LOTS of changes as I learn WordPress, figure out how to make it readable and how to do the sidebar links and other edits. Be patient. 

Having said that, I no longer fear that Blogger (Google) will take me down because they don't like what I say or post. 

This isn't free, The hosting and such is a cost to me....but one I am willing to pay. 

So please, feel free to come over to the new site, and if you got here with a bookmark, change your bookmark to the new .com or .net domain.

Racist travel ban

 I mean, banning all those Europeans....Just cause they might pose a danger to the citizens of the US. 

Why, it's almost as bad as restricting travel from muslim countries because they are the main exporters of terrorism.... And that was "racist"....

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Moving day:

 So that I am not "Deplatformed" by Google/Blogger, I am moving the blog to a different platform. 

There may be "Technical Difficulties" as I move the blog, as I learn WordPress, and as I move the domains to diffferent registrars. 

Please be aware that at some point, Middleoftheright.blogspot.com will disappear....You can use Middleoftheright.net or Middleoftheright.com as I own those domains. 

Please, update your bookmarks to either the .com or the .net domains. 

Expect some teething issues sooner rather than later as I climb the learning curve. 

Flying for horseshoes.

 So the day was cold, clear, bright and not too windy.

I hadn't flown the 182 for two weeks. 

And I was hungry for something different. 

Forecast to the east was for lower clouds, but forecast to the west and south was clear until after 5 pm. About as VFR a day as it gets. Clear below 12,000, not to windy, and visibility close to "unlimited". Winds aloft were 190-220(ish) at 11. 

So I flew to Springfield Il...home of the "Horseshoe". 

French fries, meat, covered in cheese sauce...What's not to like? 

Did a flight plan on ForeFlight...

Pulled the 182 out, did the preflight, calculated fuel (tanks weren't full) and fired it up. Wind was 160 at 8 so I chose to take the southern runway and taxiied, did a runup, and took off. 

Called ATC and asked for VFR Flight Following, got a sqawk code, and flew on course. The sky was clear, and as I climbed to 6500 ft (best wind) it was smooth as silk. and by smooth as silk I mean just that. All the flight there was ZERO bumps. nothing. What with the cold temps, the plane flew great in the dense air, and the engine felt like it had an additional two cylinders....I hate winter, but I have to admit that cold dry winter air makes for wonderful aircraft performance. 

1 hour 38 minutes later, ATC turned me over to tower and I was cleared to land. I did what I think may be the smoothest landing I have ever done. (and the bar for that is getting pretty high lately)..The runway at Springfield is fairly new, and what with the smooth touchdown I never even felt the wheels start rolling....

Anyway, since it was my first time at the airport, I did have to ask for some help taxiing, but once I got that, I taxiied quickly to the FBO. Stellar Aviation was not the best service I have ever seen. They were polite but desultory....Just going through the motions, but no entusiasm and really didn't care. No Crew Car available, so I chose not to buy fuel (hey, if I am gonna pay a premium for  fuel, then I expect some benefits....) and instead called an Uber and off to D'arcy's Pint...a place renowned for it's hoseshoe sandwiches.  (D'arcys is open for indoor dining, but they have obviously just recently (re)-restarted and are still adjusting to the new covid rules....)

The wait was 20 minutes and it wasn't cold in Springfield (high 40's and little wind) and soon enough we were seated..

Deep fried Cheddar chunks for an appetizer, and then the food arrived:

Yeah, under that pile of fries is (on the right) a half pound of country fried steak and the fries are covered with sausafe gravy..The other one (left) is the more traditional Horseshoe.. I gotta say that had I not been flying the sandwich would have gone MUCH better with a beer, but not for me as I was piloting...

After eating, a short Uber ride back,  and as we were walking out to the 182, up pulled a Diamond DA-62...an aircraft that is on my list of twin engine planes to buy (should I suddenly find a bag containing 1.4 Million dollars)...We chatted with the pilot and his companion, admired the plane, talked performance, said "thanks!"  and then turned back to my 182 and did the preflight and fired up ....and had to wait while the Citation that pulled up in front of us was moved by the ground crew because the inconsiderate pilot stopped short and blocked the row behind from moving...(there is something about pilots of privately owned jets...so many of them are sloppy rude assholes......)  

Anyway, called Clearance for a sqawk code, called ground for taxi permission, taxiied, did our runup called Tower and told them we were ready for takeoff, and were on our way. 

Left turn on course, over to ATC, and an hour and 11 minutes later were entering the traffic pattern for landing....put the plane away, did some paperwork (plane logbook, my logbook) and back home. The flight home was as smooth as the flight out...

What with taxi and runup and waiting for the jet to be moved, total airplane time was 3.2 hours.. 39 gallons of fuel, and fun day. Plus good food. 

Hopefully, in the near future, Covid restrictions will clear up (now that Biden is in office) and I can do what I bought the 182 for....fly and see things....Go places and meet people.... 


 The Sunday talk shows can't mention Donald Trump without using the words "Soon to be impeached" and/or  "false clains of voter fraud"..... can they? (I think if they could get away with it they'd spit every time they uttered his name.....)

Of course, if they were truthful they'd use the term "unproven" instead of "false", but then they'd get slapped for not sticking to the Narrative of the DNC.....

and "Soon to be impeached" doesn't mean anything except that the DNC will put it out from the House to the Senate, it doesn't mean =more than that....

But theycan't help but try to trash the man who is the epitome of everthing they hate about Conservatives and people who don't follow the Liberal/DNC line of thinking....using carefully crafted wording to make him look bad. 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Note the date:

 (and the fact that it is USAToday, not exactly a fan of Donals Trump)

Is your vote safe?

Of course, those of us that doubt the current "President" is legitimate must be delusional...right? 

And that does not take into account all those magical Mail-In ballots that appeared so suddenly....or the late ones, or the ones without a signature, or the ones with no postmark.....

(and any DNC-type reading this...you can deny, but unless you are stupid as a bunch of carrots, you know as well as we do that Joe wasn't legitimately elected)

Friday, January 22, 2021

It is a MIRACLE!

 Biden has been President for only two days, and already, in most major cities (especially those run by Blue administrations) they are opening up bars and restaurants for indoor dining, and relaxing other bans in many states. Apparently the threat of Covid is suddenly reduced....

Only two days, and he has worked miracles. 

Or maybe it is two days since Trump is gone, I dunno

(yes, for those wtih the cognitive ability of cabbage, this is sarcasm). 

Perhaps related....

 and perhaps not...

We will NEVER know.

It seems that Hank Aaron got the shot for the Wuhan flu on Jan 5th...

and died 16 days later. 

Yes, I know, correlation does not imply causation and all of that. 

But interesting coincidence, is it not? 

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Someone is thinking ahead:

 I mean purchased in 2013

Expect Joe to be gone by May. Auguse at the outside.

Sportsmanship and class

 So every once in a while, something like this happens and I get a glimpse of hope for the future. 

"Special needs" 14 year old Landon Hayes gets a basket in high school game. 

Classy on the part of both teams.  

Yesterday, I watched (some of) the inauguration

 (I couldn't listen, because no matter which channel I tuned to, the oozing effusiveness of the announcers was stomach turning..but I watched and listened to the speech)

And, last night, as I was falling into slumber, I was struck by the .....cheapness...the emptiness, the hollowness of this inauguration comapared to others...Barry Soetoro had a decent inauguration...George W. Bush had a solemn and well recieved ceremony. Donald Trump had one that was well orchestrated with a great deal of adulation and class...

This time in 2021 rang hollow. There was no smoothness, no real "Ceremony"...they went through the motions, and Biden and Kamala did the requisite things...made speeches, visited the appropriate memorials and cemeteries, did the parade, and in all respects did what other Presidents did. 

Yet it all had a feeling of wrongness, of cheapness, of something missing....almost as if everyone involved, everyone there, knew that this was an inauguration that was just wrong....and they were determined to go though with it anyway....Like a forced wedding, it looked and felt....Incorrect. False. Illegitimate. Cheapened. 

It was somewhat appropriate that there could be no crowds for this inauguration due to overblown precautions for a disease with a 99+% survival rate....

And what one would expect for an illegitmately elected President. Fitting.

As it should be, really. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Skary indeed

 Phil pointed out that Antifa.com, which used to redirect to JoeBiden.com, now leads you to Whitehouse.gov.

Which is no surprise, once you think about it....we all knew that the SNtifa folks were a product of the DNC...a tool for them to keep folks riled up...TO sow dissent in the Blue Cities where they could be used to disrupt folks and make the Black people look bad...

Now, of course, it goes to Whitehouse.Gov....and they don't even hide it. 

And that is what frightens me the most.,,,they don't care tha anyone knows....

It is done.

 Legitimate or not, Joe Biden is now the (current) President of the United States.

So  all of you who are full of hate, anger, and remorse....

Let it go. We can't do anything about it without starting a war....and a Civil war might well be worse than 4 years of Harris/Biden. I see no way to unscrew this. There is, effectively, nothing to be done. 

Hate burns us up inside....look at what it has done to the folks with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Let it go. Don't waste time with what might have or should have been.....Go forward with what we have. Deal with it. Don't let it take up residence in your head. 

Go forward. Live. Live Well. Deal with what comes. Prepare, yes. But above all, let it go and Go Forward. Expect the worst, prepare for it, but don't let hate blind you to the act of Living. We may have lemons, let us make lemonade. We may have gotten screwed. Deal.With.It and go forward. 

I fear there are Dark Days ahead for many of us. So be it. We shall survive.  Don't live in the past. Live. 

To live in the past is to fail. Succeed going forward. Don't forget, but Let It Go. 

I intend to. 

Joe's promises:

 So Joe is gonna get inaugurated......As the First Illegitimate President. 

Having said that, I wonder how much of what he says in his speech we can count on? How much will be lies and hollow, empty words? 

So far, in my lifetime (And that is over a half-century) we haven't been able to count on anything that the Democratic Presidents have promised in their Inauguration speech....Legitmate or not. 

We shall see. 

Anyone want to start a pool to see how long Joe lasts in the office before the Dems find a way to edge him out for Kamala? 

I'll take a square for somewhere between 3 and 6 months. 

I sincerely hope

 That no one, Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, traitor or Patriot, does anything stupid today at the Inauguration. 

Sadly, it is possible. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Pretty much

 HERE. Read. Only a few paragraphs. 

I can't see where he's wrong. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Of course it dropped

 Election "misinformation" dropped 73 percent following Trump's suspension from Twitter: 

When one squelches the free flow of information, then one can expect a reduction in opposing viewpoints.  

It is called "Censorship"...no matter how you sugar-coat it.  

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Most Flak when over the target

 The continued "deplatforming" of anyone who dares make statements that are not in alignment with the current Liberal standard party line tell me that many of the statements are close to the truth. 

If there was no fear of the statements, what with all the "fact checkers" denying the truth, simply ignoring folks with a contrary viewpoint would be enough...But the Left needs to silence those who dissent......Which tell us all we need to know about the veracity of those non-approved viewpoints and claims. 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Makes it hard to recover your brass

 So it was a cold and damp Saurday. About an inch of snow on the ground. Right at the freezing point. 

A great day to go to the range, and spend some time hitting steels, killing the dueling tree and knocking over bowling pins. 

Mostly gloveless too. I mean, it isn't gonna always be warm, and sunny, and dry when or if you need that pistol. and that coat and sweatshirt is gonna get in the way of your draw.....

Plus I got to make sure the ammo and my firearms were happy in lower temps (nine are but not all guns you can buy are are, all the time). 

Besides, it was time to change my carry ammo. 

My hands got cold, I was cold, and my feet were frozen from standing in the snow.  I figure my performance fell off by about 25% or more. 

I can, however, still get the job done. Sadly, I only recovered about a third of my .45 brass and even less of the 9mm. 

Yeah, but that's different:

 I mean, Leftist violence is ok, unlike when the folks on the Right do it


 that's the number of National Guardsmen expected to be at the Inauguration.

Because there were a few hundred people that attacked the Capitol. 

If only the Left "Blue" mayors of the "Blue" cities could have bothered to deploy some of that number of Guardsmen during (or prior to) the BLM riots last year, they might have saved BILLIONS of dollars of looted and burned businesses.  

Of course, those were approved riots so that the Black Folks could "vent their rage" and then would vote....Blue. 

If only the Media had shown the riots last year with the same slant as they do the Capitol assault. 

Odd: I was told it was all white males

And CBS and NBC are claiming that that the entire "Capitol Insurrection" was planned by and perpetrated by White Supremacist Males.....

 Yet here we have a member of the Latin Kings gang that is charged with entering the Capitol and other crimes.

He doesn't look like the quintessential White Male Trump Supporter nazi to me....

He must be one of those "Mesican Nazis". Or one of those "White Hispanics"

The propaganda spin coninues. 

Friday, January 15, 2021


 We know because we were told that it is true:

Except for this one and others with him....

Who you gonna believe: Big media or reality? 

Cut Wayne Off

 Get rid of his perks, like clothing, and travel allowances, cut his pay, cut his staff, cut his free jet travel, get rid of all the rest of his freebies...Treat Wayne La Pierre like a regular person and stop the looting of the organization.  Make him pay for his own clothing and travcl and housing. 

Lets get rid of his cronies who overcharge the organization: Outlandish fees for services their corporations charge for services. 

Let us start with a new board, and see that the organization is streamlined and leaner. 

Then, perhaps the NRA would not have to file for bankruptcy despite the incredible income stream from donations and NRA branded products and services. 

And then they could spend more on actually fighting the anti-Gun folks. 


Like anyone with a brain could not see that:

 "but we fail to find an additional benefit of stay-at-home orders and business closures"

Well,, duh. That's what we have been saying... The "Lockdowns" and business closures have damaged the economy, but done nothing to prevent the spread of Covid (and remember, Covid , while a deadly disease, DOES have a 99.6% survival rate).So, in essence, we have damaged our economy, caused tens of thousands of businesses to close, caused millions of people to be unemployed.......for little gain. (except possibly to damage the Trump economy).  

Of course, now that Trump is gone, the mayors and governors of Blue areas are pushing to "reopen" their bars and restaurants and loosen those restrictions because "The cost is too high". Now that Biden is the President, expect things to change so the economy will rebound under Biden's "Leadership".  

The Big Lie

 I'm coming to believe that the Media and the DNC (But I repeat myself) are using the tactic of the Big Lie.

Say something outrageous, say it loudly, and say it often. 

Such is the statement about Trump and the Capitol....and they keep adding in the fear of the "Right Wing Extremists". (and the "Deadly Attack on Congress by Right Wing Extremists"!).

All the special code words, repeated often, and, oddly, exactly the same way by all the Media.

Funny how that works. 

Are ya surprised?

 DiBlasio in New York City.

Lightfoot in Chicago

Cuomo for the State of New York

Despite the fact that they tell us that "Covid Cases are at an all time High", the above Blue Leaders are now suggesting that indoor dining in bars and restaurants be allowed to resume....To help the economy....

The timing is interesting, innit? Now that Trump is out on his ear, they are suddenly wanting to reopen those bars and restaurants...."Because the cost of keeping them closed is so terribly high".

Funny, that. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

It occurs to me

Listening to Biden's speech:

 That Biden's "Rrescue Plan" would easily be paid for from the existing Covid Relief Bill if we'd just stop the Pork payments that are going to other countries....(assuming that a significant protion of that money isn't returned to the legislators that pushed for them)...

I mean, 300 million dollars we don't have to send to Paksian (Or Pahkeestahn)  or China  or other countries gender studies programs, etc.....

All of his dreams could easily be paid for if we'd just cut off foreign aid. 

And if they are gonna extend the moratorium on evictions, then they gotta find a way to bail out landlords. 

Open restaurants? Odd how suddenly that is a good idea. ain't it? 

Helping Small Businiesses? What a great idea If only Nancy Pelosi hadn't kept that from happening last year.....

Aaaand of course, increasing the Minimum Wage will somehow help the Small businesses

America First? American Jobs? Where were you the last 4 years? 

And yes, "Fair Share". I knew it was coming. 


 So on those days when the press of the world becomes too much, I go for a walk. 

A combination of the loss of an old friendship due to stupid stubbornness (not mine)... frustration from watching that person fall apart, combined with my inability to let the partisan politics and the exploits of Nancy Pelosi and her ilk and the possible repucussion just roll off my back, and the failure of the Republicans to do anything to reign that in, the election shennanigans, the attempt to purge all dissent via deplatforming and other supression, frustration at the obvious collusion of Big Media and Big Tech, along with a MAJOR financial setback personally all had me in a state where I found myself making a fist in circumstances where an open hand was more appropriate.  

I don't avail myself often, but when life become pressing, I go for a long walk on the beach. Yes, the south shore of Lake Michigan. It's where I relax, talk to the gods,....More inportantly listen for them to talk to me, let the pressures of the world fall away. Often it changes my viewpoint, allowing me to find a way to deal with things in a calm and rational manner. 

As I said, I don't go often, lest I dilute the effect, but it is worth the trip when I do so. 7 miles along the beach, for the most part out of sight of all houses, seeing few other people. Just the sound of the wind and the waves and the sand. Calming.

For me, this is the place to relax. For others, it is other locatons. My brother uses the woods as his space, others use the desert or go out on the water. 

I spent nearly 5 hours there. 'Twas a bit bracing at times, but one can dress for that. I returned, knees hurting (but that's nothing new) and a bit tired, and chilled, but with a less angry outlook on life and a somewhat calmer spirit. The world may not have changed in the interim, but I had. 

I sincerely hope you have a place, a spot, wher you can find calm, and be a bit closer to your gods. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The first time I have been disappointed with Brownells:

 I ordered some scope rings (for o rifle that is lost due to a Canoe Accident) to mount a new scope.....

It took 6 days for the order to ship, dspite the items being in stock.  The folks in customer service were, for the first time ever, Not Helpful...in fact, they really didn't seem to care. 

This is sad. I had always used Brownells because of their quick shipping and their outstanding customer service...I generally didn't bother to shop around,, if Brownells had the item I wanted in stock, I gnereally just bought it. 

That might change next time. 

FBI raids across the country

 For those who entered and (allegedly) damaged the offices in the Capitol....And most raids are, of course, accompanied by the Media crews swo they can show them as a warning to any others who would dare frighten the Legislative Branch....

Now, If they are guilty, then they deserve punsihment for any damage they did. The raids (some using SWAT teams) are mostly for misdemeanor tresspassing though, so the raids and the "Perp Walk" would seem to be somewhat overblown. 

If only the FBI had bothered to look as hard and find all those folks last summer who invaded property, looted stores, burned buildings, destroyed Federal property, damaged police stations, and defaced statues and other monuments....But I guess that they don't go after people who participate in Approved Protests....at least those approved by the people in charge of the State. 

They must really think you are stupid....

That anyone with two neuons to rub together would see this as anything more than a partisan excuse to punish Donald Trump.

"National Security"...really? That is one of your reasons? C'mon now, even all but your most rabid followers won't buy that one. 

That he fomented Treason? Really? I've read the transcript and listened to his words while watching the Youtube of his speech and nowhere did he suggest or encourage the actions that later followed at the Capitol. There is no statement made, nor series of statments, that in any way could be construed as suggesting, ordering, or otherwise ordering the attacks. No amount of twisting, "interperteting" or anything but delusion can come up with anything else....and if you folks are that delusional, then you should not be holding the reigns of power that you currently do...you should be impeached for incompetency yourselves. I suppose those folks that never bother to investigate what the truth is, and instead just believe what they are told will beleive what you say, but lots of folks, on both sides are more intelligent than that. 

You can't just point at someone and cry "unclean!" and have it be true. The fact that you got enough party members to follow your lead in this is frightening....that you have that mush sway over them. 

Do you really expect anyone to believe that you have valid reasons? I suppose some of your mor rabid supporters will repeat (and believe) the memes you have spouted..,But you are beyond believable at this point...Those of your supporters with the ability to think have to be wondering about your ability to lead with logic rather than hate....

One could ask if THEY did it...

 I mean, the folks who reported it, rather than some other third party.

It wouldn't be the first time a Liberal has done something so they could then point to it and cry and emote and pontificate about it. Especially suspicious in this time of Group Hate by Liberals. 

Manatee found with "Trump" "carved" into it's back. 

Now, lets look at some facts:

The word wasn't "Carved" into the back of the mantee, but rather the alge was smeared. The animal, as pictured, is speeing and not in distress. It obviously held still for the action, so it wasn't hurt during the process. 

Ever see a Manatee up close? They are very gentle creatures that don't mind humans. I've swum alongside them, and they are VERY large. There is no way a group of divers could hold one still long enough to take such an action if the animal objected...so it obviously didn't. 

And we have the big question....Who did it? (Hint, probably not the other manatees, for starters). Was it in fact, a Trump supporter? Or was it the folks who "found" said manatee and took pictures? It is suspicious that they found the one manatee in Florida who was a Trump supporter just at the right time where they had an underwater camera handy, innit? More likely that this was a set up. and a lie....But that is where a lot of Liberal outrage comes from, ain't it? 

Having said that, I do have a suggestion: Don't touch the Manatees at all no matter who you are. It is illegal and probably not good for them. 

Where are the marchers?


 And, of course, the riots, the looting, the arson, and all the other usual forms of "mourning" and "protest" when an unarmed person is shot by police.....

I mean, she was unarmed. and while she may have been breaking the law by being in the Capitol uninvited (maybe trespassing) and might have been trying to get past a locked door, what of it? Most of the folks that were killed by cops that resulted in rioting in 2019 were not choirboys either....

Oh, it is only minorities that get riots when they are killed while unarmed by police......Wait, she was female, so that is a minority and a group with special privileges, just like Black people, right? Or is it only SOME unarmed minorities that earn riots, burning and looting in remembrance when they are killed by police while unarmed in a minor crime.....

Or is it that she was not a privileged person because she was not of the correct political party? Or perhaps because she was white.....

I dunno. But it is odd, isn't it? A person was killed, shot by a police officer, while unarmed, and yet the Left isn't calling for riots, burning, looting, or other "Mostly Peaceful" protests... They aren't organizing marches, nor are they delivering pallets of bricks to the street corners in preparation for those marches....There is no incitement of violence on Facebook or Twitter either...

I wonder why?

I am talking, of course, about Ashli Babbitt....the woman shot while in the Capitol... on January 6th. 

We are told, time and time again, that people who are unarmed are not a threat, so there is never a reason for the police to restrain them. or use deadly force....at least when they are of African descent....Which she wasn't. 

The fact that there have been no protests by the Left over her death is a demonstration of the hypocrisy of the Left. Only some people are innocent enough to garner protest or demonstrations, and only in the years leading up to an election, apparently. One must be of the right melanin content, and must be of the correct political party or you aren't worth the time or effort to organize a riot demonstration. 

Or perhaps they simply can't use her as a tool to further their agenda. 

Childish actions

 The people attempting to impeach Donald Trump (again) is fits of pique simply to tarnish him on his way out, whatever their excuse, are pathetic. Their excuse is weak, and their motivation clear.  

But now we have yet another demonstration of these folks unsuitability to lead:

Chicago alderman wants Trump sign down, demands sign permit not be renewed 

The paroxysm of hate as these childish people attemt to smear Trump on his way out is, in my opinion, a demostration of their unsuitability to govern. They don't expect to actually IMPEACH him, just to smear his name in a symbolic way. The fact that people are piling on to make up for slights is saddening. This is like a bunch of 4 year old girls picking on one of their number in a classroom. Childish and classless action show character. Especily when they are vindictive as well,

It is said that one measure of a man is the enemies he makes....The quality of Donald Trump's enemies speaks highly of him.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Night currency

Since I hadn't flown the 182 in 3 weeks (Between Multi engine training and weather, I just hadn't had the time) and since I DID have the time this evening, and the weather was 250 at 10 with a ceiling of 12,000, I decided to go up and at least warm the engine up and dry it out....

3 "daytime" landings and 3 "night" landings...all in 0.9 hours of pattern work. 

I missed my 182, but I also miss the climb rate of the Baron I got my ME license in. THe 182 was no slouch tonight in the climb deaprtement (cool, dry air) but it still wasn't what the BE-55 will do. 

Still, it was fun, and I got myself recalibrated for the 182's landing speeds. 


 Second City Cop blog is now "Invite only".

I wonder what happened? Did someone with the City of Chicago finally breach their security? 

"Inciting a riot"

 I would like to know, exactly, what words the President (Donald J. Trump) supposedly used to "Incite a Riot or Rebellion". 

Did he say "Go to the Capitol and break in and hang the tratorious bitch, Nancy Pelosi"? Somehow I missed that part.

Did he say "Sack the offices and scare the hell out of those folks who won't bother to investigate obvious Fraud in our voting process"? Apparently I missed that part too. 

Did he in ANY WAY state that the Capitol should be sacked? 

People purporting to support him did occupy the Capitol.....But I haven't seen where he told 'em to do so. 

Go ahead, read his speech, feel free to quote the parts where he said that in the comments....be specific. No assumed "coded" words, no interpretation....just the words he used that can convict him of the crime he is accused of. 

(And let's face it, except when the Congress is in Sesssion, it is just an office building).....so IF he is guilty, somehow, then when the Hart building was occupied during the Kavanaugh hearings those seators and congressmen who approved of that, who ENCOURAGED that action are also guilty of insurrection and inciting a riot...But there are no charges for those folks, are there?) 

The folks in Congress following Nancy Pelosi know that it won't make it past the Senate, so this is a symbolic gesture...a "Fuck You" to Trump and his supporters.  The people supporting these charges should be ashamed, that they are using our money, our system, to once again trash the exiting (but legally elected) outgoing president. 

At the end of this, it shows the Character of these legislators. Shows us their True Colors, as it were.  

A thought from history:

 "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything,"

Attributed to Joseph Stalin.

And that's the rub, isn't it? Do you trust those who count the votes?

I once did. I was saddened and upset that Barry Soetoro won the Presidency back in 2008....and again in 2012. Both times, however,  I believed that he had legitimately won against the Republican challengers. (Both times they were very weak opponents, but no matter). I believed that the American People had spoken and made their choices. Both times were legitimate victories. At the end of it, while he was not "MY" President, he was, legitimately, "OUR" President. 

Sadly, I cannot say that Joe Biden is "OUR" president. I don't trust the people who count the votes any longer, nor do I believe the ballots that arrived by mail (and perhaps by other means) were all legitimate. There were too many Red Flags and anomalies and inconsitencies to believe that all the election results are true accounts of the will of the people. And when we objected, there was no realistic attempt to investigate or clarify those oddities...we were just told to accept it. 

People no longer beieve that their vote counts. Even thinking folks on the side that "won" have to be afraid that next time, their vote will not matter either. Yes, there are enough that will accept that winning this round justifies the means that that victory was assured, but thinking people realize what has happened...and what it means for the future. 

What do we do now?