Tuesday, September 18, 2018

When all else fails...

You can "Bork" the candidate.

And, if that doesn't work, You can, you know, use the "Thomas" gambit.

I think Peter has the right of it though......Where has this woman been for the past 30+ years? Why did they not come forward when Judge Kavanaugh was nominated for previous judgeships in lesser courts?

This is politics at the dirtiest level. 

It wasn't even worth the $29.00 per day....

Back from my trip. 'Twas an enlightening and educational trip, if not terribly productive...
But, I drove a thousand miles in a Nissan Versa.
Jesus, how can a car company make such a pile of Suck and Fail fit into a compact car?

I mean, I knew I was renting a small car....and I expected it to be somewhat underpowered.

And I got what I paid for in that regard.

The nice parts that I can say about the car is that the doors did open and close and the engine did start every time I turned the key...It did come with 4 tires that rolled.

The locks, however, seemed to choose to lock the doors at random times and under random conditions. We never left the car without having the keys in hand or at least one person staying in the car to make sure we were not locked out.

The seat? There was no place in the adjustment envelope where I could find any comfortable position. I mean, seriously, the ergonomics of the entire car were terrible. I seriously doubt that they could have made it worse if they had tried. My riding mower has better ergonomics, both in the seat and in the controls. Even the front passenger seat was torture after a half hour of sitting.

The acceleration, when the transmission computer chose to shift the gears in a sequential manner  was...adequate. Notice I said "shift in a sequential manner"....this did not appear to happen most of the time...

The suspension and steering seemed to have been designed to allow both understeer at high speeds and oversteer at low speeds....My Kubota tractor handles curves better.

One wonders how they can sell these cars if they allow the buyers to test drive before purchase. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

I'm thinkin' I would have peed myself just a bit....

Notice her tiny voice when she is informed of her issue.  I'd probably have been even less calm at that point in my training.....

She was scared but handled it pretty well.

I'd probably have pissed my pants. I give the young lady pilot credit for her composure. Once the initial shock wore off, she was pretty calm.

And whoever owns and maintains that aircraft,,,,be glad it was a 17 year old girl. I'd have beaten 'em for renting me an aircraft where the MAIN GEAR was in that bad of shape....Beaten them badly.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Just as an FYI

If you have a Menards in your area, and shop there because of their 11% rebate, but prefer to buy from Home Depot, or if Menards does not have what you are looking for..

Anytime that Menards (or, I am led to understand, any competitor) offers a rebate, Home Depot will give you a gift card for that same 11% if you make that purchase at a Home Depot in the same area as the competitor.

I often buy lumber from the Home Depot instead of Menards because the quality is (generally) better.....And since HD will match the rebates.....

Just though some of y'all might find this info useful. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Yep, that's the one

Flew a 1966 182 yesterday. Airframe was nearly as old as I am.  Owner was a friend of my latest CFII.

I LIKE it.

Pretty sure that's what I am gonna buy. Still looking, but.....

Decent load, decent fuel consumption, fast enough (who doesn't want a faster airplane?) but also pretty decently low approach speeds. Feel was not too heavy (Much lighter than the Arrow) and yet the heavier airframe made it feel smoother too.

Cruise was about 137 (at ~5000 ft), approach at final with 20 degrees of flaps was 70 knots. (And, I think, with practice and more flaps, that could could be a LOT lower). Feel at cruise was really smooth.

I flew it for a while, just getting the feel for it, then went an airport that has very little traffic...Normally. ...
5 planes in the pattern when we arrived!..... I entered at the end of the downwind after circling a bit to let one plane land and leave some space in the pattern for me, then followed the other four planes in and did a low pass just to get the feel of it at approach speeds. Back around the pattern and then I did a really nice landing (wind was variable at 4 so it was fairly easy) and then a taxi-back and takeoff.

Stayed in the pattern and did a second landing just like the first. Was gonna do a crosswind landing, but there wasn't enough wind to make it worthwhile, so we went back to the home airport, where the wind was 220 at 5 so I landed on 18, with another greaser (hard not to with that airplane in those wind conditions).
Put the plane away and the owner, who is 85, wouldn't let me pay for gas or anything....("do this for some other "kid" when you buy a plane") so I took him to lunch. He does want a towbar  and a bracket for it for his small tractor, so I might just weld one up for him....

All in all, I liked the 182. Decent speeds, decent approach, and (with trim) I did not find the nose to be too heavy on final or flare. Yes, you need more trim than a 172 or even an Arrow, but very, very doable. More flaps might have helped, but I was following the advice of the owner, who was sitting next to me.

And, guess what? My latest issue of Trad-A-Plane just arrived last night!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

DO you remember?

I do.

I remember the day.

The carnage.

The....not fear, but horror. The deaths of innocents.

Do I blame ALL muslims? No
But I do realize, that there are those of that religion that hate the West. And others of that religion that support those that would kill me and my fellow countrymen simply because we are not Muslim....Unbelievers.....And believe  that any muslims who would associate with us are as bad as we are....

I will never forget.
I especially will never forget those in power who would have us forget, or who try to minimize the act, the attack....

But, in the end, I will live and simply remember.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

I've asked this question

Just not as well, nor as clearly:

Where is the crime?

How long is the Fishing Expedition gonna go on?

Especially without a real crime to investigate and, especially, PROSECUTE. ('Cause that is what Mueller is, a prosecutor).

Expect the Liberals to cry "Kenneth Starr!!!!". But there, there was an actual crime that was being investigated. Not so here, just a bunch of innuendo in this case. 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Gunshow todae

Prolly be bizzy all day.

I expect attendance to be big, as it is a rainy dreary day.

Friday, September 7, 2018

If you used to wear Levis

And are tired of their SJW posturing.....

I highly recommend Texas Jeans Company as an alternative.
Good Jeans. Well made. Wear well. Comfortable. Priced fairly.

And MADE IN AMERICA. (Oddly, in North Carolina)...which no other major brand (not even Carhartt) is anymore.

I moved from Levis a few years ago..... while I liked Levis, I grew tired of their Social Justice Posturing.  So I switched. And I've been happy with my new brand.

Yer big boys and girls, buy what you want....But if you are considering switching, check out Texas Jeans Company. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Bandit has passed.....

Burt Reynolds has died .

To me, he will always be the actor in "Smokey and the Bandit".....Of course there is "Deliverance" and "the Longest Yard" as well. 

I always figured the next epidemic

to spread across the world would be "Airborne".

'Twas, apparently not that big of a deal this time.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Another endorsement

I now hold a "Complex" endorsement.

I did it with a Piper aircraft. Which flies OK, it just isn't the aircraft I would choose to buy.

"Complex" isn't really that big of a deal, actually. Just more to do at takeoff, climb, descent and landing. Pretty simple though.

Damned fast, that Turbo Arrow, what with no gear and no struts causing drag. 

Said no man ever:

So I am at the Dr's office. I like my doctor, I really do....

I had an issue which caused a bit of pain, and we discussed the level of pain it caused.

She said that women experience pain and deal with it better than men, so a 10 for a man is like a 6 for a woman

"Not true", says I.  "While we may handle it differently, men simply deal with it". Women can't handle the pain of a fight, or an injury as well as men". Putting a number on it isn't a good comparison. Most women can't handle the level of pain that men can and keep going.

"Oh yeah?" she asked. "explain"....."Women handle childbirth...a greater pain than you can ever imagine".

"I cannot ever experience the pain a woman undergoes giving birth, but it can't be that bad, either."

"how do you figure?" she asked.

"Women often choose to have another child after their first one....it can't be as bad as say....getting kicked in the....er....jimmies."

"how can you compare the two?

"Well, again, women often choose to have a second, or third or even more children...If it were as bad as you say, after the first birth experience, no man would ever touch you again......But you often choose to have another child."

"So?" she asked

"No man ever stands there and says "Gee, I think I will ask someone to kick me in the testicles again"

We moved on to other areas of discussion after that.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The more I fly Piper products...

The more I like Cessna's engineering.

So I have flown a Warrior and 2 different Arrows....One Turbo and one not.

And I gotta say that there is no one thing that is terribly bad on any of 'em, but SO many things, switches, electrical busses, controls, fuel selector (WTF is wrong with a "Both" position?), etc. are just....less than ideal, at least in my mind. Kinda half assed, if you will.

They fly ok, but I don't like the "feel", especially on approach. And I HATE the way they sink when the power is pulled back.

But hey, to each their own. Some folks like'em. I think, however, that I will start with a Cessna.

I mean, this is like Glock V 1911 (1911 for me)....pretty much a preference thing. 

Saturday, September 1, 2018


The press that couldn't wait to trash him, denigrate him and dig up dirt on him when he was running for president against their chosen lightbringer candidate now cannot wait to praise John McCain now that he is safely dead.

But hey, he has good attendance at his funeral, if only so most of the attendees can check out his corpse and make sure he is really dead.

Hopefully you can backorder them....

O'Reilley's auto parts


I have 2 on order, but they are backordered until 1985. October 27th, I believe.

Someone has a sense of humor

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Well now, isn't this an odd thing......


I find such coincidences somewhat odd, don't you?

Remember, the Feds have "Not been able to examine" the weapons used in the Vegas massacre yet.....


I am growing tired of having to share the road with people who are less intelligent than week old lettuce, less situationally aware than an overripe tomato, and have the nervous response time of wilted broccoli. This makes for bad drivers...

And that is, of course BEFORE they start driving while using a cell phone to distract them and block fully 50 percent of their peripheral vision.

'Tis a good thing I am not subject to Road Rage....Just Sayin'. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

And I thought the Gun Fora were bad

I mean, anyone can buy a gun, all you need is money.

But I was trying to do some research on airplanes for a possible purchase and ended up on several airplane forums ....


I mean one might expect some level of disagreement, but the thing is, there is a minimum level of intelligence required to be a pilot, right?

The same infighting, the same unreasonable defense of one brand over another, the same unreasoning hatred of the "other" brand... the same illogic, the same defense of what that person had purchased...

I mean, you can substitute 1911 for Cessna and Piper for GLOCK and see nearly identical arguments (and then sub Mooney for FN to get the REAL argument started)

And the rumors and untruths repeated by people that have never experienced that product,  But they know it is true because they heard it from a friend of a friend of a cousin of the brother of the guy who shares the next hangar over....

I guess, no matter what the forum topic, people are people.
And topic discussion fora are really not reliable sources of data. The same level of noise to signal exist there as well.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

McCain dead

He were a senator, and was a prisoner of war after being shot down in Vietnam....

As for the Eulogy:
(My Momma taught me that if I can't say something nice, to say nothing at all):

I do hope his passing was painless and quick.