Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Yeah, that's a black eye...

So in Indianapolis (Speedway) Indiana, Hours after qualifying at the track for the Indianapolis 500, Dario Franchitti and Scott Dixon, hungry late at night after a long day and an even longer evening of press conferences and such go to a Taco Bell (apparently the only place close by that was open) for some late night munchies for themselves and their crews.

Got robbed in the drive through. It was once a decent part of town, but hasn't been for many years. While no one was injured, they were robbed by two "Yoots" with a pistol while waiting in the drive through.

The police arrested two juveniles a few tens of minutes later. I'd bet that there were no other calls answered until arrests were made in this case.....

Those darned Amish kids......

Mr. Bond has passed

Or, at least one of them, anyway....

Roger Moore has passed away.


Had an interesting conversation Monday at the range....

[I was sighting in and function testing a new Henry Survival Rifle for the new truck (space in the truck just isn't there for the folding stock AK I had in the old truck). The rifle shot well, 2 of the three magazines worked, one will be replaced....not a fan of the peep sight, but it is very functional and works for what it is supposed to do. 100 rounds, zero ammo related issues. In fact, the ONLY issue was the one magazine, which won't lock into the receiver properly and falls out after one shot. Watch this space, later, there might be a range report if I don't get too lazy...]

Was packing up when a member I recognize but do not know arrived. He was on his phone pontificating to someone that "Healthcare is a Constitutional right".

Couldn't resist....

I waited until he got off the phone and asked him if he had ever, you know, READ the Constitution.

Turns out he hadn't....At least he admitted that.

I asked him how he could claim that Health Care was a right enumerated in the Constitution if he, himself, had no real knowledge of the aforementioned Constitution.

He mumbled.....Ended up saying he had misspoke, and what he meant was it was a "Human Right" and that we should all pay to help others who were less fortunate than we.

I asked him how many he was helping?

He wanted to know what I meant?

"I mean, bro, you are driving a BMW...that is what, a $80,000 car? How much "Basic Health Care" would that buy?" ...."And that nice (and it WAS nice) Python there? How much would that buy?" (it was mint, and nice. Likely a full Colt Custom item. Perfect Colt Blue...).

"Why don't you start, before you want everyone else to pay for your little Socialist experiment.....?"

He asked what I meant.

"Why don't you live in a very small home, sell your big one. Why don't you drive a small car, maybe a Corolla rather than that big honkin' Beemer. Live at or close to the Poverty line.....Take that money, along with what you get when you sell your firearms, your house, and your cars, and use THAT cash to show the rest of us the way it oughta be before you start saying that Health Care is a right to be paid for by others? .....Show Me The Way...?  Or is it that you are just a Socialist with Other People's Money?  How many people's healthcare insurance have YOU paid for this year? "

He packed up and left.

I didn't feel sorry. 

Terror, again, in England.

Yeah, another terror attack in England.

I'll bet it was those Lutheran immigrants from Scandinavia. Probably second generation ones helped by recent ones from Latvia. Seems to be  pattern.

And our Government wants to bring lots and lots of that group over here. Will we have the same problems in 5 or 10 or 20 years?

Police say they know the identity of the suicide bomber, but they aren't telling anyone. And knowing the name after the fact doesn't help those who were killed or injured by those flying nails and ball bearings, does it? Will any of those folks ever be the same? Will they ever have no fear in a public place?

Those damned Lutherans. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Thank PETA

Remember going to the circus as a child?

The bright lights, graceful performers in elegant costumes, the clowns and the animals?

Those high flying acts, the jugglers and the booming voice of the ringmaster telling you about the acts?

The tigers and lions, and bears? The elephants?

Yeah, that is gonna be gone. No more. No more wide eyed youngsters watching in rapt fascination, mouths agape at the spectacle.

Since PETA chased the big animals out of the circus, fewer people go. add in the other regulations, and the loss in attendance without the animal shows, and you have the end of the circus.

Ringling Bothers and Barnum and Bailey circus shall be no more as of 7 PM tonight. 

You can watch the live stream of the last show HERE.

Thus ends the Greatest Show on Earth, destroyed by tiny, small, weasely people. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017


THis is so true.

I'd post more, but will be busy fundraising for  the NRA classes at my range.

Maybe more later.

Friday, May 19, 2017



Like Mandarins...

Can't see anyone sayin' it better. 

One thing I've noticed:

I don't know if Comey really has a memo telling us what he thought he heard or not.

If he does, I don't know what it really says, as opposed to what the Press tells us it says.

But the one thing that I haven't seen nor heard is Ex FBI Director COMEY telling me or anyone else that the President asked him to break the law.

Not a peep.

Why is he silent? 

Thursday, May 18, 2017


If Comey was asked to stop an investigation, effectively to Obstruct Justice.....Wasn't he required to report this?

I mean, he was asked to break the law, according to reports. By the President. Which, according the the DNC  MSM was illegal enough to get Trump impeached.

But Comey chose not to report it. Which would them seem to me that he either didn't think it was important enough to do anything about, or he was willing to conceal the fact that the President had effectively asked him to conspire to break the law.....Obstructing justice by failing to report the illegal actions he now claims happened.

Isn't an officer of the law (and this includes FBI agents) required to report any such actions? Isn't failure to report such actions a violation of their oath and in fact, illegal? I am told this is true by folks who work for the FBI.

Socialism is good for the figure:

The average Venezuelan citizen lost 19 pounds last year.
Lack of food will do that to ya....

Socialism has destroyed a once vibrant, wealthy country.

But Socialsim seems to turn everything it touches to shit.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I'm glad they appointed

a Special Prosecutor regarding the "Russians" and the supposed interference with the elections last November.

I would like to see a demand for a report in not more than 90 days....60 would be better, really.  If they can't find any evidence by then, it isn't there.

Really, what with all the shit that has been bandied about, there should be proof by now.

But let's put an end to this. either prosecute someone or let it go.

Enough of this.

Monday, May 15, 2017

So why do we have Primary elections then?

(not that I think that we SHOULD have primary elections....at least not primary party elections officiated over and paid for by taxpayers...The General election, yes, but the primaries are the responsibility of the Parties)

 " lawyers for the Democratic Party tell Judge Zloch the lawsuit should be thrown out because the Party has the freedom to determine its nominees by “internal rule”, not voter interests,..."

You really should read the whole thing.

"Pot, meet kettle"

"Remove the mote from thine own eye, firstly"

The New Republic is claiming that "The Russians" are sowing thousands of "Fake News" stories to the American Public. (and perhaps they are).

But if they are gonna complain about it, shouldn't the Liberals (and especially the DNC Cheerleaders MSM clean up their own act first? 

So because they don't like how he said it......

Anyone else's travel ban....say, Barry Obama Soetoro Obama, would be OK, because of his thoughts on Islam. (And because they wanted to hobble The Donald....)

"Context matters".

No, it doesn't. Either something is legal, or it isn't. The "Context" or the reason matters not a whit.

Watch the VIDEO for more.....

The judges who issued the stays on Trump's travel ban should be impeached. Disbarred, in fact. Never allowed to judge nor practice law again in their lifetime. 


SO I need to stock the new truck, I got nearly everything I need, but I DO need to find a decent, compact REAL First Aid kit. Something that I can use to treat major stuff, not Band-Aids, and asprins.  I'm talking first aid at an accident or the like....

If I could find one, I'd get something like the kit I got when I took AD's Gunshot Wound class.

Anyone got any suggestions? I can indeed make my own, but it'll be expensive and I would have to buy a lot of stuff that I then would never use (can't buy chest seals by the "each", ferinstance).....Plus there is the hassle of finding a decent small pack to put it all in.

So does anyone have any suggestions for an already put together kit?

Sunday, May 14, 2017

And this is what happens

When you have too many of any one cultural group of immigrants on one place.....especially Muslims, but, really, of any group. When the percentage of any one immigrant group becomes too high, you end up with things that go against the "American" way. Which isn't always bad, but undermines the culture and authority of the country.

Detroit School to Hold ‘Muslim Girls Only’ Prom

Next in Detroit: Sharia Law. 

AAAAAND that's why:

Appendix carry without a holster:

Bad idea.

Here is an example.

Get a good holster. 

And a Happy Mothers Day

To each and every one of the Mothers who read this.

We love you: You bore us, raised us, and prepared us for the world.

We may not always show it, but we appreciate it.

"Drill, Baby, Drill!"

Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Congress shall make no law"

This is, (if you'll pardon the expression) a sticky one.....

What defines a "church"?

Be specific. On the one hand, "Freedom of Religion". Who are you to tell me how and who with I can worship....or when?

On the other hand, "Zoning".....and the outrage of a few citizens.......Who happen to live near the office park where this "Church" conducts it's "services". Who are they to say where such services can be held? These "church services" are behind closed doors, not in public.

I dunno. I doubt that the folks in the neighborhood will win this one.

It is "Slippery Slope".....if you can decide that a community can define how or what a "church" is or how they "worship" then you have a mandated religion. If this were a Mosque of a Synagogue being opposed, the City would lose immediately. But instead, a bunch of bible thumping churchgoers believe they have the right to define other peoples behavior when it has no impact on their own lives......and that they can define what a "Church" and "worship" is.

I foresee this getting ugly. And I see a potential Supreme Court case here. Not my thing, but I really don't want the State to get to decide how anyone's church must conduct itself....

Of course, you can always call the BATF for a ruling....

Innit amazing?

What CAN happen when the city and State are motivated to make something happen rather than impede it?  When they help rather than impede? When inspectors show up on time and plans are approved in a timely fashion rather than languish on some bureaucrat's desk for days or weeks....(and yes there were financial incentives to the construction company too). When there isn't a call for a study for an endangered species or a survey required for drainage or for greenspace impacts or displacing homeless or any of the other bullshit that normally happens....

I-85 bridge reopens 42 days after fire destroys span. 

Here is how it happened:

And someone ate a bat again

Thus, Ebola season starts. 

Luckily, the Feds aren't bringing in folk from the Congo in job lots like they are Syrians, or it would be here. 

Friday, May 12, 2017


The Media is getting irksome.

I tune in for news, not propaganda.

'Tis interesting that every Democrat wanted Comey fired....until he got fired. I sincerely doubt Comey is the lead investigator in the investigation into the "Russians", so how is this a big deal? It's not like he was gonna excuse any behavior like he did Hillary's "mishandling" of Top Secret memos.

Then it must be a coverup. Odd how the media conveniently forgets that, innit?

And no one said anything when Billy Clinton fired Willie Sessions the day before he had Vince Foster killed Vince foster committed "Suicide"...

Because "Democrat", so "ignore improprieties".

Comey should have been fired Day One. If Comey had had any honor, he would have resigned.

And it isn't like there aren't several other investigations concurrent with the FBI investigation.

Why do I have to hear a made up scandal biased story to the exclusion of Real news?

ETA: And now they can't seem to stop using "Watergate" in the same sentence, as if to link the Break-In and subsequent debacle to Trump.

"Rules for Radicals" seems to be the rule of the Media today.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Enough, already!

Scott Pelley just can't stop using the word "Russian" every time he refers to Trump.

At this point, his credibility is beyond repair.

He has noting to point at to LINK Trump to anything Russian, But he can't (or won't) stop using "Russian" in the same sentence. Perhaps this is an attempt to link Trump and "Russians"  in his viewers minds?

Look: I am all for finding out if, as is implied, Trump was under the pay of, or was somehow aided by, the "Russians". Perhaps he really is Putin's lapdog. But this continued innuendo, without accusation and without proof is becoming pedantic, and frankly, irritating....and childish.

For many years the MSM has had little credibility with me,  But they don't have to renew my reasons for doubt daily.... I get the fact that they HATE Trump and they will do anything to delegitimize him as President. But at some point, they have to just stop.

The Left is going NUTS about this alleged Russian thing. The Left (and the Hillary campaign) made it up and the Loretta Lynch's "Justice" department believed them and then the Press ran with it....

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Can't say I am sorry to see him go

He was, at the first a political animal.

Then an administrator (and not that good of one, apparently).

Then a leader of FBI agents.

Comey Fired

What with his mealy mouthed dealing with the Hillary Server and all, and then his half assed try to assuage his conscience just before the election, he isn't suited to be the leader of an organization like the FBI. 

"What do you mean, you sold it???"

So I recently took delivery of the Dodge Ram 2500 that I had ordered.

Now, having a new truck, I had no need of my old truck, a 14 year old Dodge diesel 2500.

As the old truck had a bit of rust over the rear wheel wells, the dealer really wasn't interested in it, and, rather than make a crap offer, suggested that I sell it myself. They even did a valuation on it to give me an idea of a fair selling price.

So, I put a sign on the truck and placed it at the end of the driveway. Had several folks stop and look at it in the first week, but no one came ad threw cash at me, so I put it on craigslist on Friday afternoon.

Now, Thursday, a guy had stopped by with his wife (who disapproved) and looked at it, had taken it for a drive, and had even talked a bit about price. Said he'd call me in the morning. Except that I never heard from him, which was why I placed the truck on Craiglist.

I got the usual lowball offers via email, at least 2 scammers, and one guy came and looked at it...all before noon. This guy appeared serious, looked closely at the truck, drove it, crawled underneath it, etc. Asked all the right questions. Told me he'd call me Sunday. Which he did. He then told me he'd take it, and we arranged a time for him to come and pick it up, which happened on Sunday afternoon. Cash on the barrelhead....

Monday, the guy who looked at it THURSDAY BEFORE called and said he had decided to buy my truck.

"Sorry, dude, I sold it on Sunday"


"Sold it on Sunday. Guy from Craigslist looked at it and bought it".

"But I went to the Bank and got money and all".

"You never called me".

"I meant to, but I got busy"

"You never told me you wanted it....You were supposed to call on Friday morning. I told you I was gonna put it on Craigslist on Friday....Today is Monday. I sold it Sunday."

"Yeah, but I got busy"...."and I had to go out of town on Saturday".

"Dude, the Truck. Is. Sold."


"You. Never .Called......I. Sold. The. Truck......If you wanted it, you should have called and made an arrangement.... not waited 4 days.

"But....I wanted it!"

"Sorry bro, you snooze, you lose. If you wanted it, you should have made it plain. Put down a deposit....."


"Gotta go, bro, good luck next time".

And I hung up, shaking my head. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Just FYI:

If you have a Gander Mountain Gift Card or a Credit Card with points....

Us 'em by 5/18/17. They are Going Out of Bisness. Or not?. But until they decide, I'd use up my Gift Cards....

Thassom Nice Shootin' there,

Yeah! The range is back to 100%

And everything works, even the target turners.

See, the guy (or guys) that built it in 1980 or so ran the signal cable(s) for the control for the (homebuilt!) target turners and timers in the same conduit as the power, clean into the breaker box, then out again through a hole drilled in the side of the breaker box (not to code).

Replacement of the (now doubled breakers) box of even older vintage necessitated cutting this wire in order to remove the breaker box.......With zero slack in the control cables.

Which led to a lot of work. Splicing and more splicing. With wires that don't match to colors because I have NO idea where they got the unmarked multiconductor cable with the weird colors. (Pastels? Really?) Blue with gray tracer and brown with red and yellow with white and all sorts of other interesting combinations.

Then, a bad splice led to lots of fun, as there is absolutely ZERO documentation on this thing. And I haven't done relay logic (and an odd mix of 1980's TTL) in like 30 years, since my first job outa tech school. Which made troubleshooting interesting and fun. Especially since the logic appears to be in several widely dispersed relay enclosures.....

It would have been nice to have a diagram, even a wiring diagram, much less a layout of the relays.

But it works, and I have made notes that should have been made 37 years or so ago (and maybe they were, but some dickhead tossed em?) and have placed the documentation inside the control box for the next poor soul who has to work on this.

If you do stuff like that, PLEASE remember the guy in the future who has to work on your stuff. Document.....Place documentation in the main control panel or nearby. Maybe notes as to where everything is?

But hey, it gave my brain a real workout, and the range is up and working the way it was when I started. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

So France decided to put their neck in the noose.

They elected Macron.

I said that the US had taken a LARGE step towards the Abyss when we elected Barry the O the first time, and I can say that the French have taken an even greater step towards Oblivion in their choice of leader.

Thing is, this infection will spread, the Rot will get to other countries. Germany is already circling the rim, and now the rest of Europe will follow (with the POSSIBLE exception of the UK).

Bet on it. 5 years or so from now, France as you know it will no longer exist.