Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Years eve parties are outlawed here:

 And rightly so. 

However, there is a "protest" planned at my home from 9 PM to 1 AM. Feel free to attend and show your support of this protest. Free speech is important.....

Refreshments provided. 

End of a shitty year

 While it can always be worse, I can't say that I will look back on 2020 fondly. 

And yes, I do look forward to 2021. 

Having said that, this was a shitty year. Friends lost their business, some got Covid,  I lost people I knew to other causes.....We have all, essentially, been trapped in our homes for the past 10 months or so. We had an election whose legitimacy is (and always will be) in doubt....and that election will forever taint the trust that we have in our election process, from now until far into the future.....My plans for my future blew up, leaving me somewhat rudderless on the personal front. 

2021 may be better, it may not. Covid will fade, but now we have an illegitimate President who is feeble and weak, and whose loyalties are suspect. His second is, to put it bluntly, a socialist in the mold of Barry Obama, only even less restrained...I fear for my country. I fear for the economic health of our fellow citizens, and I fear for the ability of our military to defend our country and the citizens therein. I fully expect to see cuts on Militaty funding to pay for ever increasing Social Programs...Funded with non existent dollars that will dilute the savings of millions of people who have worked and saved for many years for their future. I fear we will inundated with non citizens that will dilute the vote of the folks who care for this country and it's culture and productivity. 

And yet, I have hope. Hope that the American People will overcome.....that they will soon take up their jobs again, and work and be productive and make this country great DESPITE the so-called elected leaders we have. That they will thrive despite the drain on their resources and savings. That they will overcome the obstacles that have been put into their path, and succeed despite the obstacles yet to come. 

I believe in my own future.....things may have changed for me, but I believe that things will regain their equilibrium.....a door closed, but others lie ahead. I pray I choose the right doors, but forward is generally better....and I will continue forward. 

As I said, I will not miss the 2020 year. While it could have been worse, it wasn't all that great, either. 

I hope that 2021 is better for all of my readers. Fear not, do not lose hope, bear down and move into the future with confidence. 

To do otherwise is to fail. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Mary Ann has passed:

 So Phil posted that Mary Ann had passed

Shit, man, I am geting old. The stars of my childhood are dying of old age. 

I always felt the was the better of the two. Ginger was hot, but Mary Ann was hotter. 

Wirecutter (AKA Knuckledraggin) is down

 The blog throws a "harmful Programs" warning in Google and IE. 

Kenny is aware of it, and is working on a solution to fix it. 

ETA : It appears to be a glitch. His site works now on IE with no errors. Apparently this has happened to other blogs that are not terribly liberal, so who knows? 

I dont think I could get to that level with a funnel

 and someone pouring for me. And trust me, in my earlier dayz, I tried more than once. 

Former alderman is arrested with a 0.32 Blood Alcohol Level after hitting 8 parked cars and a tree in Chicago.


Jesus, that comes under the label of "Professional Drinker". 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Sponsor an American:

 For only $1.64 a day, YOU CAN SPONSOR AN AMERICAN...

Nancy Pelosi thinks that is enough, as do many other members of Congress.....

One of ours

 A fellow Blogger is in the hospital with Covid. 

He tested positive about a week ago, and yesterday, he went to the emergency care and was admitted to the hospital. 

Apparently it is serious enough that he's boarding his dog...

Prayers for him should be directed to your favorite deity, but good wishes can be directed to him HERE,

He expects to be in the hspital for a while... 

Sunday, December 27, 2020

The perfect Patsy

 OK, maybe not a perfect patsy......but a pretty good one. 

So Anthony Quinn Warner is blamed for the explosion in Nashville on Christmas. 

Oddities though. He was killed in the explosion, so he can't speak for himself, nor can he be one to refute the claims of his paranoia, nor corraborate it either....... Further, he gave his two homes away to some woman months ago. And apprently didn't live at the house where the RV was parked anymore.....

Odd, innit? And there is no way for authorities to look at surveillance video to know if someone drove his RV to the scene...perhaps dead, and perhaps alive before the explosion.....we don't know simply because there isn't (wasn't) enough surveillance on the scene to tell if someone left the RV after it was parked...And Mr Warner isn't answering any Law Enforcement investigators questions......

I guess we will have to wait for the authorities to make up a better story fill in the details.

I'm still thinking there is another facet here. 

ETA: I don't think that "Dominion" had anything to do with this....IF (and it is an IF) there is any data on the voting ystems it would be stored in many locations....and this was a telecommunications SWITCH point that was taken offline. Servers might have been there, but they would be backed up elsewhere as well.....So I don't think Dominion voting data has anything to do with this. I think there is another facet here that we don't yet know about. There is no logical reason to connect the two, except unfounded conspiracies. There was nothing to be gained as far as hiding some "data" that may or may not esist. There are easier and better ways to get rid of the "Dominion Data" than a half-assed bombing.

Means, motive, opportunity. What was Mr Warners? 

So... questions about the Nashville Incident:

 While the photos of the crime scene are few and far between and typically don't show much detail, there are things that I CAN see..

Ferinstance.. the street does not appear to have a big crater...which would tell us that the explosive wasn't TNT or likely even ANFO... (Or it wasn't that big of a bomb if it were miltary grade explosive)...(I could be wrong here, as the data is slim and there aren't good overheads)...but it appears that this was a fairly low order explosion. 

The FBI and ATF haven't told us what kind of explosive was used (so far) so we really don't know....But, again,  from the types of damage, it does not appear to be a high order explosion, which means it was likely a homemade bomb, albeit a decent sized one. Had it been a high order explosion contained in that relatively narrow street the damage would likely have been much greater. More structural damage to the buildings near the explosion site. Like most of the building facades would have collapsed...which leads me to wonder. 

The ATT facility was damaged, but not destroyed....It is already coming back online...which still begs the question...was it the target? If so, why? If it wasn't the target, then what was? 

So what type of "bomb" was it...? Why was it placed where it was placed? Other than the ATT building, the area seems pretty much not a target. If it WAS the ATT switch, why? (The systems that are used for telecom switching would make the interruptions of service limited to farirly local, not nationwide.....) Why there? And, of course, nearly all the police and Federal Investigators are focused on the bomb scene.....and not anywhere else in the area. 

I still have the feeling there is something else.. a second layer, as it were, that we are not yet aware of. 


Saturday, December 26, 2020

The day after:

 I hope you all had a good Christmas... gifts, food, and fellowship. 

Further, I hope you all remembered why we celebrate...

SO the story of the explosion in Nashville is odd. 

Gunfire heard in the area..., then the cops "noticed" the RV.....? Said RV had been reported to have been parked there the night before.... and was unremarked until the morning....

Then the RV began warning everyone with a voice message that an explosion was imminent (Kudos to the cops who took the warning and got people nearby to safety!) 

Then it exploded.....Apparently damaging a telecommunications switch point. 

Lots of oddities here. Like something out of a spy or adventure novel. 

One wonders what residence or bank or other facility was robbed while this was going on and there was no way for the alarm system to signal a break-in? (after all, if a Bank or Government facility, it might be closed unilt the next day, or even the following Monday....a long time, really, for the thieves to get away).....Obviously, the perpetrators of the explosion did not wish to hurt anyone.....Or perhaps it was a disgruntled employee of the telpehone company? 

Either way, lots and lots of oddities. Not consistent with Terrorism as we generally define it. I bet the FBI and their ilk are having a fun time of it today. 

Friday, December 25, 2020

And say a prayer for all the folks

 Who have hand their lives (and Cristmas celebration) interrupted in the early morning explosion in downtown Nashville. 

No one killed, some hurt, and Law Enforcement is saying it was not an accident. IF it was terrorism, from whatever source, we should root them out, no matter what, no matter where they hide. 

Breaking story, so we will have to wait for details. 

Update: Lots more HERE

Merry Christmas

 May you and your families enjoy a Merry Christmas. 

This may not be a "Normal" Christmas, but let us not forget why we clelebrate this day. 

If you are mot Christian, plrease take the above in the manner in which it was intended. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Double standards (again)

 So everyone on the left, and the Media (but I repeat myself) is crying about the Presidential Pardons that are happening.....

Really? What is the difference between these pardons and the slew of pardons that Barry the O did as he was leaving office? One thing: These current pardons are for folks that the Left hates, rather than Barrys pardoned criminals, whom the Left had a soft spot for.  

But, of course, the Left is making a big deal bout these folks that Donald is gifting pardons to, because they are not Approvd Felons.....It would be irritating to me, the double standards of the Left, except that I have come to expect it. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Can any Congress, ever,

 pass any sort of relief bill without padding it with a great deal of "pork"..often at an amount even greater than the amount of relief for the actual reason for the bill? 

I mean, it seems that each and every time this sort of bill is legislated, the pork add ons are incredible....

and I am not singling out the Democrats for this behavior. Both sides are guilty. 

Fewer cars on the road has an insignificant impact on Glowbal warming?

 So CBS News has stated that fewer cars are on the road because of Covid lockdowns and people working from home...

And that has had an "insignificant" impact on Global Warming. Literally 15% fewer cars,  7% fewer "emissions" yet it has effectively no impact.....could it be that the models are wrong? All those emails from Stay at Home workers are negating the effect of all those cars driving fewer miles... (ad)

They claim that 100 emails produce the same carbon footprint as 1 mile of driving (Which is a terrible oversimplification, really) So all those people working from home are negating the fact that they aren't driving to work.....All those emails use a terrible amount of power..... 

Or is it possible that all those cars had a negligible impact BEFORE the Covid crisis? And the computers are a wash, whether they are produced and read from home or in an office, as are the emails. The servers are operating, and sending an email through it uses a very tiny addional amount of power vs the server sitting idle, but powered.... It's not like anyone is gonna shut down the email servers, is it? 

Can the folks at CBS do any math? Have they no logic in their thoughts? 

I fail all the time...

 If you don't fail sometimes, then you ain't tryin'. 

AC has some good wisdom.  

I think most people are too afraid of failure

Monday, December 21, 2020

Well, that was a bit of fun

 So here I am driving...and some asshole had to wave his---Corvette---- at everyone. 

It was a nice car, but driven by an idiot. He did , obviously, have a LOT of cash, as there is no other reason a 25 year old lday who looks and dresses like that would be his old as he was....I assume a wife, 'cause she was wearing a 3 carat or better bit of carbon crystal on her hand. 

Anyway, he was tearing it up, showing off the power of the car. I couldn't resist messing with him in the Dodge Diesel...Yes, out of town that car can run away from me, and, in the hands of a person who knows how to drive, can eat me for lunch (I am, after all, driving a 4WD diesel)...but in town I was able to not only keep up, but run away from him stoplight to stoplight...and brake well enough to negate his advantage there as well. Plus weaving in and out of traffic....He didn't know how to drive. It was fun. Turns too, I'm no expert at driving, but he was most obviously not a well trained driver.... And while we weren't really street racing (that would be illgal, after all) it was a bit sporty at times, not only stoplight to stoplight, but through the curvy bits as well. In the hands of an expert driver (which he was most obviously not) the Corvette can do a lot. In his hands, I was able to make him look bad with a truck...His lady was laughing at his antics...and at one stoplight smiled, winked, and stuck her toungue out at me...She knew.

Nice ride though. I wish I could afford one like that. Plus the car...

Sunday, December 20, 2020


 Much truth HERE

A Message From Federal, CCI, Speer And Remington

For those folks who don't understand basic suppy and demans...Economics 101. as it were. 

And for those who say "why don't they build more plants? ....would you invest tens of millions of dollars, if you knew that in a month Kamala Harris Joe Biden would be President? Knowing that you might be investing for a future where it is hard for people to own firearms much less shoot 'em? Where your investment might end up sitting idle? 

If you were foolish enough to not stock up on ammo during the Trump years, then you deserve the situation you find yourself in now. 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

USPS fails:

 Can anyone explain why the USPS is failing in such a spectacular fashion nearly everywhere this year?

I mean, on a good year, the US Postal Service is a less than excellent service provider. They do (sorta) usually step it up for Christmas season, but for the past several months they ahve been....less than stellar...

Why? Is there a (valid) reason for this? 

Friday, December 18, 2020

How would you know?

 Maybe Pence DID get the vaccine shot this morning....and maybe he didn't....Perhaps it was just saline solution in that syringe. 

HOW WOULD YOU KNOW one way or the other? 

Were you there? Did you see the vial that the "vaccine" was drawn from? Do you know the provenance of that vial?  

I'm not saying that he did not get the shot....but I have no way of knowing what was in that syringe. No way of verifying any of the claims.

It might well be that it is all theater. Most "News" is. I have no way of knowing if anyone that I can trust verfied that the stuff that was injected into out (current) vice-President was, in fact, the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. ...nor that it wasn't for that matter. 

Neither do you. 

Think about it. Do you have any reason to trust any of the actors here? The Media? I don't. I believe that Pence is a good man, but even he doesn't know, for sure, what was in that needle or where it came from. 

It's not like the Media or the Federal Government has ever lied to us before.....

"Some white guy"

 So I stopped on the way to some shopping...

I see these two women on the left side of the road, on the shoulder, hazard lights blinking. I pull over in front of them and walk back to see if they need my help. (I may not be a gentleman, but I can't pass by a lady in distress)

They had lost the entire exhaust system, catalytic converter back. It was hanging by a thin strip of exhaust tubing and one mount, getting caught under one of the rear tires, and making a lot of dragging noise. Not a big deal, easily removed so they could get on their way. Took less than 5 minutes. 

The one lady was on the phone with someone, and when I offered help, she said into the phone "Some white guy is here and he is helping us". 

Did I mention that these two ladies were african-American? 

But I wasn't "Some Guy" I was "Some White Guy" to her. I didn't care what color they were, I saw two ladies in need of help. She saw a "White Guy".  

I got them on their way, and her companion thanked me for my help. 

But it was strange. 

"We can't go anywhere!"

 That is the cry of folks in the northeast that are trapped by the 10-27 inches of snow (depending on locations) from this latest winter storm...

I say, So what? You can't go anywhere anyway 'cause of Covid, so sit and wait for the streets to be plowed...

I mean, bars, and restaurants are closed, right? You should have at least a few days worth of food...

So what is the big deal, really?

Thursday, December 17, 2020

It is sad when I have to remove a blog

 From the sidebar.....especially one that has been there since I started blogging. 

But go far enough around the bend, edit your comments enough, or just plain lose the ability to be rational and I gotta. I once greatly respected this blogger. Sadly, not so much anymore.

Previously, I had only removed folks who had apprently stopped blogging. 

But hey, it had to happen. 

I expect Rear-End-collisions to increase....

 Seems that Pete Buttigieg is gonna be the new Transportation Secretary. You know, the Presidential Candidate that was described by the Media as "The openly Gay Mayor of South Bend, Indiana"....

(actually,  all jokes in poor taste aside, he's been a pretty good Mayor for that city. and had he been a realistic choice for President, I might have considered him, unlike Biden....and, unlike the media folks, I don't give a shit who he sleeps with....All I care about is "Can he do the Job?" I dunno how much he knows about Transportation issues, but he is a good manager.)

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

When your face falls off, or your lips swell up permanently

 Or all your hair falls out...or you have permanent nerve damage....

Remember, the US Government has indemnified the makers of Covid vaccine from any liability.

Now, I'm not saying any of the above things might happen to you when you get the vaccine....For all I know it has zero negative effects....I mean, my medical expertise is not that high...In fact, it is no better than Bill Gates level (neither of us have any, to be exact)...But the actual test pool is very small (so far... it is about to get much, much larger very quickly).

But if some bad result happens from some part of the vaccine, you have absolutely ZERO recourse. The folks that make, distribute, transport, or administer the potion have no liability should something untoward happen to you. They are are not. Thre is very little you can do ahve a limited abilty to get some compensation from the Feds, but it is limited and is only for a year. 

Me? I intend to selflessly wait until most of my fellow citizens have tested the vaccine been inoculated before me....

If you haven't read it yet

 You should probably go to read Adaptive Curmudgeons latest thoughts (HERE).

SOmething to think about...

And if you don't read him when he (isfrequently) posts something new you should. He can be found on the left side of this blog in the bloglist.

didja ever notice?

 A winter storm that happens in the midwest...say 10-20 inches of snow and some wind.....isn't news on the national level? 

But let a storm even move towards Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, or Boston and OMFG! Apocalypse! It gets news coverage all over the place. The East and West voast folks could care less what happens in Flyover Country.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Now that it looks like Joseph R Biden will be President....

And, of course, since that makes Kamala Harris his Vice-President:

 Let me state this up front: 

In the next 4 years:...

Joseph Biden didn't hang himself like Epstien.

He didn't commit suicide like Vince Foster.

He didn't die in a car wreck. 

Probably didn't die from Covid, either. 

I'm not saying he will die in office...

I do, however, expect that he will suffer some tragic issue which will force him to choose to resign, and step aside for Kamala. 

Bet on it. 


That was a nice Speech, Mr. Biden.

 But I have to wonder....who were you trying to convinve? Me? Or yourself? 

It must be sad to know that you are the first illegitimate president of the United States. 

Monday, December 14, 2020

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Watching the Sunday media

 (Or one might genuinely call it Propaganda) broadcasts...

EVERY.SINGLE. ONE. used (repeatedly) the term "Safe and Effective" when referring to the Covid Vaccine...

Like "We are distributing this "Safe and Effective" vaccine as fast as possible"

"Distribution of ths "Safe and Effective" Vaccine is being organized to get to everyobody as fas as can be"

And so on, and so forth....

EVERY. SINGLE channel used the term....multiple times. 

One almost might think that they are not sure, and are reapeating it as a Mantra. 

Friday, December 11, 2020

It occurs to me

 That there is more evidece for "Election Fraud" in 2020 than there ever was for "Russian Interference" in 2016. 

If only we could get an investigation into the Election Fraud in 2020 that would match the scope and effort that was put into the "Russian Interference" claim, we'd actually have something for the money we spent. 

But the Powers on the Right care little, so long as Trump is on his way out. They are willing to take Joe Biden "Winning" a very flawed election over 4 more years of Donald Trump/ The Left gets what it wants.The only loser is the USA and its citizens. 

So there is no Congressional or Senatorial investigation. 

Framing the narrative

 ALL the media uses terms like "Baseless Claims" and "Unfounded Allegations" and "Unsubstantiated Accusations" ..."Totally unfounded Claims" to describe Donald Trump's claims of election fraud ....almost like there is someone telling them how to frame the narrative or something......All of the Big Tv Media uses the same terms....I see it in both the National news and the "Local" stuff out of Chicago. 

And yet, Texas and a whole bunch of states have chosen to file  lawsuits over those claims....

Thursday, December 10, 2020

And another thing:

 Now that the "elections" are over...(or at least the polling that we claimed is a free and fair election)...have ya noticed how, miraculously, there have apparently been no shootings of "innocent Black Men" by the police...(Or at least the Media isn't hyping the fact that it has happened) outrage being fanned by Facebook posts, no Social Media Twitter, nothing on the Television....nothing. 

It's od, innit? Almost like the Media was using Black people to skew the voting habits of Black people and Brown people and other minorities.....One might (if one were a suspicious person like me...or perhaps just someone who can think) come to believe that there was a campaign to fan some outrage over nonexistent inequities in some segments of our society for a purpose......

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Have you noticed?

 For the past 9 months or so, there has been little to no mention of the whole Global Warming/Climate Change/"CO2 is gonna Kill the Planet" meme? 

I mean, we now have people sitting in their cars, lines of them ,miles long, just sitting in their cars, idling for HOURS and yet that is acceptable. We have delivery drivers delivering meals and grocery orders in cities...where people were once told to walk in order to get their food...

Now burning all that gasoline is somehow acceptable....why now? Why was it unaccptable during the Obama years and for most of the Trump administration? Have we, perhaps, simply spent too much time and graft money on it? Rmember the "Green New Deal"? All of a sudden, it appears to be dead....Much like the Solyndra debacle...

"all legally cast ballots"


So the stament has been made...."We have counted all Legitimately cast ballots three times and thre has been no significant change" 

But the question do we know all those ballots that exist were legally cast? Were legitmate ballots? 

Once the ballots that were of doubtful provenance (Those Mail-In ballots that arrived late, those that were admitted with no postmark, those that had no signature or those where the signature was not legible or those where the state simply didn't bother to verify the signatures at all)...once those ballots are placed in the mix...once they have been intermingled with the other ballots...the "legitimate" do you separate the suspect ballots back out? So far, as far as I can tell, those ballots are still counted as "Legitimate" even if they are of suspect origin...

Once you toss illegitimate (or at least unverified or suspect illegitimate) ballots in the pile, then all ballots become suspect....therefore there can be no way to determine which were "Legally Cast Ballots" and which were not..

Chuck Yeager has passed.

 General Chuck Yeager has passed at 97.

The US has lost a hero and a great man. 

Monday, December 7, 2020

Here's an interesting Covid fact:

 Just now, what with the "surge" in cases and hospitalizations and suchlike....Just now, has Covid beaten Heart Disease as a cause of death...

Prior to this week, more folks were dying from COPD and Heart Attacks than from Covid. 


 Take a moment and say a prayer for those brave men who lost their lives while serving their country on this day so many years ago....and all those other men (and not a few women) in the battles that followed in the war that the attack on Pearl Harbor led to. 

Back in 1941 it took HOURS for the populace to learn of the attack....Today we'd have that knowledge in tens of minutes if not faster. 

But I doubt the anger level would be more, no matter how the news was disseminated. 

Saturday, December 5, 2020

By my calculations....

 Since the Media has been telling us that the Hospitals are Rapidly Running Out of Capacity" for over 5 months, they should all be operating at something like 437.8 % of  capacity....

Or else (and I find this hard to believe) that they have been lying to us for a while. 

Friday, December 4, 2020

"Your Papers, Please"

 So, apparently, there ARE plans for forced vacination...or at least if you don't get vaccinated then you cannot move about the country.

Seems that there will be a card issued showing your vaccine status.....and there "May be travel rstrictions"...

Odd, innit, we can't have and ID to vote 'Cause That Might Be Racist... but we CAN have to show proof of vaccination...

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Typical Califronica Logic:

 So, in San Francisco, it will soon be illegal to smoke tobacco in your apartment....Because Seconhand Smoke is bad for others. 

Yet, oddly, weed is acceptable.... Apparently, secondhand weed smoke is less bad or something. 

One might think that if one is bad, the the other is also. But not to the children that run the governments in the Golden State. 

Typical California. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Shitty weather

 Between the holiday, the low ceilings, the ice and snow, the icing conditions and scheduling issues, I have not had alesson in a Multi Engone aircraft in a week. 

And they scheduled my checkride for a week and ahalf from now....

Crunch time.