Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We should send him home

So he can tell the rest of the kiddies about how bad his trip to the US was.

Little fucker needs to be deported and tossed off of the train which brought him here.

But then again, I am a softie at heart. Others I know would just shoot the ungrateful little bastard.

(Notice there is no discussion of a father at his new home.)

Only got fed twice a day...and ham sandwiches at that. Mebbe you should have stayed home Young Saul.

(and just who are the members of the "Congressional Panel" who heard his testimony and what powers do they have, anyway?) Can they do anything, or are they just wasting money hearing sob stories to gin up  publicity and sympathy for the ungrateful little urchins)

(via Wirecutter)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tactical Tommy

So Friday, we are at the bowling alley, practicing to get the arm and such in shape because league starts on a few weeks.

Standing at the counter is a security guard:  a local cop.

Dude has a tactical vest on, with the front pockets filled with magazines and a bunch of unidentifiable stuff. 2 pockets held Glock mags, which made sense because he had a Glock on his hip.

Three other pockets held what appeared to be AR 30 round magazines.....Plastic ones with the old style fabric pull tab on the bottom.

Being the inquisitive sort of dude that I am, I asked him...."Are those AR magazines?"


"Why carry all that weight if you don't have an AR on your shoulder? I mean, yer in a Bowling Alley"

"The AR is in the car, and I need to have the spare mags handy on my vest if/when if I need 'em." (the car was 150 feet away, through 2 sets of doors)

I think he just wanted to impress all the 14 year old kids that come there on Friday evenings on the summer.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

So, any bets?

I mean, since DC is now "Constitutional Carry" I wonder how soon anarchy will roam the environs of the city....How red will the streets run? How many thousands upon thousands will dies from being gunned down in the streets?

Or are you, like me, of the opinion that there will be little (if any) effect....Might be a small reduction in crime, rather than the above.

Either way, hearing the lamentations of the Liberals is gratifying. 

There will come a day

When history will revile the name of Barack Obama and no one will want to be remembered as voting for him, working with him, or ever having known him. The damage he is doing to the country, the economy of the United States, our military preparedness, to the security of our borders (and all the implications for terrorism that that implies), to our relations with our allies, and to the culture of the people of this country will someday make him the most despised president ever. There will come a time when people will not admit to supporting him....when they will sell the cars upon which they placed "Obama" bumper stickers for fear of retribution.

At first I thought it was incompetence or naivete that led to the terrible things he did/has done to our country. No more. I am coming to believe that his actions and the actions of his supporters are a series of actions which indicate that there is a plan to harm both the country as a whole and the citizens upon which its strength resides. Now, I wonder if he was, in fact, placed where he is by our adversaries to facilitate damaging our country and economy.

If he continues as he has, until 2016, without the Legislature stopping him, he will, as he has promised, "Fundamentally transform America" the expense of those citizens who are the lifeblood and the strength of this country. Further, he will have weakened "America" to the point where she will no longer be able to defend herself against her neighbors or adversaries.

I have no issues with a person whose philosophy is different than mine, so long as they wish to keep the US strong and vibrant we can agree on many things, to disagree.  Not so Barry Soetoro. I believe he hates the US and wishes to destroy this country. I am not so sure his published past is a true story, and, while I realize this sounds fairly tinfoil,  sometimes think that if I were an enemy of the US I could not find a person who could have done more damage from within than he has.

Remember, Rome fell not because of the barbarians outside of the gates, but from within. When the barbarians came, they found the gates already open.

Rant over.

Now if we could only carry in the Capitol...

SO (for now, at least) DC is a Constitutional Carry zone.

They will, of course, appeal, and eventually put in place Illinois-like rules to satisfy the courts, and everything will wind down.

Until then, it should be fun. I predict crime will be greatly reduced.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

So Brigid wrote a book:

HERE is the link..

Now I am sadly late in writing about this, and the book is currently sold out, but I have some knowledge of some of the stories, and I knew Barkley for a few years....And I can tell you that Brigid's writing will make him come alive in your mind's eye. It'll be back in stock soon so you should order it to get in the que for shipping.

Order it. You'll be glad you did.

Surprise, surprise

Well, well:

So it seems that 18 out of 20 (for those of you having gone to public schools in a liberal area, that is 90%) of the illegal immigrant "children" don't show for their initial hearings on their immigration status.

Betcha $50 that the trend continues.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Watching CBS news, you'd think that the "Palestinians" were all sitting there and drinking tea while singing Kumbayah" and holding hands and praying for world peace when Israel suddenly sent rockets and artillery into their midst for no reason.

No bias there, is there?

I mean, no mention of the rockets fired from "Palestine" by Hamas...Of course, we got pictures of women and especially children bleeding and such...and photos of school that was destroyed by Israel fire (no mention of the fact that the school courtyard was where the Hamas rockets were fired into Israel).

Didn't even know we dodged a bullet, did you?

Apparently, 2 years ago, we narrowly (by like a week) missed having our electrical infrastructure fried by another "Carrington event"

Thing is, you don't realize exactly how much of your daily life would be affected were the electrical grid to fail due to a solar storm. No Food after about a week. No gasoline for your generator (if you have one) money (you get paid with, and pay your bills via electronic money...If the bank has no electricity to power the computers, they can neither make withdrawals OR deposits. You paycheck is just so much paper for them......Your Visa card, ATM card and your debit card are just pieces of plastic...... The store where you get food has no registers, and no inventory control, so they don't have any idea what to order, and the distribution warehouse isn't getting either new shipments nor making any shipments because they can't keep track of what goes where nor what they have in inventory.....and there isn't any fuel for the trucks to deliver because fuel is moved through the pipeline and pumped to the truck by.....electricity. (Not to mention the fact that the billing for the fuel is also electronic, which ain't working either.

The internet? Seriously. not there right now. House phones? Maybe, but unlikely. For sure no long distance. Cell phone network? Maybe, but probably not....besides, you can't charge your phone anyway, so what does it matter?

Heat and air conditioning might matter depending on when it happens. But it won't matter after a few weeks because you are gonna likely be too hungry to care. And thirsty too, because you either get your drinking and flushing water from either a municipal water supply (electric drives those pumps) or a private well (electricity again) The sewers are backed up if you live in a city anyway, so you will probably want to move out after a few weeks, but where to?

Yeah, we ans a nation will recover...but it'll take about 2 years. Maybe more. And that assumes that the folks who supply those transformers and switchgear are still able begin making replacements immediately and don't have infrastructure issues of their own.

Got food for your household a few months? (I do). Got fuel for your generator for at least that long? (I do, if I ration very carefully). Can you heat your house in the winter without power? (I can, but it won't be pretty or comfortable).

Think about it. Be glad that it missed us and we didn't even know it.  If it had hit, a lot of people would have died in the first 6 months.

You can prepare for this, up to a point. but only to a point. After enough time passes, you are living like your great great great great grandparents did, except that they knew how to live like that and you will have to learn....quickly.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Are you feeling bad for the "children" coming across the border?

Know what you are talking about before you let your emotions run.


Sympathy for the "children" is what Barry and all the Latino groups are hoping you'll want to let them stay.

Just an observation:

No good story ever started with "We were having a salad and then...."

Monday, July 21, 2014

It is always racial

So shutting off the water to non paying residents in a predominantly black community is racist because said actions impact black american more than whites.

If I ever had any respect for the NAACP, I lost it when I read the article.

Note this line: "Water was restored to 43 percent after customers paid or worked out payment plans.".

Sunday, July 20, 2014

For some reason this didn't post when it should have.


Embedded image permalink

And this was the crowning achievement for NASA

45 years ago, we put a man (actually 2 men) on another celestial body.

(the actual time 3:18 PM Central time)

6 hours later Neil Armstrong became the first human (as far as we know, anyway) to walk upon the surface of the moon.

By today's standards, the equipment they flew in and used was very crude. Your cell phone likely has more computing power than all the computers used in the effort...your desktop or laptop that you are reading this post on almost certainly does. If you fly commercial, you will likely be in a more complex craft.

It took a great deal of effort, and lot of money to do what they did.

Sadly, today, NASA no longer has the drive nor the people to do anything remotely as ground breaking as putting people on the moon. NASA isn't the NASA we think of when we think of NASA.

They have become, at best, a political arm of the current administration, and a waste of money.

But take a moment and reflect on the achievement of the people of NASA then.

Now we gotta beg ex commies for a ride to the "international" space station.

ETA: THis is true. Sad, but true.

James Rockford is finally off parole....

James Garner has passed.

Hell of an actor, Great voice.

I grew up watching the "Rockford Files". 

So many great roles played out so well.
I always thought his role in Maverick was a great swan song...Playing the father of a character he had played in his youth.

All good rides must come to an end.

cause and effect....

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Imagine that

Dude must be a racist and all.

Remember: "Weapons of war

Have no place on our streets"
   Barry Obama

Saw one of these on a flatbed in a truckstop today. Had a minute or two to take a decent look at it up close

Looks like there are several vulnerable spots on it:

Brake chambers, which would immobilize the vehicle.

Oil coolers. I saw 2.


Fuel tanks...not that they would blow up or burn, but just leak fuel and stop the vehicle when empty.

All these could be hurt with a decent medium caliber rifle.

Just sayin'.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hey, the feds actually gave up for once

So the press actually did it's job for once, rather than carry water for Barry and his policies.

Seems that the plan to buy a luxury resort for nearly $4 million to house up to 600 illegals has been scrapped due to public outcry.

Now it the press would only point out the other things that Barry and his minions are doing here, we might actually get somewhere towards stopping him.

Congress certainly ain't doing their job, and House just folds every time there is a confrontation.

I bet we could build a lot of fence with $3.8 million...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

If true

If it is true, then THIS should make your head explode.

Newly arrived Illegals given EBT cards and bussed to walmart to shop for supplies. 


So the big talk these days is that we need to increase school funding or class sizes will increase. Currently, the average classroom has 23 students in it in the local area schools .

Now I may well be mistaken, but in elementary school, I remember having 35+ students, and I was reasonably well edumacated. (I lernet to reed and rite pretty good!)

I had classes in high school that exceeded 30 several times, and 27 or so wasn't unheard of.

Yet somehow, my teachers were able to impart some knowledge into my meager brain.

So how is it that 25 students average classroom sizes is too much a load for modern teachers? Especially with modern teaching aids?

Or is this a union thing? Or NEA?

'cause if  not, then my teachers were terribly overworked....


Obama can't find enough funds to fix the VA, cannot give vets any additional help nor find enough funding in order that vets can get the care and equipment they need (and have earned).


He CAN ask for 3.7 BILLION dollars to help illegal immigrant "children" who came here uninvited because their parents believe that Obama won't deport them...

Shows his priorities, don't it?

It is said that the victors write the hisory

And this, apparently, shows that the left has won.

And they are changing the history that is taught to schoolkids today.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Not brown enough?

So there is, apparently, racial discrimination at the border crossings. 

Apparently, only brown people are allowed to enter the country without the proper paperwork, while blonde women from Europe are not, but are, instead, detained.

Customer service: then and now

People think it is worse...and it is. But:

Not all you might think

As I thought, it is the customers that make things more difficult than they did 10 years ago.

How many have been fired?

Seems that the Police in Durham NC have found an easy way to come up with a pretext to search a home even when there is no legal justification for said search.....

Now, if the police can lie and get away with it in a case like this, (enough that the Chief of Police has issued a memo saying that it should stop immediately) then can we ever use their testimony in court? Any policeman? I mean, really, since there is no negative consequences to them, and they are, apparently not willing to clean their own house, I would take any testimony that any Durham policeman gave as a lie.....

Sunday, July 13, 2014

From the comments:

"We have blithering idiots running the country".

You may be right.

However, I think it is part of a plan to damage the US...more and more, like ants eating a healthy tree.

Eventually, it falls.

Kids? Maybe

HT: Outrider

Missing the clues there

Went to the fun show Saturday.

Lots and lots of vendors had lots of guns.

Prices were high. Mostly overpriced.

Ammo of nearly all kinds available.

Prices were high......Cheaper online, even with shipping

All the vendors were complaining no one wanted to buy anything.

If ever there was evidence that we have been invaded

Simply go to a Lowes home improvement store.

The signs are all in Spanish and English.

I mean, I have no issue with people coming to this country (legally) and wanting a better life. I have no issues that they retain and honor the culture from which they came.

But for god's sake, after you choose to live here, learn the native language.

I have known many immigrants, Polish, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Indonesian, Russians.......they all chose to learn english. . I worked for an Italian immigrant when I was in high school, washing dishes in his pizza restaurant. While his english wasn't good, HE SPOKE ENGLISH.  He learned to speak the language of his native country. I do business with a guy who is a motor repairman. He is German (Very Cherman) Yet he speaks english, because HE LIVES HERE AND IT IS HIS COUNTRY.

Not so, these new people. They speak only spanish, and there are enough of them that places like the Banks and now Lowes are catering to them, with Spanish language signage and even spanish language clerks.

I foresee a day, however, when this will backfire upon these businesses. People are getting tired of the pandering to those who are invaders, not citizens. 
I predict there will come a day when those businesses who pander to these invaders will be burned and their property trashed, Where they will be afraid to show spanish language signage.And I will support such actions.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

So how does the bottom of the bus look there, folks?

Who loses most from amnesty?

One group is African Americans. (For the folks who are slow,  that would be the ones who are darker than the brown people).

The DNC is willing to toss them under the bus, now that they don't need their vote.

Biased news

Watching the news this morning, I see that the media is still condemning Israel for targeting sites in Gaza that shoot missiles into Israel.

Oddly enough, when these missiles are shot from areas where there are civilians (which is nearly always), then the return fire damages the civilians homes.Sometimes the Israeli airstrikes hurt other people as well.

No one points out that:

 1. History shows being anywhere near the area where Hamas is shooting missiles is bad for your health...the smart person leaves home when Hamas shows up and begins setting up their missile tubes.

2. Israeli civilians are targeted by Hamas missiles.

3. Strangely, Israel doesn't shoot or bomb into Gaza when there isn't anyone shooting at Israel.

Instead, the reporters, generally female and with a quasi British accent, mournfully (while breathlessly narrating) show the damaged concrete boxes  apartments and injured "Palestinian" children and families....and never blame the folks that start this mess...the Hamas nissileeers.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Has anyone else noticed

That since the We Wanna Take Everyone's Scary Guns Away crowd has more or less given up until the next legislative group comes in at the end of 2014, that the number of mass shootings by heavily drugged psychotic individuals has dropped to No more Adam Lanzas with a long history of mental illness and drug treatment or James Holmes and Jared Laughners that had serious mental illness but somehow were unreported and allowed to purchase firearms and go on a rampage.

Odd that, isn't it??

Now I'm not one for tinfoil helmets (shiny side out please) and I hate to think that there would be a group that wants to disarm us so bad that they would sacrifice innocent people and children  and a US Senator just to make their agenda move forward but.....Hell Yes I think that.  Since the gun control legislation went down in flames, there hasn't been a mass shooting of any note. And those who have tried to commit such atrocities since then were, strangely, not long term users of psychotropic drugs.

Odd that, Innit?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to do it right, customer service edition:

So about 12+ years ago I purchased a GPI fuel transfer pump. I have several diesel vehicles and I needed a pump to transfer stored diesel to the appropriate vehicles. I generally buy diesel from the stations when the price is down (I might buy 150 gallons at a time if the price drops far enough) and store it for when the price jumps or when I just need to fuel the tractor or generator or whatever.

Now, this fuel pump has worked well for me for several years. It replaced a hand powered pump because I just got too lazy to pump 20 gallons or so of diesel by hand (do you know how many strokes of a hand pump that is?) I'd bet that this pump has moved in excess of 5 thousand gallons, both into and out of the fuel tanks.

Sadly, earlier this year, the pump no longer moved fuel. The electric motor would run but no movement of fuel. For a while,I was using a different pump I had because I was too busy to take the broken pump down and open it up to see what was wrong.

I got an exploded parts breakdown off the website and took the time to observe the pump and determine what parts I needed. When I called GPI to see where I could buy the parts, the conversation went like this:

"Hi, I need to order a gear and key set for a 150S pump. "


"and a gasket kit for the gear plate."


"And any other parts you think I need"

"Does the pump prime?"


"then I'll send you a poppet valve kit too....I need your address"

"123 XXXYYY City state"

"Cool, I'll get those out today"

"How much will that be?"

"I'll send them to you"

"Yes, I got that, how much and do you take Visa?"

"I'll send them to you"

"yes, and what are the charges?"

'I am sending them to you at no charge. "

"Oh, Thank you"

Didn't expect that, and the pump is 12+ years old. I doubt that the parts cost them that much to make, but still, this is well beyond what I expected as customer service. Hell, I'd have at least expected to have to pay for postage.

Oh, and BTW... these fuel pumps are MADE IN AMERICA.


If the team name "Redskins" is so terribly offensive to "Native Americans" that we have to renege on trademark protection (which is bullshit).....

Then is the Army going to rename all of the aircraft that they have that bear some sort of Indian like name?





I might have missed some, but I think that these are the ones in current use.

And are they going to go after Piper (Cheyenne, Seneca, Seminole,and Comanche, etc) Aircraft too ?

How about the Navy? They have many ships with Indian names, as do the Coast Guard.  

Where does this political correctness stop? 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


"The man who smiles when things go to shit has figured out who he can blame."

Monday, July 7, 2014

Someone has to pay...and the BLM doesn't want to take the heat...

Of course, no one can seem to find any law that Cliven Bundy broke regarding the protests and the subsequent intimidation of the BLM (if they were actually BLM officers and not outside contractors in BLM uniforms) by the protestors.

"U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials say they agree with a Nevada sheriff's position that rancher Cliven Bundy must be held accountable for his role in an April standoff between his supporters and the federal agency"

Really? What law did Mr. Bundy break?  Where is his responsibility? The land was either Interstate highways, State roads, or BLM land that Mr. Bundy leased for grazing and that the BLM had states was no longer his to do anything with. It wasn't (according the BLM) his property to control.

How was Mr. Bundy ever, in any way, responsible for the thousands of people who supported him in his face off of the BLM? Yes, it was his fight that they rallied to, but I never saw any video, nor heard any stories, about him exhorting people to "point rifles at" nor shoot the Feds.

And I still have to ask why, if there was a true case against Mr. Bundy, he is not under arrest and his possessions confiscated by the Feds under a federal judges order (hint: there is no order because no judge will give the BLM one)

And if the Sheriff felt that the BLM was out of line, then WHY didn't he exercise his powers as a county Sheriff and exclude them(the feds) from the area? The Sheriff has that right, but instead he chose not to be there at all.

And if the Feds had any case against Cliven Bundy or any of the protesters, they'd have made arrests already. Cliven Bundy may or may not owe the Feds any money. A judge has heard the case, and while he did allow the removal of cattle, he did not make any judgement against Mr. Bundy regarding his other assets. IF there was a case, Mr. Bundy would be under arrest and his personal property seized.

Hasn't happened.

So this statement by the Feds and the Sheriff is just hot air.

BTTT....Og has taken

A nebulous idea that I had and run with it.

We are, slowly, refining it.

YOU SHOULD READ his post, and contribute ideas and publicity. If you have a blog, link to his post. We really could make this happen. If enough people participated it'd make the Bundy thing look like a kids bithday party.

We could make this a movement. In fact, I suggested in a comment either here or there that we should find a way to make it a tax deductible donation (501c(3)?) so as to screw the government twice...once by putting up a fence and second by deducting the materials as a tax deduction....Likely we could also deduct fuel and food and lodging as well.

I can see it now...THOUSANDS of men and women arriving at the border with posthole diggers and trailerloads of fence materials, gloves and hats and boots, ready to work...working for a week or so, and then returning home. Daring the government to do something about it.

Leaving in their wake, a more secure border.

I am up for it...are you? I am sure that later this year I could find a week or so to improve our countries border security.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

They can get away with it in California

Because in California, the populace is, essentially disarmed.

Deploying highly armed riot police to break up a protest will work in Califronia, but in many other states, doing this to break up a legal protest, might result in a bad outcome for the authorities.

But when the arms are only with the State, then there is only tyranny, as there is no check upon the actions of the organs of the State.

So I go to the range Saturday, expecting that what with the holiday weekend it won't be too busy....I had been suggesting to the range management that they assign someone during a work day to seal the posts holding up the roof in the sunshade on the outdoor range (no maintenance for something like 25 years, so it is needful). Since the last two work parties had been cancelled or were sparsely attended, I went on Saturday, purchased 5 gallons of Thompson's water seal (hate the new formula, BTW) and took a few hours to do it least the uprights, which were very much in need of some love.

I'm about halfway done, spraying the posts with a sprayer and then working the sealer into the surface with a brush, when another member shows up. He isn't planning to shoot on the range that I am working on, but feels that he has both the right and the time to give me advice.

Now, I am trying to be polite, but I am getting pissed off. For one, I don't like people who don't work at maintaining the range, period. I feel that if you are a member, you can find a few hours a year to do basic maintenance, much less help with improvements. Secondly, I don't like people who stand there and watch a person work while criticizing their methods. If you want to help, feel free to show me how, but don't tell me about it while I am working and you aren't.

So, I sorta am tuning this asshole out while spraying and brushing, and finally I tell him that I have a spare brush if he wants to help. (the other option, which I would have preferred, is shooting him in the kneecap or foot with my carry gun, but even in a somewhat progressive, free thinking state like Indiana,  judges frown upon such behavior)

He doesn't take the hint:

So I stop working, raise my hand (to interrupt the flow of unwelcome advice) and when he winds down, I say:

"You must be a liberal....I bet you voted for Barry".

His eyes widen, and he begins to splutter denials.

"Then stop acting like a liberal. You show up here, uninvited, you give unwelcome advice, showing that you have never done the job, but merely read about it, you criticize those people who are actually doing something productive when you aren't willing to get your own hands dirty., And you won't stop interfering with the job.
Either start helping or shut the hell up and go away"

He actually decides to shut up and leave. Which is fine by me.

Still got work to do on the sealing, but hey, it is a start. 

Today, I am off to another, longer range, to sight in a new precision upper/scope combination for my AR.  Should be a 1 MOA or better combo...we will see.

Friday, July 4, 2014


Not just the 4th of July folks, but a day to celebrate the beginning of our nation. Independence day!

This is the birthday of our country...It has many problems, indeed, I have whined about most of them at one time or another.

Having said that, today is the day we celebrate (rightly or wrongly) the birthday of our nation. One that, while terribly imperfect, is still the best on this planet.

So while you are having your hot dogs and hamburgers and watching those pretty lights on the sky this evening, be thankful that you live in this proud of what our forefathers  did to create the set of rules that made this country great. Thank whatever Deity you choose to that you live here rather than another country, under another set of rules.If you are an immigrant, be thankful that you got here, if a natural born citizen, be thankful for that.

Remember WHY we celebrate today.... It isn't just another day off.

Dude's got a point


Can you argue with him?

I still celebrate the birth of the greatest country ever known, even if she is a bit down right now.

God willing we can get rid of these liberals and RINO's and restore this country to greatness.

If only 'cause there is nowhere else to go.

It occurs to me that this is what we get for having "tolerance".

And letting the cancer of liberalism grow in this country...for that we can thank the Baby Boomers....those born post WWII.

For without them and their votes, we'd not have had any of all started in the 60's and grew in the 70's. Barry may want to "fundamentally transform America" but the transformation began about 50 years ago....And has damaged our  country badly. Maybe even terminally.

If only

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,
When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

If only we and our preceding generations had  lived up to the standards these men who wrote this document had.

If they had, we'd not be in the dilemma our country faces today.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I think they are scary too

How about you?


And here I thought that that was pretty poor shooting, I wasn't having a very good day, wasn't feeling it,  had drank WAY too much coffee that day, and had a wicked crosswind.

But I went anyway, 'cause when things go pear shaped the chances of having a perfect day and that I will be feeling tops are very slim, so practice in all conditions is a good idea.

I went and shot for the E-postal match hosted by Brigid and Partner.

and I came in first and third in class 3. Found this target a VERY challenging one.

I really didn't think either was a winning score. Not an embarassing score, mind you, but not anywhere close to winning. But I sent the targets in anyway. 70 and 65 with the 10-22 and the Buckmark.

Who knew?

I'll be waiting for my trophy and gold medal or whatever to arrive.  Rumor has it that there are sports cars for the top shooters as well.

ETA: You should, if you can find the time, try this months postal match. Looks to be challenging as well.

More range time is never a bad thing

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I don't blame Target

They were, unfortunately, forced to say SOMETHING....But in placating one market segement, they chose to alienate another one. I am a part of that alienated portion.

Sadly(for them), my firearms is attached to my pants....which is also where my wallet and money clip reside.

Therefore, if my gun (and therefore my pants) aren't welcome, then I will stay away...and so will my wallet and my money clip.

Unless, and until Target is willing to also take responsibility AND liability for my safety from any shootings, stabbings, assaults, or other mayhem which might happen in their store (and this would require more than one elderly security guard, more like 15 per store to be effective) then they cannot have my business.

I probably spend 3-4 thousand dollars a year at Target. Now my gun, my pants, and my wallet will be forced to accompany me elsewhere for my shopping needs.

There are a LOT of retailers out there.

You need some

If I could buy 'em, I'd post 'em everywhere I could.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Playing catch up

Monday night Mom Nature whacked us with a double header...2 lines of fairly severe thunderstorms.

Not as bad as it has been, but not very gentle either.

78 MPH winds at the homestead, and about 15 MPH higher at the business.

80K people without power. Running business on a generator.

Life is interesting.

"We have limited power, but can accommodate you"

Customer: "Well then, I'll just go to your competitor across the street"

"feel free".

Customer: "where, exactly, are they? I can't see their sign".

"That would be due to the fact that THEY HAVE NO POWER EITHER, due to the storm".

Customer: "Oh".

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Have $400K laying around?

If ya do, and can't find something else to do with it, you can always buy a town.

Seriously, you can. all it takes is cash.

You might be able to get financing if you bargain....

Town is Swett, South Dakota. (so small it doesn't even have a Wikipedia page)

Right here