Thursday, September 29, 2011


It be true

Have ya noticed?

The guy who wanted to blow up the pentagon, who is a muslim, is being shielded by the MSM..

No, they ARE reporting that he wanted to blow up the pentagon. But they are downplaying the fact that his motivation was the cause of Jihad. Downplaying the fact that he was a muslim.

Look, I really don't care what your motivation for death, dismemberment, etc. is. If you want to use terror tactics to disrupt peoples lives, then you and I have a problem. You automatically become my enemy. If you wish to harm my fellow citizens, then I am your enemy....

But really, why downplay his motivation...Why downplay his religion? (and by the same token, they shouldn't make a big deal about it either) But the MSM and the liberals (but I repeat myself) do their best to make a big deal when a person who may be choosing violence as his means of protest against our government is associated with a right leaning organization..say a Militia or the NRA or something like that. They did their best to portray Jared Laughner as a right wing gun nut when he shot Gabby Giffords and others a few months ago. They play up any right wing association they can (or if they are, god forbid, a christian or a conservative) but they downplay an attachment to a third century religion....almost as if they wish to hide the fact.

I hate double standards. Perhaps the guy was just a nutball. Perhaps he was embarking on his Jihad. Perhaps he represents all Muslims. I really don't know. But I do know that there is a double standard in the MSM....

Just sumpthin' to cogitate upon:

A prudent man foresees the difficulties and prepares for them; The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Proverbs 22:3 

I'm just sayin'

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm sure that there are non muslims who think this way too

But somehow, for some reason, the papers and other news media fail to report on things like this, except when it is a man of middle eastern extraction or a bunch of country folks who might be in a "militia"....

One would wonder about the details though.... Was he really a wannabe terrorist, or was this another game by the Fumbling Bunch of Idiots where they talked themselves into this and just kinda gathered him up in the rush?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Your tax dollars at work (some animals are more equal than others)

So, not content with letting criminals purchase firearms and failing to surveil them as they cross the border in order to make the claim of "80% of guns used in crimes in Mexico come from the US" as a vehicle to greater gun control measures......The US government purchased and gave away firearms using your money...for the same end!

Were I to do the same, I'd be participating in a "straw purchase"...Which would lead me to the pokey, the graybar hotel....I'd get a vacation at the expense of the taxpayers..., and bring me a very large fine. But I guess when government agents conspire to do so, it must be ok.

How in any way is it that this is not a scandal on the front pages of the papers, and in the nightly news? How is it that these agents who participated in this debacle are still working as federal agents? WHY AREN'T PEOPLE UNDER INDICTMENT OR IN JAIL?

We have federal agents BREAKING THE LAW and not even gaining anything, not even trying to catch people. The whole set of actions obviously not to stop lawbreakers but rather to perpetrate a fraud in the court of public opinion. 

And their actions have caused the deaths of at least one federal agent and, reportedly, nearly a hundred Mexican civilians....Why are these agents involved in the cluster-fuck not charged with conspiracy to commit murder?

Why do federal agents get a pass on criminal actions which would land each of the rest of us in prison?

Why is this not a  "Watergate"? 

If you are living under a rock and aren't familiar with the story of  "Operation Fast and Furious", use Google.


and proof that The 'Won" is in the pocket of the unions.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Some folks succeed, some don't succeed in society...

In other words:

Some make good ones, some don't.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Try it in my home...

Despite what the Indiana Supreme Court has decided, No one is welcome in my home without an invitation. No one. Not even the po-po.

5-0 wanna enter my home? Get a warrant. State yer probable cause. Or bring friends. Lots of 'em. And expect a lawsuit. A large one. Might even be significant armed resistance.  Best to bring a lunch. We are gonna be here for a while.

You'll win eventually, 'cause there are more of you than there are of me. But it ain't gonna be easy.

As they say..."bring it". 

We need our lawmakers to step up and make the limits clear. To pass a law which upholds the Constitution. ( the previous statement is, IMO, redundant, but nonetheless, true). They need to act NOW.  Before someone gets hurt.

And we need better justices in our courts. Soon. Or a lynching. At least an ass whoopin'.
How can these justices allow this? They are attorneys, right? What are they thinking?

HT/ Midwest Chick.

And found at Way up North is:

Somehow I can't see this ruling ever turning out well. For anyone. Either the citizens get screwed, or the cops think that they can do whatever they want....Until they encounter someone who thinks otherwise.

No one wins here...The guard dogs need a leash in order to know when to stop attacking. But the judges have let slip the leash.

Friday, September 23, 2011


What he said.

You really should read it.


So if yer not doing anything this weekend, the Dunes Rifle and Pistol club is throwing its twice yearly gun and knife extravaganza.  While it ain't the Indy 1500, it are a good show.

Highly recommended if yer in the area.

Thursday, September 22, 2011



Nothing is as good as brownies...Except, maybe, bacon. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So, 6 or 5 or 4 years ago, I bought a P-3AT at the Indy 1500 gun show. I needed a small concealable firearm. I wanted something reliable and lightweight that I could conceal in a suit jacket....Something for those times when I couldn't carry a 1911...even a shorty. I also carried this firearm when I was working in the yard as it was less cumbersome and less likely to snag when doing yard work and such.

At the time, Kel-Tec made the only such firearm....The LCP  was a year or so from being available, and there were, really, no others like it at that time with the combination of light weight, size and caliber. Besides, this one had a stainless slide, and my sweat will pit blued steel in nano-moments.

I really didn't like the firearm, to be truthful. It was small and narrow and not much fun to shoot, but it did what I wanted. Hide well, and it went bang every time I pulled the trigger. I could shoot 6" groups at 20 feet, and that was good enough...Even though I hated the thing.

I never liked the thing, but I did practice enough that I could use it if I needed to. But I always left that range session with my hand hurting.

Now, Kel-Tec has the serial number in the system, as I broke an extractor a year or so in and lost a takedown pin once. They had honored their warranty for the extractor, and sent me a takedown pin free, even though I lost it. I was happy with their service.

Was. They have decided not to honor their warranty. They have reneged on their promises

Last Saturday morning, I went to load the pistol as I was planning on doing some woodsplitting with Og and family (and Midwest Chick) and I noticed that when I pulled the slide back, the hammer failed to follow the slide. It flopped back and forth. Seems that the hammer spring had failed. Odd, it only had, lets see, 20 rounds or so per month for 5 years....20 x 12 x 5 or so..1200 rounds. Hmm. Not too many. But hey, Lifetime warranty and all that, right?

Nazzo fast though....I called Kel-Tec and asked them their procedure for sending a firearm back for service....Seems that unless you can provide a copy of the 4473 or the original bill of sale, there is no warranty because YOU CANNOT PROVE THAT YOU ARE THE FIRST PURCHASER....Therefore they may or may not honor the warranty. I pointed out that the serial number (and my name)  is in the system as they had sent me parts before, no matter.  The customer service rep stated that without the information, there WILL be a charge for service, for parts, and for shipping.  So much for a lifetime warranty.

I actually looked to see if I still had the bill of sale. (yeah, right). I knew it was futile, but I looked anyway. I do not have it. Nor do I remember the dealer who sold it to me.

Not sure what I am going to do. Likely have the thing fixed. Even if they charge me. But Kel-Tec has changed their policy of fixing firearms. And it pisses me off. They have evidence that this firearm has been in my possession for years, have accepted that I was the first purchaser in prior dealings regarding this firearm..., have sent me parts for free, and have still decided that the burden of proof is on me this time. They have decided not to honor their warranty. I guess that "lifetime" must be getting expensive. They don't even honor what they say on their website as their official (new) policy. 

Fuck 'em. This will be the last Kel-Tec firearm that I purchase.

But now I need suggestions as to what I should purchase to replace it.

Small,  lightweight, concealable.... decent DAO trigger (yeah, I know...) and something that points well. Something with a reputation for reliability (this IS a personal defense firearm, after all)...Not too expensive, but I'd rather pay for quality.....Caliber .380 or better..("bring enough gun"). I'd prefer to have a larger caliber, but concealability is important, and the P-3AT was the right size.


I have one. Buy something other than Kel-Tec. They change the rules....Tell yer friends.

This makes 3 firearms that I have broken this year.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ok, I'll play...

Og wants us to show our every day carry knives.

Y'all are a bunch of pikers...

nah, really. He was overcompensating.

Here's mine....

My EDC knife.:

Straight blade 'cause it is easier to sharpen (and I don't cut rope every day), but I do use the knife several times a day, and have to sharpen it at least weekly.  I actually own 3...2 for backups.

And, for when I go over the state line into the Peoples Republik of Illinois, and cannot carry my CCW, I carry this:

Saturday, September 17, 2011


224 years ago:

The most important document ever was adopted by the United States Constitutional Convention.

This piece of parchment, and more importantly the words written upon it, became the foundation for the country to which many people dreamed of living in. Dreamed of emigrating to. Dreamed of becoming a citizen in..

To some, the Constitution is just words, or an impediment. But to  others, it is a scred document.

It doesn't tell us what our government can do, IT LIMITS what the government can do! This is the magic of the Constitution. It limits what the government can require of its citizens. Think about it.

Our founding fathers forged a mighty document 224 years ago. And in doing so handed our ancestors and also us a mighty country...If we can keep it running.

The FBI agrees with me

Which makes me shudder in fear..

But THIS is what they agree with me about.

You should think about what the link says.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Has this happened to you?????

Here is a picture of my daily carry piece.

Notice the rounds below the pistol. 2 are shorter than the other.

Know how that happened? These are all Speer Gold Dot .45 ACP cartridges. The center one is brand new. The others are used to be the top two rounds in the magazine of my daily carry.

Used to be, I came home from whatever my daily activities were and at the end of the day, I'd pop the magazine out and then eject the round in the chamber. I'd then lock the slide back and leave the firearm on the table. This was primarily so that the firearm had a chance to dry out after being carried IWB.

In the morning, I'd replace the mag, drop the slide, set the safety, then drop the mag and replace the round that I had ejected the night before at the top of the magazine.

Do this more or less daily for a few weeks or months, and the result is the two shorter rounds you see below. The bullets are set back significantly, and the chamber pressures will, if the rounds are fired, be significantly higher. Dangerous? I dunno. Not Good? You betcha. I'll knock these apart for components and reload them for range rounds, but I won't shoot them as shown....

I used to change my carry rounds every 3 months, now I do it monthly. I burn up the personal defense rounds in my CCW magazine at a range session just to be sure that fresh ones (even though expensive compared to reloads!) are at the ready, not rounds exposed to sweat, vibration, changing temps, and the above mentioned bullet setback. And I tend not to clear the firearms daily unless it is REALLY damp, or really dusty, etc. Likely the CCW piece will be only unloaded and the action opened for the weekly cleaning and oiling....

At our house, we have no children, and adults are either trusted ( Brigid, Og, etc) or firearms are put away or carried on our person: either way, out of reach, or adults are closely watched (we aren't terribly trusting of folks we don't know well.  We treat people we don't know just like children when it comes to firearms.) As Tam has pointed out many times, handling yer heater adds to the likelihood that you will have a negligent discharge.

When was the last time you inspected the rounds in the firearm you carry at the ready to save your life or the life of someone dear to you?

Thursday, September 15, 2011


What he said:

"All I want to do is mind my business.  I avoid getting into other people's faces as long as they stay out of mine.  I'm ready and willing to help out when need arises, and I understand that my own success, such as it is, in addition to setting a good example, increases my ability to help those in need.  But that is my prerogative and mine alone.  That goes for me and several million of my closest friends who favor liberty over tyranny.  So go ahead and march for "One Big Global Union", screaming for revolution, carrying your picket signs attached to baseball bats.  Go ahead and plan 'till you're blue in the face, and plan to carry out your threats.  I'll be sitting here quietly minding my own business and respecting other's right to do the same, until it comes time to act.  I hope you're not that stupid, but I know from experience that I can't count on socialists having a lick of sense, even when it comes to self preservation.  They tend to get themselves in far, far too deep before they even begin to understand the implications."

That about sums up my point of view. Like a hornet's nest, you really don't want to kick it too hard or too often, or you really won't like the resulting action. But leave it alone and you are perfectly safe.

Your choice.

Twisting the story

To fit your preconceptions.

Should we let him die? Watch.

What happened is NOT what is stated in the headline, nor, really what is stated in the text.

Seems that an adult making a choice not to get health insurance (and facing the consequences) is viewed differently by the Tea Party folks vs the reporter.

While this might well play well with the (obviously liberal) reporters friends and drinking buddies, it doesn't play well with anyone with the thought processes and cognitive abilities of a rutabaga.

Watch the video. See where anyone cheers at the thought of "letting him die". (actually, I think that if he makes the choice to spend his money for other things besides  health insurance he deserves whatever he gets). It is not the responsibility of the society in which he lives to pay for him when he won't pay for himself.

Interesting how the spin is played though.


What he said:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Security theater

SO the TSA has decided that they will back off on groping little children patting down kids under 12 "due to public outrage".


Except that this really really shows the fallacy that the entire groping/porno-scan concept is composed of: If scanning/groping/patdowns etc are necessary for passengers in general, then they SHOULD be used on children as well. Children are as valid a conduit for contraband as adult. If the invasive measures are not necessary for children, then they are not necessary for the adults either. To exclude a segment of the travelling public, no matter what their age, is foolish and short sighted. Either you have a security issue, necessitating the search, or you don't. If searching little girls and boys in an invasive manner is wrong, then so is searching men and women in an invasive manner. If there is no need to search these children, then there is no reason to search the adults flying with them. Security is not a "sometimes" issue. You either have complete security (which we already know we don't) or you have no security, period. A determined "terrorist" would not hesitate to use a child to carry explosives or other harmful substances as a part of their sacrifice to their cause.

Security theater. No two ways about it. That is what we have. Not security.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

National concealed carry

See HERE for details.

While I would LOVE to see concealed carry in every state, and would LOVE to see them all honor Indiana's (or every other states) carry permit, the fact is that this is unlikely to pass even the House, and will never pass the Senate...If it did, it wouldn't be a veto proof majority, so it would NEVER pass....

Plus the whole states rights issue, which, while I really believe in the 2nd amendment, is really nearly as important.

I think I'd rather have the states remain independent and each decide what (if any) firearms laws they wish to fight their citizens in court over. I can choose where to travel.

Then again, this may merely be a pre-election year stunt.

Yeah, the military likes him

When they are TOLD TO.

You'd think he'd be embarrassed to show his face after that. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

You'd think we would learn

First I'd like a moment of silence for all those whose lives were lost on that day 10 years ago. The victims of mass murder. The victims of a religious war.
Take a moment and do whatever you do to remember those people, of all faiths, who were killed.

Now, The big question is: have we learned anything?

I don't think so.

Wahabi Muslims are still our enemies. Paid for with Saudi oil money. Provided sanctuary in Pakistan.

Note that I did not say all Muslims.

But some are. And the issue is that I (and, I think, most people) cannot tell the difference. How do we tell the fundamentalist whacko Muslim from the guy who just wants to raise his family in a safe place and maybe get ahead? They generally look alike, They sound alike, They appear to be the same kind of folks. They read from the same book. They worship the same god. They listen to the "words of Mohammed" as preached by the same Imams. They financially support CAIR and other front organizations. They worship in the same Mosque. Despite all the media, despite all the attention paid to their plight, I have not heard a great outcry of revulsion for the acts perpetrated against our countrymen 10 years ago from any Muslim group. I have not seen any condemnation, nor have I seen the radical Muslims in our (and specially their) midst turned in to authorities by a Mosque or a group of Muslims in order to protect the US and its citizens.  These radical, murderous scum are provided money from mosques all over the world. They are the fighters in a religious war.

We fail to assess the danger that a subset of our Muslim countrymen are to the country and its citizens. We fail to deal with the issues because we are afraid to face the truth. There are dangerous people in our midst, and they hide in a larger population of Muslims. We, therefore, sacrifice our safety in the name of political correctness. We fail to face the facts that are obvious to all of us. It isn't, after all, Christians and Buddhists, Jews and Hindus who massacre others en masse. Who strap on vests made of Semtek and ball bearings and sacrifice themselves in order to hurt others in the name of their god.

Political correctness failed us then, in 2001, and it is failing us now. Face facts: Most, (not all!) of the acts of terrorism which have taken place throughout the world in the last 30 years have been perpetrated by Muslims, in the name of their god and their religion. These people live alongside, and worship alongside "normal", "peaceful" Muslims.  They believe that it is acceptable to lie to a non-Muslim. To swear to them by their gods or their religion in order to gain a greater goal.  Duplicity is acceptable.  These people are our enemy. The difference between those who are actively enemies of our country and our laws and our culture and those who just live here, however, is only a matter of degree. They will willingly sacrifice lives of their own in order to gain power or advantage. Infidels, non-Muslims, are dust to be spurned beneath their feet. Think I am kidding? Educate yourself. Learn. Read the Koran. (I have one:  Ironically, provided by CAIR...It is a beautiful tome, but full of evil thoughts.)

And lest you think that I am wrong, let us look at the example of Bin Laden. Yes. Osama (Usama) bin Laden. Lived in Pakistan for at least 8 years. Pakistan. Our "ally". Apparently no-one was aware of his existence in their country. For 8 years. Seriously. The fact that they hid him is bad enough. The fact that we let them lie and prevaricate is worse. The "secular" government of Pakistan chose to hide the single largest  murderer in our history. Chose to claim be our "ally" while duplicitously hiding the man we sought more than anyone else. And LIED about it when caught. I expect nothing better from a Muslim country or its leader, but then again, I have worked with people of that culture for many years.

"But!" you say...."What about all the muslims who were killed on 9-11?" Martyrs to their cause. Unwilling, perhaps, but martyrs nonetheless. How many muslims have truck bombs and suicide vests killed elsewhere over the years? Life is valued differently for these people than for you and I.  And the price is what they are willing to make us pay

The only way that these people will be truly happy is when this country is under Islamic law. Some may be more active than others, but the fact remains that the laws and culture of the US are incompatible with the laws governing Muslims as written in the Koran. You cannot be a good Muslim and a good citizen of the US. There is no assimilation into our society. There is no melding of cultures. There is the West, and their are those people of good Muslim faith. The two are immiscible.

A good Muslim knows no country. He knows no king, he knows no leader besides the Imams. He  knows no law besides the words of the Koran. He exists only to further the rise of the Caliphate and the muslim state.. He cannot exist in both worlds. He cannot truly integrate into our society because his religion is at odds with our culture. The attempts to get Sharia law in Detroit are one obvious example. Sharia law and US law are incompatible. One cannot be a good, devout Muslim and live under any other law. In many ways they are not immigrating, but rather colonizing this country. They do not adapt and integrate to our laws as they fail to assimilate themselves into our culture and society. They seek, rather, a change of our country, culture and laws to fit them.

I hold my country and my Constitution over my religion. So do most of my fellow countrymen. Yet I know not a single Muslim who does. They all hold their religion over the laws of this country. And my religion is not incompatible with the laws of this country.

I know many Muslims. Some are good people. Others may not be. Some have helped me learn about the Muslim culture and religion (and the two are intertwined). But who among them are the radicals? Who among them support terror? Many return to their homelands several times a year. Are they just visiting family? Perhaps. Are there honorable men who are Muslim? Yes. Many. I know of several. (they are not, however, Arabs or Pakistanis, but rather of African origin. There seems to be a difference)

A good Muslim sees you, an infidel (literally "without God") as less than he. Not worth worrying about, He holds you in contempt. The Koran says he can lie to you, cheat you, subjugate you, and tax you. He can indeed kill you with less worry than killing an animal. Because you are not of his faith.
The sad part is that many Muslims fail to see the fact that the very thing which they dislike about this country is that which makes it a good, safe wonderful place to live. The very thing that they hate, the Constitution and the resultant laws which they despise are what makes this country great. The freedoms which  they use to succeed here and which result in their being able to worship in their own way, in their own religion and openly also allow all those things which they despise about this culture and this country. They would change and destroy those very laws which give them the freedom to be what they are.....

There is the parable of the man walking in the snow who found a snake partially frozen in a snowbank. He felt sorry for the snake, and gathered it up and carried it home. The snake was unresponsive and nearly dead. He held the snake close against him, in front of a fire, and gradually the snake stirred. Opening its eyes it saw the human who had succored it. The snake raised its head and thanked the man for warming it and saving its life. Then it opened its mouth and bit the man, sinking its fangs deeply into his flesh and injecting a lethal dose of venom deep into the man.  Dying, the man cried out "I took you in, warmed you, and saved your life! Yet you bit me!....I was no danger to you! You are alive because of my actions! Yet you repay me with death?" The snake replied..."I am a snake, it is what I do" as the man died beneath him. 

Failure to realize, identify, and deal with these issues led us to the tragedy in 2001. There were several warnings. Several other previous attacks. Many chances to recognize and prevent the massacre on 9-11 were missed by many people. Yet we make those same mistakes today.  Hindsight is 20-20, and we cannot truly blame those who missed the threat then. But we can blame ourselves and those we pay to protect us today, for we are missing the obvious with the benefit of hindsight. We know the threat today, yet we ignore it. We fail to accept that it is. We fail to acknowledge that it is here, and real,  We have knowledge today that those folks did not have then. Yet we fail to act using that knowledge. We know where one threat lies, yet we ignore it in the name of political correctness. We fail to defend ourselves because to do so might hurt someone's feelings. We fall for the duplicitous statements made by so called leaders in the Muslim culture. "Religion of Peace" is an affront to you and I, not only because of the lie itself, but because they think you are stupid enough to believe it.

So today, 10 years later, are we safer? We are groped and scanned at airports. investigated secretly by the Department of Homeland Security, wiretapped in secrecy, followed by GPS.... under an incredible umbrella of new laws designed to "make us safer". Yet we still have the den of snakes in our midst. And we fail to acknowledge it. Parts of Europe is becoming aware of the issue, but it may be too late for them. Is it too late for us?

The single most common name given to boy children of Muslim mothers today throughout the world (and for the past 10 years) is Osama. Think about it.

And remember that your countrymen (of all religious persuasions) were killed in the name of a religion which its followers claim seeks "Peace".

Now some of you are going to say that I am painting with a broad brush, and using a small minority to trash the majority. Not so. Facts are facts. If you dispute what I said above, then you haven't bothered to educate yourself. I am the most inclusive, tolerant person you are likely to meet, but I cannot fail to see  what I see. If that offends you, then stop reading me. On the day of 9-11, shortly after the attacks I stopped some punks from hassling two very frightened Islamic (I assume they were muslim, as they wore veils) women and their children at a truck stop. I and another gentlemen escorted them to their car and dared the punks to hassle them some more we saw then to safety and they thanked us. . I do business with a muslim, and treat him as fairly as I do anyone else. I interact professionally with others many times throughout the year. That doesn't negate any of what I wrote above.

So if the above words offend you, and you dismiss me as a racist or a bigot, then you are either blind or stupid or just not paying attention, in which case you are part of the problem, and you are part of the reason this country is likely to suffer another attack of the magnitude of the one which we experienced 10 years ago.

Let us never forget.


If we do, then we deserve what we get.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Sure talks pretty, don't he? I am not sure, however, why I didn't find something else to clean out the septic tank or something.

But I wasted the time watching and listening to a socialist. Listened to him speak in generalities, about how sleight of hand with the budget would pay for a new jobs program....Which was also touted with no details...And I realized that his entire campaign and term has been dominated by that idea. No details. None in the campaign and none in any of his legislation. No details..."Trust me, I'll do it right...This time"

And if we need all this action which he has recommended tonight, THEN WHY THE HELL DIDN'T HE DO ALL THIS INSTEAD OF PUSHING HIS SOCIALIST AGENDA at the beginning of his (hopefully single) term.

And if you can save all that money for your "jobs bill" then WHY COULDN'T YOU SAVE IT DURING THE BUDGET debacle?  If you can find it now, then where were you looking a few months ago?  "Paid for" my ass.

And I swear, Mr. Obama, that if I hear the phrase "fair share" from you one more time, I am going to find a way to make it past the Secret Service folks and puke in your lap.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I spent WAY too much time working

with software engineers in the past...

Today, at work (where there are no software engineers, and the field is totally unrelated to software) a coworker pointed at what appeared to be an insect crawling up the window.

"is that a bug?" she asked.

Automatically, the words left my lips.

"no, it's a feature".

I said (nearly) the same thing myself this morning

after having heard the words of Mister Hofffa on the news this morning.

Rather than concrete, I suggested that a backhoe, but other than that we are in agreement here....

As they say...."Bring it!".

They won't like the results. We are capable of independent action and thought. The union folks? Not so much.

Leaders first. The rest will scatter..... Hypothetically, of course.

My brother is a subject

Not a citizen.

Now, make no mistake, my brother believes in the power of the State. He thinks that Obama walks on water, gives advice to God (if God makes an appointment), shits skittles, and makes unicorns and doves faint at his feet. He truly believes that the money of the citizens is better spent by the State for the good of all rather than by the people who earned it. He thinks that the government is better at running our lives than we are. He is a socialist and a statist. He thinks that the Constitution is a "living document" which should be "interpreted" for our modern times. He supports "Obamacare" and feels that the country is not socialist enough.

TO get to the point of this post though:  He (my brother) posted on his facebook page the other day (I don't use facebook, but Midwest Chick does sometimes, and she told me about it....) that he "Really enjoyed having his car searched by the cops" late at night as he was going home from work about 2 AM.

So, being the curious one (and hey, he's my brother, even if his politics and thought processes are foreign to me) I called him and asked him what had happened.

Apparently he was on his way from work and was stopped in a "public safety inspection". Now that in itself is, IMHO an illegal search, but the courts seem to feel differently.....but that is a topic of discussion for another time. When I asked  what happened, he said (quite indignantly, I might add)  "the bastards even took my spare tire down!" I asked for the whole story and it went something like this:

"They asked if they could search my vehicle and I didn't really have a choice, now did I? I mean, they are the police and they'll search it if they want to, so I said yes. They took the headliner down and tossed all my tools and even searched my spare tire! They  rifled through all of my stuff and then left it there! "

I asked his what they used as probable cause for the search. He said "they are the police! They don't need probable cause. They'll just make something up..."

I asked why he didn't ask them for their cause to search. He became irate and said.."you don't understand, they are the police! You don't have a choice!"

I suggested that he did, indeed, have a choice and that next time he should ask them what they were looking for and under what cause they felt that they had a reason to search. Make them state it. Also identify themselves by name and badge number. (I cautioned him that he should be respectful, but to not consent to a search...ever. In fact, if requested to leave the car (and not, of course, to exit until so requested) he should roll up the windows and lock the car upon exit.) Make them search the car under protest. Make them take his keys from him and do the search without his cooperation or permission. Might not make things easier, but at least make them state why and even then do the search against his will.  Especially in circumstances like his, which were basically "being out late at night on a holiday weekend" as a reason for being searched....

He stated again. "They'll search it of they want to, they don't need a reason. There's nothing you can do...They are the police! They have the power"

I suggested that the Constitution and the courts said otherwise. He said again..."they are the police! They don't need a reason".

Again, I stated that they did need a reason, and while resisting is indeed bad, making them identify themselves in front of the camera on the cop car and state the reason they believed that they had probable cause to search would at least put things on record....and was not unreasonable and might well make them back off. Ask for a second officer (preferably a supervisor) to be present. Get his name and badge number as well. Be polite and respectful, but firm. Remember that the police are not terribly well versed in the law...but are well versed in control. It's their job.

I pointed out that the Constitution is designed to place limits on the government for this exact reason.

I then asked him if the police had asked for a cavity search would he have complied? Perhaps had taken him to his home and demanded to search his home with no cause and no warrant would he have allowed that?

"But they are the police!" he kept saying. The conversation degenerated shortly thereafter.

This is the society that he envisions for the rest of us. No laws restraining the police. No leash on the watchdogs.... Subjectivity for all.

Oh, and BTW, he is a law abiding sort of guy, and there was nothing to find that was unlawful. They did let him go with no charges of any kind. This happened in the Peoples Republik of Illinois.

The above is why he is a subject, rather than a citizen. His fear of the police and willingness to subject himself to their "authoritah!" even though he finds it distasteful. The vision of the left.....

He is a subject...Of the State and it's minions, not a citizen. I find that sad.

What are you?  Subject? Citizen?

Your choice.

I know where I stand. Do you?

Monday, September 5, 2011


I still didn't get my free gun from the ATF.

And I live in the state of Indiana where this took place (and I visit the state of confusion.....but I digress).

How many states have the free gun giveaway, and how come I keep getting left out?


Saturday, September 3, 2011

overheard yesterday

in a small town diner at lunchtime...

"Most of the countries problems could be solved with one 30-06 round... Placed correctly when the white house helicopter is taking off..."

No one had any comment, but many nods did happen. Sadly, even the local LEO's (and there were 2 from 2 different departments) could not disagree.

I'll not mention where this occurred. And no, it wasn't me that said it.


For all of you who think that I am nuts when I suggest that you prep for Bad Things....For when the comfortable pace of our existence is temporarily interrupted.....For when circumstances beyond our control happen. For when things go slightly pear shaped........


Now think. A relaively mild Non-hurricane. A significant storm, make no mistake. But hardly an unusual storm, nor one which is historic. Think. Less than a  week and yet, once the supply chains are interrupted the store shelves are empty.

I would still be making choices as to what to eat from my pantry at this point. I'd not have to break into the long term preps. How about you?


Friday, September 2, 2011

Send some good thoughts

over towards LabRat.

She lost a friend today.

Many of us will remember that pain.

So send some love in that direction.

Standing firm

Seems that some NASCAR drivers have the courage of conviction. I am impressed with them greatly.

"schedule conflicts" indeed.  It is not like the oval office can command attendance.

A very good way to snub, yet still respect the office. I stopped watching NASCAR a year or so ago, but I still liked the sport. My hat is off to those who had the courage of conviction to stay away and sent, instead, their regrets.

After all, this is the excuse Mr. Obama has used when he feels that he does not want to attend a ceremony honoring our military men and women, or our dead.

It's better than "fuck you, Mr. President". 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A better idea

(not that it would be hard to do better than Mr. O's ideas on how to screw the taxpayers fix the economy by adding jobs).

The fact is that despite all of his stimuli, his green jobs initiative (which has led to losses with nothing to show for it and few if any jobs, none of them permanent) and his other economy boosing dreams, there is nothing that he has that really works.
We have legacies all across this county of something that DOES work. The CCC. National parks, state parks, zoos, beaches, etc. all built (and built to last) by civilians who needed work. And those folks built well, and sent their money home to their families and those family members spent that money...which gave someone else a job. From whose wages taxes were generated. And yet, rather than nothing, we have something which has lasted to this day.

Of course, those who complain the loudest are the entitlement class, who would never work such a menial job anyway.

But I bet that a significant number of skilled tradesmen would, if only to feed and house their families, or to keep their homes from repossession.  Those on welfare, or unemployment, not so much. (but that is what you get for rewarding people who don't work....and 2 years to not work? really?)

But rather than let contracts to the "rich"...the "fat cats"  to provide jobs we could cut out the middleman and let the government rip us off directly.....