Friday, January 31, 2020

Comments on NRA elections

Have y'all got suggestions as to who to vote FOR?

As importantly, whom NOT to vote for?

Suggestions on those who are not going to continue to let WLP continue his reign? Who will cut him back to size at least? Perhaps decrease his personal budget for travel and clothing and such?

If you have suggestions or comments, please, feel free to use the comment section. Please be specific and factual, if at all possible. 

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

He'll be pissed for me asking

But my brother is having somewhat serious surgery this morning.

Do me a favor:
Drop a Dime to your favorite deity and ask them to lean on the Fates and help make this surgery successful, if you would.

Ii yer an atheist, think good thoughts.


ETA: 12:30
Out of surgery. So far so good.
Thanks for the help

Sunday, January 26, 2020

WTF Mr Peanut is dead???


I am shocked.

104 years he was a spokeperson.

This is nuts

Let them who speak start it

So there's a bunch of folks who are convinced that things got worse at Richmond, and that the only way to fix things is to start the fighting now.

Perhaps they are correct. I dunno. I don't think so though.

They say the Soap Box has failed. Yes, it has.

They say the Ballot Box failed. Nope, the People of Virginia failed to bother. They got what they got because they failed to choose. They let 40% (yes FORTY PERCENT) of the voters choose. The other 60% stood by and did nothing....Didn't bother to give their vote...and got shit on because they didn't bother to vote.

Time for the Ammo Box? Perhaps. But that's a step one should take only after careful consideration.
"Make haste Slowly"....Kinda hard to step back once that Box is opened.

The claims that the folks at Lobby Day in Richmond should have broken the barricades and stormed the building? Yeah, like that would have helped. Like the press would't have spun that against the folks wanting their Second Amendment rights. Like that wouldn't have given the Governor the excuse he needed to bring in police and arrest a bunch of folks.....

And I've noticed that all these folks who think that the Lobby Day and other such groupings ion solidarity should have turned out differently are always somewhere else. Yes, I too believe that it was a waste of time. I didn't go, and I think that being there was ineffective. I don't think that they should have started a civil war either. Once you go there it's hard to unfuck the goat.

So all those folks that use terms like "Guncucks" and think that there should have been more "Civil Disobedience" and such are always Keyboard Commandos.....They are never willing to be on the front lines, They refer to  "Ghandi" and his protests....forgetting that tens of thousands of folks got beaten, crippled and some killed. And that those were PEACEFUL protests (on the part of the Indians, anyway). I don't see these folks stepping up for their Hickory Shampoo. I don't see them willing to be teargassed nor possibly shot. They expect someone else to do it.
Well boys, why don't you stand up and act? I don't really think you'll accomplish much, and you certainly won't do my side any good in the press nor the minds of legislators...But at least you will be identified as a troublemaker and you can get the "Boogaloo" you want.  So step on up and make it happen, boys.
Or shut up .
Get off my side. 

Saturday, January 25, 2020

I may have been WuHan'd

See, I had Chinese food yesterday fer lunch.

Today, I woke up with a terrible runny nose, chest congestion and a slight fever. I coughed up about a quart of strangely colored phlegm and about the same from my sinuses. Could be the new and improved CoronaVirus.....

Or, I could have a cold. Hard to tell. More later if I survive. 

Goddamnit! For the second year in a row it failed to post

Whynthefuck that happens every year, I dunno. I even pre-scheduled it last week.

Last year I let it go and didn't post late. But not this year.

But I, once again, failed to pay homage to John Moses Browning, the inventor of my favorite handgun and arguably the father of the modern semi-automatic pistol. (and lots of other firearms families)

Nearly every semi auto pistol sold in this century is a derivation of one or more parts of the design that JMB first developed in the early 1900's... Either the slide, the tilting barrel or both. Glock, Sig, etc. Even the many blowback pistols use some parts of the JMB designs.

One wonders what he could do today with modern materials and some of our modern manufacturing techniques.

So here's to the birthday of John Moses Browning.

2 days late. 

Friday, January 24, 2020


So Trump is accused of somehow gaining something by " withholding military aid amounting to tens of millions of dollars"... to push the government of Ukraine to investigate corruption.
But Joe Biden, when he was VP, threatened to withhold a BILLION dollars to stop a prosecutor...get him fired, in fact...who was investigating his son... (And we have him confessing bragging about this on video)

I fail to see the difference, and if one is criminal, then so is the other... Why no charges then on Slow Joe? IF it isn't a crime, then why bother with this impeachment?

Or am I somehow missing something?  If I am, then please, tell me...explain in detail. (No, the answer isn't Because Trump!!!!) be logical. I'm open to an explanation. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Interesting timing


The State Government in Washington will soon be debating several gun bans control measures (for public safety, of course). Apparently, these have been proposed for several years, but despite a Democrat controlled legislature, these bans have failed several times....

And in a strange coincidence,  there was a mass shooting last night in Seattle. Odd circumstances, 'cause even in places like Chicago's south side and Baltimore and such, these sort of shootings generally don't happen in the early evening, but rather late at night....and people who are walking and talking together one moment aren't shooting indiscriminately at each other a moment later....but that is what reportedly happened today in Seattle. (and, oddly, apparently neither could hit the other, but shot innocent bystanders instead).

As I said. Strange. But coincidences are like that....ya know? 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A thought:

The Governor of Virginia was elected in an election where only about 40% of the eligible citizens actually bothered vote.

And there was a great deal of high turnout in the DNC controlled areas...

So how many of the rest of the citizens in the rest of the state actually bothered to vote?

They let the DNC controlled areas (those where the election was, effectively, bought and sold) decide their new Governor and most of their new state Legislature.
And the results of electing those folks was predictable. They got a VERY Leftist set of folks governing their state.

Yet there were, according to some estimates, 25,000 people who showed up on Lobby Day...and those folks were most assuredly NOT represented in the new government of Virginia.
Figure that for every one person who was at the Lobby Day, there were 10 who couldn't make it due to work or other obligations.
Call it a quarter million people that are most assuredly not in agreement with, nor represented by, the current government.

If each of those 250,000 folks would do their best to get 100 people to vote (participate in voter registrations, help people get to the polls, etc) they could get another 25,000,000  people to vote...except that there aren't that many people in Virginia..... I'm not even sure by what margin the last election was won....and I do know that Fairfax county has over 1/8 of the population.... you won't get all 250,000 of the folks to do as I suggest. But half of that quarter million gaining 10 additional votes each would be over 1.2 million....

But the only way that the rest of the state gets to be heard is for each of those folks who attended, and perhaps each of the ten that they represent DOES something to make sure that the rest of the 60% of their fellow votes that the Urban counties are offset by the Rural counties. If the DNC Machine can override the rest of the state, it will do so only if the rest of the state is too lethargic to bother to be heard. And that is what happened in the last election.

Again, if each of the folks who were at the Lobby day would MAKE SURE that they get like minded people to vote....and help them decide not to vote for the folks who don't have the Rural folks needs, wants, and interests at heart, then they can change things.....if not, then they become like many other states..appendages of the large, populous cities that dominate their states....think Illinois (Chicago), or (largely) Michigan (Detroit) Kalifornia (LA) etc.
I can't help these folks do this, I'm not from Virginia....But if those folks at the rally would commit to changing things come election day (by rallying their fellow citizens) then they can reverse this.
If not then they become another casualty in the Urban v Rural battle.

And we all lose another small bit of freedom. 

Women want security

Mike Bloomberg sure is playing up the Women and Children get free healthcare! meme in his election ads lately....especially on YouTube and morning shows and, of course, "Soap Operas".

I guess he and his staff feel that promising free healthcare "for the children" will work like it did in the ObamaCare days.
Plus his ads show a bunch of women at near term, and tells us all that "women deserve healthcare before, during and especially after giving birth".
I mean, what woman doesn't want all of the above??

So, again, everyone else gets to pay for their choices to get pregnant.....we gotta take care of them BEFORE as well as their kids for the the years after they give birth.

The ads are well done, and designed to appeal to women's emotions. And they will likely work for many women....Will the ads work well enough that they can sway the women's vote enough to put him over the top? He apparently thinks women are gullible enough that they will work. Sadly, he might be right.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Mikey can set the example right now.....

So Mike Bloomberg wants to totally get rid of fossil fuel vehicles by 2035.

Great idea....if, of course, they had the range and refueling/recharging times that were comparable to gasoline vehicle....and if the charging infrastructure were available...and if they weren't so expensive....and if they had the payload that fossil fuel vehicles did..

But if he thinks we need to change to all electric or other non fossil fuel vehicles (which BTW are recharged from generating stations where the generators are turned by steam generated by mostly ...fossil fuels!) I encourage him to start setting the example. Feel free, Mr Bloomberg, to show the rest of us the way.....Start using fully electric vehicles for your transportation needs during your campaign and the rest of your daily travels. I wanna see how well that works out for ya. Plus how are ya gonna do air travel if you aren't gonna use those nasty fossil fuels? Trains? Yeah, some are electric....but, again, that electric comes (mostly) from fossil fuels.

Or is this a case of "for thee, but not for me"?

Seriously. And he wants to make the change using YOUR tax dollars for some folks....the rest of us don't get the freebies 'cause we are too successful? (and lets not forget that Mikey has lots of cash, but he ain't spreading HIS cash around like he wants to spread your (increased) tax money around. 

Looks like I was wrong...

While I doubt that the folks in Virginia accomplished much in the way of changing the minds of the legislators in the state, there wasn't the big brouhaha that I feared.

I suppose that the attendees deserve a lot of credit for that, and perhaps the Governor as well. I would suspect that his measures to prevent issues actually worked, if only by dissuading the element that one would have expected to cause trouble from attending.

Hats off to all those who attended, even if some chose to live up to the stereotype. 

Monday, January 20, 2020


Celebrate the birth of MLK today.

5 days late. His birthday was on January 15.

But we had to delay the celebration of his birthday so that government workers can have a 3 day weekend.

Some honor, innit? 


If the Governor of Virginia is forcing folks  to disarm in order to enter the area around the meeting, who would otherwise be legal to carry firearms for self protection....

and should something untoward happen (shootings, beatings, etc) what with the folks who are looking for trouble (and yes, they are on BOTH sides).....

Can those who were attending for peaceful redress of grievances sue if they are injured or damaged?

I mean, after all, aren't the Governor and his employees taking responsibility for the safety and security of those who are attending by disarming the attendees?

Enquiring minds and all that

But regardless, I can't see where any good would come from attending. The Governor (and his cronies) isn't gonna change is mind about trying to end run the Second Amendment, and being at the meeting and demonstration puts you at risk, not only of being identified as a "Gun guy" but also at risk for physical damage....Risk without any potential gain.  

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Preach it, sisters

Winter cold has arrived: Maybe my gas bill will go down

See, I heat my house primarily with wood....
(I have a forced air gas furnace, but I mostly don't use it)

My woodstove also has forced is quite efficient. However, there is a minimum size one can build a fire at, below which the woodstove doesn't really heat the house well....and in these warm weather days like we have had this winter, I cannot get decent heat using the woodstove. Actually, the woodstove heats too well, and when it is 32 or 35 F outside, when heating with the woodstove it is easy to get interior temperatures about 75 or 77 F.....Too hot for me to be comfortable. The issue is that one cannot turn the wood fire on and off like a gas flame....once lit, it can only be dampered (throttled) to a minimum level before going out....and often that level is too high to just heat the house to a comfortable level.
So I run the gas furnace to heat the house to 68 or 70. (Instead of 75 or more)

So, oddly enough, when it is too warm in the winter, I have to burn more gas and less wood. Therefore when it is warmer, my gas bill will be higher than normal...I use so little gas in the winter (normally) that three times in the past 20 years the gas company has come out to check the meter and the installation to see if it is defective or I am bypassing it or otherwise stealing gas, as my gas consumption during the winter months is about 20% of normal for houses of the size and age mine is...

Yeah, I know, first world problems and all that.
Still and all, I am glad it has been a warm(ish) winter so far. 

"Women's March"

So a bunch a women (and their emasculated male supporters) marched in Chicago today...

They wanted "Better access to Women's Health Care" (free shit for those born with a vagina).

There was the expected 'Trump Must Go". signage.

They marched to "Support Women Everywhere"  and to "Empower" women (ever notice that most women use the term, but really can't specify how their actions "Empower" anyone?

Altogether, this was a bunch of women marching.....just that, no real message, no focus, no real goal. Just because apparently a bunch of women need to get together and chant in shrill voices about how bad their role in life is.

I have yet to see them ever accomplish any change. 

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


SO today is Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. (Jan 15).

How does the government honor him? By ignoring his actual birthday and moving it to the 20th of January (a Monday) so that Government workers can have a three day weekend.

Sad, really. 

How many TONS

of "Greenhouse Gasses" are coming out of the Taal volcano in the Philippines?

I mean, it is spewing ash and gasses and has been for the past few days.

How much more will come out in the next week or so?

How does this large volume of Greenhouse gas compare to the volume we as humans put into the air every day? (And what percentage of it will offset that we HAVEN'T put in because of the "Climate Change" initiatives? ).

Just askin' here. Does anyone really know?

(and how much does the SIO2 and other reflective emissions help with Global COOLING? Remember, volcanoes have caused "A Year Without a Summer" several times.....

Monday, January 13, 2020

Wanna help the animals burned out of their habitats in Australia?

Huh, And all along I thought she was legit:

Seems that FaceBook has accidentally revealed that the FB accounts for Greta Thunberg actually belong to other people...

and that the content is entered and edited by (this is my shocked face) other people, specifically her Father and a Climate Activist in India...

Gee, desite the claims, anyone with more than 2 neurons to rub together could have figured that out on their own.

But she is still the Darling of the Media, even though she is a construct

Sunday, January 12, 2020

"Oops, My bad"

Seems that there was a text alert sent out to many people within 10 kilometers of the Pickering Ontario Nuclear power plant. 

It were a false alarm...

'Twasn't the plant itself which sent the alert. but rather the Provincial government....Apparently there was some sort of drill and "something went wrong".

Was it an error? Or was it someone who is Anti-Nuclear?

The issue here isn't the false alert, but that this will likely make people wonder if the NEXT alert (if there is one) is real or just an error.

Think "Wolf!!".

Where are the criminal charges?

Who goes to jail for this? At best it is perjury, at worst it is criminal conspiracy to change an election...

FBI Apologizes for Deceiving FISA Court in Order to Surveil Carter Page

In my opinion, each and every person involved, or who even KNEW about this at the FBI should be charged with (and tried for, and if possible, convicted) for this "Investigation" as an attempt to subvert our electoral process.

These folks KNEW they were lying on their application to the court when they applied for permission to surveil Mr. Page. KNEW.IT. and they did so anyway, because they didn't want to let Donald Trump become President of the US.

So, how many people are going to prison here? I think one could make a good case for Treason, actually.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

As bad as GLOCK vs 1911

(the correct answer for me is 1911, but Glock's work fine)

It's an ongoing argument:

So, Nav systems and ForeFlight and such:
Track Up or North Up?

Friday, January 10, 2020


For a talentless girl, she's done well.

Almost as if someone has some power and is using it to curry favors for their child.

I mean, 9 million bucks is not chump change. 

Looks like a big storm

And it's gonna hit the East Coast.

So we get lots of news coverage. Foot by foot/mile by mile coverage as it progresses past the Mississippi river and across the Ohio Valley. If it were gonna miss the New York/Washington area, it'd just be a wether report. As it is, we get breathless coverage from the National News.

But that's the way it's only news if it affects the Newsmakers. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

And more holds today.

And they were good.

I suppose this is like learning to shoot with a rifle at longer ranges...

One must get comfortable enough that at some point things just "click"

Or learning to struggle to make an arc (and then make a decent bead) and then it just happens.

I dunno. But it seems to be happening for me finally. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I may be finally getting it.

Did some more holds (both VOR and Intersection) today.

And I finally seem to be getting them correctly.

Holds are easy in low/no wind situations. Much harder in high wind situations.

Today, I executed a hold in winds at over 35 knots. Did 'em right, with good intercepts and consistent (and correct) flight paths.

After enough practice, even I can maybe learn.

'Tis strange...

You can spend 30 minutes trying to get someone to help you at Lowes, but they act like you are invisible.

Until you put gas in a weed wacker and try to start it.....

Sunday, January 5, 2020

No step on snek

I keep seeing license plates from Virginia  like the top one in this article....(I live in Indiana, so I dunno why these keep appearing near my home)

I wondered if I was mistaken, and if that was the state motto. I wasn't mistaken....It isn't. The state motto is "Sic Semper Tyrannis"...death unto tyrants.

Perhaps the incoming (mostly Democrat) state government members might remember that motto.

I expect that if they don't remember, or choose to ignore it, then things might get all "Rodeo" when they try to keep the promise they made to remove certain "bad" firearms from the people of Virginia

Friday, January 3, 2020

So Iran vows revenge

And every DNC type is claiming that this is Trump's fault.

Thing is, like every middle eastern country, the natives are big on threats and rhetoric and short on action.

And, in the end, if we are so worried about terror threats here in the US from middle eastern folks, then maybe we oughta start tossing them out if we are so afraid of threats. (Note that I am not saying we should toss all immigrants, just those that are known to DHS and might be threat, be they citizens or not)

One more thing: Iran has been an opponent of the US for monger than many of my readers have been alive....Ever since the Shah was deposed (and possibly since even before that). Ever since Jimmeh Carter had a cowards approach to the invasion of our embassy there and subsequent embassy prisoner debacle in 1979, they have been an enemy of the US. 

BBBUT I DESERVE a cushy gooberment job!!

Read this article from a career State Department employee unhappy with the act that Donnie Trump has changed things up.

Pretty much this message:

Only Career Diplomats can handle the job. Without them, diplomacy can't happen.
These people DESERVE the jobs they have. It's not fair to just fire them.  (He forgets that Barry Obama fired ALL of Bush's ambassadors shortly after taking office).
It takes a trained Career Diplomat to do the job. (forgetting that nearly every president has appointed people he feels can be relied to speak for the President, often acquaintances or respected figures from business)

The final line in this screed:
"We Deserve Better".  As if being a diplomat somehow makes one special.
And that, right there, is why we need to clean house.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Powerful cartridge

So the defender in the Texas Church shooting, Jack Wilson did a one stop headshot.

What caliber did he use?

.357 Sig.
Not 9mm, not .40, not even .45 ACP.

.357 Sig.
(Pretty much the ballistics of a .357 magnum in an auto style cartridge).
(ok, not exactly, but close.....forget the minutiae here and concentrate)

Mass matters, but velocity matters as well.

The .357 Sig delivers a pretty good combination of both.

Is there a perfect cartridge for defense? Probably not. But the .357 is probably one of the cartridges on the "ideal" category.
Would a 9mm have done the job? Maybe. .40? Likely. .45? Most probably.
Placement matters as well, and by all accounts, his aim was good and his placement was spot on.

What you carry is your choice. I want a cartridge/bullet/firearm combination that helps me to get the job done should I ever need to. (and I hope and pray that I am never in the position he found himself....but that I can do as well if I am). 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Seems that one of the leaders of the protest that trashed the embassy in Iraq was a visitor to the White House a few years ago.

(I can't back this up anywhere, so take it for what it is worth)

Seems that he and his boss met with Barry Obama as guests

But you likely won't hear that on CBSMSNBCABC. (as yourself why not??)

And yet the current DNC meme is that Trump is a puppet of Putin, yet we have LOTS of evidence that Barry was the puppet of the Islamic leadership.

HT: Kenny

Happy Fookin' New Year

May your New Year find you happiness, prosperity, security and contentment.