Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yeah, that's scary right there.....

So the Department of Homeland Security, staffed and led by Obama appointees, is worried about election fraud (yeah, that pegged my Irony Meter...) and would like to federalize the election process...

(One wonders why they haven't been worried about vote fraud until least not since the Florida Bush/Gore debacle...and that only because it appeared that bush was winning)

Yeah, Trump is gonna have to beat Hillary above and beyond the Margin of Fraud as it is....

I trust my government not at all in cases like this.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What caliber for Drone?

If you are a good shot....then apparently .410 with 7.5 birdshot works well.

Woman shoots drone: “It hovered for a second and I blasted it to smithereens.”

I'm a terrible wingshooter. I doubt I could do this.  I'm always late and low. the rifle shooter in me always squeezes the trigger too slowly.

At least she "recycled" the drone....


If flying the American flag here is the US is too provocative to students of islamic or (especially) mexican/latin origin.....the fuck you. Go back the the country to which you claim allegiance.

You are here, in the US. Our flag is the symbol of the US...not Mexico. If you don't like that symbol, you are welcome to leave.

And for those who would apologize for the flying of the US flag IN THE US? You can leave too. If you are ashamed of the Flag and what it stands for, you probably would want to leave. If a school administrator feels that he can ban the flag because it might hurt the feelings of the mostly hispanic opponent of his school, then perhaps his fitness for his position should be investigated. (Possibly his fitness for any job that pays more than minimum wage, in fact).  What kind of example does he think he is setting for his students?...His US Citizen students, that is....

I was struck the other morning

Watching the "news" on CBS....

That the entire network has abandoned all pretense of impartiality and non-partisanship, and has opened the doors to being in the tank for Clinton....or at least entirely anti-Trump.

The failure of the news media to be anything more than be anything more than a stained reflection of the once mighty "Pravda"....That I found terribly saddening.

Monday, August 29, 2016

"Lets be more like the Norwegians...."

The Left seems to think they have all the answers...

So let us follow their lead and BUILD A BORDER WALL to keep out unwanted immigrants.

Y can't have it both ways....

Gotta feel sorry for the decent folks who just want to live in their h=neighborhoods.

But hey, the police aren't welcome.....until they are needed.

Baltimore residents BEG police to protect their neighborhoods.

Like the police are gonna do any more than they have to in those areas....The message was plain....

ETA: How long 'til the folks in Kansas City are crying for help too?

Damned straight:

Your thought for the week:

Found HERE

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The day would have been a total loss....

as the Indy 1500 was a waste of time....certainly not worth the drive.


We hooked up with Tam and Roberta and company.....and had lunch and great conversation.

Which paid the freight nicely.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Question for those who need epinephrine:

And are all up in arms about the fact that Mylan raised the pricing of their EpiPen epinephrine dispensing device:

While I realize that using the "EpiPen" is easy for those incidents where you are having a reaction, really, the "EpiPen" is designed for use by untrained people in an emergency....which daily or weekly or even monthly usage is not.

Why not purchase (or have your doctor prescribe) much cheaper bottles of epinephrine and some syringes? If you need epinephrine more than once or twice a year, this is the method that you should be using anyway.....People used to do this before the EpiPen was invented....

The cost is about a factor of 15 or 20 times less than the "EpiPen"....and the product is the same, just a less simple delivery system.
Then you wouldn't have to be all upset about the pricing on the "EpiPen"...Most of which you can blame on Obamacare.....But the Media didn't bother to tell you that, either....

I will be gone all weekend, so don't waste your time flaming me....I won't respond anyway. Yes, I know you need your 'pen. No, I am not a user of epinephrine....Yes, I am not a doctor. (Although I HAVE slept with a few....but not recently)..No, I have no idea how hard it is to be allergic to things...(and you have no idea what I am allergic to either) Yes, I am uncaring, ....No it doesn't bother me...........You SHOULD be saving money, and if Obamacare or other insurance didn't pay for it, and you had to pay for it yourself, you'd find cheaper solutions like the above... . You should be doing so anyway...Your DOCTOR should be telling you about these options....but he gets bribed encouraged to prescribe just one brand, and just one application device...Free market and all that.

And let's face it....if you are that allergic to the world, or are that poor at controlling your exposures to things which can put you into anaphylaxis, then you shouldn't leave the house at all....except maybe in a giant hamster ball..... or a moonsuit.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Yeah, you need to read this

(if you haven't already).

Fred on Milwaukee

Not sure if he is right. Not sure he is wrong, either.

The solution to their issues lies, not with the Government programs, not with whites paying the way (even more), but, like most solutions, lies within them....And they are, whether culturally or otherwise, unable to take the steps required to succeed.

My Paternal Grandfather said to me, back in the early 70's, before I could understand fully (I was, maybe, 10 years old), that Welfare would destroy the black race, the black culture, and the black family. It has. He was right. He also said that it would destroy whites too, when it was offered to them....See Appalachia for an example....

Grandpa was smarter than I knew.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"some assembly required"

Lamp post, RINO lawmaker, rope.

Republican state Sen. Jonathan Perry of the Vermillion-Lafayette area, announced he is working on legislation that could require training, certificates and a permit fee to allow these volunteers to get past law enforcement into devastated areas. He said some were turned away.

He should be strung up, beaten, then kicked in the jimmies until he sees the light.....

He apparently ran as a "Small Government Republican".

Bet he don't get re-elected...

Civil Unrest

Are you ready?  Haveya thought it out? War Gamed it? Do you have a  plan?

No matter where you live, it can, and might well ,happen. Having a plan, is better than not having a plan. While no plan ever is perfect, and conditions change that you cannot plan for, having a plan helps.

This is a good place to start that planning.

Good question:

If a Vegan does Crossfit what do they tell you about first? Unless they are Gluten Intolerant.....

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Have ya noticed

That, while the Press has continued to push the "Zika Virus is a threat"   meme...(which it may be, but will likely fizzle like West Nile did a few years ago) they have, at least for now, finally stopped pushing the "And it will make your Baby be born with a Tiny Head" meme?

Could it be because Zika, as such, won't? (as long as you don't use growth inhibitors in the drinking water to combat the mosquitoes, that is)?

I guess that the fearmongering to get funding failed, Huh?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Could it be....?

That the memorials are turning black and getting covered by a black slime because of the evil that has infested the Capital of our country for so long?

I mean, think about it....Barry and William J Clinton were bad enough....GWB was, at best, neutral (definitely not a good)...Add in all those corrupt and evil senators and congresscritters from BOTH parties.....

Is it any wonder that the evil is seeping out of the stones?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

On this day, 1992

We found out just how much we can trust our government.

The US Marshals Service, using information from the ATF (which had screwed up the case against Randy Weaver terribly, showing why they are referred to as '"F Troop" by other agencies) shot and killed the Weavers son....Starting a chain of events that led to the death of, not only his son(Sammy), but his wife, Vickie.

No one went to jail, at least not on the Government side, although many should have.

FBI shooter Lon Horiuchi, who killed Vickie was tried but not convicted of Murder. No other government official was ever charged, although many agents should be in jail today....and would be, were it not for the Federal whitewash conducted later.....

This is why I fail to trust my government (and add in Waco, TX and the Branch Davidians). Unaccountability, management from afar rather than by someone who is on the scene, and agents sworn to uphold the Consitution blindly following orders from people with an agenda and who are more concerned with managing a media than seeing Justice done.

I met Randy Weaver once, many years ago.....He was exonerated, and got a settlement from the Federal Government (which means the US taxpayers)...but no amount of money will ever fix him. He is a broken man, damaged beyond any hope of healing.

All because he got caught up in the ATF machinations to convict some Aryan Nations folks....In this case, his wife and son were collateral damage.

Never trust a Fed, or a policeman to do Justice first. They will follow orders, no matter what.

Consider this:

FBI Deputy Assistant Director Danny Coulson wrote a memo:

OPR 004477
Something to Consider
1. Charge against Weaver is Bull Shit.
2. No one saw Weaver do any shooting.
3. Vicki has no charges against her.
4. Weaver's defense. He ran down the hill to see what dog was
barking at. Some guys in camys shot his dog.
Started shooting at him. Killed his son. Harris did the
shooting [of Degan]. He [Weaver] is in pretty strong legal position.

But the agents went ahead and did their thing anyway.....

Wanna learn more? Start HERE.

And this happened under a REPUBLICAN president......Waco, which happened under a Democrat president, was far worse...But it was the bureaucracy which killed those folks.....

Damned fundamentalist crazy folk clinging to their guns and religions.....

Don't forget this.....The people who were killed by the Feds...who were just trying to live their lives as they wished to under the rules of the Constitution, deserve better than that.


So the German Government is PLANNING on a terrorist attack.

Planning. On. An. Attack.

And they say that the Citizens of Germany should plan for it too. Plan for a catastrophe that might require that they have 10 days (at a minimum) of food and water.

I'm thinking Chemical or Dirty Bomb sort of attack. ?.?

Yeah, bring some more un-vetted, un-sponsored, un-assimilated refugees to this country. We need more of that kind of threat here too....

When I find the asshole who....

Yeah, so the engine in the woodsplitter finally crapped out.

Not like it is a surprise, mind you....My brother and I bought the thing something like 19 years ago at an auction, and it had a bad motor the same auction, there was a mower with the same Briggs and Stratton vertical shaft motor that was purported to run....So we bought the woodsplitter for a song and the mower (which had, IIRC, a broken axle) for even less.

Now, this woodsplitter was a project that someone had built....likely using parts and scraps from industry....maybe even from the steel mills in Gary (which wasn't unusual for the time and place that it must have been built)..Massive construction, much bigger than what is needed...huge forgings cut down to make 'em fit, etc. Interesting "engineering" in some places....Like a 5" diameter hydraulic cylinder. (This thing will split oak SIDEWAYS...against the grain)....Yet the wedge guide is 3/64" X 1" angle....odd.

So, anyway, 19 years (more or less) ago I put a used engine of unknown hours on this woodsplitter. And it worked for all that time....and worked well.... until about 5 years ago. Then it began "clanking" when cold...but I'd just let it warm up a bit longer and run it. Warm, it ran fine...It never ran well, but it always ran and it split wood very nicely.....

In preparation for the day it finally died, I did buy a 12 hp vertical shaft Briggs & Stratton engine about 4 years ago from a guy I knew who was parting out an old Cub Cadet lawn mower....Same engine "family" so I figured it would bolt right up when the time came....

Every year, I'd debate "Should I put the "new" motor on this winter, or will the old motor last another year....?

For 4+ years, the old motor "clanked", each year getting a bit worse.... but it ran. Since it wasn't broke enough, I never fixed it....

This last Monday, it fired up in the usual way, being obstinate and cantankerous, but finally starting. It ran for about 30 seconds...then it went "clank!" and ceased to turn.
At all.
Not even a little bit.
 Locked up tighter than Ahmed's virgin goats on Payday in Syria....

So, I towed it to the shop, scraped 19 years of oily dirt off of the thing, and began the disassembly process.

Wasn't difficult, really. While it hadn't been disassembled in nearly 20 years, neither had it been uncovered and out in the rain. Not much rust, and most of the bolts were covered with a slight sheen of oil from the gently leaking Briggs motor. (It never leaked much, but it always leaked...Like a half a pint a year or less).

So I pulled the wiring and the linkages and fuel lines and such and then lay down under the frame and put a deepwell socket and ratchet on the bolts holding the motor to the frame with a box wrench on the top and began to turn....Now, the first two are easy, as they are easy to reach. The third one less easy, as the ergonomics make reaching bolt above and below the frame ...interesting. But I was able to get my hands in the right place and break that bolt loose as well.

The fourth one required a bit of interesting positioning...One cannot see either the bolt or the nut, and must do both the top side and underneath by feel...... and I cursed the microcephalic, motherless, inbred, hermaphroditic, slimy redneck asshole who, instead of using a 5/16 bolt (1/2 inch wrench) had used an 8 mm bolt (12 MM wrench.) I tried and tried and tried and TRIED to get that half inch wrench to fit..... it wouldn't hold, kept slipping off. Same underneath.....The socket just wouldn't quite fit properly..... I finally figured it out and planned my revenge (think baseball bats and dark alleys and suchlike) on whichever asshole who had set such a trap.....Only to realize that the engine had been set in place by ME and hadn't ever been off of the frame since least as far as I know, anyway. Perhaps gremlins. Yeah, that must be it....

(I usually am not afraid to cobble something together when needed, but I (generally) go back and do it right if it is gonna be kept in use and not just temporary.....I honestly don't remember using a metric bolt when assembling the splitter....But I must have?).

I did, however, punish myself....I mashed the shit out of my hand when picking the motor up off the frame, so I got my own revenge upon myself.....

The reassembly went fast, as the motors were the same "family" and used the same mounting holes, same shaft size, same carb, same wiring, etc.  (I did go buy 4 new bolts all the same size....I will likely never have to pull the motor again, but some poor dude may). New fuel lines and everything else hooked up fine.

It runs like a champ. Smoother, and with 2 HP more. I split 2 ricks in about an hour.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

So where are the rest?

Taylor Swift donates 1 million dollars to flood relief for the folks in Baton Rouge. 

The general area is, of course, about 50% black....

So ONE white entertainer has donated some cash. I think that is good....It'd be nice to see more...

But where are all the black entertainers? The folks that, you know, make money off of black people.....

And, again, where is Black Lives Matter? If 10% of the folks who can march in support of a criminal who gets shot by a police officer would decide to donate his or her time to help clean up after the flood, that'd be a decent example, now wouldn't it.

But they won't, and the Entertainers won't either.....Few white ones and I will bet ZERO black ones. At least they haven't yet..

equal protection under the law....

Unless, of course you were Secretary of State..friends with the Prezident and likely have significant dirt on him and his wife...And apparently the Attorney General...

Then you can, of course, skate on failing to properly handle classified material.

Of course, if you are a sailor, and a relative Nobody...then you get prosecuted and sentenced.  He did get significantly less than he could have gotten, but still...... Hillary did worse, and more, and more often. And she skated with no punishment.

One wonders exactly what leverage she has and on whom she has it?

NNothin' to see here

Move along now, folks.

RCMP part of probe into crash involving plane stolen from Toronto-area airport.

Muslim kid steals a plane....doesn't know how to fly...crashes it trying to land it.

Nah, nothing to see here...


I've said it before...the issue is the people...

Except it takes less attention span to do a protest (and it is fun and a community like event) and is relatively safe.. and cleaning the neighborhood takes time, and work, and might be dangerous.

(ETA: And if they really cared about "Black Lives" they'd be using that organization to fundraise and recruit help for those folks (mostly black) who were flooded out.) But they Don't Matter 'cause it won't make other black people angry....)

Found HERE

Another Wikileaks "suicide"


John Jones 48, one of Britain’s top human rights lawyers, who represented Julian Assange was killed last Monday, when he was run over by a commuter train.  The death is being called a suicide.

Oddly the Police in Britain see "nothing suspicious" about this...

Associating with Julian Assange is nearly as dangerous as doing business for Hillary Clinton, it would seem.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

No W this time

Again, The State still can't help it's residents....

Who will the Media blame this time?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I'm sure that I am not the target market...

But the semi hipster faggotty TVspokesperson for Chevy leaves me wanting to buy another brand.

Especially the Chevy Truck commercials.

Aren't aimed at people who DO things for a living, obviously. I guess those folks who use trucks for what they are for buy Ford or Dodge or Toyota. The poseurs apparently buy Chevy Trucks.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Those DNC cell phone numbers?

And all their other info....

You can find it here.

Give 'em hell. (while you can, before they change numbers and emails)

Via Wirecutter

Interesting correlation:

You should read THIS...and follow the links. Especially THIS ONE

This is an indictment of a subset of our population, but that doesn't make it untrue. It may be uncomfortable for many to contemplate, but that doesn't change the evidence. Really, it trashes the social programs that attempt to push people out of poverty. In reality, these programs just redistribute crime to other parts of the cities. Not that this is a surprise to anyone with observational skills. Cops know it, the people in those neighborhoods soon learn...Lowlifes are still lowlifes. Being black just makes their contribution to the problem more obvious.

The fact is that a subset of our population commits more crimes than others. And that they have different lifestyle choices that make them targets of our police....because they commit more crimes, they are more likely to be pulled over and investigated by police....and their behavior after that leads to them being pursued and possibly shot and killed

This shows that the nice houses, the nice cars and the more prosperous lifestyle is a result of culture and decisions that are made every day.....moving poor people to a more prosperous and crime free neighborhood doesn't change who they are. It doesn't bring them up to the neighborhood standards of living, nor does it change their decisionmaking nor their lifestyle nor their culture....nor their way of life......

It merely brings the neighborhood down a notch or two, and brings crime from one area to another.

People are the problem. Poverty is because of the choices they make and the life they lead, not because of where they live. Moving people doesn't change things....They bring their problems with them. People get the community they accept.... And accepting certain behavior in a community leads to more of that behavior. Whites do it too, but to a lesser percentage. Hispanics too, but to a lesser extent. Those communities seem to stop at a certain level of crime and refuse to allow it to go any further. At a certain point, people step up and do something, even if it is to involve the police and cooperate with them. Whites and Hispanics and other cultures seem to have a level of crime that is self correcting at some point.

Poor Black people of a certain subculture cause this. Not all, but many. You can't change them, they have to change themselves.Exporting them to another area doesn't fix the main issue. Putting them in a different area doesn't fix the culture. It just exports crime. Then folks of a better class move matter what their color. Rather than bring people up, they bring the neighborhood DOWN.

Yes, I know, pointing this out makes me a racist. So be it.

Question for our DNC brethren:

Since it is an election year, I keep hearing about the "Rich" being required to pay their "Fair Share".

Please, define what a "Fair Share" is. Use a percentage of income, or a dollar amount or something. Be. Specific. But define it, so the rest of us will know what you are talking about.

What, exactly, do YOU mean when you say "Fair Share"? (We all know a Democrat Politician means anyone but the audience to whom she is speaking )...But seriously, tell me what you mean by "Fair Share".....and while we are at it, Please define "Rich" too. .....

Why should a rich man pay more than a poor man? They each use the same amount of government....Really, most of the time, a "poor" man uses more...

And a poor man seldom creates a job for anyone.

AAnd my other brother...

Today is the anniversary of another trip around the sun for him.

Not quite as old as myself or the brother from a few days ago, nonetheless we have all seen a few years pass by.

Happy birthday, youngest brother.

Sunday, August 14, 2016



Could happen just because...Sometimes things just happen.

But seldom do they just happen in Politics.



"Only whites can be racist"


Except for when things like THIS happen...

(Can't seem to find proof that this video is indeed legit and came from the riot(s) in Milwaukee, so take it for what it is worth. )..

ETA: (Ok, Breitbart has a different version, so apparently it is legit (sorry CC))..and notice that even the lady at the end says "this ain't right"....But rioting poor black people have no brain or conscience....

So where are the Black Lives Matter people?

'cause here is another young Black Man with a future who was gunned down on the south side in the early morning hours.

Of course, he wasn't "gunned down" by a police officer, and the likely perpetrator is black.

But that shouldn't concern anyone, as the fact is that they claim that the lives of black me are supposed to matter.

But those lives Don't Matter unless it is a white cop that shoots them....

Gotta have something to "stir up the crowd" ya know....Make sure they vote early (and often) for the Democrats....

Thought for the day:

 "I think it's pretty cool how Chinese people made a language entirely out of tattoos.".

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Happy birthday


 Half century and all that now...

If you were a car, you'd be listed as a "classic".

Friday, August 12, 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016


A new parable.

Sadly, it is trueish

No blacks allowed

"I don't want to have any black folks as a roommate"

"We need white only spaces where only whites can congregate"

“Black people have cause [sic] so much mf [sic] trauma on these campuses … why in the world would I want to live with that? Bring that into my home? A place that is supposed to be safe for me?”

Yeah, sounds racist to me too.

Except for the fact that the races are reversed....

Students advertise for black only roommates. 

Can you imagine the crying, screaming, and charges of "Raciss" if a white student had advertised for "No niggers"? The schools would have likely tossed him/her out...But not when the races are reversed....

Odd how the black people think this one is OK though, innit?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Mike Vanderboegh passed away this morning

Only met him the one time, but he was a nice guy.

Training fail

In the classes I teach, every firearm is checked by TWO people before class to make sure they are unloaded and safe. Further we don't allow any live ammunition in the classroom.

We only use Simunition or other training aids that are clearly marked as training, with colors.

Just top prevent this sort of scenario.

Woman killed by cop in classroom training accident.

This is fail in so many levels.

But we need to keep guns out of the hands of amateurs, and only in the highly trained cops hands....

Losing your bid for Prezident is

apparently profitable?

Bernie buys $600K summer home.

Paid cash, too...

Note that this is TWICE the value of their first home.

Just Sayin'....

Tuesday, August 9, 2016



He's right.

Where are the marchers?

Why aren't they marching in the streets and disrupting traffic? How about protesting at the headquarters?

Making speeches?

I mean, when a young boy (3 years old) is shot in the back and paralyzed from the waist down......One would think that the protests would be loud and intense and very very large.....

Especially when the young boy is black.

Except it wasn't a cop. It was a gang member. Shooting at the young man's father. (who also appears to be a gang member of a rival gang)

Both the shooter and the father and the young man are black also.

But, because the shooters are not cops, the community ignores the shooting. No one is trying to do anything about the black violence when it is gang related. The Black community could do a lot to fix the gangs, most easily by shutting down the drug markets that fund them....all they have to do is have about 10% of those folks who march every time a black man is shot by a cop to show up with cameras and video recorders at the drug markets.....if there are enough of them, the gangs will leave....and the customers will too.... the next night, do it again. And again. And again.

The fact that no one cares about Devon Quinn shows the hollowness of the Black Lives Matter movement. The cheapness of their commitment.

How much of a life is young Devon gonna have? Does his life matter?

Or is BLM just really a politically driven DNC operative directed Anti-Cop movement?


Too good not to steal.

Stolen from The Feral Irishman (I have no idea who he stole it from)

Monday, August 8, 2016

Don't black lives matter?

This happened.

But there is no protests, no cries for lynching, cries for "justice"....Black Lives Matter isn't organizing.

Because the dude was likely executed by.....another black criminal (The deceased was a gang member and a criminal....Probably picking up his string after they were done working the streets.....)....But he was black, and wasn't killed by a cop, so He Doesn't Matter.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

They conveniently forget.....

So Paul O'Neil was shot and killed by a Chicago Police officer.  He got shot AFTER BEING CAUGHT DRIVING A STOLEN JAGUAR and TRYING TO RUN A ROADBLOCK.

Thing is, this didn't happen to folks like my niece and nephew...they didn't start the process by getting a bunch of police chasing them.

Perhaps once one officer used his pistol to try and stop Mr. O'Neil and the other police overreacted and used theirs just because one officer had....And it would seem that they shot him in the back ('Twould seem that once they heard gunshots they just assumed that some had come from the fugitive Mr. O' they assumed he was armed)

But the fact remains that Paul O'Neil started the whole business by stealing a car. Tens of Thousands of kids in Chicago and other areas didn't do this. All those kids didn't get in trouble They didn't interact with the police in a negative way....they didn't break the law....They didn't boost a car, and drive it around. They didn't run when confronted by a cop. They didn't drive at cops at a roadblock with a 3000 pound vehicle.

The Press seems to forget that. They forget that the kid was, at the heart of it, a criminal.....All they can do is fan the flames when a black man is shot by cops...who was, apparently without a gun....unarmed? That depends on your definition.

But he wasn't a choir boy....they seems to forget that.

Live by the sword......

Thursday, August 4, 2016

So, I have a question:

Are those two Sheriffs Deputies in Idaho still alive and unharmed?

I mean, since there is no Rule of Law anymore in Adams County and all....

Or are they the more equal animals, and therefore safe? ? (or are the citizens of Adams County Idaho just that kind of Good Citizens?)

Just curious.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The oddness of Liberal thinking:

From 90 Miles

Wow. what a chore

So, being gone for a week, and having a sorta house sitter who isn't gun trained, we had to sanitize the house.

Normally, there are only two of us living here, both shooters, and we have firearms laying around in nearly every room (hidden, of course, but still....).

So when we left, we had to sanitize the house. Clean up, as it were. All firearms had to be pulled from their ready storage places, unloaded and placed in a safe (which is, in reality, way too small for this).

So, of course, when we got back, we had to reverse the process....

Magazines replaced, rounds loaded, firearms reholstered and put into their appropriate places....

Took a while, actually.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Sunday Morning Propaganda

So Good Morning America (CBS) is running a morning propaganda campaign about guns. (Episode 213) Over an hour of slanted reports....From the US, from Australia (WTF???) all carefully crafted and rehearsed....

Of course, they pretend it is a reasonable, calm, discussion, but it is very well crafted to highlight the negatives....the terrible damage of handguns. The sinister, hidden dangers, etc. Biased doesn't begin to describe it....

Using government controlled and licensed airwaves, to privately disseminate propaganda.....

And no one will state the truth: That there are two minority ethnic groups that perpetrate the majority of gun violence. In fact, there is one that is about 18% of the population that perpetrates nearly 70% of the violence. And that it is almost all in inner cities. 

But that isn't relevant, now is it?