Friday, January 29, 2010

"It's painfully obvious he didn't get there by himself,"

File this quote under "Duh"

Seems some guy was found under a concrete slab, and police think (but only think, mind you) that there might have been foul play. It could be that he walked to the scene of his death and fell into the hole just before they poured cement over him, and no one noticed....

"Somebody put that body in that hole," Gee said. "This isn't by any means just where we find someone on the side of the road. Somebody has obviously put him there."

Only the finest go into public service, it would seem.

Why would anyone utter such a stupid quote to a reporter? Cops have enough trouble being though of as smart as it is, without having this guy as a representative sample.

Found via JayG

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

“If you just hold the phone a minute, I’ll let you talk to one of the bastards.”

Balls. Big brass ones that clanked when he walked.

Would that men like that were prevalent today, and running this country.

Instead we get metrosexual, feminized, socialist liberals.

First draft of the STFU SOTU speech:

Ladies and gentlemen: My fellow Americans.

I am here tonight to discuss the state of our Union. I and my fellow Party members have been in charge for a year now, and while the state of the union was less than optimal last year at this time, I am proud to say that we have made many changes to our union.

The state of our union today is, well, disgusting. Our financial institutions are not lending, our economy is in shambles, our citizens are either unemployed or expecting to be, our industry is stagnant, and our military is demoralized.

Our once strong country is weakened by fear, and uncertainty. Our once proud citizens are choosing not to spend the little disposable income they have, for fear of using their last reserves of cash, and and they are not able to borrow money to purchase anything because they (and their financial institutions) fear that they will be unable to repay their loans.

Our once strong industrial base is in a waiting mode, unwilling and unable to expand because of several things; A tight credit market, and uncertainty as to what their future operating costs might be because our legislative and executive branch cannot give them a clear future. Due to the Health Care Reform debacle, and pending Carbon Cap and Trade legislation, we have left them an uncertain future that has effectively stalled any real growth.

Under my leadership I and the legislative branch have effectively made our economy worse than it was. Our TARP program initiated by my predecessor, and the additional Stimulus plan have effectively caused a decline in the buying power of our dollar, and have effectively enslaved our citizens for generations to come with a debt that no one knows how to repay, all with no measurable effect on our economy. But hey, we tried...

The State of our union is: Angry. So angry in fact, that we have effectively killed our chances of passing any of the our grandiose, overreaching legislation that we, in our hubris, would have passed for all of you, my fellow citizens, because we know what is best for you. You folks are angry enough to have overwhelmingly rejected any candidate in those special elections who might have any relationship to me or my fellow Democrats. You folks just don't know what is good for you.

Our Union is: Demoralized. We have many folks who want to work, and are productive when they work, but there is no work for them to do. My policies have stagnated our economy, and for that I am proud. Where there was once a vibrant economy, there is now unemployment. I will fix that. I will give special treatment to our union Brothers and Sisters with whom we stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity, in order that they will be able to grow their ranks and force industry to hire even more nonproductive workers. I will help unions to take even more control of major industries, and if you will let me, I will nationalize even more industries that are in trouble and will absorb them into the Government sphere, creating more opportunities for additional union power and control. Under my leadership we will change this economy into what it should be: a government controlled service based economy dominated by unions that will decrease productivity and hamper growth and change.

The state of our union is:...less than it was before.....Our foreign policy has confused the rest of the world. Under my leadership, we have angered our allies with insult after insult, we have, through my policies, helped our enemies, and we have confused the rest of the world. I have done what I can to weaken the military, and will continue to do so. Our policy in Iraq and Afghanistan, while not what I said that I would do during my campaign, has been forced to change because reality has been a harsh teacher. It appears that my predecessors' policies are not actually that bad. We will, however, do our best to send a muddled and unclear message to the world in the future in order to keep them off balance and prevent any significant changes or forward strides in stability among countries that might make this country safer. I will continue to support the ineffective and corrupt United Nations organization because they support me.

The state of our union is: Confused.....That confusion is because many of you do not realize who I am and what I intend to do. You have not been listening to my message, nor have you surrendered to the belief that I know better. Many of you mistakenly think that if you work hard, and are productive, and take responsibility for your own lives things will get better. You seem to think that all of you can handle your own lives and take care of yourselves. You are mistaken. You must realize that the State should be your caretaker. It is not your responsibility to run your own lives; it is the States responsibility. It is the role of the Government that I head that will take care of you. Give me an ever increasing portion of your wages as taxes and I will increase the help and guidance that the government provides for each and every one of you.

Now: I have something to say to all of you, all of the Citizens of this nation. Let me be clear: I have the path out of darkness: I alone have the key to unlock this society's ills. You must understand that. I, Barack Hussein Obama, know the one true way out of this...

Let me be clear: if you folks would have just let me do what I wanted I would have made your lives better. I, and my fellow Democrats know what is best for you. I would have taken care of you, and would have changed things so that everyone would have been equally unhappy, rather than a few of you getting more than everyone else and the unproductive segment of our society would have been elevated to the level of the rest of you productive citizens. Understand me here: I, and those I surround myself with are EDUCATED. We know better, and are smarter, than the rest of you., and you folks had damned well better learn that.

Now stop whining and getting in my way and let me remake this country into what it should be.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Global warming explained (I tole ya so)

Go HERE to see a video about GW and/or the denial thereof.

Very long, but worth the view.

Watch the whole thing.

Then, you can deny all you wish.


ETA: Better link HERE

we can only hope

Via Insty come this greta news...

Seems that Senator Bayh may be on his way out....

Good riddance to bad rubbish, if it happens.

I wouldn't unzip to put him out if he were laying at my feet on fire.

If you live in Indiana, you may not like him as much as I do though.



The last one:

The last Cartwright dies: Adam Cartwright, of Ponderosa fame, died at the age of 81, on Sunday, Jan 24th.

The Cartwright family , were in the series, a slightly imperfect, yet always striving, upstanding bunch. While they were, as I have said, imperfect, they generally did what was right, even of it wasn't the easy or comfortable way.

Millions of kids grew up watching the moral dilemmas and how the Cartwright family handled the difficulties that life presented them. We all watched the way that they made decisions based (mostly) on what was the Right Thing, rather than the easy or quick thing. Even when it cost them money, or time, or forced them into a fight that really was not theirs, they did the Right Thing. Standing up for those less fortunate or less strong than they were. they and their council were respected throughout the valley as upstanding men.

In the world of the Ponderosa, men were expected to be Men. Stand tall, be strong, do what is right, be honest, respectful to others, keep your own council, and treat women with respect.Women were expected to be (but not always portrayed as) strong, thoughtful, and helpful to their men.

Were that people in real life were as portrayed by the series. Bad men were easily identifiable, good men the same. Moral dilemmas were easily solved, with Right being easily identified and Bad easy to spot. Seldom were there shades of grey, and the path to take was always apparent. Doing what was Right was not always easy, but it was always good in the end.

Think, for a moment, how many children were raised with the Cartwrights as an example of how to act and interact with others. I do not think that there is a modern series today that does as well.

Raise a glass to the actors who portrayed the Cartwrights. The last of them are gone, but the lessons they imparted to millions (hopefully) live on in each and every one of us.

May they live forever in reruns on TVLand.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't get cocky here folks!

You and I both know that this terrible setback for the liberal socialists (sorry for the redundancy) caused by the BROWN win is not going to stop their attempts to instigate socialized medicine.....Instead of One Big Bill that they tried (and failed!) to jam up our asses, they will now retrench, and slowly make the same reforms that they wanted, one piece at a time. Slowly, they will achieve their goals if we are not vigilant and vociferous in our opposition. Expect things to be piggybacked onto other bills, and expect stealth and subterfuge.

In other words, rather than throwing us into boiling water, they will turn up the heat incrementally. Either way, we boil IF WE LET THEM. They found out (and, God willing, will learn more in Nov. 2010) the hard way that their wants and beliefs are NOT the will of the voting citizens of the US.

Mark my words, they are still aware that they have a majority (although now, at least, not a supermajority) in the Senate, and they will never stop trying. Much like firearm legislation, we need to be ever vigilant in watching what the liberals do. They never stop trying.

Watch for more attempts to make Illegal Amnesty happen as well. The DNC leadership is aware that this is their One Big Chance, and they do not seem to care that they will destroy their party and it's power base in order to socialize this country.

ETA: It might mean that the Copenhagen agreement is DEAD though....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One state down

Brown wins

only 56 states left.....

Bad idea

Just got a call from a "volunteer" (with a hispanic accent)telling me I needed to call Senator Bayh (spit) and tell him how much I supported amnesty for illegal aliens legislation immigration reform to provide a path to citizenship...

I laughed, and politely suggested that he might have had the wrong house, as I could not support such legislation. When he began to proselytize, I asked if he was a citizen....He would not answer, which was, IMHO, an answer in itself. I asked if he was aware of how much financial damage illegal immigration does to the country. No answer. I asked if he sent money back to Mexico. He said I was being offensive and should be more open minded....I said that I was open minded, but a patriot. He began to call me a right winger....I said that most of my friends found me way too liberal. That gave him pause...

One would wonder what these people are smoking, calling up folks to try and drum up support in this manner.

Caller ID shows that it was a 925 area code, which Yahoo says is in northern California.

Which answers the above question.

Another awesome video

Go HERE to find it....

Worth the click....

Awesome video

H/T: Eric...

The bigger question in the Massachusetts special election is:

Which way did Teddy Kennedy vote, and how many of his newly found friends voted with him????


Monday, January 18, 2010

How to make vacancies happen in government...

It's easy....Push this agenda and wait for the bloodshed...

He had a dream...

This speech from MLK was the one that have heard so many times....

One wonders what he might think of the members of the black race and culture in the US today...

I think he'd bury his head in his hands and cry in shame.

I think he'd be angry.

Make no mistake, many have fulfilled his dream, but so many have squandered it.

So many "Civil Rights" leaders who exist for themselves, not to help their brothers. So many "successful" athletes who fail to help even one other person from their neighborhood. So many black businesspersons who fail to teach others the methods of success.

And so many people who use the color of their skin to collect money from a government, and squander it, and fail to take advantage of the opportunity.

And so many people, black and white, who cannot see beyond the color of the skin, rather than the content of the character.

I think he'd be ashamed.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kwikie gunshow report

Indy1500...spent the weekend selling Strike-Hold and other stuff for my company, 3 part supply...

Had only a few breaks, as budgetary considerations meant that we were one person short....

A few quick observations...:

Primers are back down to nearly what they should be.

.380 was available, if not as cheap as it should be....Same for nearly all other common calibers of pistol ammo.

Rifle ammo is also available, and again, not at the price it should be, although it is trending slightly downward. Really cheap surplus military calibers, however, seem to be MIA.

Cheap pistols did not seem to be selling, nor were expensive ones. Middle of the road stuff was selling briskly.

Rifle sales seemed to be slowing down, (except for collector stuff) and a LOT of .22 lookalikes/and conversion kits and/or dedicated uppers for AR and/or 1911's were selling briskly as well.

The polikticians were out in full splendor, along with hordes of volunteers to tell us how pro second amendment and how conservative they all are.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Donate link

Go here for a place to donate for Haiti relief.

C'mon, we all got ten bucks we can spare, right?

Just a few less rounds to shoot this month, or a drink or two less on Saturday night..

But those small donations add up.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'll be at the Indy1500 for the weekend....If yer there, find me at the 3 Part Supply table. and say hi...

I'm the taller one with the longer hair.

Yup, there's a pattern here..

Seems the folks in Haiti are upset because no one is coming to their aid fast enough.

Now look. I'm feeling real sorry for these folks, and I pray that they get help as soon as possible. But to come up with that much response instantaneously is nearly impossible.

As it is, the amount of supplies is staggering, and they are arriving faster than they can be transported to those who need them. The infrastructure (roads) were bad enough BEFORE the quake. Now getting supplies to the needy is even harder.

So how do the citizens of Haiti (and especially on Port-Au-Prince help themselves? They loot shops and pile up roadblocks of corpses in protest.

Not dig others out, not clear roads. not build shelters. Loot and protest.

This behavior is much like some other poor people in another tragedy, in one of our southern states populated by folks with an African and French heritage and culture...Is it the culture? The genetics? Or is it the poverty which forces them into this sort of entitlement behavior? I have my own theory.....You draw your own conclusions.

Realize that other nearby countries are not nearly such shitholes as Haiti is (was)

But the pattern is there if you care to see it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Put the "intellgence" back into the Intelligence game...

This piece via American Thinker hits the nail right on the head....It's not a lack of intelligence, it is, rather, a lack of intelligence in dealing with it.

Like any bureaucracy, the intelligence game is full of mindless drones. And in normal times, that is ok. But now that is not ok. Just not getting fired is not enough. We need intelligent people, who can "connect the dots", and do things right, each and every time.

Having people who are just putting in their time towards retirement is NOT going to keep the citizens of (and visitors to) this country safe.

"They" (the enemy, the jihadists) will keep trying. We must have people who are at least as cunning as "they" are to thwart "them". Drones will not get the job done.

Civil service laws be damned. Get the right folks in there, and the pencil pushing REMFS who just need to get their time in, and their proper tickets punched the hell out of the "intelligence" game.

Or soon, we will have airlines falling from the skies, or a city turn into a green glass parking lot.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Perhaps I should start a church....

Here is why....If it's good enough for the Amish, then it's good enough for me.

We could call it the "First church of Phred".....

Whatever we should call it, it's main tenet would be that we object on "religious grounds" to paying into a government run and mandated health care system, rather than making our own choices.

Think it would fly? I'm almost willing to give it a shot...

Might include mandatory firearm ownership in there as well.....might could come up with some other stuff too.

But as leader of the church, I'd most likely have to collect tithes and such...probably be a bookkeeping nightmare

Perhaps we should find a hall and work out what the gods will require of us.


While the plural of Anecdote is not Data:

The plural of "anecdote" may indeed demonstrate a pattern.

Here is another anecdote, and observation about the "security" procedures we have at our airports. As is this. And this.

The Kabuki Theater we have instead of security (performed by the mindless TA workers) does little to enhance our security. It isn't designed to do that. It is designed to discourage people who are security threats, and to force people into compliance. It does little (if not less) to create a secure environment, and it is possible that you are, when you fly today, less secure than you were before 9/11/01.

Look: I have no doubt that this is a tough job. And I have no doubt that many of the TSA folks are doing the best they can. But the system is designed for failure, and the workforce is, I have noticed, not what you might call the highest motivated nor drawn from the least murky gene pool...Not to mention a management pyramid that does not cause the best and brightest to rise to the top.

We have here, a largely poorly trained force that costs a significant amount of money, which inconveniences a large number of people every day for little, if any, gain.

But hey, it employs a lot of people who otherwise might have worked at McDonalds, or Taco Bell, thus making it harder for those establishments to hire, and to make a profit. And it does, no doubt, give them something to do, and probably influences them to vote for the current stars of the DNC. And, of course, provide them with some sort of health care benefits and such....

What it does NOT do is to make you safer.

If you think othersise, then you are a fool.

Monday, January 11, 2010

There is hope!


Scott Brown does fairly well at fund raising in a blue state....

Perhaps (just perhaps) the tide is turning, even in Mass.

It may be that there is hope for this country yet.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Choosing to love an animal also means choosing to break your own heart. But, oh...that purr makes it all worth it in the end.

Breda loses a friend.

Think good thoughts for her.

The day is coming soon for me and my dog.
May I have the courage to take the step when necessary.

More TSA Kabuki Security Theater



Chemical Fumes??? From Honey???

Hospitalization of TSA Agents....For honey exposure...RIIGHT....

Methinks they need retraining...

Or better acting lessons.

Or an ass kicking.

I feel safer already knowing the professionals from the TSA are on the job.

And I can't wait for the new Health Care Workers....

Look, I understand that honey might show up on a scanner looking like an explosive....But from there the theater gets creepy. How is it that they found both TATP and TNT in the initial swab, but not after that? And how is it that these agents were struck ill by honey fumes? (or were they just acting??) I would think that after all this mess that they might could be fired?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Good point

as posted by HoosierBoy....


And, as he states, we should all be saying it. Call yer congresscritters.....Hound them. Make them do what they should be doing....Shame then, tie up their phone lines....

But keep the pressure on.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's about time...

only like 9 years late

Seems that there is now a fatwa prohibiting attacks against the US and Canada by extremists.....It is no longer a good idea..In fact, anyone with knowledge of such an attack or plans thereof should expose such plans....

Well, it is a step in the right direction, if a little late.

And, in order to make it stick, they had to state that any attack against either country was an attack against the Muslim citizens of our countries.....Not just that the attacks themselves are wrong (apparently as the rest of us are infidels it might not be wrong to attack us?????)

Hey, Imams....It's wrong to kill people....Not just Muslims, EVERYONE who is not attacking you. Call it wrong. Condemn those who commit such acts...Stand up, move your religion into this century....

Anyway, enough said. It's at least a start.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Confidence inspiring, ain't it?

So once again the TSA is in the spotlight. Since they are now 8 years old, one might expect that the management of the TSA would have had time to get their shit together in one sock, and be able to keep it there. But apparently once a person becomes a government employee, their IQ and attention span decreases by at least 10%.

The "security breach" at Newark on 1/3/10 shows just how much we have gained in security.....It's not just that some guy who took the job because the local McDonalds wasn't hiring that day was not paying attention. It was also because the folks in charge of the cameras had apparently not bothered to make sure that this important piece of technology was operating....

I'm sure that everyone involved, the techs, the officer(s) and especially the management will be beaten and then "thrown roughly to the floor" disciplined and then summarily dismissed.

The fact is that you need very few credentials in order to be hired to be a TSA agent. IIRC, you do not need a H.S. diploma or G.E.D., nor are their any IQ tests. In fact, these are the same people (and their friends and siblings) who were doing your security BEFORE 9-11, only with better benefits and more comfortable (and official looking) uniforms....

So why, after nearly 8 years, can they not do any better?

It is frightening to me that we have examples like this, and that of the Post Office USPS, to inspire confidence in the government operation of our health care apparatus.

The USPS loses more and more money every year, at a higher and higher cost for the same service......The TSA cannot even stay awake long enough to do its job of keeping US air travel safe. More and more stupid regulations implemented, not for additional safety nor in response to a specific threat, but rather to make up for the shortcomings of the TSA personnel.

Remember this when you cannot get care because the Big Government Health Care clerk (transferred from the TSA, and probably cohabitating with a USPS mail sorter) decides you really don't need that heart operation this week.....

We all know that a job created by a government bureaucracy attracts only the best and brightest folks, with the highest work ethic....

I just can't wait for Health care.....Really, The TSA makes me feel so safe with it's "Kabuki Security Theater" ever changing and poorly thought out rules, and I am so inspired by the thought of such behavior in my Health Care masters.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Not just a bunch of happy go lucky hard drinkers

Seems that the Aussie government is getting SERIOUS with the folks who are against the government screwing with a farmer. Crushing of dissent and all that. Watch what happens. I would not put such tactics past our own dearly loved Jack Booted Thugs government officials.

Remember, this is a peaceful protest, planned in support of a farmer whose hunger strike is in protest of a government whose policies have resulted in a situation where his land has been essentially taken away from him with no compensation and no recourse.

The Aussie government is beginning to notice the protesters, judging by their tactics.

Perhaps they are getting scared.

How soon 'til these tactics are used against the Tea Party protesters? How soon until they decide to get serious about squelching protests?

Stay tuned. Seems that when one government does it, the rest soon follow...

Thanks to Bore Patch for the info.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

This will help those mid term elections.......

Adding 12+ million illegals (probably more, if they can stay around long enough without jobs) to the DNC voting bloc might not be enough to offset the anger it will engender.....

But I doubt that that will stop the administration from trying.

Should help those midterm elections for the democrat incumbents though....

Random thought of the day...

"If at first an idea isn't absurd,

There is no hope for it."

Albert Einstein.

No half measures


Damn. I have been drunk before....I have gone way over the edge before....

But I am an amateur when it comes to BAC.

This lady, apparently knows how to do it right....

In a stolen car too.

Remind me not to EVER get into a drinking contest with this lady.

Friday, January 1, 2010

First post of the year

may you all have a good 2010. If 2009 was good for you, may that goodness continue. If it was less than stellar for you, may the new year improve your fortunes.

Be good, this new year, and leave room for luck to smile upon you.