Saturday, December 31, 2016

Every time I travel by air

There is a different set of rules at the TSA "checkpoint" in every airport.


For many years, the rules were that you HAD TO pull your laptop out of the bag because "we can't see through it otherwise". ..Which, while I found to be doubtful, (scanning technology being what it is and all) was, at least, consistent.

Friday, I travelled through Midway, and they yelled at all of us that were taking our laptops out of our bags to put in a separate bin.

"No need" they said. "Stop wasting time"....And they were RUDE about it. Plus, "shoes stay on". Even boots.

Same scanner, same personnel, just a different rule for a different day. So were they being safer at MDW before, or just lazy last Friday? And no "Perv-O-Scanner" either..... Just the magnetometer.

Now Dallas Love today?? Yerah, they had it cranked up to 11. But the dude that was telling folks what to do had such a strong "Island" accent that no one could understand what he was saying. Which led to a LOT of frustrations. There, I had to take my Laptop out and Place It In a Separate Bin..."Because we can't see through it in your bag". At least at DAL, they were pleasant. And, for TSA, efficient.

Of course, on Friday, the TSA at MDW decided to confiscate MC's Tactical Pen, because, even though it is okayed under TSA rules, it was shiny or something. They've let her fly with it 8 times that I know of previously, but on Friday, it was verboten. She even pointed out that it was ok under TSA rules, but was informed that the folks in the field can override rules. I thought she was gonna get arrested, (actually, I thought she was gonna wipe the smirk of of the TSA supervisor's face) and I pulled her away.

If Trump pulls funding for the TSA, I will support him 100%. Hell, I'd support raising the requirements to speaking good english and having to be able to read and write and speak on an 8th grade level. Did you know that having a High School diploma or GED is NOT a requirement for TSA personnel?

Friday, December 30, 2016

This'll make yer palms sweat

I couldn't do this.

Not for a minute.

I'd clench so tightly that I'd never poop again:

And partiers everywhere

Should bow their heads and have a moment of silence:

The inventor of the red solo cup, Robert Leo Hulseman, has died at the age of 84

Without his invention, hundreds of thousands of women may not have gotten pregnant. and men of all ages would have been much more lonely.

RIP Mr Hulseman.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Yeah, and my "sister" would

"Whisper in your ear" the next possible opportunity.

Cops can shoot dogs during execution of a warrant, Sixth Circuit Federal Court says.

If they are my dogs, and you shoot 'em, then your life is in danger.

And the Judge goes on the list too, if and when.

I can do it from up close, or from a fair distance away.  And no, I'm not bragging.

My pets are like family.

Cops can kill'em, but not without consequences.

HT: Freeholder

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The war in EastAsia:

They almost had the American Public under their control..until the INternet in the 1980's and the gigantic growth of the World Wide Web in the early 90's.

At that point, the News Media no longer controlled the news....Information got past them. They, in fact, became irrelevant a few years ago.

But now, Barry has just signed the 2017 NDAA....

Which includes a "Ministry of Truth"....funding for a Propaganda arm of the US Government "Center for Information Analysis and Response"....


Princess Leia

Has passed on to wherever old actresses go when they die.

Of course, I still think this was the best part she ever played:

From all accounts she "drove it like she stole it" for a large part of her life.

I hope she finds peace wherever she is.

Not that they will actually LEARN

to shoot them well, but still:

  “Progressives” buying guns for purposes other than “sport shooting,” and doing so for the express purpose of defending against what they see as a potentially tyrannical government and the chance of civil unrest. Likewise, minorities are also buying guns, and for the same reason.

Millenials....they likely think they can learn to shoot well by watching a video or two on YouTube.....and that they can just pick 'em up and shoot well and accurately..Just like in the mooviees. 

HT: WarOnGuns

What caliber....

For Drone?

North Dakota Police weaponize drones.

I have heard that Number 4 shot out of a 12 guage works well below 100 Feet.

But higher? Anybody got any experience?

Post in comments if you do....

Monday, December 26, 2016

And the shoe tastes different when it is on the other hand.....

Seems that now that they won't be the ones calling the shots, the leftists are learning that they are subject to the rules they imposed on everyone else.

All those folks who had to serve those whom they disliked, or disagreed with (think religious people who own bakeries) are smiling now.

And those who felt it was alright to tell the rest of us how we had to live and whom we had to associate with and do business with and such?

Yeah, They are learning a terrible lesson. .

Sadly, for them, too late. We'd been telling them about this for years....To deaf ears.

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Twas an excellent Christmas

And I ate too much.

Today is just another day.

Mondays. Bleh

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Or Happy Hanukah

Or Solstice

Or whatever your midwinter holiday is in your family and culture.

Enjoy the season and the day with friends or family.

Raise a glass to those standing watch in lands far away......away from their family and friends. And those standing guard here at home...Cops, Firemen and EMT's who aren't with their families today to protect you and yours.

And, above all, remember the Reason for the Season.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Helping it go viral:

Read this....Especially if you are a democrat.

And there is a lesson here is you are a republican too.

In fact, if you are an east or wet coast politician, then you should pay attention. Understand why both sets of folks in "Flyover Country" don't like your candidates.


I gotta go buy a 9/16 impact socket.

On the day before Christmas.

I'd sooner gouge my nads off with a spoon.

I hate crowds of people. Pushing, shoving rude Christmas shoppers are an order of magnitude worse.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Having fun at the auto parts store....

So the fiberglass rope gasket on my woodstove came free last night from where I had glued it to the door. This is a really really Bad Thing, as without the gasket there is no way to control the air going to the fire....with the predictable results.

Yes, the house gets too hot and the stove glows like a crucible fresh out of kiln.

So I go to the auto parts store today for a tube of hi-temp silicone as a temporary fix. (the real fix entails peeling the rest of the gasket off, possibly damaging it and then chiseling.grinding the remaining cement off and then redoing the gasket and waiting 3 days for the cement to dry.) and ask 'em where the hi temp Permatex is?

"We got 3 kinds of hi temp silicone, what do you need it for?" dude says, trying to be helpful.

(I need the copper Permatex, as that is good for like 700F)

"Got a high speed muffler bearing that's leaking." I reply. The girl behind the counter is looking at me with wide eyes...

"Leaking from the front or the back?" he deadpanned

She looks suspicious, but as he replied so quickly, she's not sure if this is bullshit or not.....

"Leaking from both ends, but more the front than the back" I answer...

She blinks hard and looks at him, eyes wider yet.

"Use the black Permatex" he says.

Then I smiled and asked for the Copper stuff.

I explained that I was fixing a seal on a woodstove and I needed the highest temp possible.

Young lady looks much more relaxed as she realizes that the back and forth was the bullshit that she thought it was, but wasn't sure until now....

You bet....If only he can make it happen

Via Wirecutter:

America owes President Barack Obama an enormous debt of gratitude for showing how truly dangerous the federal government can be when our Constitution’s checks and balances start failing. With the active collusion of congressional Democrats, President Obama’s presidency has been one long series of body blows to the separation of powers that has protected our democracy since the founding. The results have been stark. Never has a president trampled so much on the prerogatives of Congress. Obama’s executive orders, suspending parts of our immigration laws and even his own prized Obamacare, have been sheer usurpations, going far beyond even the breathtaking delegations of legislative authority granted by the brief Democratic supermajority in Congress in 2009–10.

Read the rest a the link

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Made before Political Correctness:

Maybe now that we have an Alpha Male in the big seat again.....

If you made this movie today, there'd be about 200 groups of people that would scream because they were "offended".

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Where's my Global Warming

You fat bastard?

I mean, c'mon, alGore, it is supposed to be -12 F tonight. Normal low is like, 24F.....Plus 24 F, that is.

Luckily I am burning wood in a non-catalytic woodstove and the indoor temp is +73F.

I just hope the outdoor cat, Harold, is OK. He won't come into the garage to be safe. But he's like that. He'll likely show up tomorrow afternoon looking for food.

Friday, December 16, 2016

We have always been at war with EastAsia:

So Facebook is gonna crack down on "Fake News"
 (No, this isn't "Fake News" Seriously. )

Using, among others, Snopes and ABC News  and AP as sources to verify and/or vet the suspect stories.

'Cause we know the Media always get things right...


How come this never happens to me????

(and notice that the overreaction was....extreme)....3 cop cars? "Hustle the child from the room"? .

Now go "Hug your puppy".

An Oceanside couple expecting a United Parcel Service delivery of a toy plane instead got a surprise — a package containing an assault rifle.

Joel Berman said he opened the keyboard-sized case Wednesday night in front of his wife and 6-year-old granddaughter, wondering how it could be the Kohl’s toy, meant for the son of a friend.

An Oceanside couple expecting a United Parcel Service delivery of a toy plane instead got a surprise — a package containing an assault rifle.

Joel Berman said he opened the keyboard-sized case Wednesday night in front of his wife and 6-year-old granddaughter, wondering how it could be the Kohl’s toy, meant for the son of a friend.

“Her mouth popped open,” said Berman, 66. “It definitely was not a toy gun. . . . We had to explain to her Santa delivered the wrong thing.”
Cradled in foam was a semi-automatic rifle with a sophisticated scope, a stand, an ammo clip and a copy of an Arizona man’s driver’s license and his concealed-weapons permit, Berman said.

The UPS label, which had Kohl’s in Ohio as the sender, had been pasted over another UPS label from the Arizona resident to a gunsmith in upstate Woodbourne.

“I have a receipt from the UPS driver showing . . . 3.4 pounds as the weight of the package, but it was 51 pounds,” Joel Berman, a trade-magazine publisher, said. “It’s funny, but at the same time, it’s sad.

“This could have been delivered to a home that had either someone with ill intentions who would have loved to have something like this. Or it could have been delivered to a home with kids.”

They shuffled their granddaughter to another room and she immediately hugged her new puppy, Berman said.

The couple called 911 — the operator told him “Oh my God” — and three patrol cars arrived within minutes.

Nassau police said they will get the rifle to the upstate gunsmith.

Read the rest at the link.

Note: I don't think this was what people think of when we say an "Assault Rifle"....  more likely a "Sniper Rifle".....looks like a Barrett to me.

I'd a just kept my mouth shut and waited to see if anyone asked.....

As it should be:

So you are sleeping in your home.

Men break down your door.

Then a Flash-Bang goes off. You assume the worst...that someone is breaking in to try to kill you...(valid, actually, read the article)

You shoot the first three that you see (before you run dry) because you think you are being attacked at night.

Turns out they were police officers on a no knock warrant. But you don't know that at the time.

When you find out it was police, you surrender and cooperate.

They still charge you with attempted murder.

And a jury chooses to decline to find you guilty years later.

Inept "SWAT" boys are what caused this....and good shooting by Mr Rosas.

If I ever meet him I'll buy him a beer.

I hope I can do half as well in the same circumstances.

And in yet another twist.....

Because, of course, it Just Can't Be that half of America rejected Hillary.....

Here is something to make you think:

“Anonymous allegations that Russian government hackers interfered with the US elections are “evidence-free,” several retired intelligence professionals argued in an open letter. Any hack would have been noticed by the NSA, which has stayed silent, they say. Last Friday, the New York Times and the Washington Post cited anonymous sources claiming the CIA believed Russia was behind hackers who exposed emails and documents from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta, with the intent of aiding the campaign of Donald Trump. Several Democratic senators have called for a special investigation into the allegations, while Trump dismissed it as a “conspiracy theory.”

“Reading our short memo could save the Senate from endemic partisanship, expense and unnecessary delay,” wrote the former CIA and NSA spies, part of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), adding that “harder evidence of a technical nature points to an inside leak, not hacking– by Russians or anyone else.”

So people who know don't think

And yet. despite the complaints about "Fake News" (which has been perpetrated by the left ever since the GWB memo(Remember "fake but accurate?)) the meme persists that the "russians" hacked the election....and the left BELIEVES it.

The media is pushing the "Hack the election" meme by filling the airwaves with stories about hacking areas like the military and such (even going back to 2008!) for stories to demonstrate how the "Russians" have been going through our mail (and manipulating public opinion) with impunity...
And they have been influencing our public opinion for nearly as long as I have been alive....certainly since the Vietnam era.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

I hope they hang the little fucker

Dylan Roof found guilty on all charges.

They oughta hang him with a bad rope tied poorly so his neck doesn't break and he kicks and struggles for a while.

(Added for Patrick):  IN PUBLIC.

Just FYI

The Constitution (what remains of it, anyway) is 225 years old today.

This may be the most important document anywhere in the world, actually.

It has enabled greater growth and prosperity across the world than nay other set of rules (one could argue Magna Carta, but don't MMKAY?) as well as making the US the best, most prosperous country on this mudball.

Life ProTip:

If every relationship or interaction with friends or people ends the same way every time, then the issue likely isn't the rest of them, but rather you or your behavior.

Innit interesting?

Isn't it interesting how the DNC and their sycophants are realizing how much of a mistake all of their twisting of our ways of government........rules in the House and Senate changed to make it easier to pass "difficult" legislation, removal of oversight committees, etc. Of course, they have to face the fact that those rule changes and removal of committees and such that made it easier for the Democrats to twist the rule or just plain railroad everyone else to get what they wanted.....

Now, of course, that there is a Republican soon to be in the big seat....and not only a Republican, but Donald Trump at that....

Plus of course, a majority of folks with an R after their name in both the House and the Senate...

They are finding out something that a LOT of liberals never seem to learn until late in life, if at all:

Rules are there (generally), for a reason....they have been put in to place to protect someone, or to prevent something from happening....they aren't arbitrary (usually) and they have a reason that they exist .......

And those rules that prevent you from running roughshod over the other guy?  The ones that you changed so you could do whatever you wanted? Yeah, now they won't keep him from sticking it in your ass this time.



The media is really stretching the language to make sure to say "Trump", "Putin" and "Hacked" and "Confirmed" in every statement.

It is only later, in the body of the story that they admit that so one knows, exactly who did it, or who ordered it, or what, exactly, the result was.

Kinda like an inflammatory headline, only with words. And they get to repeat it in the intro before the commercial, then after the commercial, and then again as they begin the story.

And the underinformed voters and misfits will eat it up.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Reuse your Heat and Humidity.

Get one of these....Highly reccomended:

They work with both gas and electric, and are safe, assuming your gas dryer is in good repair and adjustment.

Hey, you have already paid for the water, reuse it in the air in your home..... instead of (or in addition to) a humidifier or a pot of boiling water....

And you might as well get the heat that you have paid for to dry your clothes to keep you warm in these cold nights

Monday, December 12, 2016

Even Faker news

So the CIA now says the Washington Post LIED about the supposed CIA claim that Russian hackers somehow got Trump elected,,,

Curiouser and curiouser.

Good question:

A person who is smarter than me pointed out a good question:

Why would the Russian hackers leave footprints that pointed to them? If they are as good as the intelligence services claim they are, one can be sure that they could have hidden their tracks well enough that there would be no proof that they were, in fact, the hackers. 

I call bullshit on the whole 'The russians did it" story. It fits the meme  (and need to blame someone else) of the DNC and other sore losers. Further, it doesn't fit the reality that not only did Trump win against predictions, but the fact that Republican candidates won against predictions in many state and local contests as well. I cannot believe that the Russians were involved in all those unexpected wins across the country as well.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

'twas pointed out to me today

That the folks that claim it is impossible to find and deport over 15 million illegal aliens are sure that they can find over 300 million firearms in the hands of lawful owners.


They just figured it out?

Seems that the liberal side is "concerned" and "alarmed" that the Russians tried to influence our election..

No shit.

The Russians have been trying to do so since before I was born. They had great success in the 70's, Using the press and the Vietnam war to influence US policy and destroy politicians. They influenced the world that I grew up in using that self same press to change public opinion.

The left greatly benefitted from THAT influence....and no one said anything.

Now, because uncomfortable truths about their candidate (and Party) came out, they are upset because it "may" have been the Russians (I want to see the proof though)?

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Their hypocrisy is....overwhelming.


Plus: Brian Williams slams "Fake News". As long as he isn't the one making it......

Izzit me?

Or do any of the rest of you notice that the folks that lean to the left seem to have absolutely zero knowledge of the Constitution, and no understanding as to why said Constitution is written with the words that it was.

This, of course,  in addition to the fact that they can't seem to lose with any semblance of grace of class...

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Right stuff

RIP John Glenn.

You were a hero to many boys in my generation. Me included.

A real bad ass.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Remember those who died 75 years ago.

Remember also those arrogant admirals (and other leaders) who failed to listen to intelligence and failed in their one protect the US. The ships were, effectively sitting ducks, the base at Pearl Harbor was, at best, a target. 

The failure was not the soldiers and sailors, but the leaders under whom they served. 

There are those who believe that the entire war in general, and the attack on Pearl Harbor in specific, were part of a greater conspiracy.  I think the attack was just plain incompetence.

Monday, December 5, 2016

One wonders

How much did the DNC pay Jill Stein to whore herself out regarding the election recounts?

And what leverage did they have on the judge that just ordered a HAND RECOUNT of the votes in Wisconsin?

(Seems to me that whoever wants the recount should pay for the expenses incurred in the recount, not the taxpayers)

And what, exactly, is the end game here?

Hillary isn't gonna win any more electoral votes.  Trump is still gonna be president. Jill Stein isn't ever gonna be anything more than a footnote in the history books.

The only folks this stunt impresses are the ones that will ALWAYS vote for the DNC candidate.....

I must be getting old....

These 14 hour road trips are starting to get to me.

Friday, December 2, 2016


So....will the Rockefeller Children stop their Carbon Intensive lifestyle?

Live in a 1 room apartment? Walk to work? Stop jetting about the country?

Will they push their friends to do the same? ??
Stop living in well lighted homes with lots of space that requires heating and cooling? Stop driving (or being driven) around in large cars, taking unnecessary trips to and from? Stop going on weekends to their other homes (which are heated and lighted even when they aren't in residence)?

Are they gonna preach to their friends to stop jetting to exotic locations for vacations?

Nope, they instead go after the company that makes it all possible....That provides the fuel to make their lifestyle happen....

Rockefeller descendants speak out against company to which they owe their prosperity.

(One wonders....did those clothes they were wearing in that interview come from locally sourced fibers? ...didn't look like it.....And how did they get from home to the interview??? Did they walk?)

I'll stat thinking Global Warming might be an issue when the folks who say it is start ACTING like it is...

One might think there was a book deal in the works, for all the media attention in the Right Circles....

Their vote counted

And one of theirs cancelled one of yours...

Have you ever noticed that these Hillary voters are afraid?

Afraid of.....Something?

Racism......Klansmen (even though that was Democrats).....Discrimination by race or sexuality (perceived or otherwise)....Something bad to be Done in  The Future by those terrible Trump Voters....

No one knows where they get their information, really. It spreads via rumor, and facebook, and twitter. Passed down from one uninformed person to another uninformed one ever questions anything...either the source or the veracity of the rumor itself....

They, apparently, have no knowledge about how our country laws are made, how limits on politicians keep 'em from becoming despots (Although the Republican House and Senate DID let barry run sorta wild there)

Nor do they have the guts or ability nor the internal strength to DO something to protect themselves from these perceived future terrible things....

Those who didn't vote for Obama quietly waited and armed and prepared ourselves for the worst....we hoped it wouldn't happen, and waited patiently for the end of those 8 years....

These SJW Ex Hillary voters are gathering in groups to perpetrate the lies being spread about TheDonald and his racist homophobic gun toting, bible thumping deporting monsters supporters that will ship every islamic homosexual Democrat voting vegetarian off to a camp in eastern Slobovia or something.....

No one is willing to DO anything about it, besides sit together and tremble in fear while comforting each other.

And that, my friends, is why I have hope for the future of this country....

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Something to think about:

Go HERE to see it.

Ask yourself why?

B Spends a day at the beach...

I kinda brought it on myself, I guess:

See, I had Tuesday available, it was gonna be fairly warm for the end of November. The capstan I had seen on the beach was....irritating me.

 I had contacted several Lake Michigan shipwreck organizations and done some other research. Not much info was available. Folks knew of the wreck, some had seen the wooden ribs when the lake was low (It is fairly high right now and nothing is visible) but no one had any knowledge of any iron pieces on the wreck site.

So, Tuesday, I borrowed a pipe locator poker and off I go to the beach. Arriving about 10 AM, the temp is 46 or so, the wind is off the lake (making for a fairly warm breeze) at about 15 MPH.

I park the car, get the shovel, the poker and my backpack with measuring tape and camera and water and compass and such and off I go.

3/8 of a mile to the beach, 2 miles to the stream (Which was running high enough that I had to take off my boots and wade)  and then another 1/4 mile or so to the (approximate) location.

(Since there had been storms and 4-6 foot waves the days before, I had hopes that Ma Nature would have smiled upon me and uncovered the thing (it happens)....She didn't. If anything there was another 6 inches of sand over the area.)

I  marked the area that my sightings from the previous trip said I should be looking at....this gave me an area about 50 foot (E/W) by 12 foot (N/S) to work in. I marked the area edges, and then consulted the photos I had taken. Sadly, Ma Nature had only left me one landmark from the pictures...(who would have thought a 70 foot tree with full branch crown buried half it's length in the sand would have moved?)  and marked another area as well. The two overlapped in an area about 30 foot by 5 foot.

I took the poker that I had carried for 2+ miles and began poking in the sand. Right off, I hit something. "Cool!" I said to myself...."Right at the start!"

 Not so much....the sand was easily penetrated. Not so much the "shingle" underneath (which was the layer that had the iron item in it) The poker was useless.

Shit. Well, I had walked all this way, so I began using the "Mexican Backhoe" that I had brought along.....digging trenches about 5' long and about a foot apart....LOTS of sand moved. There was about 2-2.5 feet of sand to get to the "shingle" then another foot into that....Each trench backfilling its predecessor....

I was on my 5th or 6th trench and stopped to take a break when a woman walked up. Now I'm not sure where she came from, as I had been keeping an eye on the approach from the stream side (to the west) and the park on the east side is closed (For bullshit reasons) by the National Park folks.

She asked what I was doing in a very snotty voice, implying that I was doing something wrong.

(and here is where I screwed up, I think)..."Gotta have someplace to put the bodies" I answered.

She looked at me and left without a word. Walking back to the "Closed" park...

I took a drink of water and got back to work.

About 2 hours later, as I was beginning to tire and had realized that this method of search was probably futile,  I heard a shout. It was a National Park Ranger. He walked up and politely enquired as to what I was doing.  I explained that I was looking for an artifact that I had found in a previous visit.

"Not hiding bodies?" He asked. (I guess she called) Yeah, Like I am gonna drag bodies (plural) two miles from Central Beach to here to bury em....on the beach. Not in the marsh a hundred feet from the road....

"Nope... Yer welcome to check" I offered him the shovel. He was still suspicious

"There isn't any shipwreck here" he stated.

"There is, somewhere close here ...We might well be standing on it right now " I replied.

"I've been a ranger here for 12 years, and I am telling you, there isn't any shipwreck here!"

"You must not get out on the beach much, Bud, cause there is a shipwreck here. . It gets buried and unburied about every 5 years or so. It was visible about 4 years ago.....I've been coming here since I was about 12, so in the past 40 years I might have seen JUST a bit more than you"...."Look it up on the DNR site if you don't believe me....look for unknown #3...."

He decided than to be all asshole cop-like.

"I could charge you with "defacing public property."

"For digging holes on the beach? You gonna charge every kid that builds a sandcastle too? Oh, and By The Way, Jack, you don't have jurisdiction on the beach. That is State of Indiana, not Federal. You get to the top of the bluff, more or less. Not sure exactly where the line is, but I am SURE we are not on Federal jurisdiction.  Call a DNR officer if you want to charge me. Now get out of my way"

(I was angry and not being diplomatic anymore, which didn't help things)Why do some cops have the attitude that if it is outside of their experience it Must Be Wrong?

"Lemme see some ID".




"You are required to show ID when asked by Law Enforcement ...The law says so".

"Nope. The law says I must identify myself when asked..... Not show ID".  I stated my name. 'I have complied with the law"

He hemmed and hawed and I began shoveling again. (I was tired and about to give up on my search until Ranger Boy chose to be all officious. I dug another 5 trenches before he left....I asked him for a ride back to my car, but he told me to walk out the way I came....which was cool.

By now, I had moved several tons of wet sand. I was tired. I gathered my stuff and left. Walked back to the car, picking up trash along the way... Got almost an entire Menard's bag of assorted trash.

I get to the parking lot, and Ranger Roger is there with a DNR officer.... UhOh.

The DNR guy was polite, asked me what I was looking for, etc. Kinda pushy, but polite. Implies that I have done something wrong.. We talk. I put things into the back of the car. I open the front door and start to lean in.

"Don't do that!" they both say.

"Why not?"

"You could be reaching for a weapon".
(I actually kept my mouth shut here, instead of saying "If I wanted to shoot you, Ranger Boy would be dead (and buried) on the beach, and you, DNR-boy, would be bleeding out right now...") I smiled and instead said. "Just reaching for my coffee".... Held up the thermos cup....."If you are accusing me...?" They assured me that they were just being cautious "for all our safety"...

So Ranger Boy was sure that I had done something wrong, and wanted DNR boy to charge me with "defacing the beach" since there "There is no shipwreck there".

"Actually", DNR officer says,"there is" He asked me exactly where I was looking and I gave him the best answer I could. "yep, that's about right" he told Ranger Boy.

Ranger told me he was gonna search my car. I said "No. Get a warrant....I'll wait"...and locked the door.

He then told me to leave.  I was tempted to stay just to prove a point, but didn't want to push it.

I left. He followed me back to Rt 12. I drove exactly 5 MPH under the speed limit so he wouldn't be able to give me any hassle.

I gotta learn not to smart off to people.

Or just shut the fuck up.

I may never find the object, either.