Sunday, March 30, 2014

There are few jobs

That I hate more than painting.

If I could find a painter who did as good a job as I do, or who made less mess and left fewer paint drops on the floor than I do, I'd be willing to pay for having my kitchen walls painted

Sadly, "Professional Painter" doesn't mean "Craftsman" in this area....but rather "fairly sure which end of the paintbrush to pick up" and "not terribly likely to paint the wrong thing" and "might not make too much of a mess".

So fuckit, I'll paint.

But I hate it. I'd rather be a demonstrator model at a proctology school.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


SO, it seems that, because of a simple misspelling, the brother Splodey Tsarnaev were simply not noticed by the DHS and other folks supposed to be watching for people like them.

Now, I understand that mistakes happen...Sometimes people hit the wrong key when entering data....sometimes they are tired or distracted or whatever.

But really, no one caught the fact that "Tsarnaev" might also be spelled Tsarnayev"? No one bothered to look at a guy who spent 6 months in training on how to blow people up?

And they spend all that time defending the integrity of their lists...even when completely (and obviously) innocent people are inconvenienced by being on it.

Sometimes incompetence is hard to tell from maliciousness. Especially in a bureaucrat.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sounds right:

But I haven't done any verification:

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Man that hasta hurt

When you are a narcissistic bastard...

Must sting to be ignored like that.


But likely true...

If not, well, "Fake but Accurate" worked in the past, right?


This cold/flu/plague whathefuckerver is finally breaking

No real brain cell are firing at this time. however.

no blog for amyone for a while.

And here I thought I was gonna miss out on all the fun.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I must say

So on Christmas Day, I pulled a muscle in my back. Now, it has taken an inordiate amount of time to heal, and was lamost back to normal.

Also, I was feeling lucky, and congratulating myself on not getting a cold this winter season.

Both of these things intersected on Wed Evening, when my sinusi became flowing...nay, Gushing fountains of clear weepy fluid.

Thursday, this evolved into sneezing fits.

Which made my back feel so much better. Not Fun. At All.

Of course, I got bad enough to actually take something for the symptoms.

I could become happy with a steady diet of Dextromethorphan hydrobromide.

Sadly, it takes away the small cognitive ability that I have left, so I gotta go carefully down that path.

But it does help.

No blogging for a while, as it takes all I got to form words when under the influence.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Going to school?

Or know someone who is?

Here is a a set of scholarships going wanting.

Not huge, but hey, free money for the asking.If you qualify.

Not sorry to see him go

Seems that Fred Phelps, of the Westboro Baptist Church has kicked the bucket and is no longer wasting oxygen. 

Perhaps when his funeral happens we should all throw a loud party close to the gravesite. Loud enough to be disruptive.....

In which I take a contrary position:

So there is a buzz about the fact that the Delaware Supreme Court has ruled that the tenants of Public housing have the right to "to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use"

While I applaud the court's decision to uphold the Second Amendment, I actually disagree with the ruling:
The landlord, in this case, the state of Delaware, would prefer that firearms not be present on it's property. While I think that that is foolish, and does not make for a safer environment, the fact is that the tenants have no say as to what is or is not allowed on the property.
If they disagree with the choice of rules from the Landlord, then they need to move elsewhere. If they can afford a firearms for "hunting or recreation" then they can afford to pay full rent for a while. If they need a firearm for personal protection then, again, they should find a landlord who approves of (or at least doesn't ban) firearms. 
Were this private property, owned by a single person or by a business entity, then the banning of firearms would, in fact, be legal. The same should apply when the landlord is the State. 
I firmly believe that people in Government subsidized housing have no right to privacy in their subsidized home, nor any right to special treatment of any kind. When someone else is paying the bill, then that someone gets to set the rules. Don't like it? Move out and pay your own way. 


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just in case you were wondering:

John COleman has a story to tell you.

Get a drink, and a snack, and watch for half an hour.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So: A choice

In the upcoming days, Chris Christie gets to make a choice:

Show everyone that his "Republican" and "Conservative" persona is true.....or not.

He will either veto the legislation passed recently that would limit any firearms magazine to10 rounds, with no recourse for those who already own firearms which exceed this capacity, no grandfathering of existing firearms. (this includes a boatload of .22 rifles).

Or he won't veto it, thereby making sure that we all know his stance...and the fact that he ISN'T what his supporters claim he is (We all know he isn't, but this will prove it to anyone who isn't sure) and alienate the gun owners of this country...who vote.

So, Chris: What is it gonna be? Do ya wanna move up to try for the Presidency? Or do you want to remain at the Governor level for the rest of your career?

(While it would be bad for the folks in New Jersey, I hope he signs the bill, thereby effectively dropping out of the race for President in 2016...And hey, the folks in NJ are getting the representatives they voted for, right?)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

So next time a cop intimidates or frightens me...

Can I put 4 in his chest?

If this police officer is in any way exonerated, is not charged with manslaughter (at least) and doesn't serve prison time, then I see no barrier to shooting the next cop who makes me nervous (or anyone else for that matter). Next time a cop makes any suggestive move, or places his hand on the butt of his firearm (even if it stays in the holster) then I can make my move and shoot him, just so that I can be safe and go home to my family at night. (and no, I don't intend to start shooting anyone, police officers or civilians...)

Look at the video. There is NO WAY that the cane can be construed to be any type of firearm. You can see it even in the crappy dashcam video....The officer should have been able to do so as well.

The York County Sheriffs office claims that Officer Knox followed procedure for a situation like this.

Whose procedure? Who approved of shooting people when there is no immediate threat? (Yeah, I know, they are gonna claim that he perceived a threat....but is that statement justifiable?) 

'Cause if it is than My procedure is gonna lead to me defending myself from a lot more possible threats.

If the police are that afraid of every person they interact with, then they shouldn't be police officers, shouldn't have the right to carry a firearm, and shouldn't be in any position of authority.

This officer killed attempted to kill a 70 year old man for no matter what the department claims.

Yes, this is a tragedy. Mistakes were made...I got that. But it is still murder attempted murder. 

I'm sorry for the officer, but he should be in prison.

If it were you or I, that is where we'd be. And rightly so.

*Original reports were that the elderly man had been killed. subsequent reports say that the man is alive and expected to survive. Post updated accordingly. Instead of murder, it is attempted murder. Still think jail time is appropriate*

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Folding on the Internet

Although this has been promoted by mostly Europe the rest of the world for many years, it appears that the US is going to give up control of the internet as we know it. 

Do we really want that? As much business as we do over the web, do we want a bunch of Europeans  with anto American complexes (see also: Brussels) having control over the internet as we know it? Having the ability to change, deny or otherwise mess with Domain Names and such?

Is this a good idea? I don't think so. Handing over control of something the US invented, and that the US has controlled in a benign manner from the beginning to a bunch of other countries who may not have our (or others) interests at heart is not a good idea.

Let 'em start their own brand of internet if they wanna control it.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ymarght... or something like that.

Yeah, no posting..

Burned out.

Been busy dealing with idiots and the weather and the issues they cause.

I don't even have time to read the other folks that are smarter than me...

You can see them on the left side



Monday, March 10, 2014

Border Patrol Chief: " Run away!"

Really: It is true:

See the memo HERE .

Rather than project force, the Agents should retreat when rocks and other items are thrown....

What kind of Chief have they got there? The agents I have met were strong, brave men, worthy of a better directive than that. 

That'll put the fear of God into those illegals!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

So my choice of pistol platforms is bad

and will get me killed or something? Seems that you made a great deal of splash with your article, as I am sure you wanted to.

Really? You'd prefer that everyone carry a GLOCK or a M&P?

Who in hell asked you?

I suppose that you had to write about something in order to get paid, and a topic like this would get some comments so that your editor will now that people read your articles.....

While everyone is entiled to their opinion, your sucks. and it was, IMO, a poorly written article.

My choice of a pistol platform for self defense/CCW is not up to you. Yes, I have had a bad example of a 1911. I know Glocks that are shit too. One example having been sold to a close friend...both firearms were returned for service. and, not surprisingly, are now good examples of reliable firearms. (the 1911 variant that I had now has over 8k rounds through it with absolutely zero hiccups, despite being crap out of the box. The GLOCK has a similar round count after service, but wouldn't fire a full magazine without issues as delivered). I'd be willing to bet my life on either of those firearm, if and when. In fact, I carry the 1911 variant almost daily. And I shoot about 20K rounds through my assorted 1911's yearly.

You take all 1911's and lump them into a group. Cheap ones, modified ones, and then you use Kimbers as you prime example....a company that built a reputation as a custom gushop and then has since traded on their name to easily impressed afficianados with more money than sense when it comes to purchasing firearms..("I got a Kimber!!!! I must be an Operatianally Operational Operator!") I actually know of very few Kimber 1911's that run well enough that I would use them outside of a range...But I also know of many made by Para and Springfield that are excellent examples of quality reliable is true of Glocks and, to a more limited extent, M&P's. But I'd function test ANY firearm that I was going to plan to carry to defend myself with very carefully...I'd make sure that the ammo and the firearms were compatible and happy with each other, and that the gun would be reliable...not just for a magazine or two, but for hundreds of rounds...No matter what make of firearms...Glock, Para, Springfield, Colt, or Smith and Wesson.

What you prefer is up to you...the type of firearms, the particular style....and if you want to become a FanBoi to a particular brand or style, then, hey, you are (supposedly) an adult, and can make yer own choices.

I prefer the grip safety and the thumb safety....not the crap trigger safety abortion idea that Gaston Glock came up with...Your Mileage May, however, Vary...If you like your Glock, then by all means, use it. Just be careful when reholstering around me, please. (especially if you are a policeman!)

Actually, go ahead and bash the 1911. It'll reduce the demand (maybe, if anyone cares what you write) and maybe make the prices come down.

In the meantime, I'll take my chances with my 1911 on my hip in daily carry.  You carry what you want to.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Remember the post below about the German homeschooling family trying to stay here in the US? How the DHS and ICE wanted them returned to Germany....and the Supremes chose not to hear their case?

Strangely, DHS has reversed itself and granted them "Indefinite Deferred Status".

SO as long as they are good, model visitors to this country, they can stay.

Strange, that reversal. Perhaps sanity broke out in the DHS....

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

proving once again that the republicans are a neutered force

They brought her back they had ordered her to testify, and had legal advice that she had effectively waived her 5th Amendment rights when she made her speech the first time she "testified"...

Others have been incarcerated for ignoring congress, (small 'C' on purpose) and for similar behavior have been held in "Contempt of Congress".

Yet she walks today, a free woman.

Was this just a "show trial"?

Let's face it, the RNC wants the Tea Party folks to go away nearly as much as the DNC does.

And I especially liked the rant that Cummings put forth in order to make a headline that drew eyes from Lerner.

ETA: The Outrider has an interesting take....

Today's the day

That Lois Lerner is supposed to spill the beans to congress.

1.  I wonder if she will?

II.  I wonder what she will tell 'em?

C.  If she does, how long will she live?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Would you have the guts?

To give your name and then declare:

"I will NOT comply".

(money quote starting about 6:28)

I think that if the Connecticut boys in blue choose poorly that there will be a real mess.

Randy Weaver got screwed because he was alone and isolated.  No one to help. By the time we all saw what was happening, they had the situation nailed down.

What will happen  if you are in Connecticut when you see your neighbors home besieged by the police.....Or hear a noise at night and see the SWAT team stacked up outside his door?

You know you are gonna be next.

So either you run (or hide) or take a stand. Stand on principles or watch your neighbor taken down....Live louse or ....?

Which will you choose?

There are more gunowners than cops to take them away....but alone you will fall....

You can make a difference when they are at your neighbor's are in their rear....they aren't looking at you...

When enough don't come home, they'll get the message.

Will you take a stand? Remember, body armor...Aim high or aim low....

I fear that for our brethren in Connecticut, the time is coming when they will have to choose.

And I don't think anyone is gonna like the outcome. 

I am SO glad I live in Indiana and won't, for the near future at least, have to make such a decision. 

But if they had come in over the southern border...


And if they spoke Spanish....

German Home Schooling family faces deportation after supreme court denies hearing

So a German family flees to the US because they are persecuted by the German Government due to the fact that they choose to homeschool their kids rather than place them in State schools..

They apply for asylum here in the US in 2010. THEY DO EVERYTHING LEGALLY.

They have another child here in the US....("Anchor Baby"?)

The Obama administration changes their minds after initially granting them asylum on grounds of religious persecution.

ICE changes their mind in 2012. Tells them they have to leave.

They appeal.

Supreme Court chooses not to hear the case.

Now, I wouldn't bring this up, except that there are THOUSANDS of Mexicans who ILLEGALLY entered this country and who were caught after spending YEARS here who have NOT been deported....who are encouraged and allowed to stay here.....even though they entered and stayed illegally....and whose cases are being ignored by ICE and other relevant agencies.

Double standard?

I see this as a human rights issue....they are being persecuted and fined for not sending their kids to the State approved schools in Deutschland ....

If we let all the illegals stay, then we should let these people stay. They, at least, did everything legally and are, by all reports, model citizens.

Not so with some of the other cases.

But they are, apparently, not brown enough.

Perhaps they should learn to speak Spanish. Maybe move to California or Arizona....Or Chicago.

Monday, March 3, 2014

An offer to those folks in Connecticut and New Jersey

or at least the first 50 or so to take me up on this:

If you can find a legal way to get your "Assault Rifle" and or High Capacity Magazines or other banned (but previously legal)  firearms into my hand, I will offer storage in a safe, controlled environment. They will be stored in the same environment that my personal firearms are stored in

Insurance against fire and such is still up to you.

You can come and visit them at any time with a bit of notice. We even have decent ranges fairly close by so you can exercise them.

This is not an offer of storage forever, but only until you can either get the law repealed or move out of the state to a more congenial environment.  I should be at this location for at least another 2 years....

Email me for other details.

Jut tryin' to help.

For some reason it didn't post on Friday.....

Is *YOUR* church BATF approved?

Let us never forget that on Feb 28th,1993 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms chose to attack a peaceful compound of religious "fanatics".

This ultimately ended, 51 days later, with the death of 76 men women and children..

Look up the details yourself, Wikipedia has part of the story. Take the time to learn more.

What it ultimately comes down to is, that much like the Randy Weaver saga, the government departments (and individuals therein) went Way too far, and when people resisted, they brought the full weight of the Federal government down upon those unfortunate to be in the crosshairs. People who resisted died because they were targeted by rouge, undertrained, and unsupervised agents of the Federal agencies.

The fact that these events happened is bad enough. THe fact that these agents and their supervisors and THEIR supervisors were, essentialy, unpunished.

And WE as a nation allowed the events to happen, watching breathlessly on TV as events unfolded....And we let these agents get away with, essentially, murder.

Think about it.

And we are allowing such things to happen again....Think Fast and Furious. If you don't know what I am referring to, Google "Operation Fast and Furious"....

If you aren't angry yet, you should be.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Someone pointed out to me today:

"I am NOT a racist....I intensly dislike Obama's white half as well".

I really couldn't argue.

But it hurts when coffee comes out of your nose.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

If you like eagles

THen open THIS window and watch!

Free speech is for everyone

Unless you are white and it offends a minority.

Especially if it happens on a made up minority holiday

Look: I understand that the school just wants a peaceful day, with no fights or violence. THat the Mexicans are making trouble about Hispanic culture and that the school just wants to make it go away...
Too fucking bad. The minority mexican students can go back to mexico if they don't like it. THis is the US of America.  Wearing a US flag should NEVER be illegal or against the rules in the United States. (the Mexicans get to wear the Mexican flag, but that is ok and not judged provocative)...To me, anywhere outside of Mexico, it is just a it should be with any flag outside of the country which it represents.

The judges need to be recalled and then horsewhipped.

The school administrator needs to be fired and barred from ever working in any administrative capacity ever again.

but then again, it be Kalifornia...