Friday, June 17, 2016

A thought:

Since these attacks nearly always have a "Muslim" theme to the, yet they are all "Isolated Incidents" according to Authorities. (whose authority, BTW?) .....
Then why are all gun owners attacked and out Second amendment at risk by the Gun Grabbers? They are, after all, "Isolated incidents", right? Just deranged individuals. Not because of religion, not because of guns. Just "isolated incidents".

'Cause we can blame the religion just like they blame the guns....

So does this mean we get to restrict Muslims? Perhaps set a curfew? Allow them to be searched at any time? Subject to special licensing? Muslim Permits? Limits on how many children they can have? How many muslims can be in a house at one time without proper storage? Mandatory child locks on teachings?

Yust a thought

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Harry Flashman said...

Like the Nazi's, our current regime is adept at manipulating what news gets to the public, and how it's presented. Like Blowjama today, making his speech and going on and on about guns, but not one word about terrorism.