Sunday, June 30, 2013



Sequester? What sequester?

Seems that Barry can find 7 Billion dollars to keep the Africans from being in the dark at night...

But he gets to gut our military because we don't have any money.

And the Air Traffic folks get cut.

and the Parks Department.

And those White House tours...

But we can somehow find 7 BILLION dollars for Africa. ...When did the House authorize it???....and which congressmen voted for it? .I wanna see the vote.


Why is it that racist words like "Nigger" (yeah, I said it....) are only racist when used by white people to describe a black person....?

And not when used by black peopleabout other black people.

Yet a word used in a derogatory manner, like "cracker" isn't racist when used by a black person to describe a white person?

Why does the media absolutely hammer someone like Paula Dean for a comment she made nearly 30 years ago after being held at gunpoint, yet lets anyone who is black make any racist comment that they want with no consequences?

Why do we allow the meme that "Only white people can be racist" to exist at all, when there is constantly new evidence DAILY that this is not true?

Not all black people are racist. Nor all hispanics, nor all asians, nor all white people. But many of us are, to one degree or another.....and, generally the lower that person is on the socioeconomic scale, the more likely they are to be racist. It's a sure bet that those who get government assistance as a lifestyle or are raised in a home with no father figure are.

But really, why the double standard? WHY?

Why is the use use of any racist terms by any one acceptable?  I realize that the liberal news media thinks that white people should be held to a higher standard.... because black folks can't be expected to control themselves....whereas I, on the other hand, being white, and more civilized than the average black person (not what I believe, mind you, but most reporters (and liberals)  apparently do) should be expected to behave. But that the same level of civilization would be un-possible for most blacks, so liberals hold them to a lower standard.

Whereas I was raised to believe, and have (generally) found to be true, that civilization doesn't happen at a genetic, racial level, but in how one was raised, and the behavior taught to, and expected of, one in the society in which he is raised. I see no color in this, no race...only upbringing. I hold each and every person I meet to the same standard, regardless of race. I call it being civilized (or not).

Sadly, liberals and newsy type folks (but again, I repeat myself) don't believe the same way I do.

I'm not the only one expecting the worst.

Others expect real, damaging racially motivated (or at least using that as an excuse) riots after the courts find Zimmerman "Not Guilty" .

I only hope the short sighted DNC operatives who began this debacle and used the black churches, and media, and a poorly raised lower class young thuggish boy, to stir up voters.... feel that the price that it will extract from the country....the damage it will do to race relations (black to white and ESPECIALLY white to black) is worth it. That the re-election of Obama, and the resultant things like ObamaCare are worth the terrible price our relations with each other, our fellow citizens, will suffer.... Over a thug (and I don't necessarily mean Treyvon Martin)

Worth setting race relations back 30+ years. Worth the hatred, the deaths that this will cause, the renewed discrimination as "those people" (actually probably only a very small segment, and a very poor one at that) do exactly what the haters and ignorant expect them all to do.... as they fit all the stereotypes.

All those strides towards equality....all those who have integrated themselves taken part in the American dream....shown that they are equal or better...all the trust that has been built up in the past 30 or so years....

It'll be gone in an instant...... "cause the "black folk" will be judged by the lowest common denominator again for a generation or more.

They'll again be seen as "Niggers" by so many. Again. For a generation. 

Hope Barry O. was worth it to the folks who orchestrated this.


"Hope and Change", indeed. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I am sitting here, trying to figure out just exactly what Marco Rubio thought he was doing with his support of the "immigration bill".

Besides destroying his political career, that is. And the country while he is at it.

What could induce a man who was a rising political star, whose name had been bandied about as a potential presidential candidate, to step on his wang so soundly? (While wearing golf shoes, at that)

His days as a respected Republican Senator are gone. Thrown away.

It's one thing for an old man like McCain to fall into such a trap. He, really, has nothing to lose. He and his like-minded RHINO senators are older, and really have nothing to lose.

But not so, Rubio. He has everything to lose, and he is taking steps to throw it all away

It can't be principle....this bill goes against everything his family was for, and negates everything they have to be proud of. All the successes and travails his family celebrated and endured to get to where they are today...truly an example of the American Dream.

So what was his motivation?  How can he betray the people who voted him can he betray what his parents stood for?

Seriously, WTF?

And now there is a recall petition for him. Same as McCain and Flake in AZ.

Hope he is un-elected soon.

Friday, June 28, 2013



Remember, if they are in SWAT gear, one or more to the knee...then you have time and the angle to get past the body armor. Hips, if they are standing/kneeling, and if they are on their back, then....

'bout fuckin' time

Charges dismissed.

Everyone involved in this...everyone. the teacher, the prinipal the school board, the cops, the prosecutor should be fired...Banned from EVER working for a government entity, be it state, local or feders.

They should never hold any position where they ahve to make a decision.


"You Will Respect My Autoritae!"


If you work in, live in, or travel through an area that is ....urban, I highly suggest that you make plans for when (not if!) George Zimmerman is found "not guilty".

Maybe I am wrong here, (but I am likely not...!) but I fully expect a great deal of unrest when the verdict is announced. The veneer of civilization is very thin for some folks.

Here are some examples of comments made by people regarding the current trial. Yeah, it is easy to be an internet (or Twitter) commando....But not everyone who thinks this way will be talking about it, nor will all of those who do talk about it just talk,

Remember the Rodney King Riots? Are you prepared to be blamed for the incident and for the color of your skin?  Are you prepared to be like Reginald Denny? How about Matthew Owens? You might not survive the next racially motivated beating.

Thing is, every segment of our society has it's own view of "Outsiders" and many are quick to blame anyone from the "outside" and take sides with folks who are not "outsiders". Racial rage is huge in some segments of our citizens. And despite the fact that this is 2013, racism is strong in many segments of our society. No matter what the colors.

And some folks need very little excuse to find a reason to shake off the cloak of civilization. Some folks will see a face paler than theirs and blame that person for all of the ills in their small segment of society....Some of those same folks will blame anyone that doesn't look like them for the death of Trayvon Martin.....and, especially in large mobs crowds,  they will act poorly...Often to the detriment of a single person the crowd singles out.

So the point of this post? If you live near a group of people like described above, or travel through such a neighborhood... or work in such an area...then you had better make plans for the day (coming soon!) when things might turn .....ugly.

If you like in an area where you might be targeted, then either make plans to be somewhere else for a week or so, or make plans to hunker down and stay out of sight. Not leave your home for a week, or leave early. Find another place to stay. Perhaps a family member or a friend can shelter you and yours for a week or so.

If you work in such an area, make plans to shelter in your workplace for a day or three. Maybe longer. Or keep abreast of the trial news and arrange with your boss to leave early if and when....and stay away until it is safe to return. (this actually happened to my father many years ago, in Chicago in '68? He was, IIRC, sheltered by a co worker who lived in the area, who was a good person and was concerned for his safely, so they basically hid him in their home)

If you travel through areas that might be dicey when the verdict is announced, then the time to scout other routes is right now. Find alternates which pass through "better" areas. find alternates to those, just in case. Drive them now, so you will recognize them when things turn ugly.

If you take public transportation, then plan ahead, Again, find alternative routes/methods to get home in a safe manner. Maybe take enough cash to hire a cab. Find a co-worker who you can ride with when things happen.

And no, you cannot carry enough "personal protection" to stand up to a large mob. Better not to be there when it happens. That's the only safe way. 

Above all,  make plans for the looming situation. Be prepared. Don't plan to handle this on the spur of the moment. Plan on paying attention to the news as the trial comes to a verdict and adjust accordingly. Hopefully there will be no issues. But with the race baiters and the media ...and now twitter and facebook, things might blow up...quickly.

Choose now not to be a victim then.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Y'all go give Pete some support

Shakey Pete has suffered a great loss.

Go give him some support.


All of you idiots that support Obama's (but I repeat myself) new push to stop generating electricity with coal:

If you really believe that coal is so bad for the environment, then I fully expect you to use 42% less electricity starting right now.

Yep. 42%.

Since it is summer, I guess you could start by shutting off that air conditioning unit. That'll take a big chunk right there. You won't sleep as well, and you will sweat a lot more, but hey, it's fr a good cause, right?

But you need to do more than that. Cut 42% of every months bill. Shut off your TV, your stereo, your computer. Use your cell phone 42 % less.

Drink 42% less Starbucks (what, you didn't realize that the water for that latte was heated by electricity?) stop buying groceries least some of the ones that require refrigeration......

Use your furnace 42% less too. (hey, you can always wear a sweater). I know your apartment will be cold, but hey, 42%...coal!

If you have an electric stove, only heat your food for 58% of the normal temperature.

Wear your clothes 42% longer. Yeah, you'll smell, but hey, gotta use less electricity, right? Coal is bad, remember? And you only get 42% less showers too. Hygiene is less important that banning coal powered electric...right?

Your apartment is gonna be 42% darker too.

Your whole life is powered by now you get to enjoy it 42% less.

Or you are a hypocrite.But we already know you were, right?

Effen I only had the time...

and, of course, the fat wallet,

Then I'd take a trip to Nebraska this coming September.

With a car hauler. A large one.

and a truck to pull it with.

and a really large wad of greebacks.

But I have neither the money, nor the time, nor the truck or car hauler.

But if you do, you should think about going to THIS auction. If, of course, you are into cars.

Virgin, unrestored, low (or no) mileage cars.

Partial list HERE

Come to think of it, my Dad does need another project......

I'm just sayin'

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DOMA is Dead..

And, actually, good riddance.

It was a Poorly written, half assed piece of legislation. Done nearly as poorly as the proposed anti-gun stuff was in the wake of the Newtown tragedy. And, actually, the case that decided it was an IRS issue.

The destruction of this legislation is actually, a restoration of States rights. It'll be used as a precedent for many following cases.

If only we had a politician who would have the guts to stand up and say that the State has no business in the marriage business....but only in the legal recognition of partners for legal reasons. The business of "Marriage" belongs to the churches and other organizations....It is not up to the state to sanctify or bless your union, only to recognize it.

But our politicians, none of them, have the intestinal fortitude.

Too tired to think...But:

Blogging is failing as my workload grows. I really don't have much brain left to do any real blogging lately, and I hate just linking everyone else's stuff.


It would appear that we, those of us who believe in freedom, are winning the small battles against tyranny.

Yet I fear that we are losing the war.

Ever encroaching government, ever invasive organs of the State, A leader who is, essentially, unrestrained be either the congress or the courts. Are we really that powerless that we cannot stop this?

Or is it apathy?

I'm not sure that it isn't just apathy in our general population. Yes there are those of us who are active, to some extent, but unless we motivate our fellow citizens, we aren't gonna stop this shit.

In fact, if we cannot even get motivated as we did for the whole "gun control" debate, we are gonna lose. It is gonna take that kind of energy for each and every time to win.

I don't know if we can keep up that kind of fight for long enough.

What say you?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I guess I wasn't paying attention:

I'm working strange hours lately, and one of the places I am working has the Weather Channel on 24/7..

I guess I haven't been paying attention....

I never realized that they were such cheerleaders for the Glowbal Warmening Climate Change movement.

Nor, really, for Barry Obama either.

Strange that even a weather forecaster can be so blatantly partisan.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

It was a strange enough coincidence

That reporter Michael Hastings died in a "single car accident".

I mean, lets face it, He had made some significant and fearful enemies when he outed and caused the end of the career of Stanley McChrystal. I found it curious that he was killed in an accident a few days ago.....Sometimes, however, one has to accept that shit happens.

But then we find that he had sent Emails to several friends and associates claiming that he was being investigated by the FBI ("FEDS"), and that if questioned by them, his friends should consider that it "may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about our news-gathering practices or related journalism issues.".

Then approximately a day later, he is dead. Burned beyond recognition.  Strange how coincidences happen, innit?

One wonders.

The Feds are investigating.... Just like they investigated JFK, Vince Foster, and a host of others....

Draw your own conclusions.


So Wednesday, I sliced my left thumb to the bone along the side.... 1.5 inches of slice, on a piece of very sharp metal. To the bone. A fairly bad cut, actually.

I wrapped it in a paper towel and a bit of tape and continued working.

When I got home, I cleaned the cut and aligned the edges and super glued it shut.

Thursday, I woke up with the cut throbbing to my heartbeat. All day long, I banged it into things, adding to the pain.

I was grousing about the pain, the wound, the lack of dexterity, that the bandage and the lack of mobility caused by the whole thing....

Then, at the end of the day, I met a man who was missing his left arm from just below the shoulder.

Suddenly, my wound didn't feel so bad anymore. Nor the temporary lack of dexterity.

"I cried that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet". 

Thursday, June 20, 2013


It's hard to win at a BZA meeting when the chairman is bought and paid for.

But we tried anyway.

The vote was 3-2 against us.

God, I hate county politics.

Really, the fix was in at the start.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mebbe it was a missile after all

There is folks claiming "new evidence" that it was an "outside explosion" that destroyed TWA Flight 800 back in 1996.

I'm no expert, but the explanation didn't make much sense to me. Conjecture piled on improbability piled on happenstance.

And the explanation came out AWFULLY fast for such a complex chain of events.

Likely we will never know for sure.

But I wonder: was it "our" missile or someone else's?

If you employ people

Then you'll agree with this.

Sadly, few people in the education field will understand how terribly they have failed the young people that they are releasing to the world.

H/T: DaddyBear

Thought for the day

"In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people."

know where those words came from? 

Know the context? 

Does it apply today? For me, more and more. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Senate oversight

They are keeping you safe and watching out for your privacy and Constitutional rights.

Yep, sure they are.

We can trust 'em.

Just ask them.

Insider information

There are those who say that Edward Snowden is a traitor.

Perhaps he is.

I think he is not. You may disagree with me. I think he did what he could to right a wrong by "blowing the whistle".

There are those who say he should have taken a different path to try and stop these practices.

Perhaps he should have. But what path:

Others who tried to inform and stop these practices have been hounded and charged with espionage. Even when going to the Inspector General or the Justice departement, they were ignored. And in at least one instance, the informant wad prosecuted.

For once, the Fourth Estate did it's job. Sadly, it was not a news organization in the US that did it...that outed this program. That protected the citizens of the US by informing them of what was already suspected by many of us.

These men are Snowden's peers. And I will take their judgement of him over that of a bureaucrat any day.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Ya gotta ask yerself:

If there was nothing wrong (or, as the NSA states, illegal) about the fact that the NSA was collecting metadata on all of our calls (or, as some folks claim, actually monitoring some of us), then what is the big deal about the fact that the program has been exposed?

I mean, really, what's he big deal? Why be upset that the program was leaked? They weren't do anything wrong....right?

Or is the Government angry because their actions are deemed ....wrong, by both the media and the populace once it came to light. One would wonder if they too felt that it was wrong (or would be judged as such) by everyone.

Yes, I know that their special kangaroo court has determined that the data collection and/or monitoring was legal, constitutional, and correct, but obviously SOMEONE decided that it wasn't right, and decided to keep it secret, lest they anger the sheep populace.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


of failed policies.

Detroit defaults.

In 1930, it was the fastest growing city in the country.

In 1950 it was in the top 10 fastest growing cities in the country.

in 2012, it had over 100,000 abandoned homes.

Today, it has defaulted on almost 18 Billion dollars of debt.

one can point to many sources of the city's failure, but nearly all of them are liberal policies or liberal supported causes like unions and affirmative action.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Didja ever notice

That there is a stairway to heaven..

But a highway to hell?

Must be more traffic going down.

Friday, June 14, 2013

I find it telling

That Obama and family (and entourage) can find the money (that is your and my money.....or really China's money that we will somehow have to repay someday) to fly to Africa on what is, essentially, a sightseeing trip. Something on the order of $100 million....yes, you read that right One Hundred Million dollars.    $100,000,000.

Yet there isn't any way for us to pay for our military, requiring cuts to the Navy's readiness, to the Army's and Marine's ability to react and to have available forces, and for the Air Force to cut many programs.

We don't have the money to pay for the Blue Angels to fly over Baseball games or auto races, we have to cancel airshows and most military exhibits....

Our deployed troops don't always get 3 hot meals a day.

We had to scramble to find some way to pay for our Air Traffic controllers and other essential services like USDA inspectors and FAA inspectors.

We can't find enough money to repair or maintain our bridges.

We had to cut services at National Parks.

But the HNIC somehow can find enough of our money to pay for his African Safari vacation.

It's what you'd expect from the president of....say, Zimbabwe.What you would expect from a ruler rather than a president.

But the real question is why Congress and the Representatives allow him to waste OUR money this way.


Today is

Flag Day here in the US

Celebrate it as you feel appropriate.

I'd post more, but I'm busy cleaning up the mess Mother Nature left behind the other day.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Due to Technical difficulties beyond my control

I was unable to participate:

I really wanted to participate.

I did send several highly suspicious texts, but that was after the storm had vented it's fury upon my property. Maybe I'll have internet tonite


Up most of the night dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

about a 6 out of 10, but bad enough.

Rained so hard, I got lost on roads I drive every day. Had to stop

Dime sized hail.

Winds exceeding 70 MPH.

It appears that the new roof handled the wind better this time though. No apparent damage at first glance.

Generators make a big difference when the lights go out.

(good thing I exercise them every 90 days.)

No Free Ice Cream today though. Too Busy.
Check back later

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You'll need a double layer of tinfoil for your hat

But then again, it is not outside of the realm of possibility.

Especially now that we KNOW that emails, phones and cell phones are vulnerable.

Did NSA and DOJ tap Robert's phone to get information they could use against him?

Maybe. Who knows?

But his change of heart regarding Obamacare was.....shocking and quick.

Many of us speculated what the government (and the Obama Administration and the DNC) had on him to make him change his mind so rapidly and completely.

Likely, we will never know.

But here is and interesting article regarding the methods that may have been used to gather information.

Points to remember:

NEVER, ever put anything incriminating in an email, or use email to send information you want to keep secret. Always assume that emails will be read. Treat them as if they were as private as a postcard.

NEVER, ever, say anything on a cell phone that you don't want overheard.

NEVER, ever call or email someone you don't want anyone else to know you have contacted.

Remember: Big Brother IS watching you.

3 people CAN keep a secret....if two of them are dead.

Yet, strangely, they are all retiring

And somewhat early too.

All the folks at the IRS who were at the top of the management chain that somehow let all those Rouge Agents" at the IRS do all of that profiling of conservative groups filing for 501-(X) nonprofit status are, strangely, resigned, retired or scheduled to retire soon, or are on administrative leave..... 

Interesting, innit?

Seems to me that their retirement pensions should be forfeit. Breaking the p[ublic trust (if not laws) should take care of that.

Really, if we want this to never happen again, then people need to be kicked out of government service, have their pensions stripped if recently retired (or if at any time they were a part of this debacle) and/or (I especially like AND) serve jail time.

If the current civil service laws don't allow for this sort of punishment, then they should, after careful deliberation, be re-written so as to allow it NEXT time there is a revelation of this magnitude....Especially with Obamacare just around the corner.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Patriot, or traitor?

Depends on your point of view:

Our founding fathers, had things gone the other way, would have been tried and convicted as traitors, and we'd never have heard of them...they'd be, at best, a footnote in history.

So it is with Edward Snowden.
" For him, it is a matter of principle. "The government has granted itself power it is not entitled to."

He outed a great conspiracy by the government against the citizens. Sadly, it wasn't outed by our domestic news media, but rather by the Guardian, a UK based newspaper.

But either way, it took a LOT of guts to do what he did. He violated a whole slew of secrecy orders, revealing information that was dubbed "secret" or better. At the least, he could be charged under the "espionage act", even though he has not given military secrets to an enemy....or has he, by giving it to the citizens?

Now the existence of these programs wasn't really a secret to anyone who was paying attention over the past 10 or 15 years. Most of us in the conservative half of the population had heard at least some details about Carnivore and Echelon and other programs you never heard about (but existed in some form) designed to spy on the citizens of the United States, and we all had, if we were paying attention at all, heard about the great many abuses of the "Patriot Act" by government officials using it as an excuse for investigations into many citizens lives, used WAAAAY outside the scope of intent. Prizm? No real surprises, were there?

But really, Snowden didn't do more than confirm what many of us already knew.

I have said for years that you should put nothing on the internet, in an email or say anything on ANY phone that you didn't want overheard. Never take your cell phone anywhere you don't want to be tracked. (if you do, then TAKE THE BATTERIES OUT OF THE DEVICE!).

Now we know that all of us who were looked at askance, were, at least in some form, correct.

The government IS watching. They don't trust you, and they see everyone, every citizen, as a traitor and a suspect.Guilty until proven innocent. They take your data and wait to use it against you.

and, if you piss them of enough, they will.

But again, I ask you:
Traitor or Patriot?

Did Mr Snowden betray his government (and therefore, the Citizens of the US?) or did he out a surveillance program which is, if not unconstitutional and illegal, at least plain wrong and immoral?

Yes, he broke the law. But in doing a wrong, did he do a right? Other than getting the federal government to give his life a thorough examination and possibly face jail time, did his wistleblowing accomplish anything? Did he make you and I safer, or did he harm the security of the government's ability to track and find and stop potential terrorists?

I say, It matters little if he DID harm the investigators ability to work in the shadows. If we can't win by playing within the rules established by the Constitution, then we deserve to lose.

I don't know Mr. Edward Snowden. And while many in this country may think he has done wrong, I think that he did right by outing these programs.

I'd like to buy him a drink, and shake his hand.

He's facing a LOT of shit and it is going to land on him HARD. But what he did took guts and honor.

I wonder how long until we find out something nasty about him....his history of drinking to excess....or the fact that he is a wanted child molester, or he sevretly has a gay lifestyle or something equally shaming.....Those government folks can be vindictive, you know. 

I only hope his actions were not in vain, and that this reverses the mindset of our government and that this sort of thing stops. I fear, however, that it won't.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

So y'all thought I was crazy

(Or at least some of you did)....Because of this post

But I wasn't.

They are watching way or another.

You can hope, like me, that you are unimportant enough for them to pay much attention to, but the fact is that the DHS/DOJ/FBI IS watching you. Tracking your calls and your movements  They are, if not watching you, at least collecting the data so when the choose to pay attention to you, they have history on you..

Now, likely, you are like me. You are in (mostly) the same places at the (mostly) same times...You call (mostly) the same people...

(Mostly) the same people call you.

Same with your texts.

Likely same with your emails.

And you aren't really doing anything that terribly exciting or interesting to the feds.

So you really don't care. If you are like me, the fact that some faceless bureaucrat can track your movements and calls and emails (H/T Borepatch) doesn't really bother you because you are not doing anything illegal.

But really, folks, how long until the fact that you are reading this blog makes you illegal? How long until voting against the party currently in power becomes illegal.

How long until some faceless bureaucrat running the local Obamacare office checks up on you to see who you associate with, who you call, or who you email and text with......Then decides you don't need that antibiotic, or that test or x-ray or MRI...or that appointment with the foot specialist (in 6 months) because he/she disapproves of your circle of friends and acquaintances.

How long until some faceless bureaucrat decides you are illegal simply because your opinion differs from that of your current ruler leader.

What happens then? What happens if they decide you are and enemy of the state?
Your phone makes you trackable and the calls you make will help make their case at the prosecution.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a secondary method of communication that while trackable, isn't tied to you? At least have that option?  You should also have at least one or two free, anonymous emails that you have set up, not from your home but rather from a free public internet site (Starbucks/McDonald's etc) not too close to your home (in fact, as far away as possible) so you can, for a time, communicate without the .Gov being able to find it.

But then again, maybe those folks who said I am paranoid are right.
No need for any of this, we should trust in our government and its minions.
Such things could never happen here...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

SO we know that the DHS is watchin

all of our cell phones...

Looking at who called who, from where (cell tower data) and for how long.


They claim that they need this data as a part of the "War on Terror" (even though, according to Obama, that war is OVER)...

Yet, for some inexplicable reason, despite having warning from the Brits, the Russians, and apparently any agency which ever heard of them, they DHS, even with all that cell phone metadata, was unable to connect the dots....THat these people were not only likely terrorists, but that they had been calling other known terrorists in their homeland.

But they need all that cell phone data....Apparently to spend more time looking at possible domestic terrorists....homegrown ones. You know, those gun and bible clingin' Tea Party types.

The ones they originally blamed the Boston Bombings on.

If it werent's so sad and disgusting, it'd be funny.

They get to spend our money to spy on us to keep us safe.

(in an unconstitutional manner, IMO)

But they are looking in the wrong direction.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Jesus, I am glad that is over:

I didn't want to mention it, but yesterday was actually one of those numerological nightmares.

6th day

6th month

and if you add up 2013 (2+0+1+3) that is six as well.


but I didn't want to frighten you or anything, if you are into numerology or whatever....

SO he was insane

and it wasn't the fault of the guns, but rather his insanity...

Got it.

Just like that

Ain't it the truth though....

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Are you worried about the revelation that the government is looking at ALL calls through verizon?

'Cause according to THIS, all calls are being recorded.

Now, I am sure that this is a LOT of hard drive space, even for the government.

Wonder how long, really, they could keep it up? Storing all those calls...

So, You have about a month: ETA: Much less than that!

In a little over a month, the trial of Gerorge Zimmerman begins: (ETA: I had misread it as July 10th, So you have less time... Thanks to 3 boxes for the correction)

While we have no idea how long the trial will take, and while we really don't know what the verdict will be.... At this time the evidence that I have seen and heard in the media and the internet indicates that, if the courts leave politics out of things and is truly impartial, George Zimmerman will likely be found not guilty.

If that happens, then you can expect outrage by people who only see race and not the fact that Treyvon was a thug, who will be outraged that a black man was killed by a white man...and the white man went matter what the facts of the case  might be.

That outrage may be fanned into action.

Since this case is, and always has been about fact, were it not for racial politics no matter which races the participants might have been this,  case would never have been anything but a police report.

And really, this was all about race in order to fan the flames and generate an "Us vs Them" in order stir up black voters in the presidential election...

But you can expect that if George Zimmerman goes free after being found "not guilty" there will be riots . Likely, even if the verdict is "guilty" there will be riots, if on a smaller scale.

But if the courts look at the facts and find George Zimmerman "Not Guilty", expect black racists who have already made up their minds to be....unhappy.

Remember the Rodney King riots? Watts?

Might be as bad as that.

Plan ahead. Be smart. Be intelligent. If you live in, or work in, or must pass through an area which might see unrest if the verdict is not palatable to the inhabitants, then prepare. Plan, think. Prepare.

Might be that nothing happens.

We will see soon.

But I doubt it.

6 June


Hope Europe remembers.

I do.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another interesting coincidence

Not the best source, but apparently two of the agents who were involved in the death of Tamerlan Tsarnev (Boston Marathon suspect #1)  had a training accident and were killed in the incident.

I think I need more tinfoil for my hat.

Internet craziness? Perhaps.

The only other real link I could find was Prison Planet.

Make of it what you will.

Via an Email...Thanks, Bob

ETA: Apparently 90 miles beat me to the punch

Lessons from the past:

 "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government"

Recognize this quote"

Know where it came from?

Think about the IRS scandal. Then think about the Patriot act.

Does this quote apply yet?

If so, then what? 

Curiouser and curiouser

Strange, the way the story keeps morphing.

One wonders just what happened that they had to cover up by shooting him.

What, exactly, did he tell them about the Tsarnev brothers and their role in the Boston Bombing?

Or was it something else? Others being involved? Details that would incriminate the FBI or something?

Whatever it is, it makes the whole story seem like something out of a Ludlum novel.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yep, it'll happen here too

Only instead of jews being forced out, it'll be Whites and Blacks and Asians...

Leaving only the Latinos to populate the southwest. (not that they can run it, but they'll try)

Seems that the Jews are being chased from the city of Malmö (in particular) and Sweden (in general)...

Not the same thing, you say? 


Immigrants come and occupy an area of the city....

Then the rest of the cultures leave because of violence and crime...

Soon, the rule of law changes to the dominant culture. Police become powerless in these enclaves.

Leaders emerge and push for changes to help the dominant culture in these enclaves.

All while the majority of the people in the enclave collect social services and welfare while ignoring laws.

Nah, couldn't happen here.

(By the way, it IS happening in Detroit, only it IS the Muslims who are doing it, aided by our foolish immigration policies and our embracing of "Multiculturalism").

I am late getting this written.

Still playing catch-up from a much needed weekend off....

Spent the weekend with friends in Indy. Midwest Chick keeping an eye on accompanying me,we were picked up by K and T on their way down and arrived in the late evening at the hotel.

1500 gunshow on Saturday. As it was raining, and we expected massive crowds again, we took our time, having a leisurely breakfast before arriving....only to find that there was no line to get in and nearly empty aisles (OK, not empty, but compared to the last few 1500's, this was a pleasant change.) 

Spent most of the time at the show in a fruitless search looking for a Beretta stainless.

No luck.

Settled for a matte finish alloy framed one in .32 ACP. Only very slightly used. Very slightly. Original box and paperwork. More than I wanted to spend, but less that I was willing to settle for...After a bit of haggling, we exchanged rapidly declining in value Federal Reserve Notes for said firearm. I think it'll shoot well once I get some oil on it. The Sahara is not as dry as this poor firearm. We'll have to see how well it survives being carried by me...(I can rust blued steel in minutes if I have sweaty hands in the summer, so we shall see)

Ordered an IWB holster for it from Stoner Holsters (they were out, but will make me one with a forward cant for small-of-back carry and ship it for no extra charge). I'll probably get a pocket holster as well.

Then I spent a bunch of time trying to find ammo for it for less than an arm and a leg. Found some, but it went dearly. (If I shoot this thing much, I'll have to buy some dies and a mold in .32ACP. I can reload for about 1/8 what I paid for the ammo I bought.)

Having spent all I could spend on those items, I had barely enough left to have my knife sharpened to extreme sharpness. That didn't stop me from enjoying all of the other things to see at the show....I did spend a fair amount of time drooling over the really old double rifles and the replica 50-120 Sharps....or the '12 (last century) Rigby in .416 Rigby. I wish I could find a way to justify to myself the purchase of one of these old classics....The workmanship is still outstanding even by today's modern standards. Perhaps when I win the lottery... I shoulda taken pictures, but I was too lazy and besides, my hands shake when I get to hold those wonderful firearms.

We toured the rest of the show, saying hi to old friends we hadn't seen since we were vendors there.

After that, it was time to return to the hotel and clean up for a trip downtown to Fogo de Chao.
and have dinner with Brigid and her Partner in Grime

I ate....I ate beef and pork and chicken... I ate some more, then I decided to eat a bit after that. Then some more. Then a bit of the side dishes. Then some bread.....Then I had some more meat. Green means go, red means stop. I showed very little of the red side of the card for nearly an hour. It is hard not to overdo it when people are bringing you roasted meat on a skewer. I must admit that I am weak, I nearly always said "Yes" when they pressed me asked me if I wanted more. As Christ is my witness, I really tried to be moderate....Really tried. People stared anyway.

Good food, good drinks, good friends. I perhaps was lacking in the conversational department (Mom always said "don't talk with your mouth full")...but I grunted in agreement anyway....

Seriously....Great food eaten in the company of good friends. Is this not one of the best ways to spend time?

Then after a tour the nightlife (and wildlife) of downtown Indy, we allowed our designated driver to take us home.

Sunday was shopping for the ladies and wenching some mild exploring for the men until it was time to meet Roberta and Tam and a whole bunch of others at the Broadripple Brewpub at the blogmeet for more food and beers and conversation and friendship. Said hi to The Jack, Old Grouch, and a whole host of others...

Sadly, K and T had to get home (like a three hour drive for them, and since we had ridden down with them and our cats were likely starving...) we had to leave, but not after seeing Roberta's wonderfully strange modern old bike.

A wonderful weekend.

Sadly though, One pays for taking a Friday afternoon and a weekend off when one returns to work.

Maybe I'll catch up by Wednesday.....or not.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Unintended consequences

So this makes the third time that someone has heard that I will be going down to the Indy 1500 gunshow.

and the third time that someone has asked me to buy them a gun if I saw it down there.

And the third time that I have pointed out that doing so would be a "straw purchase" under ATF rules.

No one wants to break the rules. No one wants to run afoul of the law. All are decent law abiding gun owners. 2 of the three are Concealed Carry license holders.  They just can't go, and can't find what they are looking for here.

But no one thought it through. If I did what they asked, then I'd be breaking the law. I could likely do so without getting caught, but still. I'd hate to be wrong about that.

I could, I suppose, take the firearm(s) in question to an FFL and "sell" them to the final recipent.

But still.

Stupid rules, but rules nonetheless. Follow 'em or pay the consequences.

I didn't buy anyone any guns.