Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gunshow (sadly, no blogmeet)

Hit the streets early to make the Nappanee gunshow Sat AM ('cause they don't do one on Sunday, this being serious Amish country and all that). Midwest Chick , a friend and I began our journey.  Since Nappanee is like in another country and time zone, we left early enough for our trip so we could get there before too late local time....

After arriving in Nappanee after about an hour (and successfully dodging apparently psychotic horse and buggy drivers intent on causing mayhem with the traffic flow) we arrived at our destination. Seeing as how everyone else had the same idea as we did, we first followed the crowd to the local eatery for a hearty breakfast of bacon (mmmm-bacon!), sausage, biscuits-n gravy, pancakes, eggs, potatoes and egg and ham casserole. The buffet was $7.95 (US) for "all you can eat" (I really did eat all I could eat!). And enough coffee to float a battleship.

When we finally levered ourselves up off the benches and staggered towards the door, we were thinking about the chairs in the sun on the porch of the restaurant rather than gushow, but at Midwest Chick's urging we walked the hundred yards or so to the gunshow entrance.

Going through the standard rigmarole of having a plastic tie placed through the chamber of my carry pistol, and paying for our entrance fee, we began the gun show experience:

 This show is a different mix of people. More private sellers, fewer dealers. Lots of collectible stuff, lots more shotguns and "real" hunting rifles, levers, bolts and pumps, and fewer EBRs. Likely less than 10% of the firearms available for sale were new. Pistols were there in abundance, mostly used, some worth a fortune as collectibles, most just functional firearms. It was too bad that Og wasn't able to make it, as he would have had a field day with all of the military firearms and bayonets. Tam might have gone nuts at all the old Colt auto pocket pistols.

I took advantage of the lax Indiana gun laws and stepped through the "Gun Show Loophole" and bought a Machine Gun and several Grenades  privately owned pistol. One of the dealers I knew called my attention over to his table. Knowing my liking for 1911 pattern pistols , he introduced me to a guy who was selling a Llama .380 single stack. A bit of bargaining, and soon we had a transaction (and, no doubt, brought another tear to the eye of Sarah Brady).

The pistol came with 150 rounds of assorted .380 ammo and I found 200 rounds of WWB .380 for $40 to add to that. So far, a screaming deal.

Then Midwest Chick bought a bag of gemstones from a guy who buys old jewelery/scrap gold for $5. I am not sure how much is real and how much is glass, but a random sampling has shown real amethysts, topaz, and opals as well as several real Linde stars. .

Then it was time for the trek home.

All in all, a good day.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Only after they prosecute the Black Panthers

Sheila Jackson Lee wants DOJ to monitor Tea Partiers at polls.

Interesting double standard, isn't it?

Not that we should take anything she says seriously....: "Five years ago, Rep. Jackson Lee made news during a subcommittee briefing when she asked a NASA scientist if the Mars Pathfinder had photographed the flag that Neil Armstrong had left behind. The flag was, of course, planted on the moon."

Yet we let people like this legislate.....

Running scared.

Read this.

The, when you stop laughing at the mischaracterizations, half truths, and outright lies, then realize what it means that he would say this.....And realize that he is either trying to convince someone, or really doesn't understand that we are angry enough at the socialism and the redistribution that we simply want our country back. If that isn't his country, so be it.

Holy shit.

This is funny.


Found here

Voting from the rooftops

Many say it doesn't work.

I hope it doesn't ever come to that, as it will damage the nation even further from what our socialist politicians already have.

Having said that,history shows that IT DOES WORK sometimes.

Let us hope that we never find out if that was a fluke.

HT: Unc

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's not the vote fraud that bothers me

But rather the blatant vote fraud.

Like this

and this

and this

and this

Look, Vote fraud has been going on since before your grandfather was alive...You and I both know it.

The original Mayor Daley delivered the city of Chicago's  vote for Kennedy before I was born, and, while  everyone knew what was happening, no one could prove it, and there was at least an attempt to cover things up. It wasn't obvious unless you knew where to look.

But this is blatant, out in the open, and "in your face". It would appear that those responsible are convinced that Mr Holder and the people at the Department of "Justice" are taking orders from the White House and that there will be little more than a sham investigation and never any attempt at charges or a conviction.

Stealing is one thing......Doing it blatantly is another.

If voting at the ballot box will not work, will voting from the rooftops?

stock up on fuel?

and blankets and sweaters and such?

The sky temperature is falling!

Or something. Maybe you'd better plan on higher heating bills this winter.

Me, I have an extra couple of ricks of wood and a good woman to keep me warm. (she won't let me get an extra one of those...)

yep, what he said.


If only

We here in the US had this kind of leadership.

But we don't.

And even in 2012 we likely won't.

Monday, October 25, 2010

So who is paying

For all of this? Who is in this entourage? Friends? Staff?

You and I and the rest of the 50% of the citizens who pay taxes?

And what sort of business can you do in 2 or three days?

Besides pissing significant segments of the Indian population off, I mean.

Why isn't the MSM asking these questions?

You want to vote?

You want all the rights of a citizen of this country?


Or shut the fuck up.

Read this. Try to not strike the screen. Your computer is only the medium, not the message.

Then think about learning how to tie knots and check the location of the nearest lampposts.

Via Dick

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blogmeet and gunshow AAR

We met the great and mighty OG and Partner at 6:45 am Saturday to carpool down to the Indy area for the 1500 and the subsequent Blogmeet.

The Indy gunshow was not as crowded as in previous years. While there was no lack of attendees, you could at least walk down the aisles and see both sides for the most part.

Few deals were to be had, pricing for new firearms was at or near gunshop levels.....I am not sure if the gunshops have come down or if the dealers were not discounting as much. Either way, few great deals to be had. Midwest Chick spent a bit of cash for her new Sig 238. A bit of haggling got her a few bucks off of the price; and, while a good deal, it was not outstanding. But, as she had been lusting for one for months, she bought it.A few holsters from Stoner Holster, (one we had to order, but we trust 'em, they are good folks and make good products) (FTC be damned) and we were done buying for the day.

Ammo was down to just 25% over what it should have been, and nearly all "mainstream" calibers were available in quantity. Chances are, if you had cash, you could go home with as much ammo for whatever firearm in whatever caliber as you could carry.

The trip down was, well...., a trip. Operating on just 2.5 hours of sleep  (we had been at a party later than we had planned, so oh dark thirty came earlier than we had expected) and therefore massive overdoses of caffiene and sugar, we met Og and Partner and climbed into the Prius for the trip down. I halfway expected either Og or the Prius (or maybe both) to either self destruct in some weird fashion, or one or the other to suffer some strange malfunction.....But they apparently can coexist in close proximity. The trip was, as all time spent with those two, interesting and thought provoking. The conversation went from the interesting and educational to the extreme and bizarre. I highly recommend that if you ever spend a significant amount of time with Midwest Chick, Og and Partner, you bring large quantities of brain-bleach.....and/or a set of knitting needles for a do-it-yourself lobotomy......There are some things you just can't unhear or un-visualize. Having said that, I would not have missed the trip and their company for anything you might offer.

After we arrived at the gunshow, we went our separate ways. They like the collectibles, and we like the new ones and the knives and survival supplies. As we had been vendors at such shows in the past, Midwest Chick and I saw many acquaintances and renewed a few friendships which we had not kept up on.

Meeting up with the other two, we navigated to Claddaghs on the northeast side for a meal and some libations on their patio before the others arrived for the Blogmeet.

If you ever have the chance to attend a Blogmeet in the Indy area, I highly recommend that you take the time to do so. The wit and snark flow fast and furiously, and the conversation can be educational as well as disturbing fun and interesting.

In attendance were (in no particular order) Brigid (who was greeted by the mighty Ogs incredibly white buttocks (he mooned her as she pulled up)) . I was worried about that, as reports were that she was feeling poorly, but she was able to hold herself together even in the face of such a sight. (I was sitting next to him, and the flash of ugly bright white nearly blinded me when he greeted her.) As I said, some things you just can't ever unsee. (where did I put those knitting needles?)

Tam and Shootin' Buddy showed, as did Joanna and The Lovely Ms X....then Old Grouch. He, of course, had a bit of new technology to show off, Joanna and I traded opinions on cooking, the therapeutic uses of Bacon (I am of the opinion that, with few exceptions (like angel food cake) Bacon will improve nearly any food), and other topics, all the while trying to keep up with the flow of conversation between Tam, Shooting Buddy, OG, Roberta and Midwest Chick. Tam did autograph her article in my copy of Concealed Carry magazine (I'll never wash that magazine again!). There was a discussion which began about old underwear, which led to another visual that made me wince, and wish for more brain-bleach. Somewhere in there, Midwest Chick decided to do an impromptu dance with the wind and a glass of beer. It appears that she threw herself in front of the beer that spilled in order to keep it from bruising itself as it fell to the floor. We were able to dry her out before the trip home. She blames Brigid for not finishing her beer quickly enough the waitress for not securing the glass properly on the table.....

There was so much more, but most of it is a blur, as it happened so fast (you gotta be quick with these folks!) or was so bizarre that my therapist says that I must put it all behind me I cannot describe it well . Just show up next time there is a blogmeet. The comradeship, the laughter, the snark and the wit are worth the trip.

Guaranteed, or I'll refund twice your entry fee.

And trust me, you really don't want to know some of the topics we discussed on the trip back home....

Friday, October 22, 2010

If at first you don't succeed.......

Then go to plan "B".

I wish I could vote for this guy. I like his thinking.

Sounds of Silence.

Seems that there ARE two standards for reportage, as is pointed out HERE.

(at least, as of the time of this posting, CNN hadn't picked it up yet)

Bias, Bias, Bias. (of course, neither has Fox News  reported it either)

It isn't like it'll be reported on say NPR or anything.....

Likely it will surface in the "Enquirer"...

NPR funding questions....

"cause it's not like 430 million dollars buys impartiality or anything....

Seems some folks want to take a second look at the funding of the Soros Network National Public Radio.

Duh. It's not like it was ever anything but liberal radio anyway.

Notes from the place that was once Great Britain

Soon to be a part of the Caliphate.

Seems that even the smell of a pork product can be an issue there.

Next there will be a demand that all women cover up in order to protect the sensibilities of the Muslim men who might see them on the street.....

From the outside, to me it seems like creeping colonialism: A little more change each week.


I have those same issues with some folks.

Like trying to find the end of a circle.....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

'cause, you know....we must be stupid

after all, we just can't seem to understand his policies:

"Obama says he should have sold his policies better"

Because then, we foolish people would have understood things and gotten behind the socialism?

I think not. No matter how you spin things, the citizens of this country are not as stupid as he give then credit for being...

But this is the money quote:  "We had to move so fast, we were in such emergency mode, that it was very difficult for us to spend time a lot doing victory laps and advertising exactly what we were doing because we had to move onto the next thing."

Before anyone could stop them, I guess.

The more he talks,  and the more his folks compare him to Lincoln, the more I admire JW Booth.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Multiculturalism is a failure

DUH. Like that is mews to anyone with more than three communicating neurons?

But Germany is experiencing major issues with the concept.

are they gonna ban bumper stickers too?

On the one hand, it is private property, so they can make the rules.

On the other hand, other than size, what is the difference between this and an Obama '08 bumper sticker?

Good thing that I don't live in Orlando, or I'd have to find another place to shop.

Seems like discrimination to me, but other than protest, there isn't much anyone can do about it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The divine right of kings

Except, of course for that one little detail.

Mr. Obama, you are not royalty.

Bad customer service

I just cancelled  my order via Wicked Lasers for the high powered handheld laser that I posted about back in June. It was supposed to ship within 4-6 weeks..... Not so much......

They have promised that it will be shipped "within a week" 4 times, have refused to give me a tracking number, have lied about when it would ship each time, have complained that my CC wouldn't accept the charges (yet the CC people say that there is no attempt to charge my card), and have generally dicked me around. What a shitty way to do business.

While I was looking forward to playing with a high powered, handheld laser, this is enough. I don't need one bad enough to put up with this shit.

Be careful if/when you order from them.


Yeah. He's right

As many have pointed out, the holdup for the socialist "progressive" legislation hasn't been the Republicans.

How to start a revolution

Pass THIS legislation....... Seize private 401(k) accounts to give a "Guaranteed Retirement Account" to each and every citizen of the US...(wasn't that what Social Security was all about?)

I wonder about the veracity of the source, and yet THIS exists too...And while it does not advocate the seizure of the 401(k) money, it does suggest that there is a plan afoot to provide a "guaranteed retirement" overseen by a "Federal Retirement Security Board"....

And, just to make sure the tinfoil hat fits just right, let us not forget that many union retirement plans are massively underfunded and will likely bankrupt the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation....requiring a bailout by the feds (and therefore you and I) yet again.....Obama and the democrats like Pelosi and Frank are no doubt is under pressure from their union contributors....

When is enough, enough?

Methinks that many folks might find this the spark that sets off the conflagration of revolution...

Or then again, perhaps we are all sheep.

All is well !!!!

Nancy Pelosi is confident....

I expect her to get steamrolled.

Like this:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's a bitch when your hope dies


Stupid fuckers.

Sometimes I think there should be an intelligence test for voting.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Via Scotty I found THIS

Watch the whole thing. I think it is hilarious.

OMG! The end of the world


Or something like that.

Seems that the CERN folks are gonna disrupt the world yet again...

Mad scientists will produce "negative strangelets" (WTF is a strangelet???and why are they negative?) that will somehow cause the end of the world (maybe?).

Or not. Whatever. Just thought you'd like to know so you can prepare.....have enough of your favorite beverage on hand to watch the fireworks if/when....Kiss your loved one(s) (and/or your ass) goodbye.....or whatever other preparations you may need to make.

Or, we could all get together and throw another "End of the world (and we really mean it this time!)so you'd better be there!" party.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Only cops should have firearms.

They have the training, and the skills to use them. Cops are all our friends? Right? To "protect and to serve" and all that.....

And, of course, they are psychologically tested and all.


Sure. We can trust 'em.

The fact is that they are just people, like you and I. Some are good, some are bad, most are in between.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the officers in Lake County In, and in Will County, IL for their fine work in the incident. They had very few leads to go on, a half assed description of the perpetrator and the vehicle he used, and they made the most of them. Ballistics as well as good, old fashioned police work led to the quick apprehension of this whack job.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


An excellent speech by a valedictorian.

And an indictment of the "educational system" which graduated her.

I too had several mentors who taught me to question. My father, and a teacher.

Dad: it was you who taught me to question things, not to merely accept what I was taught. It made life hard for me in school, but it made me a bit more intelligent, and I learned more that way.

My teacher, Jerry Boehner, reinforced that teaching from my Dad. Jerry: all I can say is "Thank you". You too taught me to question, to learn, and above all to THINK. Would that all teachers were like you. Sadly, that is not the case. The system drives out those exceptional individuals, preferring those who would perpetuate the system of mediocrity.

The sad part is that this carries into our colleges and universities. The educational system is broken. Even some of it's victims best graduates can see it. Now if only the leaders in academia could open their eyes.

boom stik

demotivational posters - BOOM STICK
see more Very Demotivational choice

So on Tuesday, this whack job with a gun tries to off two guys at a construction site, then wanders over a state border and shoots some farmer in a rural area.....

While a tragedy, and I hope they catch the guy (unlikely, as there are few leads and a poor description of the perp and his vehicle) the reaction of the residents in the rural area towns was laughable...

A significant percentage of the people in the NW Indiana towns near the incident began openly carrying (or at least not well concealed) pistols...Of course, this was the next day...(Wednesday)...The dude had not been seen since something like 11:00 am on Tuesday, had apparently departed the area last seen heading north, and had not been seen nor heard from since. It was also amazing to see how many pickup trucks suddenly grew rifles in the racks behind the seat.

While I encourage the (legal) carriage of firearms, it was kind of amusing to see the number of people whose hips suddenly sprouted pistols in the face of a pecieved threat.... The sad fact is that by the end of the week, unless there is another reason for them to continue to carry, they will all fall back into "condition white" and return the firearms to the safe/desk drawer/nightstand from whence they came.

How many of those folks have practiced in the past 6 months? Will they take the time to toss a few rounds downrange just to keep current now that the need for a firearm for defense has been demonstrated to them?
(The best part was the comments made by one guy at the hardware store to me......."You should be carrying a never know when he'll be back!"....Little did he know that I was....(it's called CONCEALED carry for a reason)...and I always am carrying.. I am seldom in "condition white" and I am NEVER without a firearm unless I am travelling to a state where such is illegal. It is for just this eventuality that I carry even while doing work in the yard....and I NEVER trust people who come up to me.

If there is a need to carry today, then there is also a need to carry tomorrow (and probably yesterday). You can't be a sheepdog some of the time.

ETA: I think that the face in the sketch looks sorta like the mighty OG..If ya squint real real hard....Although IIRC, he has an alibi for that time frame.....

Friday, October 1, 2010

Immigration snark

"But lest you think that I'm just mean, allow me to be the first one to call for compassionate relief measures to aid Mexico after the devastating mudslides that have reportedly killed numerous Mexicans. I propose that we send them a thousand replacement Mexicans immediately. ICE should be able to find that many before lunch. "

He has a few good points regarding illegals...

Read the whole post HERE