Tuesday, June 30, 2020

So what do they want Donnie to do?

Reports are in the Media that there is (or was) a "bounty" on US servicemen fighting in Afghanistan.

Perhaps it is true, and perhaps it isn't.....Intelligence sources seem to have mixed opinions on the veracity of the claims.

But, seriously, what would they have Trump do about it if it is true?

How can it be proven one way or another?

What is he supposed to do? Protest to Russia? To the (useless) United Nations?

Start an equivalent bounty on Russian soldiers? (Bad idea, this would escalate things fairly quickly in a VERY bad direction, I think.)

Seriously, other than another club to strike at him with, what would the Left and the Media (but I repeat myself) have the President do about it?

(as an aside, a Green Beret I know who worked with Indigenous Forces in Vietnam has told me stories about bounties for the capture of or bodies of Russian "advisors" working with the Viet Cong back in the day.....)

Monday, June 29, 2020

An open letter to NASCAR Sponsors

I intend to send this to every major sponsor of NASCAR I can find a contact for:

Like most people, I was at first horrified and disturbed when I heard the news reports regarding the noose found at Bubba Wallace’s garage in Talledega Alabama Speedway. I was cheered and heartened to see that the entire field of drivers was willing to support him in the time following the “incident”. Later, I was disgusted and angered when I found out that the “noose” was in fact, a simply a garage pull rope tied in a loop, and that nearly every garage door had a similar loop tied in it…That the “noose” was, in fact, a hoax. NASCAR is still defending the story that this was a hate crime, even though the FBI has indicated otherwise.

Mr. Wallace at first claimed that the sight of the “noose” had disturbed and frightened him. Later, when the FBI had time to investigate and it was determined that the entire “noose” incident was not, in fact, racism, that the pull rope had been there for at least a year, he claimed that he “Never saw the noose himself" (in his own garage?), but had simply been told about it by Steve Phelps, President of NASCAR” in an attempt to walk back his initial statements.

I, frankly, find this race-baiting disgusting. There is enough racist incidents in our country without creating false incidents in order to generate publicity and as a vehicle to demonstrate how “woke” NASCAR is. This whole incident was, in effect, a poorly done publicity stunt.

Your firm, as a sponsor of the racers, is the heart of NASCAR. You, as the source of funding, are what keeps the racers racing and what keeps NASCAR solvent. You have a responsibility to use your influence to prevent such things from happening again, and to see to it that the people involved in the current incident are punished…..Be it the NASCAR management or Bubba Wallace himself.  THIS SORT OF BEHAVIOR CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND.

I have been a NASCAR fan for many years, Often, my choice of product purchase is influenced by the sponsorship of the cars in the NASCAR season. “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” is often true in the case of my purchasing decisions. NASCAR sponsorship has influenced my choice of many purchases. Losing viewership such as mine will negatively affect the value of your sponsorship dollars.

It is incumbent, therefore, that your firm, as a sponsor of NASCAR teams, force NASCAR to fix this issue and punish those guilty of perpetrating this hoax, be it Steve Phelps, his managers, other NASCAR management, or whomever else in NASCAR who had knowledge of this incident. Further, Mr. Wallace was a willing participant, and needs to be sanctioned for his role in this hoax as well.  If you continue funding NASCAR teams without pressuring NASCAR to stop this behavior, then you as a corporation are complicit in funding race-baiting and perpetuating racial strife in the United States.

Failure to do so will make your firm complicit in this hoax. Failure to act, to clean up NASCAR, to prevent acts like this in the future (you obviously find sponsorship to be profitable) will result in losing me and others as customers. NASCAR fans have long memories. We can boycott as well as support team sponsors.

If you are a NASCAR fan, I strongly urge you to write a similar letter. 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

I find this sad

Due to the "Noose!" hoax perpetrated by NASCAR and Bubba Wallace (if NASCAR wasn't aware of the fact that it was a hoax, then it was simply because they didn't want to be aware and chose not to bother to look at said "Noose" in an attempt to stage the Woke Theater that last week was...) I chose, for the first time in over 25 years to not watch a NASCAR race.  This is not to say that I have not  missed televised races in the past, but this is the first time I have CHOSEN to not watch, rather than having been unable, for work or family or other obligations, to have to miss watching.

I find that sad. A once mostly apolitical organization has gotten "Woke" and it will be the downfall of the sport. NASCAR has hired too many press and public opinion people and has lost their way. Soon the NASCAR organization, already floundering before this, will go the way of the Dodo, and become extinct.

The France family had better wake up.

Black Lives DON'T Matter

Apparently to the folks in the Chicago's South and West sides, that is.
21 shot, 7 dead. And that is just as of Saturday night at 10 PM.

One of the was a 20 month old boy strapped in a child seat in the back of his mother's car.

It ain't the Amish that are killing these folks.

And, oddly, this is compared to ZERO shootings by cops. Zero black people killed by cops.

But Black Lives Matter. What bullshit.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Have you noticed?

Ever since the "Covid Crisis", then, of course the BLM/George Floyd unrest, the Media has apparently simply forgotten about the Climate? No more lies about the "Warmest year on record: (when it wasn't) nor cries about Human caused "Climate Change".

Od, innit, how that subject went from the "beginning of the end of the world", to something that is just a footnote in history now that the Meeedia has something really juicy to sink their teeth into,

Friday, June 26, 2020

Yup, as long as we are purging

As I said below, lets purge all the federal projects, building, bridges, rural clinics, libraries, airports and all the other stuff that has the Grand Exalted Kleagle Cyclops of the Klu Klux Klan, Sen Robert Byrd.

I'm not the only one who thinks so.

I mean, lets be consistent.

I also think that the DNC folks need to apologize for their nearly century long association with the KKK and their obstruction of the Equal Rights Act. I think their party should, in fact, make some sort of reparations.

Plus, of course, they can wash the feet (or is it shine the shoes?) of Bubba Wallace too.

Innit interesting

So Covid-19 cases are spiking 10-15 days after the mass riots protests in many cities.

Funny how that works, ain't it?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

upon further reflection

I'm thinking that the whole "Noose" thing with Bubba Wallace is just theater .

There was absolutely NOTHING to this "incident". Made up of whole cloth.

NASCAR officials HAD to have seen the supposed "Noose" and therefore had to have known what the deal was. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. Yet they made a big deal about it.

This was theater. Simply theater.

While I appreciate the support the other drivers gave Bubba Wallace, (if they were unaware of the real story) I find the fact that now that Bubba Wallace now claims that he NEVER ACTUALLY SAW THE NOOSE, but rather that it was just reported to him (and NASCAR) and therefore he was unaware of the actual facts (then why did he make such a big theater about it before the race? How could to have affected him so much if he was never actually aware until someone told him about it?) to be very telling. He claimed to have been "terribly affected" and that he was "tested" by this....except that now that the facts are coming out, he claims that he never actually saw the noose and therefore he was unaware of the facts....

He does say that he "has seen the pictures" and that it is a "noose" (It isn't, it is a well tied loop in the garage door pull rope) and "the FBI corroborates that fact". He's trying to cover his ass.

Did the think that someone would not investigate this? That someone would not look closely? Or (like Jussie Smollet) did they think that the rest of the world would just take their word for it?

While I do think that FIFTEEN FBI investigators was a bit excessive, I am glad that they investigated and took the time to make a statement bout their findings.... that basically said "Hoax".

I think that Bubba Wallace's popularity will be greatly reduced after this. I would bet that his career will never recover.

If this was a stunt by NASCAR, then they have broken Bubba for nothing. It does appear that there was collusion to make something from nothing.

I just cannot fathom as to what they thought the benefit would be.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Toldya so.

Is Bubba gonna apologize? Say " I'm sorry" to all those NASCAR fans he maligned with this little stunt? To the drivers and their team members who he placed under suspicion?

I'm thinking that Bubba Wallace (who is no more a representative of the African American folks in the United states tha Colin Kapernick is) should be embarrassed. He must be getting his advice on Racism from the same folks that gave Jussie Smollett (and Colin Kapernick) advice....

Seems that the "noose" that was found by someone on the Bubba Wallace NASCAR team wasn't exactly a Noose.

(and the fact that the FBI dispatched 15 people to investigate this is disgusting) (FBI statement)

It was a garage door pull rope that was exactly like every other garage door pull rope on every garage door in Talledega and most other NASCAR garages Simply a rope tied into a loop to make the door easier to pull down.

Of course, if you are looking hard enough, you can find SOMETHING that can be "racist".

So I wonder if he'd know an actual "noose" if he saw one?

I find it hard to believe that Bubba is that stupid, nor that anyone else in the garage is that stupid....or that they couldn't recognize the piece of rope for what it was. (or was everyone too afraid to point out that it was just a garage door rope, fearful that they would be shunned for pointing out the obvious: that it wasn't a noose?)

I believe this was all a stunt.

And it'll backfire.

No matter how much outrage you demonstrate when people point out the above


So my local media is pushing the fact that the number of positive Covid-19 tests is again on the rise.

The number of TESTS has increased daily. I mean the total number of people tested has grown. There are a greater number of people that get tested every day.

One statistic that is NOT being disseminated is the percentage of positive tests....In other words what percentage of the total number of people tested show a positive?

It would seem to me that this is a more reliable indicator of the spread of the disease. If last week the authorities tested, say, 20,000 people and (just a number) 2000 came back positive, then that would be a positive rate of 10%. If the week before they had tested 10,000 and 5000 came back positive, then that would have been a rate of 50%.

But we don't get that statistic. We get "Number of Positive Cases" which without the underlying data does not tell us anything. Unless we adjust for the total number of tests, we don't get any useful data.

Why is it that the media doesn't give us the whole story? Are they incompetent to understand the concept? Or is it just another attempt at fearmongering? Or is the data not disseminated to them by the medical authorities so they can continue to have a reason for the restrictions that they have placed upon the people and the damage to the economy?

I have found that, generally, when someone gives me incomplete statistics they are trying to hide something from me......

Monday, June 22, 2020

My money is on "False Flag"

So reports say that a "Noose" was found in the garage of Bubba Wallace's NASCAR team on Sunday. 

I've had press passes to the NASCAR team areas. Spent many hours in the garages and pit areas.

At no time is the garage nor the cars unattended. We are talking Millions of dollars worth of equipment, parts and, of course, the car itself. They are never left unattended. No one gets into the garage without being cleared.

If there was a noose placed in the garage then it was placed with the knowledge and  acquiescence of the team.

I call Bullshit on this one. This is about as real as the Jussie Smollet incident.

Exalted Grand Kleagle of the Klan:

So are the Black Lives Matter folks gonna demand the eradication of the statues and the removal of the names of the (many many) buildings that were named for him?

You know, the (Democrat) Senator that gave so much of the taxpayers money to the folks in West Virginia while also leading the Klan as the Grand Kleagle or whatever his title was as the National Leader of the Klu Klux Klan?

Yes, I am referring to the grand exalted Kleagle (and Senator) Robert C Byrd. The one whose name adorns nearly every third library, post office, DMV in West Virginia?

The Senator who has 5 out of 8 bridges (large AND small) named after him in the State?
Whose name adorns an AIRPORT?

You know, the Democrat Senator who opposed the Civil Rights Act, who opposed LBGT rights,
Who was Eulogized after his death by both Barry Obama and Nancy Pelosi (spit), and whom Hillary Clinton (and Bill as well) considered to be a mentor? .....Even though he was a racist, by any reasonable definition.

Is Nancy gonna have his portrait removed from the Halls of the Capitol, and his name stricken from the records of the House and Senate?

Are we gonna remove him from history like the Mob wishes to remove those statues? And as Nancy did with those Representatives who were Confederates?

And after that, are they gonna go after Yale University?

Sunday, June 21, 2020

I am lucky

Father's Day.

I have something to celebrate.

I had a Dad. He was there from my earliest memories.

He taught me right from wrong, taught me to THINK, to analyze, to have a moral code. Taught me to look beyond today, beyond the immediate.

Dad took a little monster of a boy child, and helped guide me and shape me into the man I am today.

My Dad grows smarter every day that I am alive. Thankfully, he was able to impart some of that wisdom to me before I really needed it.

I think today's "Woke" youth shows what happens when boys and young men don't have a Dad.

As I said, I was lucky.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. Thanks. 

Except when they don't.

Black Lives Matter.....Right?

So I fully expect to see the people marching in the streets, demanding that the perpetrator of this heinous crime be hung or something.

And I fully expect marchers to be demanding that something be done to change this systemic killing of children and young adults.

I expect Al Sharpton and the other black "preachers" to tell us all how this sort of killing is forever scarring the soul of the Black Community...

Or not. 

A 3-year-old was shot and killed while riding in a vehicle Saturday night in the Austin neighborhood on Chicago's West Side

A three year old child....Does That Life Matter? 

(and there were over 50 other people shot in the greater South and West sides in Chicago this weekend...)

Anyone wanna bet that the "Black Community" will ignore this? That they will simply chalk it up to another day in the South Side of Chicago?  Since this isn't unusual in the black community (Drive by shootings are common in the Austin neighborhood) and since the media (and whoever drove the George Floyd protest circus) isn't fanning the outrage, I will bet good hard cash that there will be .....nothing. No protest, no marches (and therefore, thankfully, no looting) but also no calls for "justice" no calls for "reform" , no cries of "racism" ('cause chances are it wasn't a white man who did the shooting).....And chances are that the stepdad who was driving wasn't a choirboy....And he knows who did this. 

In other words, "Black Lives Matter" only when the Media pushes the meme and when it is a black criminal at the hands of a white police officer....And there is cell phone video that can be edited to make it look like injustice. 

Saturday, June 20, 2020

So why do the police allow it?

Many statues taken down by the crowds in cities across the country today, Saturday, June 20th.

Yet the police stand by and watch.

Blatant Destruction of Public Property. Easy to see. Easy, really, to stop.

Yet they stand there.

Are they afraid of the crowd?

Or are they under orders to stand their by the Mayors of those (generally, but not always) Blue cities?

Either way, are the police not supposed to prevent such actions? Or are they simply political police, who only enforce laws and prevent actions when it is easy and approved? 

Again, if the elected government chooses to pass legislation to remove the statues, that is one thing: But to allow a Mob to make that decision?

At what point will the Police step up and stop this behavior?

Note: these folks destroying the statues claim they are "Racist".

Do I get to destroy things that I see as "racist"?  Just because I FEELZ that it is racist? Who gets to decide the validity of the "Felling" of something being "Racist"?

Thursday, June 18, 2020

CMP goodness

So Fed-Ex delivered my 1911 to the FFl .

On Monday, they called and said that my number had come up and I was gonna get the 1911 I had applied for. They shipped it Tuesday, and it arrived Wed

I got to see it, and handle it, but can't take delivery until Thursday evening.

It is a Remington Rand, likely delivered in late 1944.

It has a new barrel and bushing, is nicely (re)-parkerized, and has an obviously new bit of lockwork. The trigger and hammer appear to be correct, but I'm not enough of an expert to know for sure at first glance. ...The trigger is crisp, but is gonna take some shooting to smooth out and lighten up. I bet it is 6 lbs. Kinda looks like they jacked up the slide and the frame and replaced everything under the hood....

I'll take a box of 50 ball ammo and see how well it shoots tonight. I'ts not gonna be a safe queen. Maybe not a carry gun, but few of my firearms are safe queens.

Might do pictures later. 

Things you never expect to hear

"Uh, Gary tower, Conqust 4588...there's a really HUGE snapping turtle on the taxiway"

"Ok, We will send someone out".

And a few minutes later, as I taxiied past the turtle "Gonna take take 2 or more people to move him, he's better than 18 inches across".

I hope they didn't hurt him moving him off the runway. As I departed, they had a big rope they were pulling him with, one guy on each side, sliding him off the pavement. 

I bet he was more than 50 years old. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Oddly, they are never choirboys

Nearly every person who is shot by police, be they black miscreants or white miscreants, Hispanic or Asian, innocent or not, has had experience with the police and the court system before.

Example: our Black Man killed by police du jour: Mr. Rayshard Brooks.

He had been arrested and imprisoned in 2014 for FOUR charges.... False Imprisonment, Simple Battery/Family, Battery Simple and Felony Cruelty/Cruelty to Children. He was on probation. 

Not a choirboy, as they say.

And, apparently, that explains why he fought arrest. He didn't want to go back to prison (even though it was a futile thing, they knew who he was and they had his car....they would simply have issued a warrant and added to his woes with two additional charges...resisting arrest and felony DWI...but I doubt, in the heat of the moment, he was thinking rationally.

No one, especially the media (or the BLM folks) ever seem to notice that they are backing a criminal. It doesn't matter to them, all they see is a Black Man. Which raises the question:

Who is the racist here? 

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Just say "no"

I'm not advocating Mob Rule here, but since the Governments seem to be allowing the Mob to run rampant, perhaps others in our society should start taking matters into our own hands a bit, if only to stop the wholesale destruction of our history....

Perhaps it is time for some upstanding citizens to start defending those monuments the Mob hates so much, and that the police are choosing not to defend.

Since the police are standing by while Mobs of Black Lives Matter (or those claiming to be) are tearing down monuments. Perhaps we should stand between them and the Mob. A line of people, perhaps carrying signs (conveniently) stapled to a Louisville Slugger shaped handle. Of course, things could get somewhat ...Kinetic...in the ensuing argument, but that might not be a bad thing, as long as no one died or was too seriously injured.  Not advocating violence here, but a line of people standing around these monuments, simply saying"no" and refusing to let them pass with their ropes and sledgehammers and crowbars might be a good thing.

If some folks then got bruises, it might make the others think.

We have what we have in this country because we protect it. We pay our police offers (via taxes) to do that protecting...normally. If, however, the police choose to stand by and allow a Mob to wantonly destroy our public treasures, then perhaps we, as a population need to step up.

I'd much rather the police do so, mind you. They are trained and have the tools to (more or less) properly restrain the miscreants. We don't. But needs be when the police are absent or fail to act.

Yes, this also makes Us a Mob. But a mob bent on protecting rather than destroying.

The real reason these people do what they do is because they are no stopped nor disciplined for doing. Like a child or a puppy that is never disciplined, they never learn right from wrong.

A bit of Hickory Shampoo might teach them, if the police choose not to stop them.

Again, not advocating that we hunt them down or anything, simply that we stand in their way as they try to do illegal acts.

What happens then is up to the Mob themselves.

wasn't it just about 19 years ago

That the Left told us not to judge an entire group based on the actions and behavior of just a few?

Of course, that was Muslims. Followers of the Koran, the word of Mohammed the Prophet....a downtrodden minority group.

But they won't give the same consideration to cops...police, the enforcers of the laws of the country. They are a reviled group, hated by those folks who don't think that the rules apply to them. Instead, they judge all cops on the behavior of a few.

If you remove the Left's double standards, they'd have no standards at all. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Cold at 7500 ft

So I am FINALLY getting it correct.

I can now (more or less) do a proper hold and (mostly) figure out the proper method of entry.

This has been my stumbling  block for a few moths: Flying a hold that looks something like the shape it should. Correcting for wind was just something that I could not do well.

VFR pilots have the ability to reference something on the ground to correct their flight path when it is windy....not so when IFR. Flying a hold (a more or less rectangular pattern referenced to a specific point) when one has no references except a couple of needles in a dial on your instrument panel was something that I simply could not Grok. I could fly a great hold (one that looks like a racetrack like the Indianapolis 500 track) in a no wind situation...that was easy...add in a brisk wind, and it became ugly (at least when I was flying).

Finally, after a fair bit of work, lots of frustration, lots of conflicting advice from other pilots and (did I mention?) a whole lot of frustration, it seems to have gelled for me.

Saturday, I and my instructor took off and flew on an instruction flight. There was a cloud layer (broken or worse) at 2400 feet, but we found a hole in the clouds and climbed VFR to the tops..about 6400 feet. Since we were flying in a northeasterly direction, we had to go higher..(Odd thousands plus 500 for VFR) and so 7500 it was...

The ground temp was about 74 degrees. At 7500, it was about 52 Fahrenheit. Cold for just a t-shirt. Had to actually open the heater vent to keep warm.

I did intersection holds three times along the way to the Keeler VOR (ELX), and then spent 30 minutes doing assorted holds at Keeler....this time with a layer of clouds under me. I finally seem to be getting the visualization of the geometry correct. (Finally!).

This was a great breakthrough for me. The rest of the tasks in IFR flying are actually pretty simple (for me, at least) The En-Route portion is pretty easy. Flying approaches to a runway?..cake. Filing a flight plan? child's play. Flying on instruments alone? Easy-Peasy. Cross check of the instruments and instrument interpretation and cross check? As easy as walking on a level sidewalk.....

Soon, I will take my checkride...

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Flag day

Remember what it stands for.

Smashing MLK

(let me be clear, up front....I DO NOT advocate the destruction of ANY monuments nor statues)

So if I were so inclined, would the police stand by and allow me to smash, pull down , deface with paint, or otherwise vandalize the MLK statue in Washington DC?

Or, if that one is too sacred (and protected because it is on Federal property....)

Then can I deface, smash, break, topple or spray-paint graffiti on this one in Atlanta? That one should be fair game, as the Confederate statues were also on State Property.....

(All those Confederate (and other) statues that were destroyed over these past few weeks by Black Lives Matter "protesters" were on state or city property)

Why no arrests for this wanton destruction of public property? Would there be arrests if the MLK statues were destroyed in a similar manner?

Why is it OK for some people to destroy some statues?
Where are the police? Why aren't they stopping this? Is someone in charge keeping them from intervening? If so, who?....and why?

If some "rednecks", flying Confederate flags from the backs of pickup trucks drove into the Georgia State Capitol grounds and put a chain around the neck of the MLK statue and pulled it off the pedestal and took sledgehammers and broke the casting....would they be arrested and (hopefully) prosecuted? *(Hint: the only thing that prevents this from happening RIGHT NOW is the respect for the rule of law)...

If not, then what is the difference? Or is it simply that some forms of protest are approved and others are not? Some groups have "approved grievances" and methods of expressing it while others do not? Who decides what is approved?

Why is vandalism allowed in many cities when it is a protest by liberal groups? 

Saturday, June 13, 2020


Via Elmtree Forge:

Plus this:


So we went into town for a meal and to walk around the "entertainment" district on Friday night.

Planning a small meal and maybe some ice cream on a beautiful Friday evening. Temps were in the 70's with a  mild breeze. A perfect evening to be out, especially since the restaurants are still dealing with the (poorly thought out) restrictions due to the supposed Covid-19 "crisis".

Anyway, the wait time  was about 50 minutes for the pizzas we had ordered, so we walked a few blocks to the ice cream parlor...we are adults, so we can eat our dessert first...and we did. As we walked, we observed a whole passel of "Black Lives Matter" folks staging a protest on the town square. Maybe 50 people. Peaceful, but still.

"Staging". I said. And "Staging" I meant....I use that word deliberately, as it was quite obvious that there was a set play being executed. The chants were all in unison, and they changed regularly and on cue....The protesters....or actors, if one were to be truthful, did their chants, and then did their "I Can't Breathe" pantomime (and then the chant that followed)...... then the whole bit where they lay on their stomachs and clasped their hands behind their backs for 8 minutes.....

It was theater, and not terribly good theater at that. It impressed no one but the participants. Most of the passers-by were amused, and not swayed by the theater. Police were present, but stayed away and were watchful and not looming nor intimidating. (the cops here are pretty decent in the main). There was more support for the police than support for the (mostly white and young) protesters.

Strangely, for a "Protest", once the script was over, the participants peacefully left the area. It just ended. Like it was staged. A performance where the participants cast left after their part was finished. Weird.

The question I have is...who wrote the playbook? The entire protest was, as I said, obviously scripted. Few people could miss that. The only people that were impressed were the protesters. But it was obviously a set piece...performance art, as it were. Someone wrote the script that the protesters were following. Someone saw to it that the script was distributed to at least a few people in the crowd. Who wrote the script? Who set the others in the crowd to lead the rest? Almost as if the entire cast had practiced beforehand...

This was not a spontaneous thing. It was a set piece. Well executed (if not particularly well written) theater.

I wanna know.....who wrote the script?

By the way, the pizza, cooked in a  wood fired stone oven, was frikkin' delicious, as was the evening and the setting in which we dined.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Changing history

Or, rewriting it, anyway.

First there was the (once) failed attempt to banish all "Confederate" statues. (even though many of them are mis-targeted) that was reanimated in the current riots protests.

Second there was the attempt to ban Gone with the Wind.

Are they gonna demand that we get rid of all UnaApproved literature? 

Books, films. are they gonna demand the destruction of every copy of  every film that depicts slavery, or reinforces the stereotypes of the black culture and the (sometimes poor) treatment of black people by whites?

How about the parodies? "I'm Gonna Get you Sucka"? "Blazing Saddles"? The entire "Foxy Brown" genre? Lots and lots of printed books? (Not that much of the Mob has bothered to even READ a book) that make FUN of the stereotypes.

Thing is, the Mob had destroyed or defaced confederate era statues and monuments...even when those monuments were of abolitionist or in memorial of black regiments that fought against slavery. Unmindful hatred led these fools to destroy ALL monuments that were from that era, no matter who they honored. (Not that the Confederacy and their war against the North was entirely about slavery,  moreso an economic war, but don't ever let history get in the way of uneducated hatred, after all....). Many of the monuments that were defaced had nothing to do with slavery, yet defaced they were, in blind, unfocused hatred.

I doubt that the Mob will be able to understand the concept of satire in movies, if they even care.

The Mob has now even gone after the band "Lady Antebellum" because they have the word in their name that (some) people associate with slavery.

How much history are they gonna rewrite or outright edit out? How much will it take to appease the uneducated?

Thursday, June 11, 2020

So...a question for the BlackLivesMatter people:

So far this year, the death toll is nearly 200 black people killed.
In Chicago. That's just in the City of Chicago.
94 percent by other black people.

Similar results in every large city.  Black people killed in job lots by other black people. (202 is not a aberration, every year is similar in most large cities)

If "Black Lives Matter" so much, then.....why are black people killing each other? At a rate that is nearly 20-1 over other people (including cops) of all other races combined?

Odd, innit, that they are all upset about the 6% of black people killed by races other than African, but they completely ignore the rest....Nearly 94%..... that are killed by BLACK PEOPLE.

Where are the marches, the vandalism, the LOOTING in protest for those folks...the ones that are killed by other black people?

Seriously, isn't it a bit disingenuous to protest the very small percentage of people killed by police, and other races and TOTALLY ignore the fact that most deaths of black people are at the hands of  other people with more melanin than the average Amish dude?

Address that, and then maybe you can get my attention for the rest of your message.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Odd discrepancy:

Chicago bans all "large outdoor gatherings" like Taste of Chicago and the Air and Water show, claiming Public Health issues related to Covid-19. (which, statistically, is not that terribly contagious),

Yet, oddly, Mayor Lightfoot and many other city leaders encouraged the Black Lives Matter George Floyd protest crowds. Which put just as many people in just as close (if not closer) proximity to strangers as the crowds at Taste of Chicago, and certainly closer than the crowd at the Air and Water Show.

It is almost as if these leftist Democrat mayors and governors are trying to damage the municipalities and states they are supposed to be leading.

Coincidentally (or not) the economic damage leads well into the below referenced "Rules for Radicals" strategy that many leftists like Mayor Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker and may others were steeped in during their college years.

If you like tinfoil as a material for a chapeau, then you might think that there is something to their mishandling of the "Covid Crisis" during "these Uncertain Times"....and that the results they are getting are no accident. 

I'm glad someone stepped up

But you gotta ask yourself:

Who paid for all the expenses at the funeral for Mr. Floyd?

A REALLY nice casket.

An extremely large church.

New (and oddly matching) clothing for a whole bunch of the folks attending...

And all those families (who also had men who died while being subdued before arrest by the police) were able to find the money and the time to fly in from all parts of the country to attend the funeral of a man they had never met.

All the rest of those trappings for the funeral? The horse drawn coach for the trip to the final gravesite?

And, of course, Rev. Al Sharpton doesn't generally work for free.

Not counting Rev. Al, I would be that the cost exceeded $125K

You gotta ask yourself where the cash for all of that came from.

Someone paid for the "theater".

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

That's different because Shut Up

Funny how the protests against the continued "Lockdown" a few weeks ago were a terrible thing and were going to be a sure way to spread the Covid and gonna cause an uptick in cases and you might bring it home to grandmas....

But the current protests against the death while being subdued for arrest of a career criminal this last week or so were folks fighting for justice and there is no backlash for gathering in protest...in fact, those (peaceful) Protesters are heroes .

Funny how when one is pushing back against one kind of fascist-like power structure you are a terrible person but if you push back for a politically correct protest against a (perceived) fascist-like power structure then that is a safe thing to do. 

is it just me?

Or is anyone else seeing that the whole George Floyd thing has morphed into a how-to from Rules for Radicals?

I mean, they tried with the protests several times during the Barry Obama administration, but couldn't get the momentum to succeed.

Not so today though. Seems that there are enough crazy people in power that they might get another step forward.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Innit interesting

How the message has changed from

 "Justice for George Floyd"


"Defund the police"


I think these folks might not like the result if the Police were "defunded" and there was no police presence in their home neighborhoods.
Especially in the areas where the anger among the denizens is the greatest.

"We need to face the issue before we can fix it"

(I hope this doesn't make my blog go the way of the WRSA..!)

Saw this seven times yesterday on the television. All white spokespeople giving us the message about white racism and/or racist cops. "We need to face the issue of racism before we can fix it"

They are correct. These are issues that need to be addressed. Police accountability and "Qualified Immunity" are a big issue.
But no one, not one person, is pointing out the fact that there is another issue:

Black crime.

Wanna stop  of greatly reduce the issue? Fully half of the issue is that a segment of our black population refuses to follow the laws. Are unwilling to behave according to the rules of society. Not bad people, perhaps, by their own moral standard, but still, can't follow the rules of society. And that just plays up to the stereotype that many have about black people. Some (white) folks just can't see past the extra melanin. But the high crime, the fact that any excuse to loot amongst many inner city people....  that doesn't help either. Stereotypes exist for a reason, you know. Black people kill each other at a much higher rate than whites kill them. And cops arrest them when they break the law.

Does white racism exist? Absolutely. And yes, we need to do something to stop it. Lots of work to be done there.

Do we also get to do something ,....face the other issue....about thievery, robbery, and the fact that black people commit crimes (both major and minor) at a rate 4 or more times higher than their fellow races? Let's face that fact as well, and fix that too. (and, lets face it, it isn't ALL black people, but only a small subset that is the issue...and that group has the issues with police interactions). Fact is that most people interacting with the police have interacted with them more than once in the past, be they white or black or another race.

Could that fact have something to do with the perceived racism of cops? Of white people? The fact that (some) black people won't obey the rules of society? (there is a small portion of whites and Hispanics and other races that have the same issue with police...and oddly, they get treated the same way...and killed when they resist)

Do we get to simply face and deal with the fact that a significant portion of the black population (more than most people are comfortable to admit) especially men, can't seem to obey the law? And therefore, since cops are supposed to enforce the law, this brings them into conflict.
Forget the fact that cops cause the deaths of significantly more white criminals than black criminals (by overall number)....The perception is that cops kill more blacks than whites...which is simply not true.

But the best way to get killed by a cop is to start with the interaction with them:
First rule: don't break the law.
Second rule: When confronted for a crime you have committed, don't be an asshole.
Third rule: When yer gonna be arrested, do't fight back, or things might get somewhat kinetic.
Fourth rule, when given a ticket or a fine, deal with it, don't ignore it...deal with it. Pay the fine, show up for court.....otherwise, when the cops run your file, yer gonna get....arrested.....Which puts you in the hot seat....which leads to rules two and three (especially three)

But stop being criminals. (Note: I am NOT saying all black people are criminals...but a higher percentage are. I know many folks who are not criminals, are, in fact, decent law abiding citizens,  wonderful human beings...and they abhor the issues with their race and culture as much as I do)
Mr Floyd had a long criminal record...which led to his  last interaction with the police. He was intoxicated with meth and fentanyl at the time of his attempted arrest and subsequent death...he had been charged with and convicted of both robbery and theft in the past....He'd been in jail several times.....not unknown to the police... He was not the paragon of virtue as we were told he was by the media. Hardly a choirboy, as it were....

Lets face that issue as well...Black Crime.....While we are facing the issue of racism.
Both need to be fixed.

This ought to work out well

Lay in the popcorn supplies, this ought to be entertaining....

If I lived in Minneapolis, I think I'd move as soon as possible.

The Minneapolis City Council on Sunday voted to disband its police department and invest in community-based public safety programs

In an ideal world, we would not need police.

Sadly, we don't live in a perfect world.

Some areas are less perfect than others.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

It would be interesting...

To see the racial makeup of the folks who donated...

I'm betting that it was a lot of white folks...racist though we are.

Dude seems like a nice man, and has, according to sources, a decent family.
Got screwed by a rioting mob. I doubt that they care.

I donated.

Dude has nearly a half million dollars to make a second start. I bet he doesn't do it in the same neighborhood.

Protest crowds and Covid

So we see, based on the fact that the protests were and are allowed to go on, that there is no real reason for ANY business to be closed, nor any "Social Distancing" nor any other precautions that we were told were so terribly necessary for our health and the health of our fellow citizens.

That is all out the window now.

What possible excuse is there for any city to keep barber shops, dine-in restaurants, nail salons, gyms, churches, gatherings of more than 10 people, etc., closed or severely restricted?

Why should we continue the (poorly) enforced "social distancing? Hundreds if not thousands, of people have gathered in very close proximity in many municipalities to protest the death of a man they did not know, whose history they knew nothing about, whose death they only know about from an edited cell phone video, yet the government authorities stood by and did nothing. Watched as they marched hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, in protest, violating every "Social Distancing" protocol.

I fully expect that every city and state restriction will soon be lifted, as we have now seen that supposed public health precautions can be overriddeden by Social Justice politics.

Any mayor or governor who does otherwise is a hypocrite. 

Have ya noticed?

We still haven't been allowed to see the surveillance video from the arrest of Mr. Floyd.

We ahve the surveillance video of him being removed from the car and walked towards the building. where he seems to be somewhat intoxicated and, if not fighting back or resisting arres, not terribly cooperative.

THen we get the cell phone video showing him being restrained, and eventually passing away after shouting loudly "Officer, I can't breathe". (oddly, he can get enough air to shout that).

But what about the in-between? What happened that 4 cops chose to dogpile the dude?

Enquiring minds and all that. 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

"Racist America"

I keep seeing the Media give airtime to black preachers (and other spokespeople of dubious credentials) claiming the entire United States of America, (except black people, of course) is racist.

Yep, all of us are. You can tell. All those white people that are marching (but, oddly, not looting black businesses or breaking windows, or setting fires to black neighborhoods or general mayhem) that outnumber those poor downtrodden black people in the peaceful marches.

That country that is so racist that they (*the whites mostly) have paid Billions and Billions of dollars every year...used to help the black community....essentially feeding them, housing them, educating them. The country that was so worried about past sins that they forced large companies in the '70's through the early 2000's to hire a greater percentage of black people than the local community had per capita....to the point where those companies hired black people that were incompetent in the field (and those same companies tried to teach them how to DO the job competently) to the detriment of well qualified whites and asians.
The country that hires an overwhelmingly large number ( almost 2 times the per capita percentage) of black people for Government jobs....gives preference to them, in fact, and won't fire them, no matter how unproductive they are....Mostly because they are "black", and therefore a protected segment of society.
The "Racist" government that gives special consideration and advantages to black businesses for construction projects, supplies for offices, other contracting positions....to the detriment of white owned businesses that can do the job for a lower cost....."Set asides" for that special, protected class, based on race.

The country that gives a great number of scholarships (paid for by mostly WHITE people) to nearly any black kids that can read, write, has a high school diploma  and can bother to show up (even though black kids fall out of college at a 3 times higher rate than Whites or Asians or Hispanics....).

Yeah, we are all racist (except black people, of course). Racist 'cause we expect people to follow the laws. Expect them to pay fines and show up for court when they don't. Expect them to not do criminal acts. Expects them to follow the rules in the society in which they live...the rules of the society that pays for their kids housing, education, food, and medical care when they are "poor"...Often "Poor" because of a series of bad decisions those same black people make over and over and over.
And when they choose not to, our "racist" society then has police arrest, and prosecutors prosecute, them for failing to abide by the rules of society. When they fail to go quietly, and have to be forced to submit to those officers so they can have their day in court, we are then "Bad People" for expecting them to behave.....And forcing them when they won't.

Yeah, that "Racist America".


Those brave men who were waiting in the dark as their ship drifted ever closer to the shores of Normandy.

Waiting for the time to start, to run ashore against a hail of bullets from a beached transport to find cover on a sandy beach.

Sitting there, waiting.

Hoping that the plan was good, and that they would survive the night.

On this day, most of western europe should get down on their knees and thank God for these men, for their countries are free thanks to them.

Remember those men, of the US, Britain, Canada who invaded on D-Day 76 years ago.  

Friday, June 5, 2020

Not that there is an agenda....:

Now, we see the media and the leftists (but I repeat myself) conflating the continued existence of "Confederate Monuments" with police brutality aimed (supposedly) at citizens of our nation with African ancestry,

Sure, that statue of a long dead man inspires then of thousands of white police officers to go out every day to make the lives of black me miserable...Yep, I believe that.

Does the statue also inspire the black men to break the law at a rate that is 4 x higher than any other racial group? Do the statues force them to fail to show up for court dates at a rate that is 7 times higher than the other demographic? Fail to graduate high school at a rate that is 5 times greater than their fellow citizens who have different ancestors? Enter adulthood with felonies at a rate that is 9.8 times greater than their fellow citizens who are lighter skinned (I include hispanics and middle easterners in the lighter skinned group)...?

It is amazing how those statues are such an enemy.

Or there could be something else in play and the media is just using the current unrest as a vehicle....

Odd, that

I got pulled over yesterday afternoon.
I rolled a stop sign: slowed, and since no one was at any of the other three points, touched the brakes but didn't stop and kept going...... just like the car in front of me.

The cop three cars back saw it, and pulled me over. Fair. Reason to stop me.

I signaled to indicate that I was pulling over, and slowed down and rolled for about a quarter mile until there was a place where I could pull over (steep ditches along the right side of the road for a while). I turned the motor off and waited for him.

The Hispanic officer walked up to the car. I looked back out of the (already opened) window and greeted him......hands on the wheel so he knew I wasn't gonna shoot him (hands empty). He greeted me and asked for my license and registration. Told me why he pulled me over. I acknowledged that it was a fair stop. I was polite. He was polite. I had to get the registration from the glovebox, told him what I was gonna do, and that I had a pistol on my hip. He was cool with all of the above and I retrieved the document without trouble and handed it to him.

He took my paperwork, went back to the car, and later returned.

Oddly, no one got shot, he didn't feel the need to call another officer for help, didn't pull me out of the car, arrest me, nor search the car because he smelled pot or anything else.....and at the end of it, we both went on our way.

Why? I acted decently.... politely. Acknowledged the fact that I had broken a law. Wasn't rude. He too, was polite and professional. I had no warrants, no unpaid fines, nothing to make him have a reason to arrest or detain me any longer than to verify my license and registration and give me verbal warning.

How one acts CAN determine the outcome. We BOTH chose to make it a peaceful stop. Plus, I am square with the law, so no reason for him to go farther.

Was it 'cause I was white? I doubt it. I think that my behavior (and lack of criminality) determined the outcome.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Innit interesting?

One can get arrested for failing to Social Distance, for opening up an "unapproved" business (Say a Barbershop, when a Walmart would be OK)  or going to church....but letting a bunch of people gather in protest and fail to Social Distance (as well as minor crimes like Looting, Property Damage, Theft, Arson, and such) are more or less ignored.

But that is, of course, different. Because...?

Taken down?

Apparently WRSA (Western Rifle Shooters Association) (see the sidebar) has been taken down for posting something that pissed off the Wordpress folks.

I'm not sure if he posted something unapproved or he has simply pissed them off by telling the truth.

I'm gonna leave the link up for now, in case he works it out. If me moves, I'll update the link and make notes of that.

(ETA: A message at Kenny's place...)


"Why not?"

I'm not gonna "Lend you a gun" just because some people are rioting 30 miles away.

A Gun is not a talisman. It won't protect you just by being there.
You have no idea how to use one. Never learned how to safely use one, be it a pistol or a rifle or shotgun.
You have no idea how to use one safely.
You have no clue as to when you can and cannot use one to protect your home, you family or yourself. 

And, honestly, you are likely to hesitate and have it taken away from you. You'd be likely to brandish it to scare people away but not use it when brandishing didn't scare them off.

So no, I won't lend you a firearm, of any kind.

Good luck. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Taking a lesson from the Koreans

Seems that the residents, the hispanic ones, that is, of Cicero Illinois are taking matters into their own hands.  (about 1:00 into the clip)

The cops, after all, are afraid to do anything because of the bad press....so they let the looting and such happen.

The Hispanic people of Cicero, along with others, are taking to the rooftops to stop riots and looting. I mostly worked last night....

Of course, the cops discourage it.

"They know we are here" said one rooftop watcher.

I'd bet serious coin that nothing happens in those streets tonight. Hell, I'll give you 3:7 odds, nothing happens where the folks are hanging out "just watching" the streets. 

One good thing about the riots

It has, at least pushed the Coronavirus reporting back a notch or two.

I gotta say that, for me at least, it is an almost even trade. Wall to Wall coronavirus panic reporting is coming to an end, overshadowed by the riot reporting and the stories.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Why we need....

We need an AR-15 (or equivalent) in every household Just for the sort of riot we saw these past few days.....just in case we or our property becomes a target of the Mob. (think "Roof Koreans")

We need our own transportation, in case the state or local Governments decide for whatever reason (like to keep the rioters from moving from one place to the other, spreading mayhem as they go) as they have in this case shutting down that oft-revered "Public Transportation"
If one is in the Burbs, or a collar community, and had no car, today you were screwed, as the State of Indiana and the City of Chicago shut down the trains to keep people from travelling FROM  the Burbs to do mayhem and to keep people from travelling TO the city for protests that could turn ugly.

Trust in Government only works when they can (and are willing) to keep us all safe and able to move. But that only works when those they govern behave.....

Me? I trust myself, a select few, and I trust my government and those who rail against the perceived failures of the Government to provide not at all. Especially when they want to rend and destroy and steal, and blame me for their own failings and the failure of their culture. And who feel that they can redistribute my earnings and possessions or damage me and people near and/or dear to me because of their "rage"....

If ever there is a reason for an armed populace, the latest riots "protests" are a good example.

"tis ineresting...

When they want to, the media can find video from 20 years ago about someone they dislike....usually within hours.

Yet they have chosen NOT to show us the videos of the entire George Floyd incident with the police.

I think they are deliberately choosing not to find the video, or, if they have it, they are not showing it so the riots "protests" will continue.

Just as they are lowballing the coroner's reports  that say that Mr. Floyd was NOT killed by having a knee on his neck, (nor what his trachea crushed) nor was he killed by suffocation, but rather the cause of death appears to be heart failure, exacerbated by Methamphetamines and Fentayl, possibly aggravated by the stress of his arrest.
Odd that they aren't trumpeting this fact as loudly and as often as they did the video of his arrest, innit?

If you think that this civil unrest was not planned, and Mr. Floyd's death (on video!) was not just an excuse to have it (if it would not have been this, it would have been another), then you might be interested in a bridge I have for sale....Cheap. Used bills please, and cash only.

What better way

To protest the death of George Floyd?

Hey, lets loot and burn, and show people that we are just as much the animals you claim that they treat you as.  Show them that you are criminals and thieves and prone to violence.

Yeah, that will get you the treatment that you wish from the rest of society.

I feel sorry for every decent, hard working black person. They are gonna be judged in a different light by the other folks with less melanin they work and other wise associate with after this weekend, And most probably don't deserve to be painted with that brush.