Wednesday, August 31, 2011

saw this in an ice cream shop.

The owner is very conservative (as most business owners are)..But considering the state of our dollar, it is very true.

But I stil think it are funny.

(klik to embiggenize)

yeah, about time! "self evident" indeed.

Seems that the "fundamental and virtually self-evident nature of the First Amendment's protections in this area" is obvious to the court. (it has been obvious to most of the rest of us for a long time....) Case stems from a Boston man who was arrested for videotaping police during an arrest in Boston in 2007 with a cell phone. In plain view. On the sidewalk. Yet they arrested him under the wiretapping statutes.

Read the article on the case.

This is a big deal. A really BFD.  And the best part is that the cops cannot claim "qualified immunity". An even bigger BFD. While I generally support the police, I do NOT think that they have any right to privacy while on the street (neither, by the way, do you). And their actions should stand up to being videotaped. They should act as if everyone is watching, and their actions should stand up to being videotaped. They have no right to special treatment just because they are police. They should, in fact, expect to be held to a higher standard that the rest of us. They are, after all, the guardians of our society. No citizen should ever fear watching the police, and the police should never act as if their actions are not being watched. If their conduct cannot stand being examined by others, and if they fear being videotaped, then there is something wrong.

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?Every citizen with a cell phone!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ya know, it is nice

To have your female partner be a gun chick.

She doesn't mind that I clean my carry piece (para 1911) at the kitchen table while waiting for the meatloaf to be done so I can finish the vegetables and such.

Yeah, I know, yer jealous...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Told ya you should have been there

Blogmeet. Wow. First the drive to Indy ....where we discussed the various feelings and reactions (and sounds made during and after) to being tazed (both Og and I have had the experience ) and other variously strange topics...(some of which had Midwest Chick laughing so hard I worried about her breathing)...then the Indy1500 gun show (I spent way too much money) and then:

Drumroll please..

The blogmeet was well attended. We just kept adding tables and staring at the other people in the room until they gulped down their food and left and occupied tables as soon as their occupants were finished until we had an entire room at the brewpub to ourselves....

In attendance were, in no particular order (and if I have forgotten anyone it was because it was indeed a madhouse) Rich, Roberta, Tam... Old NFO and Dave L. (Cancer Ward), Og, and Partner (who drove us),  Midwest Chick (she won't let me attend a blogmeet without her!), Bayou Renaissance Man and his lovely wife Miss D. , Shermlock Shomes and his talented wife,   Push the Pull DoorThe Jack, Old Grouch, Mad Saint Jack.. I think that there were more but I might have missed 'em....

Converssation ranged far and wide and up and down and everywhere in between. (apparently Og has hunted raccoons with full auto tracer loaded AK's...or something?  You just had to be there to appreciate the whole spectacle....

You should attend the next one. Good food, good people, wild, witty and strange interesting conversation, and, of course, all the bloggers from out of town.

Why weren't you there?

 Oh, and happy blogoversary, Tam!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

so I gotta wonder...

Do those folks in New York and Baston think that we folks who prep (you know, for blizzards and ice storms and tornado aftermath and all that) are crazy still think that today, as a hurricane bears down on them? Do they think that as they hurry to stock for food and water and hope that there is enough for them? As they plan on power being out for days or weeks....and no way out of the city for a while?

And do they (still) think we are crazy to want to live in "flyover country" where the risk of a hurricane is infitesimal?

I mean, other than boarding up my windows (and I actually have enough plywood and deck screws on hand to do so) I am prepped for a hurricane. Generator, food, water, battery powered lights, fuel, cooking, I got all that....everyday.

If you’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse, a hurricane is just a storm...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

You should read


Especially the comments.

Scarcity, or limited supply, along with increased demand
should result in higher profit for the seller.

Those who fail to plan ahead should pay for their lack of forethought. Those who take risks should get a reward when they guess correctly.

No one ever accuses a convenience store owner of "gouging", yet his prices for milk and eggs and such are much higher than the grocery store.

Via insty

Never honk at old people.

You'll laugh. Guaranteed.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Obama arrested for DUI?

Illegal immigrant from Kenya arrested for DUI...

No, I am serious. You WON'T see this on the MSM, that's for sure

Read all about it here....

Product review

I bought this a couple of months ago. (and, for the FTC folks, paid my own money for it, and have received nothing for this review)

I heartily endorse this product. It has allowed me to perfect my point shooting , my fast draw from a holster, and has allowed me to improve my trigger squeeze at a very low cost (the batteries are the only expense after the initial cost.  Laserlyte has a good thing here. It works. I have one in "Gods own Caliber" and I love it.

You get all the advantages of "dry firing" without all the criticism from your friends about dry firing....(does dry firing harm the firing pin? I dunno. Folks smarter than me variously claim that it does (and doesn't)... it's like arguing  "Ginger, or MaryAnne?" everyone has an unshakeable opinion. But I'd rather not find out if it will harm my pistol, so I always use a snap cap anyway)

This little device works well. It is like a cartridge without the rim.  It blocks the chamber so you KNOW that there is not a real load in there, and yet you can cycle the slide all day and it won't move.

When you pull the trigger and the hammer drops, a laser lights for 1/10th of a second. More than enough time for you to see the "impact point". You can cock the hammer (if you are shooting a 1911) or other exposed hammer firearm, or cycle the slide if you are shooting an abomination Glock or other striker fired firearm.

Either way, you can practice your trigger squeeze at home, making your range time (and ammo budget) more productive. I reload, and therefore my cost for practice ammo is fairly low, yet this has more than paid for itself in the past few months. It also allows me to practice without having to pack up a range bag and actually drive the 3 miles or so to my range....But seriously, you can get 5 or 10 minutes of practice in at any time, at home, without having to do a range trip, or to have to clean a firearm afterward. And you can return your pistol to service just by locking the slide open and poking the laser assembly out from the muzzle with a cleaning rod or pencil.

Will it replace range time? NOPE. But it will give you a reasonable training alternative. And it will give you point shooting practice at home. And it will make your range time more productive.

I'm gonna order another one in 9mm. Wish that they made one in .380 too.

Your mileage, of course, may vary.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The moral of the story is:


(Shoot, Shovel and Shut up).


The government is NOT your friend.

The smart thing to do is not to tell 'em anything.

Details HERE.

While it takes a long time to dig a hole big enough for a grizzly sow, it's easier and better than dealing with the feds.

Remember, the folks who make the rules think that all wildlife is cute and friendly and talks with a southern Iowa accent.....Just like in the cartoons.
They have no idea as to the potential savagery or ruthlessness of a wild animal. And the Animal's welfare is more important to them than yours. You, after all, are neither cute, nor fuzzy, nor "endangered". You are, however, a tasty snack for the bear....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are you ready?

Now we have all heard (ad nauseum) the reports of the 5.9 or so earthquake in Virginia...and the devastation along the eastern seaboard its effects (or not) on the east coast.

For Kalifornians, a 5.9 is nothing but a good afternoon pick me up, but for the east coast folks it was fairly scary. But the question is, will they learn anything from it?

How about you? Have you got a plan and materials in place if something bad (like, say, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake) happens? No water, no power, roads damaged.....Likely the stores will be empty in a few hours..if they are standing. Likely there will be little or no fire protection. Police will be, if they are working at all, both overwhelmed and likely unable to get to you.....If there is any way to call them. Same with other emergency services folks.

Have you ready access to:

Water? Say for 5 days?
Food? Again for at least 5 days?
Shelter? If your home is damaged or unsafe for occupancy, where are you gonna go? Add clothing if you live in a climate where it gets cold....
A reasonably well stocked first aid kit? I don't mean band-aids and aspirin and burn ointment and such...., but rather a real trauma kit. And the training to use it?
A means to protect the above?

If you have preps, are some stashed in a secondary cache? Whatcha gonna do if your preps are stashed in your basement and your home is falling down and you can't get to them?

Having food, water and all of the rest of the above, even if only for a few days, gives you a LOT of options.

Me, I'd rather have choices. Have time to deal with the immediate issues and not worry about eating, drinking, and sleeping safe in the immediate aftermath. It'll give me time to deal with the issues and allow me time to figure out what needs to be done for my family and friends while the first responders get their help revved up to deal with the issue.

You should think about this. Make a plan. Implement that plan.

Be ready. You are, after all, the person who should be taking steps to be your own first responder.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


ya gotta love it.

She finally gets it.

Midwest Chick is, at heart, a softie. She likes to try and find the best side of people....make excuses for those who are....societally challenged. Who don't seem to understand what the "social contract" means...

Here, however, she shows that she is finally beginning to understand...

"Theft of property is theft of life. "

I've been saying this for for years.....And she finally understands. 

The one thing you have less of every day is lifespan. You can spend your lifespan (time) living, or spend your time working. Some go too far one way, others too far the other...But when someone steals from you, they take away from you the rewards of exchanging your time (and therefore your lifespan) which you havechosen to spend working... likely in order that you can enjoy the time you choose to spend living.

Theft of property, like murder, is, therefore, theft of life, if only in smaller increments.

Best not to steal my life, for I will likely take the rest of yours....

Monday, August 22, 2011

You should read this:

Via Insty:

Read. All of it. Understand what has happened to our manufacturing and design base in this country.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


I spent the weekend with a dedicated group of folks who are members of our local private range. The building that houses the indoor range was built 35 years ago, and needed work on the roof. I and another guy began the destruction on Friday afternoon.

10 people showed up to help on Saturday morning, and the real demolition began. However, we were rained out, and we packed up about 2 PM leaving the building partially disassembled, and, while temporarily rain proof, definitely neither secure nor finished nor stormproof.

Sunday dawned bright and early (and Hot and HUMID!) and a grand total of 5 (later a 6th) people showed up to rebuild and re-roof  the range building.  6 out of 140 members. 6.  

We were unable to finish due to time constraints. A lack of labor left the job of reassembly half done.

Of course, that doesn't count the asshole guy who showed up and was upset that the range was closed BECAUSE WE WERE REROOFING THE BUILDING and would be downrange while he was shooting...He left in a huff....Without helping. Yeah, we need members like that.....

Folks, if you belong to an organization like a private range, shooting club, Issac Walton, conservation club, a church, or another organization which is limited in funds and supported by volunteers, BE A VOLUNTEER. Show up. Work, help. Be one of those few who keeps the organization going with your hours of labor.

Don't be the other portion that just watches, or who expects others to do the job. Help do it.

And I'd like to thank those folks who gave up all or part of their weekend to keep my the range in good order.  I was honored to work alongside of you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to find some Ibuprofen. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Never, Never, forget this, either:

I was busy all weekend, and haven't been posting much....

But Guffaw in AZ reminds us of the significance of this day.

Remember. Make plans for when/if it might be your turn.

Ruby Ridge happened because they were isolated and because the rest of the country allowed it to happen. Patriots who might have been able to make a difference chose not to even try. The news media made sure that everyone knew all about it. Enough patriots assembled together could have walked in and then left with Randy Weaver et al. Instead, they (and I) allowed to FBI to control things. And people died because we let it happen. Would that happen today with the internet and facebook and blogs and all those other means of communication.

What are you going to do when it comes time for the FBI/ATF/ABC-agency decides that it is the turn of one of your friends? When it is one of the leaders of one of those right wing groups that you pay attention to but are not a member of? When it is a guy that you know from your shooting club or who you hear talk at the local gunstore?

You gonna let the Feds pull another Ruby Ridge? Or will you have the courage to try and do something about it?

I wonder if I will.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Next week:

Indy 1500 gunshow. If ya haven't been, then you should find time to go. One of the largest in the Midwest... you can find nearly everything you would want that is shooting related. If yer a collector, then you can find good examples of nearly all collectible firearms. Sometimes you can even find good deals..... Ammo, accessories,  parts, dodads, widgets, cleaning supplies, reloading components, gegaws, gear, baubles, and, of course, new, used and collectible firearms. 

And also, there is a blogmeet on Sunday. That alone makes it worth the trip. If you've never been to an Indy blogmeet, you should attend. Wit, witticisms, general conversation.....Highly intelligent and extremely witty people. Boatloads of snark. Good food, good beer, and good fellowship.

Why haven't you made plans to attend both?


So does this mean they are gonna hire some white people?

'cause despite what is reported, I find most minorities overrepresented at federal office around here.....

But the Won says we need to diversify our federal employees....

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Since Obama got the big, long, black bus... for the "Magical Misery Tour"

Where's the "short bus" for Biden?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So seriously

Where is the downside for these folks who comprise the "flash mobs" and rioters and such?

They are already essentially cut off (by their own behavior) from being productive citizens....They are (generally) drug users, even if it is just marijuana....They likely already have already got a felony or two on their record, so what is one more? They are likely (by their own actions and lifestyle) unemployable...

They have been taught by example (leftists and unions (but I repeat myself)) that they will still get what they want if they demonstrate and chant loudly enough...So their chances of starving to death due to our society cutting of their source of income is unlikely...They have been taught by the left and the unions that they can demonstrate bad behavior and get away with it...disobey the laws with essentially zero consequences... no negative economic impact to them.Worst case, they spend a few months in prison and add another page to their rap sheet, making themselves even more unemployable

Failing to follow the social contract has no negative issues for them. No impact. No negative effects. They don't even know what the term "social contract" means.

And until there are significant negative consequences to their actions they will do so with impunity. Until they are taught that they need to behave in order to get freebies from their fellow citizens...that stepping from the path of righteousness will result in the permanent loss of their lifestyle, they have no incentive to behave.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

He must strike a great deal of fear into their hearts

'cause the "racist" card is being played early in the game.....

Remember: "Fake but Accurate" and all that....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Coming soon to a place near you

London, Chicago (many times, just err.....underreported) , St Louis, Philly, New York, Washington DC, Detroit, LA, Wisconsin, Des Moines, etc.

And now in Germantown, Maryland.

Your town is not too far down the list, I think.

These attacks are (generally) racially and economic status motivated.

I mean, they have been told that they are "owed" and are "underpriviledged" and "repressed" and that they have "rights" to "entitlements" and that they are downtrodden....

They have the example of the left. Protest and demonstrate and use violence (or the threat of violence) to get what they want. Intimidation works!

And there are more of them than there are of you...and more than the police can handle. Likely these attacks will frequency and  scope. And at some point some shopowner or some citizen will have enough and do something about it. And some kid (or kids) are gonna get hurt. Or dead.

Think about it. Could be your business...of your home. Or you. 

What are ya gonna do to protect yourself?


These folks understand.  No guns, but they do have weapons which will work against unarmed looters.

And it seems that the looters chose other targets. Hmmmmm

Like the Korean shopowners in L.A. during the Rodney King riots. Violence (or the threat therof) works well to prevent other violence.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Poverty (more on the deficit issues)

I've written about "poverty" here is the US. Now (to channel the Won) "let me be clear:"

There is indeed poverty in the US. But what most people would consider "poverty" elsewhere in the world, and what the government considers "Poverty" here is the US are magnitudes apart....

Data from the Department of Energy and other agencies show that the average poor family, as defined by Census officials:  Lives in a home that is in good repair, not crowded, and equipped with air conditioning, clothes washer and dryer, and cable or satellite TV service.Prepares meals in a kitchen with a refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave as well as oven and stove.Enjoys two color TVs, a DVD player, VCR and — if children are there — an Xbox, PlayStation, or other video game system.Had enough money in the past year to meet essential needs, including adequate food and medical care.(follow the link, learn more!)

The fact is that most people in the US who live is "poverty" live better than nearly everyone else in the world, including middle-class Europeans. They have bigger homes, more toys, better transportation, and nicer appliances.

And again, we are borrowing money from the future in order to help these folks.....

Now I have no issues with feeding the truly starving, no housing the truly homeless.

But there are actually very few of those in the US.

And I think that if you take ONE DIME of assistance, you should be able to test clean for drugs. Else you get nothing. And you should be tested at least yearly.

But than again, I am cruel and heartless.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why the debt issue keeps growing:

Here is one example:

Lets face it. Ethanol from corn (for fuel) is a piss poor idea, It is at best (depending on how you figure it...) energy neutral (it takes as much energy to produce a gallon of ethanol as you get out of it when you burn it)....The feedstock takes the place of actual, you know, food producing plants.

And it is unworkable without federal subsidies. In other words, we pay these folks to make ethanol...$0.50 per gallon...that no one really wants to buy, and that is a net energy drain. All because some fools believe in Glowbal Warmening or something. It doesn't cause a decrease in smog or other pollution (it may actually increase smog).

So why? More of those "special interests" and "millionaires" that Obama and his pet senators say they want to tax more.....

And they are paying these people for a product that doesn't decrease our energy needs one iota, who to few people want, whose use they MANDATE....With you and my money! Money we really don't have. Money that we are borrowing from the Chinese.

No wonder the markets are down. We can't even get rid of payments to a boondoggle. Admittedly a small amount of money, when you start thinking about the deficit, but it would have been a good start.

Notice that the vote to keep the subsidies was mostly Democratic...


"Suppose you were an idiot, and then suppose you were a member of congress. But, i repeat myself."

-Mark Twain

Some things never change......

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

an interesting point:

read. Think.

Not the sort of woman you meet every day...

"A male comrade-in-arms in the French Resistance summed her up as: ‘The most  feminine woman I know, until the fighting starts. And then she is like five men.’ She lived up to both parts of that compliment"

Nancy Wake was apparently a really really interesting lady. My kind of woman. Beautiful, sexy, feminine (and a great dresser), and a really really ruthless (and brave!) fighter.

All the things that the NOW folks wish that they could be, but aren't, in other words....

The sort of lady you'd like to have on your side, and the kind who would make you quake in your boots if she were against you.

Not my like that, in the world today. And now there is one less. RIP Ms. Wake.

ETA: Bayou Renaissance Man has more...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Posted without an opinion...

But you should read this. Be sitting down. Have time to think.

I generally don't post things which are somewhat tinfoil hat, but this one is....credible? I dunno, most conspiracy wingnuts generally have their story sounding credible...


I generally don't believe in coincidences, and this one is significant....

Read the whole thing. Make up your own mind....


Saturday, August 6, 2011

No apologies, no shame

Yes, 66 years ago, the US used a bomb of unprecedented power against a tottering nation to end a war.

It worked. Yes there are many reasons why the bombs were used, not all of them pretty. But it did end the war and saved up to a million(we'll never know how many) US and allied casualties.

Lets not use this to bash the US, and we won't mention all the atrocities that the Japanese did before and during the fighting....Mkay? We don't have to mention Nanking, or Bataan, or any of the others...

That was then, this is now. Few, people who were in charge then are still alive, and none of them are in charge now.

So shut up

Yoots, updated

Seems the Aldermen of the city have made some comments.....Interesting reading. They pull no punches.

The sad part is that the media will barely cover it, and doesn't want to give out the race of the attackers (unless they are white). Only by looking at the problem clearly can we solve it. Hiding from the facts will not fix the issue. .

Friday, August 5, 2011

and thus the slide into darkness

begins today....

soon we'll have the credit rating of Rwanda....for the same reason.

Remember this day when you are spending $8.75 for a vending machine Coke and $9.50 for a bag of chips.

And gas costs $14.38 a gallon for the cheap stuff.

And you can't afford a home 'cause your loan is 18% APR like it was 30 years ago.  

Remember this day, and consider which of today's legislators lynchings you will participate in.


Watch your six. Be aware of what is happening in crowds...

It is happening everywhere....even in Milwaulkee

And it is getting worse. and more prevalent.

You expect this sort of thing to happen near the south side of Chicago and such...maybe Detroit or Philly...But Wisconsin?

And if it were white kids doing it to black people, the hue and cry from the MSM, Jesse Jackson and Mr Sharpton would be LOUD....But you don't hear about this on CNN....

No matter who is doing it, it's wrong. The fact that it is being covered up (or at least NOT reported) because of race is worse. 

Be careful in mixed crowds...

I'm just sayin'

P.S. If the above frightens you (and it should) then just wait until we run out of money and have to cut social programs......Better prepare and get yer mind wrapped around the thought early.

ETA: Linoge has some thoughts

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yep, that helped

We had to compromise on the budget battle in order to keep, among other things, the stock market from tanking.....

It closed down 500+points on Thursday. (down about 4%, which isn't actually all that bad). Good thing we screwed the rest of the economy to save the Dow though....

With this rate of success (Stimulus bill, Tarp,  Q.E., etc) Obamacare is likely to give us all cancer in the first 3 months.....)

just a thought:

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and passed on ... or we will spend our sunset years telling our children's children what it was like in the United States when men were free."
– Ronald Reagan

We need more like this

Creating American jobs IN THE UNITED STATES

and, coincidentally, removing the stranglehold that the terrorists muslims have on our economy. And the source of funding for the religious extremists.

If I could, I'd buy stock in them.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Note that congress is taking a break from their labors:


It is National Clown Week:

Coincidence? You decide.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

I am disgusted

By the posturing and bullshit that is being reported on (and apparently encouraged by) the press. The new meme: all the people they choose to show ("regular citizens", and "random samples" from the Midwest...the "heart of Amerika") are "glad for the compromise" and "relieved" and "tired of the wrangling". Most were from middle sized cities and most were, unsurprisingly, women....

And we are letting the press push the agenda.

I really don't care for the political theater. I only want to see our country not be broke. (and by broke, I mean not having additional credit, but rather actually able to meet it's bills).

This bill is none of those things. it's like a CANCER. And, BTW, part of the money comes from the expected end of the"Bush Tax Cuts"....Yep, they expect higher taxes to bring part of the debt under control.

I'd have rather seen the country "shut down". Make real decisions. Make real choices. There would have been no need for default, but they could have stopped spending so much..We would not have been forced to leave our Social Security recipients on an ice floe.....

Instead, we get political theater, and at best punt the issue into the future.....So that the WON and his ilk can continue to whine about "fair share" and "sharing the burden" and all that other folderol.

Again, I won't suggest anything like violence, because I really don't want to have the visit from the Gestapo Secret Service....So I won't suggest that we get our pitchforks, and torches and rifles and such.

But I can think about it....You should, perhaps, as well.