Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Have you noticed

That the Gun Massacres were few and far between until the Gun Control folks began their push?

(Even CNN has noted this ) (via Tam)

And there are so many things that make the Conspiracy folks go crazy in every story. Sometimes I wonder if they are right.

Ferinstance, this guy's story has a lot of holes in it (starting about 2:40) ("The bullet was as big as my finger and it was sticking out of his leg (shows 6 inches)").... Makes one wonder. (Plus admitting that you might have trapped others to die?)

It would seem that the incident of gun massacres are increasing. I am beginning to wonder if they are all real whackjobs (as opposed to staged things) especially when I see "witnesses" like the above...It is odd that we had so few until a few years ago....Almost as if the farther behind the gun grabbers get, the harder they try the murderous gun whackos grow bolder....

Odd that.


Harry Flashman said...

We live in strange times. Who would have thought that one Islamic terrorist could walk into a bar with more than 100 patrons and nobody would try to brain him with a bar stool or a beer bottle?

Guffaw in AZ said...

I used to know a psychologist who told me that programming (like was done to Sirhan) has been done by us, and by the Soviets since the 40's!(this conversation was in the 80's)
No surprise here.


Guffaw in AZ said...

BTW, I'll be reposting this, soon...