Thursday, June 23, 2016

Proving they are not fit to govern

Perhaps we DO need new gun control legislation.

Perhaps. (Probably not, but let us be open minded here)

But such legislation, such far reaching rules, that will affect millions of people, which may make billions of dollars of firearms now legally owned by people suddenly illegal, should be thought through carefully.

Insisting that such far reaching legislation with such provisions as limiting gun ownership (or purchases) by those on a non-vetted list such as No Fly or Terrorist Watch, that would infringe upon the freedom of our citizens be rushed, without any debate, without any review, with no real planning, is foolish.

Perhaps we do need such laws. (I don't think so) But only after much consideration. Not in reaction.

But these games, they play are stupid and childish. Worse, they show that they think their constituents are stupid. These antics show the contempt they have for our system of government and the people who elected them to be their representatives. If they REALLY care about gun violence and feel that We Must Do Something, then why weren't they Doing Something the week or month BEFORE the Orlando murders? Where was their legislation then? Where was their debate then? Where was their outrage then? These 49 murders, while tragic, are a rounding error in the daily deaths in our country. Tragic, yes, But statistically insignificant in the grand schem f deaths in our cities.

If they really cared about fixing the issues, they would be fixing them, rather than reacting to event and being all emotional and such.

'Cause real leaders would't just play such games.


Harry Flashman said...

Anyone who would follow that senile dottard Sanford Bishop out of a fire is an idiot. All the Atlanta tv stations made much of him today. Looked to me like one more such episode and the old fool will die. One can only hope.

Patrick Wilson said...

Let's be open minded? What particular brand of stupid requires open mindedness about abrogation of RIGHTS?