Wednesday, February 28, 2018


TheDonald shows us that he really isn't a Second Amendment guy.

The more he talks, the more he shows his ignorance about firearms in general, and firearms laws and purchasing in particular.

Were he to be handed a gun, of any kind, I'm not so sure he'd know how to pick it up, much less holg it or use it.

He is, after all, a denizen of Noo Yawk Citee at heart. Even the cops there aren't sure how to use firearms.....

Denton County Sheriff:

How come

Billy Graham gets to lie in state at the Rotunda?

Seriously, he was a decent man, apparently a great pastor, but, in the end, just a man. Why do they give him the honor, and deny so many others?

Ultimately, what makes his corpse so special?

How many times can they stop?

I mean, I don't shop at Dicks Sporting Goods anyway. They have very little that I want, and what items they do carry aren't geared towards my demographic (old/white/male) but rather trendy clothing and stuff that appeals to Millenials.

Their firearms department had, as far as I knew, given up AR-style rifles and high round count magazines years ago, in some Virtue Signalling display after, either the Aurora Colorado shooing or perhaps another one much earlier.....I forget. (ETA: it was the Sandy Hook shooting)

But, either way, they gave up AR-15 style rifles once already. I've not been back to a Dicks since. I refuse to patronize places whose management uses tragedy to Virtue Signal.

Yet, oddly, they are giving them up again. How is that? I don't remember there being a sunset provision of the sales of "Weapons of War" or whatever they called them then. Is profit a motivator that trumps Virtue Signalling? Or did they think that all their customers would forget? Is there a repeal date for this decision? Do they think it will help them get a boost selling Yeti cooler knockoffs and semi casual stylish workout wear and expensive boots and outdoor wear to their millenial customers for a while?

ETA: apparently they are serious this time: "This time it's permanent"...One wonders why they don't simply stop selling all firearms?

Expect their stock to fall....unexpectedly. They are all ready having issues. I expect them to fail soon.

Let's be consistent and all....

"If confiscating all guns saves just one life, it's worth it."

Ok, then, if deporting all illegals saves just one life, wouldn't that be worth it?


Today, in 1993, is the day that the (Clinton) Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) ATTACKED the compound at Waco, Tx., home of the "Branch Davidians" for supposed "weapons violations" (Later amended to include a meth lab after the fact...that they didn't have evidence of) ...that excuse then became "Child Brides and Molestations" about 10 days into the siege (in order to come up with SOME justification....(Which, oddly, isn't the purview of the ATF at all, BTW) (I think it was simply because their lifestyle was, to outsiders, strange). This is the anniversary of the start of the Siege at Waco, which led to the final immolation of the compound on April 19 by the FBI.

(Editors note: The discrepancies in the official report are many, and odd, and the actions of the ATF agents and subsequent FBI agents show that they considered these citizens to be subhuman, not worth basic human considerations. I am ashamed that I and my fellow citizens allowed this to happen and failed to exact punishment of  or exact retribution from, those agents responsible)

If ever there was a reason every man (and woman) should own a rifle and have the ability to use it, this is one.

Trust your government?

Not hardly. Not me.
I'll remember this with the intensity that I remember 9-11,

Is your church approved by the Government?
Are you?
If all else fails, the Feds will burn you out to remove you as an embarrassment. Remember that too.

Never forget, this is a day where the "Government" chose to ignore the rights of the citizens, and, ultimately, killed those who would not comply with the orders of bureaucrats. 

13 hours

4 stops to pee,  2 of those for fuel, one to eat. Total time not driving or loading/un: 55 min.

20 minutes loading. 7 to unload.

The rest was driving. I only walked (according to the pedometer) 3800 steps today. Burned something like 9 calories.....

And now I have the symptoms of rhinovirus. Which sucks.


Expect little on Wed.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Willie be singin'

I will be back later. Gotta do what I gotta do. My average ground speed today (and yes, in the truck, not an airplane) should be about 74. By the time you read this I will have been enroute for about 2 hours.

Go read the folks on the sidebar, they know more and are more interesting anyway.

Monday, February 26, 2018


Seems that Twitter is deleting and otherwise censoring tweets that question David Hogg, the oddly articulate young Californian graduate student that has become the spokesman for the Parkland shooting victims.

"On Wednesday, Twitter Safety released a statement regarding the Parkland students. Anyone ‘harassing’ (disagreeing with) the students will be banned.

Twitter also said something very interesting. They are using ‘anti-abuse tools to weed out malicious automation around these individuals and the topics they are raising.’"

So, only the "right" people with the "right" message get to be heard. Dissent will be deleted.

I always thought that 1984 was a novel, not a prophecy.

Is everybody in the Broward County Sheriffs department a fuck up?

I thought, at first "Surely Not"..

But things like this keep surfacing, and I cannot help but wonder.

EMS first responder shares harrowing account of how botched Florida shooting response was

Terrible, if true. 'Tisn't like one deputy with a rifle couldn't secure a hallway....or, as they cleared one floor at a time, then let the EMS in.

This is why, by the way,

the statement that "No One Needs An AR-15" is, in fact, incorrect.

Do a google search for the image to find out his name and why he is the example....

Stolen from WRSA

In other words: Fuck all of you


The more than five million law-abiding members of the National Rifle Association have enjoyed discounts and cost-saving programs from many American corporations that have partnered with the NRA to expand member benefits. 

Since the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, a number of companies have decided to sever their relationship with the NRA, in an effort to punish our members who are doctors, farmers, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, nurses, shop owners and school teachers that live in every American community.  We are men and women who represent every American ethnic group, every one of the world’s religions and every form of political commitment.

The law-abiding members of the NRA had nothing at all to do with the failure of that school’s security preparedness, the failure of America’s mental health system, the failure of the National Instant Check System or the cruel failures of both federal and local law enforcement.

Despite that, some corporations have decided to punish NRA membership in a shameful display of political and civic cowardice.  In time, these brands will be replaced by others who recognize that patriotism and determined commitment to Constitutional freedoms are characteristics of a marketplace they very much want to serve.

Let it be absolutely clear. The loss of a discount will neither scare nor distract one single NRA member from our mission to stand and defend the individual freedoms that have always made America the greatest nation in the world.

I have a long memory...I haven't bought a Smith and Wesson Firearm, nor a Ruger one, in more than 10 years....I HAVE purchased other firearms (slightly more than 3 a year), but have not bought those brands. (Although I did build a Non-Ruger 10-22). I may buy a Ruger Precision Rifle this year, and I may buy an M&P also, but it's been 10 years...and these are guns and I am gun guy.I have a long memory...

I won't be buying products nor services from these companies that are Virtue Signalling by ending NRA discounts (that they begged for when business was bad in order to gain our business) ....not for a long time. As I said; I moved seven figures in banking over a similar bit of Virtue Signalling.

And, oddly enough, I have a fair bit of disposable income lately.......

(and, just so everyone knows, those "discounts" were really meaningless  in today's world (and had been in place for 20 or more years) as you could only use them against full price services, and NO-One ever paid full price for Rental Cars nor Motel Rooms in the past 5 or so years. (and the motel discounts were discontinued for that reason about 4 years ago anyway) Now; the FNB of Omaha may actually take a financial hit,  as will the hearing aid company...I can respect they will, actually, suffer for their stance (not admire, but respect)......put their money where their mouth is and all that.... 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

All day long

I've been waiting for better wind conditions since 10 AM this morning.

All day long, the wind has been 220-250  20-28, gusting 28-37.

I wanted a bit of crosswind to practice landing, but really.....

Very few people were flying in General Aviation airplanes today, so I didn't feel too bad about choosing not to exceed my limitations.....

Watch this

7 Minutes.

Do you believe that this kid is "Just a High School student"?

Can you buy that? Really?

If ya do, I go some bridges for sale at really good prices...20% discount if yer paying cash.  Small bills only, please.

He's an actor, or at least has been very well coached in the past week. And he is.. oddly together... for a High School Student, isn't he?
I guess living in California and going to school there for 6 years does that to a fella. (Oddly, though, YouTube removed the video showing him confronting a Lifeguard in California....)

But the Left and the Media is selling his story, and, apparently, folks are buying it.

Pick up yer tinfoil chapeaus on yer way out, folks.

And that, my friends


Gotta wonder why that is, doncha?


Of course, likely no one told the Liberals, and the Media (but I am being redundant here) that this guy was gonna do they didn't have everything ready then...... No Crisis Actors ready to do their thing, no Town Halls scheduled (and all the facilities those require), no appointments with Legislators already scheduled, no busses on standby for the kids to take to those meeting, no catering for the kids, no hotel rooms for those hundreds of kids......

Someone remind me to get more tinfoil soon.

HT tip: Joel

Another oddity:

Seems that Nikolas Cruze paid for his AR with, according to stories, a PrePaid debit card...?

I cannot confirm the story yet, however, so take that for what it is worth.

Also, he apparently went from his home to the school in an Uber? with a gun case? And no one said anything? The Uber driver never noticed? Innit odd that, having interviewed everyone within a mile of the school, we haven't seen the Uber driver?

I'm gonna have to buy stock in Reynolds Wrap.....

Saturday, February 24, 2018


THIS is so very true.

each and every last one of 'em is much better than that.....

A suggestion for the NRA:

Y'all need to make a statement about all these folks who, prior to the current "Gun Control/Hate the NRA" putsch by the liberals (as they dance in the blood of 17 dead kids and school teachers)...

Just say, to all those folks who wanted our business, and now in order to Virtue Signal, suddenly don't...

Just say to them all:


Our Members WILL remember you. "

Make a list of all those companies. Post it. Publish it in all the NRA magazines. Do it for a year.

Give us a list so we know exactly who NOT to spend our money with.

Stolen meme:

I stole it from the Freeholder. (with permission)

'Tis true enough though.

Lets all be careful here. Wouldn't wanna be inconsistent. Folks that are 18 shouldn't be allowed to sign contracts, get married, hold bank accounts, join the military, etc.

I mean, we gotta make sure that they are able to handle all those things and all...

who among us hasn't had a night like this at one point in our lives?


"CNN is to journalism what those Broward county deputies are to law enforcement"

How sadly true.

And, from AESOP in the comments:

Thanks for the artwork!

Friday, February 23, 2018

and even curiouser yet....

So not only ONE officer was, apparently, a coward.....BUT 3 others just stood there while shots were being fired in a school? I could buy one cop being a coward, but I find it hard to believe that 4 could be. Hard to believe that 4 cops could be that inept that they would just hide behind their cars while kids were being murdered. (I know I come across sometimes as Anit-Cop, but few of them are cowards)

As I said in previous posts....Curiouser and curiouser.  Things just fail to add up. (Just keep reading down for more examples....)

And one wonders how the cops could figure out who the shooter was in 10 minutes when they had a 20 minute delay to watch the videos....

Damn, I thought I had stocked enough tinfoil for hats for all my household...Now I may not even have enough for myself.

go for it. All the way


28 or Bust

I say, fuck'em. 

Yep, piss off 5 million customers:

Enterprise, (and National and Alamo...all the same company) and First National Bank of Omaha, Symantec (lifelock and Norton anti virus) and others have decided to "Cut discounts to the gun lobby’s members". 

Here's a hint for you folks: We , as NRA members, aren't the "gun lobby".... we are individuals who joined to keep our rights and joined an advocacy group that will defend them. We aren't the "Gun Lobby".....I'm not the gun lobby. I'm just a guy who like the shooting sports, who hasn't (and doesn't want to) hurt anyone, and who just wants to protect my rights from the organized folks who want to take my rights and my firearms away.....I joined the NRA because that is what they do....protect my rights.

And we, as individuals, have a lot of disposable income. (for those that don't know, guns aren't cheap, and ammo is expensive....Check out how many folks go to the NRA conventions...and how much money they spend). Folks like me spend a lot more than 20-somethings that can't pay their bills and live in their parent's basement.

Next month, I will be travelling. I will rent a car for a week. It (now) won't be Enterprise or any of their affiliated companies. (the discount isn't really much, but in principle, I simply won't do business with them because of this).
Poke a stick in my eye? Not an issue. I will simply do business elsewhere. I moved my entire retirement saving from Chase over their Virtue Signalling stupid donations to SPLC last year, (a Not Insignificant sum) because I would not let those fees charged nor the commissions gained in the handling of my money go to pay the salaries of the CEO who makes such foolish SJW moves.

Same with these companies. I have other places to spend my money.
They have, simply, chosen to reject my business and to alienate me....For good.

'Cause I have a long memory.

The only way they fix this is to reverse the decision and FIRE those responsible....publicly and loudly....and apologize Until then, I spend my money elsewhere.

ETA: Hertz too. I just cancelled my reservation with them for the rental car next month. 

Remember, Donald:

T'was , in large part, the gun owners who put you into the office you hold right now.

And trying to appease the folks that want you to restrict our freedoms is foolish.
Firstly, they won't ever be happy until there is a complete ban on private ownership of firearms. Secondly, do you really think that doing this will in any way help your position with those who opposed you? They didn't vote for you, they will never vote for you, and, indeed, they despise you and all that you stand for. Pandering to these people will alienate the folks who DID support you, who DID vote for you, and, (if you don't step on your wedding tackle too many times between now and the election) will likely vote for you again.

If you wish to fix things to prevent the sort of shooting that happened in Parkland, Fla, fix the mental health system, fix HIPPA so that mental health issues can be reported to the NICS database. Get people with mental health issues off the street and into places where they can get help and where they, and society, will be protected. Fix things so that cops can report, and get evaluated, those individuals who are disturbed, in order that they can be addressed and, if needed, taken out of society for safety, theirs and ours.

But don't piss on those who are your supporters for short term political gain. Don't bend to those who oppose you anyway....Stand there and be a leader.

Waking up this morning,

I kinda feel like shit.

But at least my name isn't Scot Peterson.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

But he went home safe at the end of his shift.....

Seems that there WAS armed security at Parkland Florida.

Deputy Scot Petersen was outside when the shooting started. and he, apparently, stayed outside.

Sheriff Scott Israel said Deputy Scot Peterson should have “went in. Addressed the killer. Killed the killer.”

If one is gonna take the role of protector, then one should, indeed, be a protector.

Now, instead, he's branded as a coward. I find it hard to believe that any man could not try to intervene, but would instead cower outside. Admittedly, this happened very quickly, but he could have at least TRIED.

I find it odd, cops are usually better than this.  But if fits with the rest of THIS. Just one more of those odd coincidences that keep popping up. 

questions re: cooking

If you could have only one spice mix in your cabinet (Montreal Steak Seasoning, Mrs Dash, Lemon Pepper, Seasoned salt, etc.)

What would it be?

Everyone has their "go to" seasoning.

Spread the word. Also, tell us where you grew up and learned about that spice, and/or where you are now if that spice is a regional thing.

I' m curious, that's why...Besides, I'm tired of commenting on the asshattery of the Liberals and their willing RINO victims. Change of pace. 

Strains the credulity

Watching the bits and pieces of the CNN "town hall" (and the rest of the MSM ) I am amazed that they that anyone would believe that the entire process with the "Students" and some politicians was anything but a scripted bit of theater. One where the questions that were asked, in the order that they were, was anything but a show designed to scare people...and to tug at their heartstrings and to make the politicians look bad.

One might think that in somewhat intelligent people (by that I mean more intelligent than a housecat....or a microwave oven) that it would be obvious enough that this was merely theater, and blatant theater at that.....

But then again, have you seen a commercial for Chevy cars lately? Apparently, theater works for a great number of our fellow citizens.

2020z ETA: Via Kenny we have this, to show how that "Town Hall" could have gone, if we had had someone who was a leader instead of a worm there. Sadly, all we had was Marco.

This should open up a # 10 can of annelids...A thought:

So after this latest school shooting, and despite the normal calls for "More Gun Control" from the Usual Suspects....

And now people are saying that we should "Strengthen the Background Check procedures".....All of , by the way, were followed.....There was, simply, no reason to deny Mr. Cruze the purchase of a firearm because there was nothing on the record for which to deny him.....No "strengthening" would have fixed that.

And people are saying that "Law Enforcement should have done something"...(which, in the case of the FBI, may be true, but in the case of the locals....what should they have done?).

I have a thought:

We have over the course of my lifetime...which is more half half a century a society, completely screwed up the mental health system in our society. People who are a danger to themselves OR OTHERS are routinely pushed back out onto the street. People who should be taken in for a mental health examination simply aren't, as the police know that it is a waste of their time and their effort. At one time, these people WERE pulled away from the rest of us and held because they were a safety issue for society.

Now, having said that, at what point should someone be examined and/or held?  When should they be held? There used to be some sort of criteria, and there were places for those people that, once deemed to need it, to be held. We have destroyed the system that worked, and that kept people that were a danger, for the most part, away form the rest of the society at large.

Now, having said THAT, I need to point out that the fear that this would be abused is real, and that there are those, mostly on the Left, but also on the Right, that would abuse it, were they able. We saw that when Barry Obama tried to take freedoms and rights away from those veterans who needed help on their taxes and/or benefits, claiming that that was proof that they were incompetent....

And, really, none of us want to see another mass shooting by a disturbed teenager (as in the latest), or a young male who is drugged to his eyeballs in an attempt to keep him on the streets (Aurora, Colorado, Jared Loughner in Tucson (who should have been denied the firearm, but Momma worked for the Police Department and they never charged him when they should have) and Adam Lanza in Connecticut)

Yes, the Constitutional issues are present, and yes, this can be a very slippery slope. I understand that. No one said this would be easy. And no, I don't think that the Constitutional issues are of little import.  But, ultimately, society has to police itself and keep it's defective and dangerous members away from the rest of us much in the manner that we fence or leash a dangerous dog to protect the rest of society.

And one thing that I feel it is necessary to point out is that, logically,  if a person is deemed too much of a danger to society to be allowed the purchase or ownership of a firearm, then they are too much of a danger to society to be allowed to coexist with the rest of us....period.

Reread that sentence above: For those that would use the mental health claim to keep many of us from owning firearms: You'd have to incarcerate us. Because, again: If people are too dangerous to own a firearm, then they shouldn't be allowed near other people in society. Not have the ability to own rocks, scissors, knives, automobiles, flammable liquids, etc.  Yes, it is a statement that many disagree with. I don't care. If you are deemed unfit to own a weapon, then you shouldn't be mixing with the rest of the "normal" members of society....for the safety of the others.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Who, exactly, is paying for all the "teenagers" and "high school students" to travel to the state capitals and Washington DC to "talks with legislators" (and pose for the Cameras)???

Who (or what organization) is organizing the transportation and paying for the busses, lodging, meals and setting up all these meetings? Who is tipping off the media so they can have camera crews ready (and talking heads ready to commentate and pontificate)??

I mean, we are talking MILLIONS of dollars here, when you add it up. Couple of hundred dollars per "student".

Enquring minds really, really want to know. 


Starting to not add up

Yes, I understand what I am beginning to sound like.

And yes, I realize that I need to buy more Reynolds Wrap. Perhaps two boxes....I have a Beanie, maybe I need a Yarmulke as well...

But really, folks, at some point, the coincidences and oddities add up, don't they?..... Strain the credibility of even a sane and normal person, much less one like me...

I mean, somehow, all these kids from Parkland, Florida got themselves organized for themselves?

High school kids organized themselves that well and that quickly?

All those other kids across the country got together for nearly simultaneous protests?

Really? I'm expected to believe that high school kids could organize themselves like that? Across the country....all at once?

I find that odd. Very odd. The Media had people primed and ready when this happened....almost like they had advance knowledge that this shooting was coming.

All the mistakes that Law Enforcement made.....the roommate who was so well primed "he had the right and i wouldn't stop him".....The collection of Anti and Ex-NRA folks....all those who are firearms owners but who "want restrictions on Second Amendment rights" that they are interviewing (I've never met a firearms aficionado who wants restrictions on their right to keep and bear....ever).....No way they came up with all those in a few days.....

Yeah, I went there, and yes, it disturbs me that I can even consider that people would do what I am suggesting.

Add in the info from the post BELOW....

Things just am actually beginning to wonder if this is a false flag event.

(07:58CDT) ETA: AAANNND then there is THIS to consider.....Curiouser and curiouser, innit?

1933 Z ETA(2): And then there is this, as well. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Gotta ask: Where did he get the money?

Seems that this Cruz fellow, who shot up the school in Florida, somehow, despite working as a clerk in the Dollar store, was able to find the scratch to buy 10 firearms in the year preceding his crime at the school.

Ten. Firearms.

Now, I don't know what he had, exactly.

But figure this:

His AR cost about $600 (to start, more if he got fancy).

Magazines, he had IIRC, 10, so that was about $100.

Plus 9 other firearms. Figure a minimum of $250 each if he went used.  So that is another $2500 or more.
Odd that....Odd that he could come up with that kind of cash.....On a salary just a bit above minimum wage. Probably not full time, either, as the Dollar store has few full time folks.

When I was making minimum wage or a bit more, I didn't have the scratch to FEED my one gun purchase (which I bought used, and saved for MONTHS to buy), much less buy 9 more....
Where did he get the money?

Don't forget, he had $500 or more worth of other "tactical" gear on that day as well.

Where did he get the cash for that?

Perhaps he stopped eating for a month or two.....

Election time is approaching

And, with it, the cries about making "The Wealthy" and the Millionaires and Billionaires having to pay their "Fair Share".
Especially on the Chicago TV stations. Were one looking at it from outside our culture and country, you'd think every one of the candidates is a Socialist...

'Cause they all want all of the "Wealthy" (note that wealthy is undefined, but most of the candidates have a fair bit of wealth) to pay whatever they think (but won't define) is a "Fair Share"...

Really? Cause if we do that, folks, you won't like it.

Tax revenues will drop by about 45% if we all paid our "Fair Share" Most voters taxes aren't even a rounding error in the actual tax tolls. The bottom 40% don't even PAY taxes. It is the top 10% that pays the bills for the rest.

So, tell me, what, exactly, is the "Fair Share" of which you speak?? Should we all pay 20%? 30%? 50%? What, (and please, be specific) constitutes a "Fair Share" of income that we all should pay?

(Note I said "All". Yep, if you want to do 50% taxes, then we all get to do 50% from the kid making minimum wage on up. 
That's "fair" in my definition.) 

I'm all for it, but I'd like it defined beforehand. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

But of COURSE they had no idea

No idea at all as to who might have organized the Anti-Trump rally. 

Sure, they had no idea. (I believe that, the Easter Bunny told me so, along with Santa.)

It was, apparently, the "Russians".

And the MSM (at least the mostly liberal leaners, anyway) who gave good coverage to the "Anti" rally and scant coverage of the "Pro" rally.

( I have always thought that the press had a tie in with the "Russians"....The Soviets used them well during the Vietnam era to disseminate propaganda manipulate public opinion regarding the war, and there are, if one bothers to look, many other examples of foreign manipulation of the press.

Unwitting? Perhaps, but not likely. They aren't that stupid, they had to know. Not saying Trump and his campaign are completely innocent, but the press was SURELY colluding to manipulate the election (and not for Trump). Perhaps with the Russians, surely with each other.

If you believe otherwise, then you are either a fool, a dupe, or a tool.

Like shooting goldfish in a Fishbowl

Press the right buttons.....

Dude at the gunshow wearing a "Bernie Sanders" shirt (complete with some logo) :

Me: "Bernie was Robbed, Hillary stole the nomination"

Him: "Yes, you are right! In fact, there is proof that.........."

Everyone else moved away, and he was still gibbering to anyone who would listen (and no one in particular) when I too walked away.
I have no idea how long it took for him to wind down.

I just couldn't resist though. 


If all those folks who are screaming about Gun Control ("We must take action!!!") would take the time to organize and spend half as much energy as they do in ineffective "protests" that really do nothing but boost the egos of the people leading them, and instead would organize to patrol and defend around and near the schools, they could probably actually accomplish something, either by deterring the next miscreant or being in a position to take action if and when. Wouldn't even need to be armed with firearms, really. A decent truncheon would work..or a Tazer or pepper spray (all of which are illegal in these school zones).

But that would require that they actually think, think ahead and plan, and not just be reactionary....which is where their failing is. Likely, in about 10 days, they'll find another shiny object meme of the day to watch and froth over.

Plus, of course, it would require them to take action themselves, and not expect someone else to do so, which is (generally) their thought process.

Some days

I'm just sayin'

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Terribly sexist ad

I'm posting this as an example of one. just so you'll know what they might look like:

Saturday, February 17, 2018

In which the Feebies take some of the blame:

Or, as some call them, the Feebles.

Either way, kids are dead, likely because of their inaction and lack of attention. How many folks will get fired for this (Yes, that was a rhetorical question, we all know the answer is zero)

On January 5, 2018, a person close to Nikolas Cruz contacted the FBI’s Public Access Line (PAL) tipline to report concerns about him. The caller provided information about Cruz’s gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting.

Under established protocols, the information provided by the caller should have been assessed as a potential threat to life. The information then should have been forwarded to the FBI Miami Field Office, where appropriate investigative steps would have been taken.

We have determined that these protocols were not followed for the information received by the PAL on January 5. The information was not provided to the Miami Field Office, and no further investigation was conducted at that time.

Off to the Gunshew

Valparaiso gunshow (Dunes Pistol and Rifle Club).

I'll be selling raffle tickets for My gun club.

And, of course, shopping for bargains.

If yer there, stop by and get a raffle ticket at the VPRC table. .

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Quote of the week:

"A well fed man has many problems, a starving man has but one."

Source unknown

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I'd like to see this:

Seems that Trumps budget includes a proposed cut (to zero in 2 years) of funding for both PBS and NPR.

Now, I do believe that once these were good uses of Federal money. Once.

Now, both PBS and NPR have become biased, and they run commercials , actual PAID commercials. Which makes them government funded propaganda outlets for the DNC that also get to charge for advertising time just like a commercial station.

PBS and NPR haven't been evenhanded in their reporting or the commentary they allow in many decades. They took the gloves off during the Clinton (Bubba, not Hillary) days, and then ramped the liberal game up after that, especially during the days of Barry the O.

They don't even pretend not to be a spokesman for the DNC anymore.

So yes, I support the defunding of both NPR and CBS. Where they were once educational and gave a platform for budding artists and for history and documentaries, they have lost their mission long ago.
If they and their programming are worth saving, then someone will fund them. If not, then they deserve to fade away. 

Well, that's a change for me....Flashlights

So like most folks, I had always believe that a brighter flashlight is a better flashlight. I mean, more lumens makes for more happiness, right? More lumens make it easier to see, and work, and (up till now) I had never said "gee I wish this light (or headlamp) was dimmer and had a much lower output".

Yeah, that was before I had to fly at night. The lowest output light I own (I brought 3) is about a hundred lumens.....Which is about 94 lumens too many for the task in a small airplane at night. I mean, I had 2 lights with me that have both red and white light which are what I would have considered "low output" (and they were too bright by a factor of 10), and one additional  light that is like looking at the sun......

But in a small plane at 4500 feet, trying to look outside and compare what I see below and read a sectional chart, one needs a lumen count in the single digits, not one with 3 zeros to the left of the decimal.....

And now I gotta go find a decent LOW output penlight or headlamp.

Pilots: any suggestions? 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


So some executive orders that were enacted illegally cannot be undone by a second executive order......

Or at least that is what the courts said today. 

Seems that a Clinton appointed judge says that an Executive order that was, on it's face, illegal (But written and signed by a Democrat) cannot be undone by a legally enacted Executive order by a Republican....

So somehow, Executive orders become law if they are in place long enough....IF done by Democrat. Why do we allow this? This wasn't LAW, enacted by the legislature it was a proclamation. Why do we allow ANY president to use executive orders this way? 

I mean, I may not be 19 anymore, but.....

Someone seems to think that I need some of those Wood Pills,

A lot.
They keep sending me mail offering great discounts.

I'm not sure what the difference between Levitra,Cialis and whatever it is that starts with a "V".

I'm not sure why they think so, either.....nor am I comfortable having someone think they know all that about my member, even if they are (so far at least) wrong in their assessment.....

So far, my junk still works, so I just send those messages to Spam.

Must be a lot of profit in chinese knockoffs of stiffy pills though. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Exactly right:

"I will support a package consistent with what the voters said," Jordan told "Fox News Sunday." "What they want is border security first. Build a border security wall, end the chain migration, get rid of this crazy visa lottery. Sanctuary city policy, get rid of those. Do those things first and then we will deal with the [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] situation."

It isn't that I don't feel for the DACA kids. Some are truly wanting to be citizens, and have the US as their primary loyalty.

Some, however, don't.

And Illegal Immigration leads to Undocumented car reposessors, unlicensed street pharmacists,  and other crimes along with those who just want a better life. Plus suppression of wages, especially at the bottom end.

At the end of the day, everyone should want border security, unless you are a Latino first and a US citizen second, which means you put Race before Country.

Wall. First. Then we can deal with the rest. BUT BUILD THE WALL FIRST. 

I larfed and larfed

And then I laughed some more....

It is kinda true. And funny as hell:

Can you imagine though, if a white man parodied some of the things that are strange (to us) about a Black gathering?

Oh the HughManatee!!

Remember Trump said

That Europe wasn't spending enough to keep it's commitments to NATO?
That they couldn't field the required naval, airforce, or land forces?

He was right:

 German defense official warned the country’s navy is running out of combat-capable vessels & will be unable to deploy overseas. He said that several frigates & auxiliary ships were already decommissioned due to their age.
“The Navy is running out of deployment-capable ships,” Hans-Peter Bartels, chief of the German parliament’s defense committee, told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper. He said that the problem has snowballed over time, because old ships were taken out of service but no replacement vessels were provided.

NATO doesn't have the ability to fight, because they don't have the personnel nor the materiel with which to do so.

They've been spending the money they SHOULD have been on their military on Social Programs for at least the past 20 years.....and hiding behind the Skirts of the US for military defense. ...same as the rest of NATO.....and Canadia.


And this is what the Obama administration tried to do to the US armed forces, and the DNC type folks are STILL trying to do to the US military.
The US military isn't far behind that of NATO.....maintenance has been deferred, ships and planes haven't been replaced, other material is not in the pipeline for replacement as it wears out. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

And this is scary:

Seems that there is a shortage of Blue Agave, which leads (soon) to a shortage of tequila. 

Now, for some, this is a serious issue.

Luckily for me, I no longer drink tequila, having learned that there is a correlation between how much of that evil drink I consume and how many fights I get into, and, as a consequence, how many interactions with the po-po I have afterwards (Seems that tequila makes me break out in handcuffs....usually proned out on the ground).

But for some folks I know, this could be a serious issue.

Besides, real (ahem) mature men drink whiskey. 


Now, I don't know the methodology, nor how the kid controlled for other variables, nor if the kid is biased or not.


A science fair project at a California high school faced criticism earlier this week after it compared race and IQ levels in connection to participation in an elite program at the school, The Sacramento Bee reported Saturday.

Seems that people complained abut the conclusions without ever finding out if the methods used led to a valid conclusion.

Now, I know a significant number of very intelligent folks of African ancestry. Same same (although fewer) of people of southeast Asian ancestry (I just know fewer of them). Same with Hispanics.

Lots of very smart people, and, lets face it, lots of dumb ones too. Same with white (european ancestry) folks.

I would think that the incredibly smart percentage of those minority students are already IN better schools, and likely their parents area also exceptional examples who are likely wealthy enough to not need to sent their kids to public school....therefore they weren't a part of the studied group. This does not, however, make the study inaccurate. The study does match my experience with people  in general.

Are the results and conclusions of the study correct? I dunno. I really don't care.

However, the fact that the science fair project was pulled because it makes some people uncomfortable is what I find objectionable. 

Just plain fookin' stoopid?

Or is this a setup for GoFundME campaign to get even more money?

I find it hard to think that anyone could be THAT stupid. (on second thought, no, I really don't, look at their ages. Probably were Obama voters and SJW types too)
'Tis one thing to follow your dreams when you are in your 20's. It is another to embark on an adventure like this with NO experience, NO insurance and NO knowledge of what the hell you are doing.

'We sold everything to do this and lost it in 20 minutes': Couple, who ditched their lives to move to a 28-foot sailboat despite having no experience on the water, have to be rescued when their boat SINKS two days in

The compassionate part of me feels sorry for them......(Nope, who am I kidding. I don't)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Food for thought:

Read THIS. (and read the embedded link therein)

She's right..mostly. But so is "Thales" (follow the links to see what I am talking about)....Go ahead, I'll have a cuppa while you read 'em...

Back? Ok, who is right?

Answer: BOTH of 'em are. There are exceptions, but for the most part those generalities are correct. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go outside and plow (and shovel and otherwise clear) snow.....Bein' as I am the man and all.


Friday, February 9, 2018

Google/Blogger issues.

Not just my blog, lots of Blogger sites are having issues. Conservative and other wise, so it isn't a conspiracy like we thought. (Not that Google doesn't have the right to kick us all off, if they chose to)

Do not adjust your set. 


So the forecast is for snow.....maybe 8 inches....maybe 12 inches over a 24 hour period.

Now, if this were Houston, I could see where it could be an issue. This is the greater Chicago metro area.
In Winter.

And yet they are acting as badly as the folks in Atlanta did last year. I mean, inches of snow....not feet. Pretty much zero wind. Slippery roads, but that is part of Winter.

Jesus. What wimps they are making us into.  Or maybe what wimps this next generation of Millennials is....I dunno.

Not happy

This budget bill SUCKS BALLS.

It goes to show, again, how ineffective out Republican leadership is, at least in Congress.

In my opinion, they should have stood fast and made a decent budget. Let the shutdown happen if that is what it takes.

I'm not so sure Trump should have signed this bill.

And, Republicans.....And Donnie: WHERE IS THE FUNDING FOR THE BORDER WALL?

C'mon boys! Where is the wall y'all promised?

Yer letting thousands in every day. Maybe tens of thousands.

I'd go for minefields as a temporary measure.....

He still can't stop talking about it.

So a week or so ago, I heard one of the young men who works the front desk at the flight school where I am taking my lessons say that he wanted to fire a pistol someday.

"Not a problem," I said, "tell me when you are available. I belong to a range, so we can go anytime but Tuesday or Thursday."  (competition nights)

He took me up on my offer, and brought one of the other guys who work at the school who has a few firearms, and we did a range night with pistols.

Safety briefing, rules, and then to the shooting.

Strung targets at 21 feet and then we were off.

Started off with a 1911-22 and a Buckmark, then to a Sig 250 in 9mm, then a couple of 1911's. He liked the .22's, not so much the Sig 250, and really liked the 1911 in ,45 ACP.

Yeah, that smile.You know the one I am talking about, if you've ever taken a newbie to a range.

He's still talking about it. Wants to know when we can go again.

Anti-Gunners can't compete with that....

Thursday, February 8, 2018

"Men’s increasing unwillingness to mentor their female colleagues “undoubtedly will decrease the opportunities women have at work.”

Yeah, Who didn't see this coming? It's gonna get worse, too. Bet on it.

Men are being more careful....they don't trust women anymore in a professional setting. Can you blame them?

A new set of findings from women’s empowerment non-profit LeanIn.Org and online survey platform SurveyMonkey reveal that, since the media reports of sexual harassment first emerged last fall, male managers are three times as likely to say they are uncomfortable mentoring women and twice as uncomfortable working alone with a woman. The hesitation to meet with women outside of work is even more pronounced: Senior men were 3.5 times more likely to hesitate having a work dinner with a junior female colleague than a male one–and five times more likely to hesitate to travel for work with a junior woman.

In a Facebook post Tuesday morning, LeanIn.Org founder Sheryl Sandberg explained that men’s increasing unwillingness to mentor their female colleagues “undoubtedly will decrease the opportunities women have at work.” The Facebook COO pointed out that, “The last thing women need right now is even more isolation. Men vastly outnumber women as managers and senior leaders, so when they avoid, ice out, or exclude women, we pay the price.”

Ladies: you did this to yourselves....and your sisters, and daughters. In your attempt to get real predators off the street and out of the workplace, you've led to this...
Don't whine about it 10 years from now, that there are fewer executives that are female. You are the ones that set the rules....that told us we couldn't ever make a joke, or compliment you, or notice you even when you dressed to show off.....You are the ones that made it all about sex.....You were the ones who couldn't handle a male advance, or deal with some guy's clumsy offer of a date....You are the ones that told us that all women are snowflakes, unable to protect themselves in a male workplace, who shouldn't be let out without a male keeper...too fragile to deal with those mean men....Unable to say "No"...You are the ones that made us realize that anything we say in a professional workplace would be written down and, when you felt like it, used against us some time, even tens of years,  later....You are the ones that think that there is one standard of behavior for men, and a different one for women.  Yes, I know, you tell us that it was some other women, not you... but you didn't speak up and silence them, did you? Y'all went along with them in the spirit of Sisterhood, and now you have the result.

You forget that there are rules in society for Men....and other rules for Women, and those rules protected both of us. But you and your predecessors changed the rules a few years ago for 'Equality", and now you don't like it....I hope the result...that you and your MeeToo movement that let each of you feel included has, in it's hysteria, set American professional women back about 30 years..... was worth it. I think you aren't gonna like how this ends. Nor, I think, do most working professional women who bother to think about it. But I think it is too late to fix it.

You cannot get that Genie back in the bottle ladies.

Now what?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Spozed to be a budget deal....

The claim is that there is a budget deal in the works.

I'd say, no deal unless we get the funding for the Border Wall.

Rather see a "shutdown" (not that there is ever, really, a shutdown) despite the fact that it is an inconvenience for a lot of folks that Do Not deserve it.

Wall. Gulf to Pacific. Either there is funding for that, or No Deal.  Stand firm, Mr. President. Make it happen. You have more support than you might think.

Fuck the Dems. Stand firm. 

Left Anti Trump hatred

(yes, I know it is redundant)

So this woman goes to a woman's march to protest .....Something.  Because women's issues. 
Even she isn't sure what. But it must be the fault of theDonald because....Trump. 

Takes her daughter with her. Because.It.Matters.  (just what it is, and how it matters, she is apparently, unable to articulate)

And then she has car trouble and a man--a self-proclaimed Redneck--takes the time to set an example for his son help her and her daughter get the car back on the road. Because that is what men (on the Right at least) are taught to do. Because Man. 

And she is conflicted....she assumes that he must be a Trump voter (might be right there) and her conflict is OBVIOUSLY the fault of Trump. Dude helps her and she is conflicted (she didn't turn down his help though, did she???). Man acts like a Man ought to, and she can't accept it because it is somehow the fault of something or someone on the Right. Because Trump. Because Patriarchy. Because Something. 

I am unsure whether to laugh or to just shake my head. 

The sad part is that this got published. That this woman got enough press that this is on the internet. The website of a major newspaper. 

Found at Joel's Site
(and yes, I found this a day or two ago, but still gave attribution where is belongs)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sudden Jiahdi syndrome?

Looks like it.

Philly Hit and Run may be Terrorism related.

Yes, I know Religion of Peace. But westerners, Protestants, Hindus, Bhuddists, and Catholics don't seem to do this sort of thing. Odd how that works, innit?

Monday, February 5, 2018

A great Truth:

It really is true.

Of course, a lot of Republicans don't want the wall, either. The folks who own them contribute to their campaigns need the cheap labor.

Image found HERE (and posted same day I found it, not 3 days later without attribution)

Unproven Innuendo:

So the headline says that the NRA laundered money for a Russian businessman to gain funds to help put Trump in the White House.

FBI investigating whether Russia funneled cash to NRA to aid Trump’s campaign

At the top of the article, you get this:
The FBI is investigating whether a top Russian banker with ties to the Kremlin illegally funneled money to the National Rifle Association to help Donald Trump win the presidency, two sources familiar with the matter have told McClatchy.
—FBI counterintelligence investigators have focused on the activities of Alexander Torshin, the deputy governor of Russia’s central bank who is known for his close relationships with both Russian President Vladimir Putin and the NRA, the sources said.
—It is illegal to use foreign money to influence federal elections.

Except that if you read farther into the article, you come to this line:
The extent to which the FBI has evidence of money flowing from Torshin to the NRA, or of the NRA’s participation in the transfer of funds, could not be learned.

No one has any evidence that this is true, nor do they have any evidence pointing to anything except that the NRA spent a record amount of money trying to keep Hillary Clinton out of the white house......and the members wished, to protect their rights to Keep and Bear our arms. 

This has about as much substance as the "Russian Influence" on our latest Presidential election.  None. But Mueller is still doing his job, investigating all the lies put forth by the DNC. 

The DNC folks keep trying to use innuendo and "Russians" to harm their opponents. 

We gun owners ARE their opponents. The NRA is their opponent. 

Question for the Democrats:

Since you want to let Illegal Immigrants vote in our elections.....

Does this mean that I (and others) can go to places like California, Illinois, New Jersey, and other DNC/Blue states and you know, cast a vote?

I mean, let's be consistent here. If the Illegals can do it, why can't I do it? Why can't YOU do it? If it is OK for illegals to do it, why can't we?

Why, if enough of us worked at it, we could change the outcome of California's elections! And, with a little work, lots of other Blue states as well.

For the rest of you: This year, Vote Early, Vote Often. If we are willing to work at it, many of us could do three or even 4 states. Just think of the changes we could make to this countries political landscape.....

(For the terminally stupid: The above was Sarcasm. The author of this blog in no way suggests that you vote illegally or fraudulently)

I disagree:

Micelle Malkin says if Trump's plan for Dreamers passes that it will end up being the death of the GOP and a "permanent majority" for the Democrats. 

I think she's wrong.

Trump's plan works for me. I think it works for a lot of folks.

A wall (first, mind you) then a path for citizenship for all those folks AFTER 10 YEARS of probation. (most won't behave that long).

Ending Chain Migration is the Key. And, of course, the WALL.

If he fails on the wall and Chain Migration, the Dreamers don't matter. If he SUCCEEDS in both Chain Migration (and actually GETS A WALL COMPLETED) then, again, the Dreamers don't matter.

The Wall is the key to his success, and, by association, the GOP's success. Failure to bring the Wall (not vote for it, not Fund it, but failing to ACTUALLY MAKE.THE.WALL.HAPPEN) will splash back on the GOP like nothing else

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Ya didn't see anyone honoring veterans like that in SuperBowls when Barry Soetoro was President, didja?

And, by God, the Players stood. They may have closed their eyes, but they fuckin' stood for the Anthem. 

There is no "Deep State".

Seriously. We know this. Because they've all said so.

Except the former CIA guy thinks that they will oppose Trump. (there is context, but still....)

"You’ve Been Around for 13 Months – We’ve Been Around Since 1908. We’re Going to Win"


RightSpeak: 1984 edition today


It has begun:

Men are no longer willing to meet with women because of #MeToo.

It's gonna get worse. Men aren't gonna mentor women, nor teach them. College professors will no longer help women get ahead, nor tutor those with outstanding potential. Training opportunities will be fewer, as men will refuse to train women because of fear of accusations now or 20 years later. Where will the attorneys, doctors, pilots, engineers,chemists, mathematicians, physicists, etc come from? There aren't nearly enough women teachers in those fields......Men soon won't teach you or your daughters for fear of accusations.
There will be fewer internships for women, most of whom will have to work with men. Male students will also soon choose not to work with women. Segregation will happen. Read the linked article: even major corporations are suggesting men not ever be alone with women, singly or in groups.

Women will be set back 20 or 30 years because of this. Opportunities for learning and advancement will dry up rapidly. Women will be viewed as dangerous to work with (and be treated as if y'all really CAN'T be let out without a male keeper, 'cause y'all apparently can't defend yourselves.......) because of this "movement".

Bet on it. It is happening now, and more will be forthcoming. The damage will soon become nearly irreversible (at least in your lifetime).

Ladies, you need to stop this movement before it does more damage to YOU and your Daughters....and only women can stop it. You women, all of you that are nodding your heads, need to get off the bandwagon of #MeToo, stop thinking with your emotions and start thinking with your brains and wake the hell up and put a stop to this. Yes, I know you are emotionally focused to follow other women. Yes, I know you like to follow trends and fashion. THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT. For the future, yours and your daughters and granddaughters, WAKE UP, shake it off and speak up (loudly!) and put a stop to this....GET YER SISTERS TO DO THE SAME.....If you don't, you won't like how the future will look. 

Fundraiser for Angel update:

You can find it HERE.

For those of you who donated, in any amount, I too thank you. She is good people.

If you haven't, why not?
Toss what you spend a week on coffee (or smokes) her way. It'll help a LOT and will go a ways toward balancing the scales....she has helped so many folks.

And for those who can't. or won't help, at least keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Have ya noticed?

That the DNC, and the FBI and the DOJ, haven't yet refuted the charges that the Nunes Memo lays? They've said a LOT, but I haven't heard a denial from them. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Just FYI:

DoYaKnow the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal one?


Tip yer waitress, I'll be here all week....

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Boosting the signal:

In case you haven't heard, one of our own has suffered a tragedy.

Read HERE.

My condolences to Angel and her Family. If ya got a minute, and are so inclined, say a prayer to whomever you pray. Or at least think good thoughts her way. She's good people, and doesn't deserve this.

Ken Lane (Wirecutter), AKA Knuckledraggin, is doing a fundraiser, 'cause this couldn't have come at a worse time for the family.

You can find out how to donate HERE.
I tossed a Benjamin her way (who needs ammo this month?), but even $5 or $10 will help.

We often help many we don't know, who aren't part of ourTribe.
Let us come together hand help one of our own. 

This is what I get for being a range hound

I tend to pick up brass at the range, especially if it is a caliber I shoot....I mean, hey, if folks wanna leave it behind, why should I let it get tossed?


So I go to load some .45 ACP for a new shooter that I am taking to the range on Friday.

I tumbled some range pickup brass, load 2 tubes with primers, pull out a box of plated 230 grain, check the powder levels, lube the 550 and commence to loading.

about 10 cases in, I get one where the primer just will not go back in. ...Odd, but hey, this is brass of no certain pedigree, so I pull the case out and toss it into the trash.

About 10 cases later, I get another. Then another.
Damn, this is affecting my rhythm.

When I got the 4th one, I looked at the primer pockets to see if they were staked, or had burrs, or what was causing them to not load primers.  They were all the same headstamp.

I began checking the base of each cartridge I picked up out of the bin before loading it into the press (I usually just get into the rhythm....pick up a case, load the case with my right hand, put a bullet in the primed and loaded case on the other side of the press with y left hand, pull lever, rinse, repeat.....

Having to look at each piece of brass slows me down, but I soldier on. I mean, I can usually load about 250 .45 in an hour, this is slowing me down to about half that.

It wasn't until I was done that I noticed what was different about the uncooperative brass....

Not obvious, izzit?

How about if I show you a case that WILL take primers?

Yeah, Who ever heard of a .45 ACP case that takes SMALL Pistol primers?

Now I got about 3000 cases to sort through.

Shoulda got a better class of criminal

When one is doing things that are illegal, or might require violence, one should choose one's accomplices carefully, or this happens:

Police: Attempted Lincoln Square home invader fatally shot by accomplice.

Just sayin'