Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New year

May 2014 bring you happiness, prosperity, freedoms, and satisfaction. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

White Privilege

(for which I will no doubt be called (yet again) a racist....so be it)

So there is a lot of talk lately about "white privilege....You know, that supposed advantage that some of us have because we are white (Caucasian), as opposed to brown (Hispanic) or black (Negro) in ancestry.

I guess it is true. Many of the people I see who are successful have been white. However, many other successful people aren't white.

Some of those people who aren't white overcame a lot of prejudices to succeed, obstacles that I did not have. But they also didn't make excuses for their failures, but capitalized on their successes. Some used all of the benefits that a guilty feeling society gave them over whites..."set asides", "quotas", low interest loans to start a business, etc. But they succeeded because of who they were. Are there barriers to success if you are a "minority"? Perhaps. There are also positives to that, however...In many cases a "minority" will get preferences that a "white" person will not. But some people, somehow, succeed despite all of the barriers to success, be they white black, or brown.

Most of the successful people did have the same advantage that I had: A family that imbued them with a work ethic, that taught them how to behave in society.....They are polite, respectful of others, they can speak English, they graduated high school..... they didn't become a parent at 17....They didn't get arrested for drug possession as a teenager.....they weren't running with a bad crowd at 16. Didn't grow up in a culture dominated by thugs-like men and whore-like women as heroes and role models. Learned to see beyond the immediate, and to look to the future and plan for it.

And that, my friends, is where the "white privilege" is..... It is being raised by a decent set of parents...not one who is absent, or in prison.....Knowing who your father is, where he is, and having him as a part of your life....to guide them and to teach them how to be a successful part of society.

Now, I guess that being white helps, as white people tend to have families moreso than blacks and hispanics. For that, you can blame the white liberals in the 60's and 70's for deciding that black people (and eventually Hispanics) were unable to take care of themselves, and therefore the State had to do so....even if it meant that in doing so, it would destroy the culture that was, if repressed, quite successful and decent.

And, sadly, having damaged the Black culture and societal structure, and then the Hispanic family structure and society, they have been working at the White society for the past 10 years.  And they are succeeding there as well.

But realize: success is not a black/white/Hispanic thing. It is a culture thing....with its roots based in FAMILY. And PARENTING. Learning t be successful in our society means learning a set of rules of behavior....

There are many people out there, black, white, and hispanic who are never going to be successful because they don't know how to succeed and likely never will learn...their families never taught them how to. There are many others whose FAMILY has taught/is teaching them to succeed, at least in some measure, because they have class, and a culture of success, not of blaming others for their failure. But the first group will fail to succeed... Because our government and the liberal do-gooders taught their parents (or grandparents) it was easier to let the State feed and clothe and house you, and in doing so destroy the societal structure that enables success, so there is no culture of success to pass to their children. They don't know how!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

These people are sheep

Standing in line to register guns that are "bad" because of cosmetic features. 

Not yet banned, but "we need to know where they are" so that they won't be used to ....?

Lining up to tell the State which houses to come to when confiscation (inevitably) happens.

Me? I'd bury 'em until I could move out of state. Or give them to an out of state friend for safekeeping until I could move.

I'd not stand in line to make myself a target of State investigations...


Friday, December 27, 2013

Got cash?

If you don't, then think of this:

Chase customers who shopped at Target had their accounts limited  to $100 cash withdrawals from ATM's and $300 purchases until they went to a Chase location and got new cards issued to them.

Now, to begin with, if you use  a debit card that is linked to your main checking account for daily purchases then you are an idiot. Better to either use a secondary account for debit card purchases and transfer money into that account when needed, or better yet, use credit cards for purchases and pay the bills monthly. Ideally, you should have more than one credit card. If someone gets your credit card account number and maxes out your card, at worst you use another form of payment until the card is re-issued and your account is credited. Not so if they get your ATM card information and cleans out your checking account.....Yeah, you'll get your money back eventually (maybe), but it will take a while, and what do you purchase gas for your car and food for your family with in the meantime? What do you pay your mortgage payment (or rent) with while the system works it's way to getting you your money back?

And you should have a stash of cash available for times when you cannot access your account. At least two weeks worth of normal spending.... because, at a whim, the banks or the feds can cut your account off....Credit cards too.

Think I am kidding? Chase did it to their customers with no notice when they limited folks after the Target data breach. At a whim, they changed the rules, limiting the amount of money...money OWNED BY THEIR DEPOSITORS...that could be spent until new cards could be issued.

Now, I understand that Chase had to make a hard decision here. Their potential liability was HUGE. Someone got into Target's computers and had card numbers, magnetic stripe info, and PIN numbers....info that could allow them to duplicate cards and make "legitimate" withdrawals and purchases....money that Chase would eventually have to replace when it was proven that those were  fraudulent purchases. I don't blame them for making the decision that they did.

But what if the Feds chose to do that? Or if Chase (or YOUR) financial institution chose to cut you off entirely?

They can do that, you know. All it takes is a judge's signature...or a vindictive IRS agent. Or a bank that is in financial trouble.

Have a stash. And use credit cards rather than debit cards. Or at least use a card that isn't linked to your main checking account.

Me, I use credit cards. Easier and more convenient.  And I have a stash as part of my SHTF plan.

You should too.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

2 different versions of reality?

Go read this article. Apparently the author is from some semi-parallel universe.

Take the time to red the comments. about 1/3 of the commenters only know the talking points put out by the DNC folks denigrating the Tea Party. Some of them think that it is a right for the "Government" to take from the "rich" and transfer that wealth to the poor. That people have a right to health care and to free shit especially if they are black or brown....and it is ok to take that from others who have worked for it.

It would seem that there are two versions of reality at play here....the one that I see, wherein the Tea Party folks care mostly about the spiraling increases in the deficit and want to see that cut back, and the other viewpoint, which is that we must give people whatever they cry for at someone else's expense.

The fact that some people protest increased government growth (and spending) must make us racist because that spending is apparently primarily given to black and brown people (which I doubt).

The point is that I am somewhat scared not only because the author is apparently living in a somewhat distorted view of what I see as reality but also because more than 1/3 of the commenters seem to see the world in much the same way as she does.


Santa was delayed

Next time, you fools, don't wait until the last friggin' minute to order. There could be delays in shipping

Sorry little Tommy and young Suzy, Mommy and Daddy were too busy to order your gift until the last minute and you didn't get your dolly or your Blaster for Christmas.

I am trying to find some empathy for these folks, but really, the Christmas Holiday has been scheduled for several hundred years and if you didn't realize until the last moment that you had to buy presents for your loved ones until 2 days before, well, that is a reflection upon you.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Good Deed indeed

Didn't know this, and of course, the media doesn't bother to tell us because they have a bias.

But luckily we have the internet to tell us about it.

I know where I am going to be buying my wreaths from this point on.

Worth reading. 

On the other hand: THIS IS CRAP.



There is a muslim family that runs a convenience store where I buy lottery tickets and smokes every Mon/Wed/Fri.

I think they are Palestinian, or at least the father was 30 years ago when he came to the US. He and his sons are now quite Americanized, still holding onto their culture, but yet very western in their views.

And both the father and one of his sons surprised me yesterday by warmly wishing me a "Merry Christmas". (Not "Happy Holidays")

I was surprised. "But you are Muslim" I said.

"Yep. We are. But you, my friend, are Christian" came the reply..."So, Merry Christmas".

I was, frankly, touched. Nice people there.


Amidst the gift giving, the food, the drinks, the laughter and the over-indulgence and excesses....

Please, remember what the day of Christmas is celebrating.

It isn't a commercial holiday, nor is is a mid winter festival (although many would change it to be one).

It is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of the Christ child.

And nothing can change that.

And while you are enjoying your cup of Christmas Cheer with your friends or family, take a moment to think about all those who cannot be with their family...your soldiers overseas, the policemen and firemen who are standing guard for you at home, and the other workers doing their jobs so you can enjoy your Christmas celebrations in warmth and  comfort and peace.


Footprints in the snow


Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Normally, my family gets together on Christmas Eve and has a dinner, then we do Christmas Morning for the breakfast and then a gift exchange, followed by a sybaritic meal. If people are unable to make it on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, we make it up later in the year or early January

This year, we did the gift exchange a few days early....It was good to see my brother and all, but it was odd.

And this year, there will be no gathering on Christmas Day.

But we did have a gathering and a meal on Christmas Eve, And the fellowship was good....and warming, and fulfilling and helps regenerate my sense of belonging.

Traditions, even fractured ones, are good.

Monday, December 23, 2013

No, you are lucky I didn't shoot YOU, asshole.

"You're lucky I didn't fucking shoot you".

See, this is an example of cops with the wrong attitude.

He fails to realize that HE was the one in the wrong. He was the one trespassing.

Hope this never happens at my house. I'd not open the door unarmed (probably wouldn't open the door at all, but rather call 911 and let the police come and investigate the trespassing police), but if I did....likely for one of us the ending wouldn't be good.

Mikhaik Kalashnikov has passed

94 years old.

I own several examples of his design.

"I invented it for the protection of the Motherland. I have no regrets and bear no responsibility for how politicians have used it,"


via: Freeholder

Elves, who kew?

And I thought we had it difficult building what with wetlands and Snail Darters and spotted owls and such...

Seems that in Iceland, there are issues with elf habitat.

Interesting observation:

In a conversation I overheard:

#1 "I am really getting tired of Obama"

#2 "yeah, I know what you mean"

#1 "We should invite him to visit Dallas"

I passed an entire drink through my nose

Sunday, December 22, 2013

It was on this day

42 years ago

I learned that my real middle name wasn't "GODAMMIT!".

Saturday, December 21, 2013

An interesting point:

It was said today at lunch that the militant homosexuals have the same playbook as the militant Islamics:

     Fight any slander or possible percieved slander by attacking anyone who disagrees with you.

     Then attack the people who associate with them.

     Scream loudly about persecution and being damaged by words and cultures which disagree with  
     your viewpoint.

     Complain about a lack of willingness to understand and intolerance, while displaying same to all
     the world to see.

     Get a lot of time on the media because you are screaming louder than anyone else.

So far, it seems to work for both the gays and the Islamics.

Of course, the media helps 'em both by giving them a platform.

A note:

If you want to protest the whole A&E kefluffle about Robertson's comments by buying some of his families products, be aware:

"Duck Dynasty" is a brand owned by A&E, and all profits from the sale of "Duck Dynasty" merchandise goes to A&E, not the Robersons.

"Duck Commander", on other hand, is a brand owned by the Robertson family, and A&E sees nothing from sales of "Dcuck Commander" brand items.

It's a free country, and you can buy whatever you wish, but protesting by buying Duck Dynasty items is an exercise in failure.


You can find it here. This is true of over 90% of the drivers in the US.


Friday, December 20, 2013

On Ducks:

Why is it that less than 2% of our population gets so much attention from the media when they raise their voices in disapproval?

And why is it that they expect everyone to accept their views, but fail to accept any one else's when there is disagreement with their views??

If people who disagreed with the homosexual lifestyle were half as vocal and vehement in their objections as the gay folks then they (the gays) would be in hiding again.

I actually don't care one way or another, except for the inconsistency

One upmanship:

nothing like Badasses trying to one up each other.

Take that Van Damme!

(for the real (and impressive) split done in real life, not CGI, go HERE and start at about 4:05)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I wonder what the story is behind this:

Stolen from Voices in My Head

I think it is testing to see how much they can get away with

'Cause this keeps happening. 

As far as I can tell, the feds are either hiring totally incompetent people to run these checkpoints or they are testing to see how many people can be herded sheeplike into giving DNA sample and even blood samples because the "checkpoint" is manned by people dressed like and acting like policement, and because "real" police are directing traffic.

Yes, I am sure that they told each and every person diverted into the checkpoint that the stop and subsequent sampling was "voluntary". I bet that there were signs and such making sure that everyone knew that there was no issue of you refused....

Is it? Are most people going to think it is voluntary when a person wearing a uniform asks you in an intimidating manner to open your mouth and takes a cheek swab? Or in a stern manner tells you that they are going to take a blood sample?

Yeah, you and I might not be willing to give up such samples, but Joe the "low informatin voter" might not be sure that he CAN refuse without being arrested...and Suzy Homemaker will likely be too afraid to resist, even if she is aware that there is no legal reason for the search.

Two things if this happens to you:


"am I free to go now?" 

followed by:


Goodby, Uncle Lar

Larry Lujack, the WLS DJ, died yesterday.

I grew up listening to him on WLS...listening to his "Animal Stories" and the music he played.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SO I get this email from

Comrade Karl (He of the hats). (one of which I proudly won)

In it, he links this post and suggests that it reminds him of me...

Do you think he is right? 

I wasn't planning to vote for him anyway...

I can't verify this, so.....

But if true, then this puts Senator Marco Rubio well into the "Just plain fucking no way" category.

Rubio takes $10K Obamacare subsidy for insurance paid to him because he is a Senator.

perhaps he thought no one would notice his hypocrisy?

Hat Tip: Fat in Indiana

Monday, December 16, 2013

From a good day to a bad day in an instant:

So you are on your way home from you wedding reception... driving down a snowy 2 lane highway and you see a car in the ditch up ahead...

You stop to help.

Then your life is over, and your new wife is a widow.

Be safe out there. You never know when it's gonna come at you.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Guess that they really don't need my support:

SO the Republicans...Not, BTW, Conservatives, have made a deal with the Devil in order to prevent sequestration cuts from happening early next year.

Yeah, like that will help our Republic.

No real spending cuts, just paper trimmings of the mythical future spendings.

I was gonna buy a new gun in January and put it on my Visa card, but I changed my mind......did I cut $650 from my budget? Not the way I look at it. Nor will Visa see it that way either.

The GOP leadership may well have had good reasons to do what they did, but they have not articulated those reasons to me. And until they do, and as long as that weasel Boehner exists as Speaker of the House and gets to rant about how Conservatives and Tea Party types are making his job harder, the GOP will get Zero support from me.

Yes, I understand that the budget is always a compromise, and that there has to be give and take on both sides. But perhaps they need to learn how to negotiate. Capitulation without getting something in return isn't negotiating....it is surrender. You have not negotiated, you have turned your back to the opposition and bent over and raised your skirt.  And you want to compromise on Illegal Immigration/Amnesty as well?

I see no real cuts in government, only cuts in future growth that may or may not ever really happen.  I don't see the deficit being slashed, nor do I see the debt being reduced. All I really see is smoke and mirrors and lies and deceit. And above all, I see more funding for Nanny State government programs and zero reductions in the welfare state/entitlements" that are choking this country and our culture to death. We already saw the cuts in Military spending, but not the cuts on the other side.

So I say this to the GOP and to the Republican candidates: No more choosing the lesser of the two weasels evils. I no longer believe that you will actually fix things....No more support in any way. You'll get nothing from me unil you begin REPRESENTING me and my kind. I'll not vote for, nor support, nor allow your campaign to use my property for election signage, nor in any way help you to prevail against your only-slightly-worse opponents as I have in the past... I may well do all I can to oppose you where possible. For you have abused my trust and chosen to sup with the devil.

And that, for me, puts you beyond the pale.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's enough to make me consider moving to S.C

(if the bill passes, that is)\
And I HATE South Carolina.

But if this passes, I may have to consider it.

I'd rather live there a free(er) man than in another state as a subject of Washington D.C. 

Maybe Indiana will follow suit. States rights (10th amendment) may well be decided based upon this law if it passes.

We shall see.

Sure will be thumb in the eye of Barry though, won't it?

H/T: Cordite in the Morning

Nuttin' to see heare, move along

In other nondisclosure news, the House Oversight Committee turned up letters Wednesday showing that HHS ordered the private contractors partly responsible for the Healthcare.gov fiasco not to cooperate with congressional investigations or hand over documents. For no pertinent reason, HHS reminds them that they signed contracts obligating them not to share information with "third parties." 

So what, exactly, are they hiding? 


I didn't win the big Powerball jackpot last night.

Now I gotta go to work.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Fortuitous timing:

If you are a gun control advocate that is:

School shooting in Centennial Colorado:

WTF is it with suburbs of Denver? Must be the overwhelming amounts of liberals there or something.

So interesting that this happened JUST BEFORE the "anniversary" of Newtown...isn't it?  Coinicidences seem to be piling up.

The sad part is that for many, it will tug at their heartstrings and make them want to Do Something to Stop It. And few will suspect that they are being manipulated.

ETA: goes very well with THIS observation about news reporting from yesterday.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shades of Vince Foster

Loretta Fuddy, the person who approved the release of Barry's Birth Certificate was the only fatality in a plane crash on Wed.

All other passengers received only "non life threatening injuries and survived.

INteresting, Innit?

My bad

ETA: (9:22 pm) I am informed by people I trust and who really DO know what they are talking about that this was likely a heart attack caused by exertion after the crash or a similar issue. older person, overweight and not in good shape...not what it looks like at first glance. 

My bad. Sorry

Shaping opinions

Taking a moment today to watch the national news (Hey, it was on and I was in the same room as a TV for a few minutes) I couldn't help but notice that there were SEVERAL stories about "Gun Death Tragedies" and how these could be prevented with more legislation, especially "in the wake of the Newtown Tragedy that happened nearly a year ago".

The left is really trying to ramp up the rhetoric prior to the one year "anniversary" of the event.

But, really while children (or any) gun deaths are a tragedy (I learned from NBC that over 175 children were killed in accidental shootings when children found their parents unsecured firearms, so we need some king of legislation to prevent this, and that somehow it would have prevented Newtown, can't you feel your heart beating?) one would ask, why not start looking at other causes of deaths for children?

The bias and shaping of opinion is so obvious. The fact that this is used in a major news media (even if it is NBC) is scary to me...not because they use it, but that they think that it will work on enough voters that they will run such a biased story and they think that they can get away with it(or that the obvious bias won't matter to the population they are serving, which is even more scary.

No brain at all today

Too tired. 6 hours sleep in 72.

Must be I am getting old. Can't function well on 2 hours of sleep a day anymore.

Read the folks on the left...they are smarter and more erudite than me anyway.

more later when I can get 6 or more in a row.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wonder why they want to leave???

So it seems that a subset of the population of Baton Rouge La. wants to form their own city...so they can have their own school district (the official reason).

But one wonders...they are the more affluent section of the greater Baton Rouge municipality...they pay a higher amount of taxes, they are majority white, and likely are tired of paying more for less....More taxes for less school, etc.

The rest of the greater Baton Rouge civic leaders, of course, oppose this move. They don't want the loss of revenue that the creation of the new city will cause.

Because the proposed new city will be majority white the entire move is, of course, racist. How dare these white folk not want to waste their money on crappy schools and crappy services? How dare they? These folks have all the money and they don't want to share it....How unfair.

Of course it isn't "White Flight" it is middle class flight....

I expect to see more and more of this.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beverage alert:

Put down the beverage.


go HERE.

Two lessons here

1. Don't hang out with people who are stupid and put your life in danger:

2. Always follow (and insist that those around you) follow the Four Rules.

else things like this tragedy can happen.

Sad. But ultimately preventable.

Buying votes

Yer government spent 10,500,000,000 dollars to buy the votes of union members at GM and subsidiaries.

That is $10.5 Billion dollars to keep them working and keep their union benefits. And, of course, to keep the support of the UAW and other autoworkers unions (and their members).

In selling this stock (at a loss, of course) they also removed all controls over what GM pays it's executives. So they can count on that campaign support as well for the DNC types.

I really have no issue with them buying votes....but I do when it is (partially) my (borrowed from the chinese) money they are doing it with. I'd rather have seen them allow GM to buy it back at the price that we paid for it over a few years (plus interest, of course) than take a loss like this.


Where were all these folks who are currently lining up to get their faces in front of the worlds cameras praise Nelson Mandela when he was alive?

Why didn't we hear anything about how good a man he was/freedom fighter/reformed terrorist saint/inspiration to us all, etc. BEFORE he died?

(This is not meant to denigrate Mr. Mandela, but rather to show the hypocrisy of the rest of them.)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Principal John Horton apparently grew up without testicles

'cause otherwise his treatment of a 10 year old boy under his supervision would not have made national news because he would have understood that 10 year old boys will, after all, act like boys.  Or maybe he grew up in a "Progressive" household wherein his mommy saw no need for a male except to donate sperm, so he is a beta type feminized version of male animal.

The feminization of our schools is getting out of hand. Drugging boys so they will act more like girls at that age is insane. And a principal not being able to deal with a situation like this when reported to him by a female teacher shows he is lacking in both leadership attributes and testosterone. "Zero Tolerance" is not meant for such situations, and it is applied wrongly here.

If we train all the boy/man behavior out of boys, then who will the women mate with in the next generation? They are already complaining that there are not enough decent men out there. Yet their sisters in the teaching profession (and I include the above mentioned principal in that group) are making even fewer boys that will turn into men for their daughters....

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Play stupid games

Win stupid prizes:

So Serial Liar Dayna Morales has been fired from her job where she (allegedly) lied about the tip left to her by a couple in which thre was no money, but a denigration of her lifestyle. (which leads to the question: Hw did they know she was gay?...They might have suspected, bur really).

All I can say is: Good.

Question: anyone really understand the motivation for lying or (if actually true, which I doubt) making the whole incident public? Other than turning over a "victim" card, what did what really accomplish? Is she still stuck in her high school days where she was picked on because she was "different" and can't accept the fact that in 2013, no one cares?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

We interrupt your day

So you can remember what people heard on their radio this day, so long a go:

Remember those who gave their all this day in 1942 1941.

and all those who did so after in the defense of their country.

I'll be damned

It would seem that, if there is enough publicity, that even a police officer can be fired if his behavior is bad enough, and enough people can see it.

Remember officer Elias Montoya? Yeah, he's the guy that shot at a minivan full of kids after the mom driving it refused to submit to the orders of one of Montoya's fellow officers.

SHOT AT A VAN FULL OF KIDS BECAUSE THE DRIVER WOULDN'T FOLLOW ORDERS. Not a reason to use deadly force.Had this been you or me, we'd have been in jail for misuse of deadly force...maybe attempted murder.

He got suspended while they waited to see if things would cool down...which they didn't. 

But at least he got fired. It is a start. Accountability for Police officers is as (or more) important as accountability for regular citizens.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Blame someone else

It is obviously not the fault of the police that POLICE bullets from POLICE guns fired by the hands of the POLICEMEN after being removed from the holsters worn on the belts of their POLICE uniforms struck and injured 2 passersby

Nope it must be the fault of the person that the POLICE were shooting at (and whom they missed).

This sort of thing happens all the time to a lesser degree across the United States all the time, wherein police screw the pooch make mistakes and blame it on someone else. 


Y'know, my grandfather (who was prejudiced, and somewhat a bigot), always said that the welfare system and the fact that people told black people that they were victims and they didn't have to strive that came about in the '60's would destroy the black race and culture in the United States.

The older and more experienced I get, the smarter he appears to be.

And here, we have the same observation. The same observation that it is culture, not race ,that holds people back. That the culture of victimhood does more to keep people at a level, rather than any other factor.

My grandfather wasn't born rich, or successful. He didn't die that way either. But all the time that I knew him he was comfortable. He owned a house, in a good neighborhood, and he didn't lack for most things...Cars, equipment, etc. If he wanted something, or wanted to take a vaction or a trip for fun, he could do so, as long as it wasn't too extravagant. He was, in my opinion, the embodiment of the American Dream..... But he instilled in my Father and in me the belief that if you weren't lazy and didn't make stupid decisions that you could succeed and thrive in the United States. If not get rich, you could live a good, comfortable existence and you could live well, but you had to work at it, and overcome obstacles and keep trying.

He was right when he told me that, and he is right today, 20+ years later.

People find their own level. If we tell them that they cannot succeed, a significant portion won't even try....especially when we make their life comfortable enough that they have no incentive to do so.

HT: Irons in the Fire

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mandela Dead

And the liberals will go NUTS over gushing about his memory.

"He was beloved around the world"

He was a thug, and he was beloved only by liberals.

He may have been a brave man with a lot of guts to oppose the South African government, but worthy of such worship? No.

My wealth is in Brass and Lead....

and when you want it, I'll give it to you.....

Seems that once again the IMF and other friends of Barry seem to think that a way to reset part of the socialist government's debt is to "tax" all of the "wealth" held by the "wealthy" and "rich". 

After the "haircut" that the average investor in Cyprus banks got a while back I really don't see how these folks will be stopped should they try to take a significant "contribution" of you money wealth.

So if you were smart enough to choose wealthy parents...those who either inherited wealth or, you know, Stole it from the terribly deserving poor by stealing the sweat of their labors earned it or if you are a person who saved and paid off your house and incurred as little debt as possible during your life, you will be punished taxed on what you have.

Is it me, or do the socialists liberals not understand the parable of the Ant and the Grasshopper? Or do they just not care?


Seems that IBM (who no doubt had a profit motive in the mix somewhere, but still...) was willing to build the Obamacare website FOR FREE and was turned down.

Instead, Barry and Michelle enriched one of their friends to the tune of AT LEAST $600 million dollars.

Wonder what sort of "arrangement" they have when his term is done?

It is, after all, the "Chicago Way".

I'll drink to that!

Today is the anniversary of the END OF PROHIBITION....an interesting experiment in controlling peoples lives, and their reactions to that attempted control.

80 years ago, our ancestors were once again able to (legally) buy and consume alcohol. Not that any of them who had wished to do so the day before wouldn't have been able to do so.

Prohibition didn't do much to stop people from consuming (and abusing) booze, much like the current "war on Drugs" hasn't done much to stop people from gaining access to illegal substances to impair the mental processes. Nor like the highly restrictive firearms laws in "Blue" cities that really don't do much to keep firearms from the folks who want them.

What Prohibition DID do was make fortunes for those willing to supply a demand, legal or not. Joe Kennedy became rich bootlegging booze. Prior to the 18th amendment,  there was no real "Organized Crime"...there were folks such as Capone, but until there was a market for illegal booze (and the enormous profits from supplying it), he really was just a small time hood. Same in many larger cities. The biggest thug organized the smuggling (and distribution)of liquor, and gained money and power.

Think the banning of anything today will be any different? Maybe if we made drugs more illegaler or something then those folks would stop smuggling them over our borders.

Today, reflect on the fact that no one could stop the flow of a relatively bulky and heavy commodity, booze, from coming onto our shores, and being transported along our highways to customers willing to pay top dollar for a (sometimes) inferior product.

Now think guns or drugs.

Know a cop?

If you do, then you NEED to show this video to him or her.

With the increasingly harsh tactics that police are being trained for, and the ever increasing militarization of the police, added to the ever increasing attempts of the State to increase it's power over it's citizens, then the message contained in this 7+ minute video, and the questions asked in it are VERY important.

There may be those of you who think that there is a line that most policemen will not cross.....if so, you probably don't interact with police men very much. They hold you, as a citizen, a non-policeman, in contempt. They feel that they are the order givers and YOU are the order takers. The feel that the perks which we allow them are somehow their right, and the Constitution is, at best, a hindrance or obstacle to their job. They are a part of a group that follows orders from their superiors, and they do so without thinking as to the why, or the lawfulness (or not) of those orders.

The erosion of rights, and the growing power of the police has happened slowly. Like "boiling a frog", it happens slowly enough that the frog fails to notice until too late. The attitude of the police has slowly degenerated into something we, as citizens, no longer respect. We cannot look at them as guardians of the people, but rather as guardians and mindless minions of the state. Your safety and security comes after theirs and after they follow their orders. If it is convenient for them.

Cops just want to go home safe at night. Most are good people, bit they follow orders and the Constitution and the rules of law are not first and foremost in their minds. Keeping their job by following orders and earning a living while staying safe is. They really, deep down care little about those whom they have sworn to "serve and protect" (if they even have that as a motto anymore...many no longer do). They really see you, the law abiding citizen, and just above the lowlifes they deal with every day. To them, you fall into one of three categories....Cops, Citizens, and scumbags. When they interact with you, you are a scumbag until they determine you are a citizen. But if it is convenient for them, or if it makes an issue go away, or if they are bored, or if they just feel like it, they will treat you as a scumbag. The contempt that they hold for non-cops is terrible. 

Show this to the police officers you may know. Get them to decide for themselves where the line is. Now, before it is too late for them.

Hattip Bob Owens

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Now this is funny

Go here. See how they actually fixed Healthcare.gov

Ht: Rich

ETA: Since it isn't obvious, Try signing up.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Is greatly improved....

It now only takes seconds to get your error messages instead of minutes.

So I gotta ask:

Since only 80% 20% * of the Black Friday weekend protesters at Wal-Marts across the country were actual, you know, WalMart employees, and the rest of 'em were paid protestors (paid by the Unions??) Did the Unions pay them Actors Guild Scale rates?

Enquiring minds and all that....

*(I stand corrected)
Via Peter, we find even more Banana Republic stuff.

Jesus, I wonder if the rest of us conservative gun bloggers have to fear an IRS audit? Or anyone else who disagrees with Barry and is bold enough to speak out?

Of course, these might be just the IRS doing it's job...randomly....like it is supposed to. Sure....that must be it. Like the targeting of the conservative non-profit groups. Yeah.

This is, truly an embarrassment as well as a travesty. I am embarrassed that this sort of thing is done  by our president (or his administration) so blatantly. And It is a travesty that the rest of the Government has not got the balls to put a stop to it. This IS like what I was told the Bananna republics were like in the '70's. 

Obama voters*

at work:

A 76-year-old woman killed in a shootout was targeted because of large sums of money she carried in connection to a business she worked at, the Anderson County sheriff says.

Targeted an old lady for the money she carried home (several thousand dollars, apparently).

Big failure in the victim selection process. Not all 76 year old ladies are meek. Some are armed.

BTW, why aren't the perpetrators being charged with racial violence? Black on white crime doesn't count? Only when it is a white man killing a black teenager?
 **Can we expect JJ and "Rev" Sharpton to speak out against this soon?

*(now we don't KNOW that they are Obama voters....but I'll give you 10-1 odds that they are....if they even (actually)voted)
**(I'll give you the same odds that they won't say anything at all)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

True Dat

Heard at the gunshow:

"While it is true that white men can't jump, we can shoot"

This should frighten you

It is starting to be shown all over the internet.

32 privacy destroying technologies that are systematically transforming America into a giant prison.

 And you all thought I was just paranoid...especially about your cell hone being a spying tool. Add the phone to the rest of these technologies and you realize that you have very little privacy, should anyone care.

Big Brother is real....and growing bigger and stronger...His eyes and tentacles are ever reaching. 


Funshow today

Went to a Gunshow yesterday.....and I actually walked out without spending a dime.

MC, on the other hand, spend way too much on some knives she had ordered from one of the vendors. (which was the reason we went).

Ran into some friends, and "wasted" the whole rest of the day there and in surrounding areas. Food and drinks and conversation and such.

High point of the day? Meeting one of my students from last week, gun shopping with her husband. Got introduced and thanked again, by both of them.

Was a good , if not terribly productive day. Relaxing. Today's gonna be a bitch catching up though.