Thursday, June 9, 2016


So The Big Hill of boy style Gooses called and said my new 1911 was in.

And, despite what they say on the Leftist Media, I had to endure yet another Form 4473 (this one electronic) and, of course the video from the BATF(e) telling me "Don't lie for the other guy". (Odd, that, I was under the impression that currently I could just walk in and take home any gun that met my fancy...but it wasn't true)

There is always the slight ....Well, fear isn't the right word, but perhaps apprehension...that THIS time the BATF(e) is gonna say "No". Not because I have any convictions or domestic violence, or any of the valid reasons to deny me,l  but that somewhere, some asshole has transposed two numbers on some other dirtbag's Social Security number on the arrest record or some other bureaucratic fuck-up, or that some other dude with the same name as me is gonna get arrested for beating up his girlfriend and her pet ferrett while high on meth or whatever, and the folks at BATF(e) aren't gonna know that is wasn't me...

I fear Bureaucratic Incompetence (rather than malice) inhibiting the free exercise of my Constitutional rights.

But last night, once again, I rolled the dice and the (so far) benign hand of the BATF(e) waved acceptance.

My it is a sweet, tight fitted gun.

Range report in a week or so. I got Graduations and such to attend this weekend. And I gotta detail strip, clean and lube this before I shoot it.

Now if only Michael Hast was still making holsters....

Not Colt, but still:

The lusty Colt, the trusty Colt,

The weapon democratic,

It's vicious might, makes men one height,

The Army automatic.

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Old NFO said...

Looking forward to the range report! :-)