Wednesday, April 22, 2020


If the Media wants know, actually help people in this Coronavirus "crisis" (while they tell us how wonderful the hospital workers are, how bad this is for African Americans, how we should all stay home, how we are "all in this together", while they misquote officials in manners that gin up fear and panic, while they warn us of food shortages while misquoting the industry experts, all the while chanting "orange man bad".....)

They haven't helped the country or its citizens one iota with all of this.

If they want to do something to help, they should push 2 things besides "Stay At Home".

1. Wash Your Hands.

2. Wear the Mask Properly. Stop showing people (especially African Americans) wearing masks on their upper lip, not on or covering their nose. Wearing a mask improperly like that is as useless as a screen door on a submarine. I see lots of white folks and hispanics and asians wearing masks improperly....maybe 10% of the people I see. But African Americans almost exclusively wear their masks not covering their nose....And the media is trumpeting the fact that this disease is hitting them harder than the rest of us....But telling people to wear a mask properly (and showing them and explaining what "Properly" is) might go a long way towards actually helping.....
And showing people in their stories wearing masks incorrectly is certainly not helping.

If they'd push these teo things every program, every news broadcast, they'd certainly do something that the News Media has not done to their viewers and actually make a difference. 

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Drake's Place said...

Considering all the media ads, I've noticed that producing new and various PSAs all reminding us to wash our hands and "stay home" must be an "essential industry." :)