Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Double Standards:

So Donald Trump fucked up by the numbers in his response to the Coronavirus mess.
(perhaps, perhaps not)


The World Health Organization could "Only go with the information it had at the time to make decisions".

Funny, innit?

CBS and their current expert Dr. Deborah Birx.


Pete said...

Dr. Birx is one of the medical experts, along with Dr. Fauci, on the administrations
Covid-19 response team, headed by Vice President Pence. So why shouldn't CBS,
or any other media outlet, use her as a subject matter expert?

B said...

I don't object to her being a source.

I object to the double standard of judgement from her vis-a-vis The WHO and Donald Trump.

I will try to be clearer for folks like you in the future.

Pete said...

I got the gist of your objection to an alleged double standard, and I went back and
watched the interview on CBS that you mention, again. While Dr. Birx did make the comment
that you cited regarding the WHO, where is her quote holding Trump to a different
standard? In any interview she has given since being appointed to the administration's
Covid-19 response team, where has she held Trump to a different standard?

Also, not sure why you felt the need to take a personal shot at the end of your quote.