Thursday, April 2, 2020

Oh, and....

Now Masks DO help the rest of us, not just the Medical Personnel. Proper fitment is key to effectiveness, but even a poorly fitting mask has a great deal of effectiveness...according to new CDC "guidelines"
Which anyone with a brain already knew.

As, while not as effective, even a kerchief is better than nothing at all, for those folks who weren't aware that water is wet and gravity makes things fall.
So says the "experts" now, in contrast to their advice of weeks ago.

How can we trust the government health organizations words when they say such things? And when their message changes halfway though the crisis from what we all suspect are lies to the exact opposite ?

And now they are admitting as well that all those unexplained cases of "not seasonal flu" after Thanksgiving were likely coronavirus, despite telling us that there had been no cases prior to the end of January.

W.T. F. 


Aaron said...

Yep, their clumsy lying was clumsy. You can't tell people masks don't work at the same time you say masks work for medical personnel. Certainly cost them credibility that they didn't have much of to begin with.

Maybe if they had spent less time on researching bullying and firearms and more on their core function of disease control we would have been a lot better off.

Phil said...

I'm seriously wondering if whatever crud I had back in February might not have been Kung Flu. I didn't have a cough or a fever but whatever it was put me down hard. I slugged half a bottle of Nyquil and slept damn near thirty hours except for bathroom breaks.
Then I got a huge sty on an eyelid that is still there except not as huge, it got so big I had a bag of fluid drop down from my inner eyelid that covered half my eye and To this day, both eyes keep seeping some kind of crap that almost burns and gets crusty.
My sinuses occasionally burn too.
Still no fever and no cough though.
Strangest crud I have ever had.