Wednesday, April 1, 2020

An oddity:

Strangely, according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus website shows ZERO people recovered in the United States. Zero.

Perhaps it is simply a reporting issue. Perhaps something more. I dunno.

And, again, that part of me that thinks that Reynolds Wrap is a good fashion choice for a chapeau is trying to tell me something.....
ETA: Others are thinking along the same lines..

ETA2: As of 4:55 pm central time, the US didn't even have a listing in the "Recovered" column. As of 6:30, there is a listing.

As I said, an oddity.


Tank Killer said...

I just checked. They show 8,474 recovered, and 4,757 deaths.

Aesop said...

The other lag is that to be recovered, you have to be no longer shedding virus, which, if I understand it correctly, can take 14-30 days.
Most U.S. victims (that we know about), haven't had it that long.