Monday, October 2, 2017


Las Vegas shooting.

Early reports say the gunman shot from a hotel window. (Other say there were several shooters, so we really don't know). Sniper(s) from above at the crowd at the concert.

50 dead, 200 injured. Suspect is named as Stephen Paddock.

Prayers for the folks there.

ETA: AAAND the Gun Control propaganda has already started. Plus "Fully Automatic Weapons"!!! and "Any Assault Weapon is easily converted" (which is bullshit).

But they cannot help but dance in the blood of the victims, can they?

ETA2: something odd about this. A 60+ year old from an ASSISTED LIVING facility did this? 


Old NFO said...

Can't even let the blood get dry, or any 'actual' reporting to even begin... sigh

Crotalus said...

Yep. The Dansers Macabre have already started, and the blood isn't even dry.

I don't know about assisted living, but this does smell like there's Deep State involvement.

Crotalus said...

ETA3: Mandalay Bay has a strict no firearms (weapons of any kind, actually) policy. How did he get past security with >10 rifles?

DTWND said...

I've been to many of the hotels on the strip. Never had a bag checked by the hotel staff (although I came in on the airlines, brought my luggage to the hotels with me, no transfers). Apparently the asswipe lived in the area. If he packed luggage with the rifles broken down, along with tools to reassemble them, I can envision how he got them into the building.
Plus he was a Caucasian male. Wonder if a minority would have been more scrutinized.


B said...

I doubt it would be hard to smuggle rifles in, really.

Especially if they were folders or takedown. Lugging the ammo would have been harder.

Anyone know what type of rifles were used?

Crotalus said...

From the sound on the video, at least one was full-auto, B.

His brother helped him move to his current house, and he said that Steve had but one or two rifles, and a few handguns. So where did he come up with this boatload of submachine guns?

B said...

Yes, early audio had what appear to be full auto.

It ain't that easy to convert even an AK to full auto though. And AR is harder.

Not that hard to make a Sten style gun though.

But "all semi auto assault style weapons can be easily converted" is a lie.

CenterPuke88 said...

Checked in with 10 bags.

"Many semi-auto's can be rigged" might be closer to more accurate, but it's all pretty amusing.

Listening to the video, Some observers have noted the varying rate of fire as more consistent with a trigger mod than a proper full-auto.

Question I haven't heard asked is if he didn't have an arsenal at the time of his ~2015 move to Nevada, what happened after the move?

B said...

Yah, listening to the audio a bit more, it sounds like a bump fire type stock. Regular(ish) but slow for an auto.