Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The war on (some) terror

Soon, it will have consequences for real Americans.

One must now have proper papers to travel, at least via air:

They were previously allowed to use mere driving licenses. 
But residents of some US states may soon require additional ID, such as passports, if they wish to embark on air travel - even if just domestically.
That's the new procedure on the horizon for people from states that have not yet introduced the standards required by the 2005 Real ID Act, which demands stricter regulations for state-issued IDs.
The states that haven't yet fallen into line each now have a grace period of three months to meet the revised criteria. 
This deadline expires on 22 January 2018

Over half the states don't yet have 'acceptable" standards.

If flying after 22 Jan 2018, be aware and plan accordingly. Oughta be interesting on and after that day at the TSA chcekpoints.


Phil said...

I live in one of those states.
Thankfully I have zero plans to fly anywhere for any reason.
They have had years to get their heads out of their asses to comply with this and have kicked the can down the road until now, when it bounced back off a curb and smacked them in the face.
Cue up some seriously pissed off citizens here very shortly so they can claim it's a crisis and slam through some quick tax appropriations to fix it.

It's so predictable it's pathetic.

Crotalus said...

Not a war on "some" terror. It's a war against Americans,m by our own government.