Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Back in the 150. Think i'm gonna stay there.

Flew for about 20 min refamiliarizing myself with the type.

Then did several simulated landings above a road. Wind was at 190 at 10 gusting to 18.

Was a warning about drone activity 1.5 miles north of runway 18.

Entered the pattern. Did ok there. Was turning base when I saw the helicopter.   About 1000 feet AGL, and about 1 mile off the end of the runway, maybe less. Wasn't happy, it startled me. Kinda in my way. No position calls from them and I admit, it shook me up. Then after we avoided 'em, a belated call warning about helicopter activity. Not sure if it was the helicopters making the call or someone else. But I went around the pattern instead of trying to land that time. I did complain on CTAF that they should have announced themselves when I called my intentions. Yes, I know it is my responsibility to avoid collisions. Still.

They moved north. Seems they were searching for some lost kids.

Entering the pattern again got a warning call about ANOTHER helicopter. Then someone else complained on CTAF that they should announce their positions as they moved around since they were close to the active runway.... Anyway, I saw him, and he was not in my way, so I did a decent approach, but fought the wind. And a gust blew me off the runway centerline just before landing.

Go around. Shit. Again.

Next time, they were both back. We left the pattern to the east and flew a few circles around a point for practice 'til the cop choppers called that they were clear of the pattern.

Then again, a nice approach and a failed landing as again, the wind blew me far off the centerline. I was overcontrolling at the end of the approach.

Go around.

We asked, and the cops were gonna be there for a while, so did another circuit then decided to cut it short.  Mike did the landing. He too had to fight the gusts but kept it close to the centerline to land.

I need a decent day with not too much wind to do a landing or 6 and get myself more confident.

I can FLY ok, I'm comfortable doing that, and I am ok with wind once at an altitude... I can take off. I'm getting better at taxiing...I can do approaches.The last 50-75 feet are a bitch.

I gotta get this landing shit together. 


Comrade Misfit said...

It takes time and you can't force it. It'll all come together for uou.

Aaron said...

Landings do take time and expect a pre-solo slump, which happens.

Keep at it and be patient. From following your posts along, you're doing great.

CenterPuke88 said...

Didn't see it in there, are you crabbing and kicking or wing low on your approaches?

B said...

Yes. My approach was good and I was good with the wind, decent approach, but the gusts overwhelmed me. Plus I tend to oscillate and my corrections aren't smooth I can crab and slip well enough at height, I have issues at ground level.

I did fine with zero wind, once, and once with no wind I did terribly. All the rest of the days have been fairly windy, and I have fought to get on the ground.

I think that, given a day without terribly gusty winds and not too much crosswind, I could do well, and learn to land, then get better with winds. I've not landed, really, but twice.

So far, Ma Nature hasn't seen to grant me that.

CenterPuke88 said...

I had trouble timing the kick on crab and kick, and found wing down worked better for me initially. Kept kicking out the crab earlier than needed and drifting, as the others say, just takes time and money, er, practice.