Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Since we haven't heard

on the news media at all about Stephen Paddock's political affiliation, one has to wonder: Is he a leftist? I mean, if he had posted anything Pro-Trump, even once, the media would have found it and would be waving it in our faces right now...

So is he a DNC supporter and they just aren't saying anything about it?

Or is there simply nothing to report: He has no Social Media footprint and no one knows?

Either is possible. I do believe that if he leaned Right they'd have told us about it already. 


Crotalus said...

I still think that possibly he was used as a patsy for a black op to spur more demands for gun control. After all, no one has explained the TWO broken windows. At least, I haven't heard one.

B said...

Corner suite, from what I've heard on the media. And a sledgehammer.

But I don't discount the Patsy idea, either.

The rational part of me can't wrap my head around the idea of killing 50+ people and wounding 350+ others just for that agenda, but there are folks who would, so I (sadly) can't discount that, either.

Crotalus said...

Agreed, B. I found out that it was a suite after I wondered about the two windows. However, there are other things about his character that seem to suggest a hidden hand.