Sunday, October 29, 2017

I wonder if he is still waiting for clearance?

So, at a towered airport (Class D).

Call for clearance, get it.... am on 1 mile final. Tower warns another aircraft to HOLD SHORT like 4 times on a taxiway leading to a crossing runway. I approach, do a touch and go, and depart to the right. He's still being held. 3 other aircraft call for clearance to land, she gives permission and they do so...Dude is still waiting to taxi. Another aircraft is cleared in and he is STILL waiting.

I think he pissed off the controller. She sounded angry when talking to him.

I departed the area and switched frequencies and he was still waiting as I did so. At least 12 minutes.

I wonder if he ever got clearance to move? Or if he ran out of fuel waiting......?

I learned a very valuable lesson there:
Don't piss off the controller. 


Home on the Range said...

Getting ready to taxi from our airline gates at Newerk - a very large US airline Jumbo exits the runway and calls for taxi to gate. A VERY pissed off controller says "Gentlemen, normally we ASK for clearance to land first!" There is a pause and then someone's finger accidentally keys the mic as you hear "You DUMBSHIT!" to which the controller says, chuckling, "Gentlemen that pretty much covers it, taxi to the gate."

DTWND said...

Oh, the list of controller witticisms that has been said once the mike is unkeyed.


UplayOnline said...

"Gentlemen that pretty much covers it, taxi to the gate."