Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obama to ask Arizona Governor to deploy Nat. Guard troops on border

At last! Troops on the border !

Of course, it is only 1200 troops. Not much for all those miles and miles of open border from Kalifornia to the east edge of Texas. at a cost, of course, of $500,000,000.

Think about it. $416,666.00 per National guardsman. For that much money, we could hire a whole shitload of people to patrol, say 10 miles of border each and still have mony for a rapid response team to back them up.

If he'd just spend that money for Border Patrol officers, and equip them properly AND BACK THEM UP when there are issues with the poor immigrants not obeying the orders of the officers, why, we'd have plenty of border defense from "Illegal alien invaders undocumented workers".

Hell, if they paid Joe Sixpack  $40k per year, with benefits, to drive a vehicle up and down the border roads all night long and report what they saw to the relevant authorities (and, of course, let said authorities do their job without hindrance) then we could most likely secure our border for less than what we are currently spending.....and employ a bunch of people as well.

But he won't. "cause that might work. And he doesn't want that.  

All light and no heat. Or, as this is Arizona: "all hat and no cattle"?


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