Sunday, May 2, 2010

Forward thinking....

SO half the residents of the greater Boston area are without safe to drink water.


Of course they could drink it, but then they would have to first be taught how to boil water (I shit you not!).
This is the level of dependence of most liberals folks in the cities. Sad.

How much water do you have on hand? Do you have a method of purifying what you have? What if the electricity/gas had gone out as well? (I don't worry as much....I have beaucoup water stored in the basement, a Berky filter, a well AND a generator....I got the water part covered.) But this is an example of how simple preps can make you essentially not notice minor hiccups in the supply of things normally supplied by our governmentally furnished infrastructure.

Do you have enough low or no prep food in the house for a week or more? Medicines? water? Critter food for our junior citizens (it would be a shame to have been prepped for yourselves only to find that your pet might eat you while you slept at the end of a week without kibble....)

Seriously. It will not take much to disrupt your normal existence, and you can do a lot to make these simple issues seem....trivial. Or not. You have a spare tire in your car, right? Why? Planning on having a flat tomorrow? Fire extinguisher in your home? Again, why? Homeowners (or renters) insurance? Why?

Why not prepare for a minor disruption such as the one those folks are experiencing in Boston today, so you hardly notice the fact that there is no bottled water to be had in stores, and that your friends and neighbors are fighting over it in the store aisles....

Of course, you can prepare for a lot, with a few dollars and a small bit of time. Seems the folks down Nashville/Louisville way are having to deal with too much water....Again, in an instance like this, a few preps can make a HUGE difference. Especially when you can't get to the store (if the store has anything) because of 2 ft of water between you and the chow. Can you deal with a 10 day disruption without rescue? Many in this land cannot.

Tam agrees.

BTW, don't look me up if you spent all your money on toys, and none on preps thinking you can take mine.... The rest of my disposable income is invested in precious metals.

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Scott McCray said...

Water - check. Water filter - check. Generator - check. 10 day supply of low/no prep food - check. Survival seed bank - check. Square foot-garden that produces year-round - check. Precious metals - check. Yes, it can be done in a suburban environment - and quite well. But still can't wait to get back out to the semi-boonies - .

Oh, and the junior citizens remind us frequently about the necessity for long term food supplies for them!