Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And again, they try for control this time with CO2 as the reason

Or is it that they wish to damage this already reeling country's economy even farther? 

How many other businesses must fail...How many other people must lose their jobs?

Y'know, it they would just leave the country and the economy alone for a year, then things would get better fairly quickly. This continuous meddling (first health care, now what is essentially Cap+Trade) does nothing but damage an already fragile economy.
Are they trying to damage the country even more?

I used to think it was incompetence......I am beginning to think that it is instead malice. All under, of course, the aegis of preventing the now debunked Global Warming....

I think that I will go check my rope. At some point we are gonna need to use it. 

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Scott McCray said...

...and sharpened pitchforks.