Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cop or no cop

 Just in case you haven't heard about this:

NOTE: the link (and I haven't embedded it on purpose) is graphic and disturbing. 

If you kicked my door down in the middle of the night and shot my dog(s) the issues would be major. (although I might not react as passively as this so I might not be able to do any post-raid revenge....) :

There would likely be no place you or your Komrads could hide.

My "sister" would just whisper in your ear one day as you left the house or work. While you may be an officer of the law, that is no protection from someone like me. (and yes, I mean that, and it ain't bragging if you can do it)

Notice the overuse of the SWAT team, for a minor search warrant? Notice the lovely Gestapo style helmets and the truly jackbooted tactics? The lack of leadership and of post raid organization?

Having seen other SWAT teams in action I can tell you that this is NOT unusual, or out of character. There may be good teams out there, and I just haven't seen them. But I can say, that in my limited (4 times I have seen SWAT "professionals" in action), this is typical.

And why do they need a SWAT team for a minor search warrant? Just to keep them active and current? Or for the overtime? Or just to justify having a SWAT team?

Seems that they charged the guy with "reckless endangerment" for a small amount of pot and a pipe. 

But discharging firearms and scaring a child isn't, apparently, as the cops weren't charged.

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RJIII said...

the other day in SW Missouri someone found a backpack in a tanning salon parking lot that was leaking fluid. Next comes SWAT and the bomb squad to blow up someone's leaking thermos. I guess just to just all the equipment.ify

The Packetman said...

Mr B,

I have to agree with your thoughts on the subject ....

Police officers, even 'higly-trained' SWAT officers, need, need to remember that there is much more firearms knowledge and proficiency residing within the general population than the police ever thought about having.

And the public is watching.