Sunday, January 24, 2021


 The Sunday talk shows can't mention Donald Trump without using the words "Soon to be impeached" and/or  "false clains of voter fraud"..... can they? (I think if they could get away with it they'd spit every time they uttered his name.....)

Of course, if they were truthful they'd use the term "unproven" instead of "false", but then they'd get slapped for not sticking to the Narrative of the DNC.....

and "Soon to be impeached" doesn't mean anything except that the DNC will put it out from the House to the Senate, it doesn't mean =more than that....

But theycan't help but try to trash the man who is the epitome of everthing they hate about Conservatives and people who don't follow the Liberal/DNC line of thinking....using carefully crafted wording to make him look bad. 

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