Sunday, January 24, 2021

Moving day:

 So that I am not "Deplatformed" by Google/Blogger, I am moving the blog to a different platform. 

There may be "Technical Difficulties" as I move the blog, as I learn WordPress, and as I move the domains to diffferent registrars. 

Please be aware that at some point, will disappear....You can use or as I own those domains. 

Please, update your bookmarks to either the .com or the .net domains. 

Expect some teething issues sooner rather than later as I climb the learning curve. 


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

I will be watching with great interest.

Armoured said...

Just be careful that you're not jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Wordpress was deplatforming conservatives before it was popular:

Phil said...

I am seriously considering a move also. Do me a favor?
When you get it sorted drop me a link in the comments over at my place so I can update the blogroll to the right place.

KurtP said...

Got both of them bookmarked.