Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Migration complete

 So you can now find MiddleOfTheRight at MiddleOfTheRight.Com or MiddleOfTheRight.Net from this point forward. 

Please note that the new site will have LOTS of changes as I learn WordPress, figure out how to make it readable and how to do the sidebar links and other edits. Be patient. 

Having said that, I no longer fear that Blogger (Google) will take me down because they don't like what I say or post. 

This isn't free, The hosting and such is a cost to me....but one I am willing to pay. 

So please, feel free to come over to the new site, and if you got here with a bookmark, change your bookmark to the new .com or .net domain.


markshere2 said...

so... wordpress works on your domain, paid for by you, correct?

Looking to get into blog for first time. Not interested in having google own my data.

B said...

Yes, I pay for the domain, another (private) company hosts it and provides the software for the blog.

You can do this other ways for free, but then they own you. This way I own my blog and ahve no fear of being censored.

dogsledder said...

Bookmark changed. Good on you for fighting back.