Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Trust the mail

 Trust them with your ballot. 

THIS COULD NEVER HAPPEN with Mail In Ballots. 

No one would ever stoop this low with ballots. Ballots are sacred, right? 


Aaron said...

It's less the random disposing of ballots and more the stuffing of mail in ballots that I'm worried about.

There's no chain of custody or verification in place to show the ballot went to a valid voter, was executed by that voter and returned by that voter and then not tampered with until it reached the ballot box and was counted.

This is an open invitation and opportunity for fraud on a massive scale and that's exactly how its been planned from the get-go by the Dems.

Peteforester said...

I sent Pelosi a letter asking her to PROVE her trust of the USPS AND the American public by sending me $200.00, in cash, through the mail, with a self-addressed, stamped envelope in which I'd send her back that same cash. I mean, she TRUSTS the post office; right? She TRUSTS that the American public won't do anything untoward with the mail; right?

...I'm still waiting...

NoMaam said...

There is nothing sacred for the uncivil and immoral humans that worship evil and destroy everything in their path AKA democrats.

Pete said...

Aaron said, "There's no chain of custody or verification in place to show the ballot went to a valid voter, was executed by that voter and returned by that voter and then not tampered with until it reached the ballot box and was counted."

I can only speak for Georgia, where I voted by mail in the primary earlier this year. First step was the state mailed me a Request for Absentee Ballot due to the pandemic, that I had to fill out and send in to get a ballot. The Request form required my birth date, my signature and, if I recall correctly, last four of my SSN--all data that the GA Secretary of State has on file.

I then received a ballot that again required my birth date, signature and last four of SSN, and included bar codes that I assume were unique to my ballot as they were different from the bar codes used on my wife's ballot.

My understanding is that this process is similar to what the five states that vote by mail do and is similar to what all states that allow absentee balloting do.

Honestly, having gone through the process, I'm not sure how someone would be able to "forge" an individual ballot let alone a significant amount of ballots to sway a national or state wide election.

As for the post office "losing" ballots, maybe that's why the state of Washington has separate bins for people to drop off their ballots that completely by-pass the USPS.


B said...

Well, "Pete"that's exactly what others have said about their ballots,...(in fact, CP said nearly exactly the same thing, word for word), so the verification part may be a non-issue.

As for the drop off of the ballots though....If that is the case, then why bother to do the "By Mail" bit at all? Why not just walk down to your local polling place and vote? I thought the issue was to prevent everyone from having to congregate, and that you could "Mail in" you ballot? If you have to go to the USPS to drop off the ballot, then why not just vote like the rest of us do? That way' you'd have the security of showing an ID, so you and the poll workers would be SURE it was you, and there would be no need for all that verification steps where someone checks the vote you mailed in...

Voting in person would be no less safe that mailing your ballot oat the post office and still more secure. THe whole "vote by mail" was supposed to be so you didn't have to leave your home because of the Pandemic. If you have to leave to drop it off "In a separate bin", it kinda negates that point, doesn't it?

Or am I missing something?

And please, explain how voting any more dangerous than going to the grocery store?

Old NFO said...

Yeah, right...

Pete said...

Settle down B. No where in my comment do I advocate for or against mail-in voting.

I was simply correcting what I believed to be an incorrect statement made by an earlier commenter.

As for your questions, remember mail-in voting was in existence long before Covid. Five states have used an unlimited form of mail-in voting for years, and pretty much every other state uses some form of absentee balloting. When Covid came along, some suggested that expanding absentee balloting was an answer to viral exposure. Seems to be a bit of a rush job to me, but many states seem to be going that route, including Georgia where I live.

Now, IF verification can be made to be a non-issue (as it has in the five other states that do mail-in voting with no issues that I have heard and as it has in all the states that do some form of absentee balloting, again with no issues), then what do you care how people vote. You want to vote in person because you're not worried about Covid, knock yourself out. But why not let the person in one of the high risk categories vote by mail? And why not let the loved ones of that person vote by mail if they feel more comfortable because they would be less likely to catch the virus and pass it on to that loved one?

Finally, I've never asserted that voting is more dangerous than going to the grocery store. I've made no predictions about Covid. I have not come to any conclusions about this virus. It's been around less than a year; conclusions and predictions seem short-sighted to me.

And still with the CP thing. Funny, you think you're right, and I know for a fact that you're wrong.


PS Unknown, would you be willing to enlighten me, a democrat, about what evil it is that I am worshipping and what everything it is that I am destroying? Thanks in advance.