Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Expect riots

 So the Grand Jury declined to press charges on the officers involved in the Breonna Taylor debacle

I fully expect riots tonight, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. (apparently so do most Louisville downtown merchants) I bet that most metro police departments are prying for rain over the weekend. If I were a business owner in a city of any size at all...and one where there is a sizeable number of black people, I'd be boarding up my windows as well....'cause one can expect that there will be riots. 

Innocent or guilty, Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker had the right to live in peace. The No Knock raid was poorly executed (and should not have been a No-Knock raid anyway). The officers, even IF they felt justified in shooting, failed to identify their targets and essentially just sprayed bullets around. 

While I cannot see any racism here, I can see that they officers and the system failed to act responsibly. Were in a non-police gun owning private citizen, they'd surely be charged for such reckless behavior. As should be the cops in this incident. 

Having said that, rioting isn't gonna change things, nor will it help. But that is what we have come to expect of inner city black people today....I mean, it has happened about every 4 years (sometimes more often) for most of my lifetime. 


Expect more riots in the upcoming days. Try to stay out of inner cities. If you see a crowd of people, go another way. or turn around quickly.  Try to be home soon after dark if you live in an urban area. Expect protests that then turn into riots, looting and burning. 

It is the "new Normal"

After all, it is an election year...and the Dems need the black vote so they keep 'em riled up so they won't vote for Trump, despite the Dems record of broken promises. 


John1966 said...

Have you bothered with the facts?

riverrider said...

i'm a former cop, but no longer a believer in the thin blue line. that said, the one cop was engaged by gunfire, hit and wounded. he was well within his right to return fire, door or no door. the others were likewise though maybe no prudently so. but i ask you, why do drug dealing thugs and murder suspects get to play the victim card here? though not a fan of no-knocks by any means, there are times when stealth might be required for the safety of everybody concerned. let's play your game out. the cops walk up to the door, knock and announce, then what? they get shot thru the freaking door that's what. they were thugs, armed and dangerous and so was she. they got what was coming by their own actions.

B said...

Sorry RR, they shot indiscriminately after breaking down a door. You'd get shot if you broke down my door.

Once they got started, they all discharged their magazines in a lot of different directions and shot MS Taylor "By mistake".

Even IF (and it is an "if") she was a criminal, that doesn't excuse the cops, from at least negligent homicide.

squeeky's mom said...

My understanding is that she was friends with the man they thought was at her home. But she's a EMT and as such has access to drugs and this "friend" was a drug dealer. She obviously worked with police almost every day, she could have easily answered the door, why did the boyfriend shoot at the police knowing they were going to shoot back. So much of this is puzzling. Much like most of these types of killings. More than what meet the print of the press.

Chris Mallory said...

SM, the door was kicked in at 12:40 AM. Taylor and her BF did not know it was the police, they had yelled at the people banging on the door asking who it was and got no response. The BF thought he was defending himself against a criminal gang (he was right). No illegal goods were found in the apartment.

As for that treehouse article, it is filled with innuendo, half truths, and misdirection. If you want the facts about what happened, try this one: