Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Remember the shortages? (Prepping for the election part 1).

You know, those shortages that we had of all sorts of stuff since around March, when the States put us on "Lockdown" for 2 weeks to Flatten the Curve 3 months to "contain the CoronaVirus.... (which, oddly, didn't do much, but hey, don't criticize because Shut Up)?

Remember when one could not find Terlet paper, nor paper towels, nor flour nor rice nor a whole shitload of canned goods? When milk and cheese and many fresh meats were hard to find) or non existent) in your grocery stores? 

Now, I got a prediction for you....

I'm not sure yet who is gonna win the election this fall. But it is coming up quickly. Nov 3 will be here before we know it. I expect things to get....sporty....if Donald Trump wins. (Or if the DNC cheats blatantly enough that us non-DNC folks won't accept the "result"...and that is possible, sadly)....Very sporty. We have all sorts of people who are barely civilized at best and who have been emboldened by the inaction of the police in response to protests for Black Lives Matter because of the wholesale slaughter of Completely Innocent black men who were just minding their own business when the cops showed up....Or whatever the meme of the day pushed by the News Media and the DNC is in order to foment a race war and pass that off as an excuse for Social Unrest. If it looks like Trump will win, one can expect the Media and the DNC (but I repeat myself) to change their propaganda target to false election results and point finger to claims of fraud (oddly though, the majority of fraud in previous elections was DNC based, but that won't matter) and one can expect some even larger and more managed protests, likely well-choreographed across the country....and for longer than a few days,  can have a larger impact of our way of life than you might have thought about...

Real interruptions of both utilities and our supply chain could happen is someone, say someone with access to a large group of people who wish for anarchy, planned for chaos....

The point I am making is that the organization is in place.....the BLM "protests" are not spontaneous, but rather organized....fairly well organized. IF the folks organizing this hate and turmoil and "Social Unrest" can organize such things with only a few days (or hours, in some cases) notice, what can we expect if/when Trump wins? 

You'd better prepare. Expect days, if not weeks, of supply chain issues....Plan and stock accordingly.  A few days of riots widely scattered across the country are one thing.....,massive (and planned and choreographed) riots across the country are another. Widespread civil unrest will cause a great deal of supply chain issues, especially in some areas. 

Do you need maintenance medication? Blood pressure, Thyroid, Diabetes, Arthritis....any of these or others? Stuff you take every day? Substances that you need in order to stay healthy? Perhaps you should talk to your doctor. See if he or she can give you a 90 day subscription for that (or those) medications. Have them filled about 10 days or so before the election. If you do "Pharmacy by Mail" then plan accordingly. EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT YOURSELF. But make sure you have at least a 90 day supply of any medication you require to live or to make your life bearable. 

More later. 


Matt said...

Trump will win on Election Day in a big way.

Biden will not concede.

Within a week, maybe two, the vote tally will be overturned by bags and bags of mail-in votes that were for some reason not present to be counted on Election Day. The plan is already in place.

George True said...

The DNC already has 600 lawyers in place whose job it will.be to immediately contest the election result - no matter how big of an election blowout Trump has. I do not see the RNC preparing IN ANY WAY to counter this.

dogsledder said...

Well, we live in a trailer at the edge of town
You never see us because we don't come around
We got twenty five rifles just to keep the population down
I see dozens of democrats
down by assassination
I see bloody fountains
And ten million dune buggies coming down the mountains
I got the revolution blues