Wednesday, April 29, 2015

You had me until I read the first paragraph:

As the people of Baltimore take to the streets to fight back against decades of systemic racism and police brutality, crunchy granola grocery store Whole Foods is on the scene with some much needed rations. Only instead of giving them to the non-violent protestors, volunteer clean-up crews or kids who went hungry because school was canceled today, they’re giving them to the fucking cops.

Lessee here:

Non violent protestors: Yep, saw that happen while the cops stood by and let the protestors non-violently loot and burn....and non-violently threaten the people leaving the baseball game.

Volunteer clean up crews: That would be the people who finished cleaning the shelves in the looted stores? 

"Kinds who went hungry because school was cancelled: Yep, that's the reason for school, to feed yer kids. Can't make 'em a sandwich at home or anything.....School feeds 'em breakfast and lunch. Gotcha.

There is so much wrong with this article and the attitudes of the people who wrote it that I don't think that there is ever hope for an understanding between me and them. 


Murphy's Law said...

Good on Whole Foods for taking care of the people taking care of the city. The looters can just go home and eat the Cheetos that they stole last night.

Joe said...

And who is responsible for the decades of systemic racism and police brutality in Baltimore? It has been controlled for decades by black democrats.

Why is always someone els's fault?