Monday, September 8, 2014

Bad planning

And what does this mean? Green power=grid failure.

Extraordinary steps are being taken to resurrect the power generation capacity of Great Britain.  And they are afraid that they will have to take other steps to ration power....

Restarting coal plants (if possible) (where are the operators gonna get the trained operators?) Power plants aren't something you can train people to operate in a few days.....and letting that machinery cool off and stop turning has (sometimes) big consequences for operationality.

The British Government, especially Parliament, has failed their constituents. I hope the citizens realise this come winter when they are out of work and shivering because they don't have enough electrical power.

(Personally, I think this was/is part of the Socialist's plan to weaken the Brits even more. I am just amazed that the British people keep electing them.)


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Old NFO said...

The same thing is happening here... BO's goal is ALL coal plants out of business...