Saturday, August 2, 2014

SO what are they gonna charge him with?

Murder? Manslaughter?

I mean, a cop puts a non-resisting person in a chokehold when arresting him. Claims he is resisting because he doesn't move fast enough and raises his hands to defend himself.... Dude dies.

Luckily, there is video proving the chokehold.

Ruled a homicide by the coroner.

So is the cop going to jail for murder?

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Murphy's Law said...

1. Dead dude shouldould not have resisted arrest.
2. Dead dude should not have negelected his health for decades before resisting arrest.

The officer had every right to arrest the guy but the guy made all the wrong choices. There was certainly no intent to kill him or even hurt him--just an effort to control him that went bad because of his own physical failings.

I vote that we give the officers involved a bit of use-of-force retraining and call it a day.