Friday, August 29, 2014

Like I said: Blue suit of immunity

Deputy who killed former Napster COO after drifting into the bike lane while distracted by his laptop will NOT face charges because he was answering a work-related email on the laptop in the police car.....WHILE DRIVING. 

Now....if you or I were to do this...say texting while driving...we'd be charged, jailed, and likely convicted of Manslaughter (or worse). .....maybe Negligent Homicide.

Even if we were to be responding to a "work email".

This is negligence. Period And stupidity, but that goes without saying. Any lawsuits should be on the police officer, and not a burden to the taxpayers. 

But he won't be charged. Because he was "on duty" at the time of the incident. And because he was typing while driving on a police owned computer and responding to a work related email.

Like I said...Blue Suit of Immunity. When one is of (or at least a minion of) the Power Elite, one can, it appears, literally get away with murder.

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Moe said...

"I don't want to see cops sued over every little mistake, nor over everyday things they do in the performance of their duties."

Not the way I feel about it!