Sunday, December 16, 2012

I have spent much of the day contemplating

And I have to ask myself:

While I have always accepted that there are monsters in this world, I always expected that they would look like monsters.

Today, I cannot be sure of that.

I am wondering if the real monsters of this world camouflage themselves to look like normal, decent people.


Borepatch said...

Not for nothing is Satan referred to as "the deceiver".

Anonymous said...

A wise man you are indeed borepatch.

DaddyBear said...

That's what makes them monsters, Mr. B.

ASM826 said...

Why did German Jews get on the trains in the 1940s? Because no matter how bad it was, they just couldn’t bring themselves to believe or imagine how completely evil had overtaken their country. The idea that they would be gassed to death and cremated as they got off the trains was so bad that even the rumors of such things was dismissed as wild imagination, what we would call “tin-foil hat”. Being made into soap and having your skin used as a lampshade? Come on, who could believe that?