Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Amnesty is only for brown people


No discrimination there,


No preference for brown people

No discrimination against white people.

Never happen.

Strange, innit? 

ETA: VDare has some sort of splash page up asking for donations. Sorry about that. 

Here is the gist: 21 year old white girl, a British national, brought to this country by her father (who is working in this country LEGALLY) at 14, will soon be deported on her 21st birthday. The De-Facto Amnesty policy Mr. Obama's administration has put in place apparently doesn't apply to non-hispanics like her, even though she meets all of the criteria for DACA. I guess being brought into the country legally disbars her from consideration. 

Small blurb HERE.

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Divemedic said...

That link is a solicitation for donations to vdare